Are You Down?

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One of these days, I want us to be so raw and primal with each other, acting on every impulse, not censoring ourselves at all. We both unleash every destructive, raunchy impulse we have on each other. We hit each other and fuck with aggression and intensity, piss on each other, say everything, do everything. We agree to let the other indulge every lewd, obscene thought and action they want to do, whatever it may be. There are no manners, no courtesies, no rules. It’s just a big, fucked up sexual free-for-all. We indulge the other in everything. Consider it our initiation: I want to see how down with me you really are, and I want you to see how down I am with you. You’ve always known that I will go farther than any woman you will ever know and now I want to see if you will go that same distance with me. I know you call me your raunchy whore, and I am, but we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

We rent a room in a dive motel, just like that one we used to go to, and enter it knowing that we are about to cross every line there is. We plan to destroy the shitty little room by pissing and fucking and cumming everywhere. We have every prop, tool and toy imaginable: a ski mask, rubber gloves, lube, towels, white socks, vibrators, cucumbers, poppers, a plaid skirt, blindfolds, handcuffs, candles, anything we want that we can get our hands on.

We get fucked up on alcohol or X and leave a big pile of nasty, cum-filled rubbers bahis şirketleri in the middle of the bed for the maid to find. The cheap cotton sheets are totally rank from our sweat and piss and cum. Our bodies are drenched with each other’s secretions and juices. We fuck unbelievably hard and laugh and drink way too much and keep fucking hard until we literally pass out. We fuck when we are tired and I’m in pain, my cunt and cervix raw from all the fucking, and you can barely get it up because you’ve already cum so many times. We fuck each other harder than we’ve ever fucked anybody in our lives. In this room, you are everything I have ever wanted to do and I am everything you have ever wanted to do. You pin me to the bed, spread my legs and fuck me with me a beer bottle. You watch my hips bounce up and down, fucking the bottle shoved up my cunt. When you’re done shoving it in and out my cunt, you push the wet, sticky bottle up my tight, puckered asshole. You watch it disappear all the way up inside me, watching how my small hole stretches to fit it all in. You fuck my ass with the bottle until I start to fuck it back, banging my ass against your hand, trying to make it go even deeper.

You pull the bottle out and piss in it, pouring some of it on my face. I get out from under you and push you on to your stomach. I spread your ass open and pour the rest of it out all over your asshole, drinking and sucking all of your piss off your tight, bahis firmaları virgin hole. You open your legs a little wider, sticking your ass up in the air for me. I tongue fuck your ass and then show you what it’s like to get a nice, wet, ass fuck, pushing my cum-coated fingers inside you, pumping your asshole and fucking you like a bitch. Your face is contorted in pain and you’re pleading with me to please squirt some lube. Your beautiful brown eyes are filling with tears, so I pull my fingers out of your rectum, thickly coat them with numbing lube and then jam them back inside. Your squirming from the pain until I remind you to relax and just let yourself get fucked. I tell you how good it feels to get your ass pumped if you just let yourself enjoy it. This calms you down and I feel your tight hole relax and expand to fit my fingers. I fuck you like this until you can’t take it anymore. You roll over and jerk off while watching me stick that nasty beer bottle down my throat, sucking all of our cum and piss and shit off of it.

You have me get on my hands and knees and lick your cum up off the dirty floor as you shoot your load on the carpet in front of me. You tell me to get back up on the bed and spread my legs for you. You cover my cunt with your mouth wide open, knowing that in seconds you’ll be tasting my hot piss shooting down your throat. You drink my piss as it flows out of me, rubbing your face against my cunt, letting kaçak bahis siteleri my piss drip over your full lips and unshaven cheeks. I taste and suck and kiss and fuck every part of your body and you do the same to me. We smear food and booze and cum all over each other and lick it off. You could do anything and everything you wanted to do to me-and I could do the same to you… Now that we have shown that we are definitely down with each other, we decide to take it outside–to see how much shit we can fuck up without getting arrested. We fuck and suck each other behind cars, in dressing rooms, in restaurant bathrooms, in dark corners in bars.

We try to make as many people witness our depravity as possible without getting tagged by cops. Every word out of our mouths is pornographic and disgusting. We laugh at our perversity and get off on shattering every fear, every insecurity and every taboo. We do as many drugs as we can find, drink as much as we can, and let everything twisted and bizarre come out in front of each other. Every person we pass on the street becomes the topic of our “how would rape them?” conversation. We imagine the ways we would molest the kids we see, the ways we would degrade and humiliate the employees of every business we enter. We make blatant sexual passes at waitresses and bartenders, inviting total strangers to come watch us fuck or let us fuck them. I give you the gift of absolute freedom and you give it to me, both of us wanting the other to have that feeling at least once in their life.

Every raunchy impulse is explored, shared and encouraged. We laugh at the depths of our depravity and sleep very, very deeply that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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