Aunt Ellen Ch. 5

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This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement, hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism invited.

This is the fifth episode in the story of Ellen Tranter, her nephew Matthew and his girlfriend Kathy. You’ll find links to the earlier episodes – and other tales – at my profile page.


It was a hot day and the pool was cool on our heated skins. Kathy and I swam side by side, up and down the pool and gradually it turned into a race. We were both breathing heavily as we rested after our sprint. I don’t know who ‘won’ and I don’t think either of us cared. Kathy smiled across at me.

“What next?” she asked.

“You mean, you, me and Matt?”

Kathy nodded. “I guess so.”

“First, we eat. There’s salad stuff already prepared in the refrigerator, with some cold chicken that I did before you arrived. We’ll have that, then some ice cream. Sound OK?”

“It does to me,” said Matt. We hadn’t heard him come out and he stooped to the poolside and gave us each a kiss, before diving neatly over our heads and into the pool.

“Show-off,” I called and he turned and grinned. I turned to Kathy. “Want to give me a hand?”

“Sure,” she said and we climbed out of the pool

We showered together, comfortable with each other’s nakedness, washing each other’s back, cupping each other’s tits, stroking…. Well, it was a bit longer than we’d planned to be in there. We got out finally and dried ourselves, then sauntered back to the kitchen, still naked.

I glanced out of the window towards the pool. Matt had obviously decided that he needed to get some other form of exercise, rather than that he’d been sharing with Kathy and me, because he was doing some hard laps. The Elsman pool was a good size by suburban standards but it was still a long way short of Olympic size, which meant that Matt was getting quite a lot of practice on his turns. Kathy joined me at the window and we watched in silence for a while.

“Impressive,” Kathy murmured.

“Yes, indeed,” I replied. “Go tell him to get out and shower, Kathy. By the time he’s done we’ll have everything ready.”

None of us bothered to get dressed for dinner, but there was nothing sexual in the air, no tension. We were just three people happy to be naked together. I noted ruefully that while Kathy and I had our tits on display, and very nice they are too, even if I do say so myself, Matt’s prick was hidden by the table. Later, it could be different, of course. We chatted amiably about everything and nothing and eventually, after we’d finished our ice cream, drunk our coffee and thrown all the dishes in the dishwasher I got up.

“Time to feed and walk the dogs, I’m afraid,” I said. “You two coming?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Matt. “Kathy?”

“Yup,” said Kathy.

“You’ll have to dress,” I said, grinning at their theatrical groans.

We were out about two hours, thoroughly enjoying the walk, and the sun was well down when we came back. We were tired from our walk, from the fresh air, but most of all from the intimacy we had shared earlier.

“Anyone want to watch any TV?” I asked.

Matt smothered a yawn and shook his head.

“No,” said Kathy, “I know it’s only ten but I think I’d like to go to bed.”

Matt leered dramatically. “Best idea yet,” he said.

I laughed. “Come on then.”

We already knew we were going to share a bed and Matt took us each by the hand as we went upstairs. My room poker oyna had its own bathroom and Kathy and I used that while Matt used the guest bathroom. It was a warm night and I figured we’d only need a sheet at most against any cool in the night, what with there being three of us in the bed.

I was finished first and turned down the sheet, placing myself at one side. Matt came in then. “In the middle, stud,” I said. He grinned and bounced into the middle, after carefully placing a couple of rubbers at Kathy’s side of the bed.

“Thoughtful, Matt, Kathy will appreciate that.”

“There’s no way I’m going to put her at risk,” he said quietly. He lay back, hands clasped under his head. A good-looking young man. I love Matt. After all, he is my nephew, but I knew I wasn’t ‘in love’ with him. We heard the toilet flush and Kathy came out a few moments later, smiling to see us already in bed. She went around and got in beside Matt.

He put an arm around each of us and drew us gently towards him, giving us each a light kiss.

“I’m sorry, ladies, but you two have got me bushed. I need some rest before I can perform again, I think. If one of you would care to wake me in the morning?” He grinned at us and raised an interrogative eyebrow.

Kathy laughed and kissed him, then stretched across him to kiss me. “Goodnight, Ellen,” she said.

“‘Night, Kathy, ‘night, Matt.”

“Hnumph,” said Matt, already asleep.

I laughed quietly, blew a kiss to Kathy and switched off the lamp.

I woke suddenly, startled, sensing something unusual, then relaxed as I realised. Beside me, Matt was gently fucking Kathy. It was the rhythmic movement of the bed that had wakened me. Matt caught my eye and grinned.

“Morning, Ellen, I’m sorry if we woke you.”

“Yes, sorry Ellen,” Kathy murmured, and stretched to kiss me. “It’s all my fault. I found this hard thing pressed against me when I woke up, so I thought I’d do something useful with it.” She grinned vividly. “Well, really, I suppose I’m getting Matt to do something useful.”

I laughed and lay with my head propped up to watch them. I loved to watch the muscles in Matt’s legs and ass move as he gently fucked his horny girlfriend. And, too, I loved to watch his prick moving in and out of Kathy’s pussy, watching her nether lips adjusting constantly to his motion, the sheen of her juices clear on his pole. I was turning into a voyeuse. I could feel myself getting wet, just watching, and began to stroke myself. I caught Kathy’s eye and she grinned at me, watching me in her turn as I pleasured myself.

Unconsciously, I found myself using the same rhythm as Matt and as he thrust into Kathy, so I thrust two fingers into myself. As he withdrew, so I withdrew my fingers, caressing my clit as I did. The rhythm was working on all of us and Kathy’s breathing began to quicken to match my own. Matt’s thrusts grew firmer, deeper, and my fingers matched them, my free hand coming up to finger my nipples, hard now with my excitement.

It couldn’t last. It didn’t. As my fingers tipped me over the edge, inducing a gut-wrenching orgasm that left me spent and panting, I heard Kathy begin to keen beside me until suddenly she gasped, then screamed tightly as she came, Matt’s suddenly spasmodic thrusting counterpoint to my own moan of pleasure.

We lay, trembling, cooling, coming down from our shared high. Matt eased himself from Kathy, stripping the rubber from his half-hard prick and wrapping it in a tissue, canlı poker oyna then flopping to his back.

Matt took a deep breath and sighed happily. “That was good,” he murmured.

Kathy leaned across and kissed him. “It certainly was,” she agreed. “You have a very talented prick, Matthew Hanson, very talented. Now, if you let me be its agent I think that we can make a lot of money.”

“You want to sell me as a gigolo?” he asked, grinning like a fool.

Kathy sat up for a moment, wriggled down the bed a little, then lay with her head propped up, her free hand idly playing with Matt’s prick. “Sell, no,” she said. “Rent, maybe,” she said thoughtfully. She frowned in mock deliberation. “Yes,” she said. “It would have to be rental, because I’d want you back each night to tell me about your adventures, before you fucked me to sleep.”

Matt laughed. “Would I have any say in this?” he queried.

Kathy frowned. “Maybe. I’d let you choose which of my possibles you wanted to have, but I would prepare the short list.”

“So who would be included on your short list?” asked Matt curiously.

“Oh, good-looking widows, frustrated divorcees, spinster librarians, women like that. Maybe my Mom,” said Kathy.

“Your Mom?” Matt’s voice was a squeak, and I swear his prick stiffened noticeably. Kathy noticed too and gave me a startled look.

“Why your Mom?” asked Matt.

Kathy shrugged nonchalantly. “She’s a good-looking widow, so she qualifies.” She grinned suddenly. “But for her there would be a discount.”

“Who would not be on your list?” I asked, amused.

“All good-looking teens and twenties. They can find their own!” Kathy said, laughing.

“What about Ellen, or Lisa?” asked Matt.

“They would be my partners and you would be free to us,” Kathy said, winking at me. She frowned. “Cindy I’m not sure about, and Jennie Halliday is definitely off the list!”

“Who’s Jenny Halliday?” I asked.

“Miss Round Heels 1999. And 2000. And 2001.”

I laughed. Kathy winked at me and signalled with her eyes, indicating Matt’s prick, noticeably stiff as she gently fondled it, gripping it lightly, sliding her hand up and down.

“Miss Tranter?” said Kathy.

“Miss Evans?” I responded.

“Would you care for a partners’ trial of our latest stud? Guaranteed in full working order ten minutes ago, but recovery speed still to be established,” Kathy said, grinning at me, her eyes sparkling. “Although recovery does seem to be well in progress,” she said, eyeing Matt’s erection.

“I would be delighted, Miss Evans,” I said, winking at Matt, whose prick was now definitely hard. I flattered myself that it was because he wanted me, but it was a beautiful sight to behold.

“How do you wish to perform the trial, Miss Tranter?” Kathy asked demurely, her fingers still teasing at Matt’s prick.

“Supine, Miss Evans, with my legs spread, my eyes closed and my prick-plugged pussy palpitating,” I managed to say, although it was difficult without giggling like a fool.

“Please adopt your chosen position, Miss Tranter,” said Kathy. “Now, Matthew, you heard the client’s wish. Please now perform to the best of your ability to satisfy Miss Tranter.”

Matt growled deep in his throat. I laughed and lay on my back with my legs spread wide, my eyes closed. I felt Matt move until he knelt between my legs, then lean forward so that his weight was taken on his braced arms. I felt his prick press against my pussy internet casino entrance, felt fingers and realised that Kathy was guiding him into me. He pressed firmly and moved smoothly into me, my juices from my masturbation providing ample lubrication to ease his passage, my senses revelling in the feel of his blunt-headed weapon piercing me.

I kept my eyes closed and my hands above my head. With Matt taking his weight on his braced arms it meant that we were touching only by virtue of his gorgeous prick thrusting into my soaking-wet pussy. I revelled in the sensations he was inducing in me and was startled to feel lips close gently over a nipple. I opened my eyes briefly. Kathy! She was sucking and licking at my nipple, biting gently, adding to the sensations I was feeling, sensations that were building in me. I closed my eyes again and just let my senses go along for the ride.

I began to focus my attention on the feel of Matt’s prick in my pussy. My juices were flowing freely and there was no resistance to his thrusts, but he filled me full and there was an emptiness in me as he withdrew on each stroke. An emptiness replaced by that growing fullness as he thrust back into me, filling me, loading me, pushing me ever closer to that precipice of sensation from which we love to plunge in the exultation of climax.

And I was so close to that precipice, so very close. I opened my mouth to speak when Matt suddenly stiffened, then thrust violently into me, pushing me over the edge and off on my plunge into climax, my belly rippling, my pussy clamping, my exultant ‘Yes!’ hissed on an exhalation of ecstasy.

Matt’s breathing was suddenly loud in my ear as we came back from our journey, his breathing matching my own gasps as we tried to replace our oxygen. I opened my eyes and looked up at his face, a sweat sheen shining on him, a smile breaking out on his face as our eyes met.

I glanced towards Kathy, unsurprised to see her fingers at her own pussy, and then smiled at her as she caught my eye. She grinned vividly and winked at me. I sighed happily, a vast contentment in me from good, hot, sweaty sex shared with people I cared about.

At last Matt eased himself from me and flopped onto his back between Kathy and me.

I bent over and kissed him lingeringly. “Thanks, stud. You pass,” I said, smiling at him.

That turned out to be the end of our sex play that weekend. I think between us Kathy and I had Matt just about worn out. Poor baby, he needed some recovery time. Oh, we played a little ‘touchy-feely’ as we swam again, and we shared a few kisses between us, but shortly after three that afternoon I waved goodbye to Matt and Kathy as his pickup took them off in the direction of Kathy’s home.

For myself, I got out the specification I’d been given by Bill Trueman and went through the notes I’d made. After all, I was starting a new job with his company tomorrow and who knew what that might bring. And too, I suddenly remembered, I’d agreed to meet Sarah and her friends for a drink in the evening.

I laughed. New job, new friends, new beginnings. I whistled the dogs back to me and went indoors.

* * * * *

This is the end of ‘Aunt Ellen’ as a chaptered part work, certainly for the present. It was never intended to be a novel and I apologise to any reader who expected my tale to follow that route.

I hope to be writing more about Ellen Tranter, but each tale will be complete enough in its way to stand alone.

I welcome feedback. I genuinely would like to know how readers feel about my efforts, either direct to my email address or via the anonymous feedback here on Literotica.

One other thing. Please vote.

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