Apartment Complex Stories Ch. 4

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All day long at work, Rick was thinking about his night with Krista and Kelli. His mind was racing. Even though Kelli had not touched him during the encounter; the look in her eyes when he caught her glancing at him gave him a raging hard-on.

But could he risk pissing off Krista, letting her know about his attraction to her roommate? After all, Krista was a hell of a catch. Her near perfect breasts, hard body and shaved pussy could make any man melt. On the other hand, Kelli was not bad either. Even though he hadn’t actually made love to her, Kelli’s willingness to join in with them the other night, made him wonder. After all, she had left after Krista had gotten her off with her tongue; leaving the bedroom for the living room. Not long after, Rick heard the tell tale sounds of a vibrator in between Krista’s moans of passion. Rick had looked down at Krista, “Kelli’s a little shy”, was all she said.

Damn, she didn’t seem too shy to me, Rick thought, chuckling to himself as he finished up his paperwork. Rick left that day holding a file folder in front of him so his coworkers didn’t see how hard he was thinking about tonight’s adventure.

Rick hurried home and changed into a pair of tight fitting jeans and a t-shirt, and made his way to Krista’s apartment. A couple knocks later, and he was met with Kelli’s eyes peering through the crack in the door. Walking into the apartment, Rick was again surprised by seeing Kelli in a short cheerleader skirt and cropped t-shirt.

He was admiring her ample breasts and the nice points her nipples made against her Hooters t-shirt; Hooters…, how appropriate, he thought, when he noticed her looking at him questionably. Vaguely remembering her talking to him as he walked in, he apologized, asking her to repeat what she had said.

Kelli giggled, saying, “Silly, I was telling you that Krista called saying she would be a little late, but to stick around, I would entertain you till she got here.” “Oh, umm, fine,” Rick said as Kelli led him into the apartment by hand. She caressed his head, stroking his hair, and whispered close to his ear, “Somebody’s hair is getting long. I’m studying to be a hair stylist in college, would you like me to cut it for you?” Rick, who couldn’t get his eyes off her dime sized nipples, said “Sure, why not.”

Kelli giggled again and scampered off to her bedroom. “Grab a chair from the dining room and sit down near the couch; I’ll be out in a minute.” Rick grabbed a chair, and realized he was sweating. It must be 85 degrees in here, he thought. Or maybe canlı bahis it’s just me, he laughed to himself.

Rick sat down, and Kelli reappeared minutes later carrying a tarp, scissors and a trimmer, with a few towels draped over her arm. “Help me with the tarp,” she said. Getting up, Rick lifted the chair, helping Kelli position the tarp. As he was straightening

it, he looked up, realizing Kelli was very close. From his position on the floor, Rick could see straight up that short skirt. Kelli wasn’t wearing panties and he could smell the faint aroma of her musk.

“Put the chair in the middle and sit down,” Kelli said. Rick sat down and Kelli proceeded to tie his arms to the chair. “What’s this for?” Rick asked. “So you stay still during the cut. Wouldn’t want you to move and mess up your haircut,” Kelli said with a sly smile. Kelli then started to cut Rick’s hair.

Rick couldn’t help but notice the way Kelli was rubbing her breasts against his arm as she moved around him. Her hard nipples were very noticeable in the tight t-shirt. She snipped away for a few minutes, stopping every now and then to slowly wipe the cut hair off him. Rick noticed she was paying considerable attention to his now hard cock as the towel glided against him, wiping the cut hair away. Kelli was really getting into it; she started to rub her thighs against his arm. Her skirt was climbing higher and higher, as she rubbed her thighs against his arm. “MMMMM, looking better already.” Rick couldn’t help but notice how Kelli’s voice had gotten lower and huskier. “Do you always pay such good attention to your clients?” Rick asked. “Only to my favorite ones,” Kelli said with a wink. Rick could now definitely feel wetness on his arm where Kelli was rubbing against his arm. “Damn, it’s hot in here,” Kelli said as she slowly started to peel off her t-shirt. She caught his eye. “You don’t mind, do you?” “Not at all,” Rick replied. Kelli’s breasts, just as tanned and firm as he remembered, sprung from her t-shirt. Her nipples were rock hard and droplets of sweat were glistening on her chest. “My nipples are so hard, almost as hard as you,” she said with a wink, as she gave a playful rub to the erection that hard grown in his pants. “Now for the bangs,” she said as she straddled Rick’s lap. Kelli was now slowly rubbing her pussy against Ricks cock as she continued to cut his hair. Her nipples inches from his face, Rick leaned forward and caught one in his mouth. Kelli giggled, rubbing harder against him, as he started to lick and suck those perfect nipples.

As bahis siteleri her flicked his tongue and caught one between his teeth, he heard Kelli let out a moan. She pulled away just slightly, giving Rick a sly smile, she asked, “Is this how you tip your barbers?” “Only my favorite ones,” Rick replied.

Kelli climbed off him, much to Ricks regret. “Almost done, this is just getting in the way,” she said as she quickly shed herself of the tiny cheerleader skirt. Now Kelli was standing there in all her glory, Rick noticed that she must tan in the nude, no tan lines whatsoever. Hands on her hips, she struck a pose. A definite hard-body Rick took his time admiring her; from her long shoulder length hair, moving down to her emerald green eyes and full lips. Continuing his gaze, he marveled at her bronze body and perky grapefruit sized breasts, with their pointy hard nipples. Moving his eyes lower granted him the sight of her tight stomach and cleanly shaved pussy, her lips wet with moisture.

“What?” Rick said. Kelli repeated, “So what do you think?” Rick sighed, “Beautiful.” Kelli, giggled again, “I mean the haircut silly.” holding out the mirror. “Ohhh, it’s nice too,” he stammered. “Well, let’s see the rest of you.” She then placed her hands on his lap and slowly unzipped his jeans.

Rick squirmed, but his arms were tied. Not that he minded anyways; here was a lovely girl undoing his jeans. “Hmmmm, not bad,” she said as Kelli handled his stiffening cock. Her hands started stroking Rick’s cock, “You know, girls hate going down on a guy’s cock and getting hairs in their mouths.” As she lowered her head on Ricks cock, she said, “Let me test it for Krista.”

At the mention of Krista, Rick started feeling guilty. Here he was getting a blowjob from his girlfriend’s roommate, and he was in ecstasy. His second thoughts only lasted a few moments, then Kelli’s up and down movements and her delicate sucking and licking caused a convenient memory loss. Kelli sucked his cock like a pro. .Slowly moving up and down his shaft, her tongue tickling his balls, Kelli moaned. She was basically worshiping his cock. She deep throated him, taking his cock deep inside her mouth, swirling her tongue around his cock. Rick was in heaven, His instinct was to grab Kelli’s head forcing his cock down her throat, but with his hands tied down, he could only be a slave to her tongue, Rick was on the edge of exploding, when Kelli let up, kissed the head of his cock, and gave him a wistful smile.

Kelli’s hand found Ricks cock, stroking canlı bahis siteleri it as she shifted. Kelli shifted, and sunk down on Rick’s thick hardness. She started to slowly hump up and down. Her thighs bumping against Ricks, Kelli started moaning. She started riding him harder, her moans getting louder and louder as he sunk deep into her. “Don’t stop,” she cried, “I want your cum inside me.” Rick bucked up meeting her downward thrusts, till he couldn’t take any more. Rick thrusted, his hips meeting hers, as he started to cum. Krista took the advantage of his vulnerable state and she milked her pussy muscles against him till she felt the last spurt of his cum inside her. Kelli got up and gently laid Ricks chair down on the carpet. He felt helpless as Kelli knelt over his head; her succulent pussy lips were dangling just over Ricks face. Rick reached out with his tongue and tickled her pussy. Rick’s tongue tickled her clit, his tongue slowly rubbed up and down her sensitive pussy, pushing in and out of her. Kelli grabbed Ricks head, rubbing her pussy against his head.

“Ohhhhh, dammmmmmmmm, I’m cumming,” Kelli moaned. Rick tasted Kelli’s sweet juice as she humped his face. “Eat me baby,” Kelli cried. She pushed her pussy into Ricks face.”UMMMMPH, she said as she let out a final orgasmic yell. Kelli then collapsed.

Awhile later, Kelli untied Rick’s wrists. Rick helped her clean up, not a sign of hair in the living room. Not ten minutes later, Krista walked through the door. Krista looked at Rick then at Kelli, Krista caught Kelli licking her lips, a hint of white liquid coated them. Rick started stammering, but Krista just walked up to him and cupped his balls in her hand. Rubbing her other hand through Ricks now shortened hair; she said “I see you’ve had one of Kelli’s famous haircuts. Glancing down Krista noticed the rope marks on his wrist. “And I see she gave you the preferred customer’s treatment,” she giggled. “Did he pass the test?” Krista asked. “With flying colors,” Kelli replied. “What test?” Krista shushed him with a finger to his lips. “Let me get out of these clothes, I feel overdressed in here.” Krista gave Ricks cock a playful squeeze and pranced off to the bedroom. “Don’t go anywhere Rick” she called out from her room. “Wasn’t planning on it” Rick replied as Kelli sunk to her knees and playfully licked his balls. “Good” Krista replied, “Because we’re having a party tonight, and you’re the guest of honor.” Krista peeked around the corner and staring straight at Rick, licked one end of a double dildo. Ricks cock hardened once again wondering what the girls had in store for him.

What’s in store for Rick, and will this be a private party? Find out in the next chapter. If you liked this story don’t forget to vote. Would love to hear feedback.

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