Another Saturday Night Pt. 01

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Group sex is nothing new for me. (You like how this one is starting out already don’t you?) My husband and I started swinging years ago as a way to spice things up a bit. My husband, God love him, is one of the blessed with a nice sized 8″ cock with a thickness that stretches me out so fucking good, and while the spirit is willing the poor guy’s flesh is weak. He’s good for a vigorous 10 minutes, but once he cums for me he is worn out. I like to fuck for hours. I like it deep. I like it hard. I love to be manhandled and fucked until I’m sore and walking funny. We’ve tried numerous things, even Viagra, which got that thing harder than ever, but once he was done he was drained.

One reason we started swinging, I think, is because he wanted to see me good and fucked.

We’ve tried all of the combinations. Boy/Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl/Boy, Boy/Boy watches Girl/Girl…Girl/Girl with dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons…lol..I’m partial to that one. We’ve tried sex in various places inside, outside, in a pool, in a boat, on a golf course in the middle of the night, I’m not sure which green it was.

They had me every which way taking turns fucking the shit out of me, then we had to get back in the boat exhausted and go back across the lake to our house. That was a good night though.

When I was doing bikini contests for Hawaiian Tropic a girlfriend and I ended up in a hotel room in a threesome in a crazy fucking night I’ll tell you about some other time.

But, with all the benefits of having multiple partners, and my husband having poker oyna that 8″ of dangling fury between his legs, the poor guy has never had much luck. He’s either not attracted to the women or they want to do crazy porn shit and don’t know how to handle a cock of that size. He occasionally has to take one for the team though.

More recently we hooked up with a couple at a swingers retreat. I started playing with the husband and I watched out of the corner of my eye, because I couldn’t turn my head I had his cock in my mouth. By the way I give great fucking head. I will drain your balls and bring you to your knees whimpering. True story.

Anyway, I’m watching the naked wife crawling over to my husband who is just standing there watching. She wasn’t unattractive. I’d fuck her. I didn’t, but I would have. I watched her crawl over eyeing his cock. She reached up and grabbed it then started licking on it, fondling his plum-sized balls, going to town on it.

He started getting harder when she wraps her lips around it and starts inching it into her mouth. I looked at him and he looked at me and I saw him stiffen up and not in the good way. He stood stark still looking down at her and just waiting. She went at it for a good 10 minutes trying everything before giving up. I heard him apologize saying it had been a long day. She crawl over to where I was still with her husband and began to join us.

I relinquished control of her husband’s cock and went over to see what was wrong. He just looked at me then whispered something in my ear canlı poker oyna I couldn’t quite hear then motioned to his cock. My first instinct as to laugh, but I tried not to. Whether because she had no idea what she was doing or because she was trying to do some kind of exotic technique she had given him a REALLY toothy blowjob. So toothy in fact that it left track marks down his cock. He was in no small amount of pain and not happy. I laughed and asked him why on Earth he would let her do that. Why didn’t he pull out or punch her in the head. Hahaha! He said he didn’t know. He thought she would be done soon and just went with it. Poor baby. That’s the kind of luck he has.

I have a bunch of other stories too, but this one goes back to something with my lover and I.He and I had never tried group sex before. We had joked about it, talked about it. The talk was hot enough to get me wet and make for some hot fucking sex. I’d thought about taking him along on a couple of adventures, but the opportunity and timing have never been right yet.

Well, I want to say fate took a recent hand, but I know fate had nothing to do with the planning and scheming and organizing that took place…

It’s only been a month or so ago. I slipped away for a weekend. From the moment I walked in he ripped my clothes off and was inside of me. We fucked long and hard before we fell asleep wrapped around each other.

The next day we got up and went out to do some shopping. We ran some silly common errands, but I liked the feeling of it. We stopped for internet casino lunch and was out majority of the day. We got home around 6:30 or 7 ordered something for supper and ended up on the couch watching tv for a while. Kissing, cuddling, stroking.

Looking back I still don’t see any clues as to what was going to happen. It was just a normal weekend. The phone rang and he answered it. A short conversation, he said it was a friend of his he’d talk to later. The sneaky bastard played it cool and straight I’ll give him that. Ha!

We started up on the couch. Kissing and stroking and led to rubbing and fucking. That led to the bedroom for a while lot more fucking. More and more.

I have no idea what time it was. I just remember I was lost riding the shit out of his cock when I felt something. A hand on my back and my hair brushed aside and a kiss on my neck. My first thought was how good it felt, my second reaction was…wait.

A hand reached around and squeeze my tit and I only slowed down riding my lovers cock to turn my head. There were 3 naked guys standing there cocks in hand, HARD cocks in hand, smiling.

I learned later he had organized this weeks ago. Inviting 3 of his friends over to surprise gangbang me. That’s who had been on the phone earlier to se if it was still on. He had left the front door open and the horny fucks came in, stripped down,and made their way into the bedroom. I was so busy fucking I didn’t hear anything.

I looked down and he was just grinning back up at me. Pushing his hips back up to mine because I had slowed down. It took a minute to register, but when it did, I had 4 cocks to play with. Oh fuck yesssss. Yeah I really am a slut.

Yep, the rest of the night turned into a porn movie…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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