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The water was freezing cold. Maia gasped as she reached the surface of the water. She shook her hair out and glared at her friends, chortling at the side of the pool.

“You guys…” she grumbled, “What’s your fucking problem? Why’d you throw me in??”

The three boys burst out laughing again. “We… We’re sorry,” said Will between giggles, “We couldn’t help it…”

“You just looked so irresistible in that bikiki!” Leroy grinned. Maia couldn’t help but smile. His grin was so infectious, you had to follow up with one of your own. Plus, he was just hot. He knew it, too. He had very dark skin, so black that he was nearly blue, and intense eyes.

“Shouldn’t you tell me that in a sweeter way? Like, maybe saying ‘You look hot in that bikini, Maia!”

“Naw, throwing you in the pool just says so much more,” Sean said, “Like how much we love ya, you crazy kid!”

Maia pulled herself out of the pool, tossing her long red hair out of her face, and stood next to him. “Kid, my ass. I’m older than you!”

“Yeah, but you’re shorter!”

“I can still beat your ass!”

“That would be amusing to watch,” said Will, “But we’d be willing to work for your forgiveness.” He winked at her from behind his wire-rimmed glasses.

“And what do you mean by that?” Maia smiled mischeviously.

The three boys looked at each other, as if daring the other to go first. Finally, Sean stepped up to her and put an arm around her still slick shoulders. His sandy blond hair fell into his face.

“Why don’t we all go inside… And see what we can come up with,” he said.

Maia stared at him and the others, amazed. Her three guys. All eager to please, to nearly beg for forgiveness. She looked over at Will and Leroy. They were practically salivating in anticipation. She only had to say the word, and they’d be racing to please her.

She paused for effect. “Ok, boys. C’mon.” She put one arm behind Sean, and grabbed the front of Leroy’s belt. With her free hand, she grabbed the front of Will’s belt, and pulled them all into the changing room.

The estate belonged to Maia’s uncle, who was incredibly rich, and had left for the summer on business. “Take care of the place,” he had told poker oyna her. “Don’t have any big crazy parties or nothin.'”

She thought of that now, for a moment, and then shrugged it off. This is just a small, intimate party, She thought joyfully, No big deal!

The changing room was huge, big enough to accomodate about 100 people, complete with showers and a large sauna. Maia let go of the boys, strided over to the door of the sauna, faced them, and in a flash, had stripped off her swimsuit.

“Care to join me?” she smiled, and entered the sauna. Will, Leroy, & Sean looked at each other one more time, and then nearly flew into the sauna.

The sauna had 4 levels of benches. The wood was finished and smooth — No danger of splinters here. Towels hung on hooks by the door.

Maia was perched on the lowest level bench in the room, her legs spread as she leaned back against the warm wooden wall. The boys stared at her, in awe of her body. She had pale, almost luminous skin, more curves than they could imagine, and round, pert breasts. Her pink nipples were slightly wrinkled and getting harder by the moment.

Leroy stepped forward first, and pulled off his swimming trunks. His cock was already hard, and it was huge — at least 9 inches long, and 2 inches wide, easily. Maia’s eyes widened at the sight of it.

“Oh God,” she breathed, “There’s no way that can fit in my pussy.”

“Are you sure?” Leroy muttered, his hand around his dick, walking forward as if he was leading himself by it. “Because it really wants to be pumping into you…”

“Well, let’s see…” She leaned forward, took a hold of it, and slid it slowly into her mouth. She worked her jaw to open wider, licking the underside. Leroy let out a moan so loud that Sean nearly tripped as he approached them.

“Hey…” he started hoarsely, “How about making room for me?”

Maia started to say something, but Leroy stopped her and pushed his cock into her mouth again. “Her mouth is occupied, man. Hands off.”

“Ok, so you got first dibs, that’s cool… But lemme get in, c’mon! I want some of that gorgeous pussy!” Maia somehow smiled around Leroy’s dick.

Leroy relented and pulled out, and sat on the bench one canlı poker oyna level up. Maia looked at Sean, sucking her fingers seductively as she thought of how to position them. “Ok,” she said, “Leroy, you can stay there… Sean, just sit below him. That’s right.” She straddled Sean and aimed his smaller, but still admirable dick at her cunt. She rubbed it against her clit, sighing. Once her cunt was nearly dripping in her juices, she pushed herself down, shoving Sean’s dick inside her. He groaned and closed his eyes.

Right as Leroy opened his mouth to say something, Maia leaned forward and started sucking his cock again. She slid her tongue up and around his shaft, tasting his sweat, enjoying his moans, as well as Sean’s, as she rocked her hips up, down, and around his dick.

At this point, Will was still standing a few feet away. His glasses had become all fogged up in the sauna, but he could still see well enough to tell what was going on. He was jerking himself off, gasping slightly, in rhythm with the others. He reached up with his right hand and pulled his glasses off.

Leroy sat up slightly, and between moans, said, “Will… Man! Come get… some of this. …Damn, get her… get her up the ass.”

Will knelt behind Maia, slightly nervous about what she would do. He caressed her back and ass cheeks, his cock poking her slightly between her thighs. Maia moaned in reaction and pushed her butt back a little, shaking it a little in his hands. She wanted it bad.

Maia was in absolute ecstacy. She was finally getting to fuck all of her guys, all of whom she’d had the hots for at many times during their friendships. Working Leroy’s cock in and out of her mouth, Sean’s in and out of her pussy, and now Will was about to fuck her in the ass. Perfect. Every hole was going to be filled. Her moans grew louder and more urgent.

Will knew he had to take her right now. He licked her asshole up and down, stuck his tongue in, but she was already wet, from her pussy juices sliding back into her ass. Will reached up and slid his rod inside her ass. Maia cried out, and began to thrash around urgently, sandwiched between the three of them.

All three guys were grabbing her, pushing their dicks internet casino farther into her orifices. Will grasped her hips so hard, her flesh reddened, and pumped his cock harder up her asshole. He groaned as he felt the walls of her ass contract against him tightly. He could feel his climax nearing.

Maia felt jolts running through her body. She was orgasming like never before, over and over, like heavenly wonderful electric shocks, inside her pussy, the feeling rushing all over her body. She gasped, her mouth still around Leroy’s cock but now unmoving.

It barely registered in his mind, though, he just continued to pump his piece into her warm wet mouth. Her tongue still moved around it, lapping like a kitten at the head.

Sean, beneath Maia, held her hips, his hands just above Will’s. He grinded into her pussy desperately, kissing her neck and groaning animalistically. Maia was nearly limp now, sweaty and breathing hard, but as Sean pumped harder, she could feel yet another orgasm building inside of her.

With Sean’s hot breath on her neck, Will fondling her breasts from behind, not to mention all three cocks ramming into her at once, Maia found herself screaming in ecstacy. Sean moaned and jerked up into her, his cum filling her pussy. Will rammed his dick up her ass, his hot cum shooting out. Leroy shot his load in her mouth, holding her head tightly and all the way down at the base. Rather than choking, she swallowed his cum, loving the way it coated her throat, and gave it a few last loving sucks.

Will grasped her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck, and then withdrew from her ass. He stood up. Leroy took a deep breath and then stood up and joined him, steadying himself against the wall. Maia leaned forward across Sean, too exhausted to get off him. He smiled at Will and Leroy over her shoulder.

“Help her up, k? I don’t know if she can do it herself.”

Will and Leroy lifted Maia off of Sean, and she took a few unsteady steps back… And then sat on the bench again, her eyes closed. The boys all looked at each other and grinned. They were covered in sweat.

“So Maia…” Will said, “Do you forgive us now?”

“What??” Her eyes fluttered open. “Oh yeah… Apology is very, very much accepted. In fact… You three should get me mad more often.”

The four friends all looked at each other for a moment. After a brief silence, they all spoke in unison: “Agreed!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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