BBC Rebound Ch. 03

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“So…think I’m gonna see you again?” Briggs asked me in the early afternoon light of my living room after the snowfall. We were standing by the door, he was fully dressed in his clothes from the day before. I was wearing my long tee shirt the barely covered my ass and cock.

We had slept for hours tangled up together as the snow fell outside after our previous romps in the bed. Our bodies were spent and exhausted.

I had my hands on his big shoulders and chest while his big, strong hands cupped my ass.

I leaned forward and kissed him, “I’m not the one saying you should leave…” I whispered smiling.

“God you drive me wild…” he said chuckling and squeezed my ass. “I’ve got to go pick up the kids though, watching them til tomorrow night.”

“Maybe you should stop by after dropping them off tomorrow night then.” I said as cool as I could. I don’t think it worked though. It’s hard to beg for someone’s cock and act like you don’t mind if they swing their dick through the door again.

“I’m down with that plan!” He said smiling at me and kissing me deeply. I moaned into his lips and then felt him pull me into him harder, his hands clenching my ass. Then he drifted away and our kiss broke. “Until then.” He said and opened the door and walked out.

I glanced down and saw my cock was tenting my tee shirt. I was rock hard after that goodbye! The things he could do to me. I thought as I went into the kitchen and made an expresso. I sipped it and let the warm liquid wake me up while I sat on the couch with my knees up to my chest, re-living the previous night.

I smiled to myself like an idiot before getting up and dressing to go to the condo gym. I feel like a workout would put my head right.

I spent the next 24 hours doing a little work at home so I wasn’t so behind the next week, getting the rest of my exes stuff into random boxes for him to find on the street corner, cleaning up the place, and organizing how I liked it. Truly mine again.

Around 7pm that Saturday night I was getting super antsy and kept checking my phone for Briggs text that he was heading over. Finally it came around 8pm. He said he just dropped them off and would be over in the half hour.

I sent back a gif saying “can’t wait!” And hopped in the shower to clean myself up and make everything ready for him.

I stepped out of the shower to seeing his laughing emoji reaction to my gif and I smiled as I toweled off with my big fluffy, white towel. I gave myself a once over to make sure I was clean, smooth, and sexy as all hell for my black daddy stud.

I rubbed moisturizer all over myself and combed my hair while I settled into my shaven, fresh body feeling like a new man. I went to my closet and grabbed my secret drawer to surprise Briggs.

I pulled a soft, lace dark purple thong up my legs and nestled into my butt with my soft cock cradled in the front. Then I pulled on a pair of black stockings with a red bow on the back where they rested on the middle of my back thighs. Then a black skirt that almost came down to the top of the stockings but left a little skin shown between them. I smiled to myself as I pulled on a tight black tank top to finish my look for my lover and checked myself out in the mirror until I finally heard a buzz that he was down at the front door.

I hit the button to buzz him up and then went to the fridge to pop open a couple of beers for us. The IPA’s since I remembered that’s what he liked.

I heard his big, heavy footsteps in the hall and I was already heading to the door when I heard his fist knocking.

I swung open the door with a smile and I lost it laughing when I saw his eyes go big and go up and down to take me all in. A big smile crept on his face as he walked in and I shut the door behind him.

He was dressed in work boots, jeans, a heavy sweater, and a winter coat he hung up when he stepped in.

“Haha you were ready for me huh?”

“Oh I’d say I’ve been thinking about you and that big, black cock since you left yesterday afternoon!” I said giggling still and walking over to the kitchen island, slightly swaying a little so he could check my ass out in the skirt. I grabbed his beer and spun around to hand it to him.

“Haha thanks I need one of these. Been a long day. Fun hanging with the kiddo’s but it’s hard to focus on being a good parent when your sexy ass kept popping into my head.”

“Well I am so sorry to be a burden!” I said as we joked. “Maybe you’ll just have to keep my ass out of your head istanbul travesti and into your hands!”

“I’ll cheers to that!” He said reaching forward to clink our bottles together. “So…you dress up just for me or are you always this damn hot?” Briggs asked as his eyes roamed over me again.

“Oh this? This is just my Saturday hang out clothes! You don’t like?” I said teasing him with my free hand running my fingers along the hem of the skirt and swaying a little so it moved around my thighs.

“No, no that is definitely a good look. I think my big black cock has got you acting a certain way.”

I felt my cock stir in my lace thong when he said ‘big black cock’ and felt my cheeks flush a little.

“Maybe you’ve got me a little BBC crazy. You feel the same way about my little white booty?” I asked turning to the side a little and letting my fingers brush my skirt up to my underbutt.

“Haha are you a psychic or just used to big black guys like myself drooling all over you?”

I sipped my beer and set it on the island counter and walked the couple steps to him and put my hands on his strong chest. I bit my lip and smile “I don’t see you drooling just yet…”

“Let’s change that huh?” He said as his free hand reached out and gripped my waist and pulled me in for a kiss. Our tongues hungrily danced around each other. Our breath hot and heavy with lust after being apart for so long.

He stepped into me hard and forced me to take a couple steps back as he reached back and set his beer down. I just groaned and kissed him harder as his big frame pushed me around.

His hand that was holding the beer went up and gripped the hair on the back of my head and I cried out as he pulled my hair a little. Our tongues still fighting to see how could reach the back of the others throat first.

My cock was stiff in my thong and tenting the front of my skirt. I felt it pressed and pinched between us. His cock was hardening too. It was a little muted though since he had jeans on and let’s face it, a much bigger cock. It took a minute to get to full mast.

Briggs rough hands gripped my tank top and tore it over my head before grabbing my neck on both sides and kissing me again. My hands reached down and undid his belt, button and pulled his zipper down.

His rugged hands drifted down my back and over the back of my skirt before reaching under and gripped my fat ass. I moaned into his mouth as he manhandled me.

Our kiss broke as he looked down and lifted my skirt to peek at my dark purple lace thong. “Fuck you are a sexy piece of white ass!” He cried out and I laughed in appreciation.

He spun me around and looked at my ass again. I arched my back a little for him. I felt a little like the other night when he fingered me fully clothed. I was so exposed to him, but now I felt a little safer with my black lover. A calm horniness instead of a nervous horniness.

I spun back around and pressed into him and kissed him.

“I want to see that big black cock again!” I said as he chuckled and watched me fall on my knees in front of him.

His hands cradled my head and ran through my hair while I undid and pulled off his boots. Then his socks and then I tugged his jeans and boxers down. Careful to stretch the front.

His big black cock finally sprung free when he cleared his waistband. “Fuck!” I cried out when I saw his heavy, hung cock dangle between his strong thighs.

He stepped out of his jeans and we left them on the floor. He was pantless with just his sweater on. I stared at his eyes and licked my lips while my hands stretched around his dick. His girth was so thick that my fingers could barely touch around him.

My left hand cupped his balls while my right wrapped around his base and very slowly pumped him.

“How’s the view?” He asked me smiling.

I smiled back up and giggled a little. “Haha couldn’t be better!”

“Same.” Was all he said back before his breath caught in his throat. I had reached my tongue out and started to flick it against the underside of his big, bulging cock head.

I relished hearing him moan above me as my tongue flicked along the underside of his head and then down his shaft to the base of his cock. My hand still gripped him and held his cock up, it was too thick. It would have hung down otherwise. I then traced my tongue along the big veins in his cock up to his head again.

Once I got to his head I let my lips hang an inch or so away and snaked my tongue around and around istanbul travestileri in circles around him.

“Fuck you are such a good cocksucker!” He deeply moaned above me as I teased and played with his cock with my tongue.

His hands were still on my head and neck, feeling my movement as he closed his eyes and I worked him over.

After circling a few more times I dropped my lips over his head and clamped down around his shaft just past his head, my tongue pressed up against the underside of his cock head.

“Oh fuck baby that’s it suck that big black cock!”

“Mmhmm!” I moaned up to him making my lips vibrate around his shaft. I rested him in my mouth for a few seconds, savored his manly, musky scent before starting to rock my head up and down. My tongue pressing into his sensitive underside.

I bobbed my head and slurped enthusiastically for my black lover. Moaned and listening to his groans and deep cries as I sucked his cock until it pressed against my throat.

I sucked him deeply for a few more strokes and finally popped off. My lips making a loud pop when I drug myself off of his shaft. I slowly stroked his saliva soaked cock and looked up at him. Big eyes, sexy skirt and stockings, red cheeks and watered eyes.

“I need you inside of me baby!” I moaned up to him.

“You want this big black cock in that tight white ass?” He asked enjoying our flirtation.

I nodded my head. “Sit on my couch. I’ll be right back.”

He sat down and I popped off of my knees and went to my bedroom. I took the lube from my dresser and headed back to the living room.

He was so cute sitting on my couch. Comfy sweater, no pants, his large hands stroking his rock hard big cock.

I walked up and stood between his legs and turned around. My hands reached under my skirt and tugged my thong down. The skirt hiding and teasing most of my butt.

His hands reached forward and slowly ran along the outside of the stockings on my legs. I kicked the thong off and turned around to face him again.

I put on my most seductive face as we locked eyes and I raised my right leg and put my foot on the outside of his hip. I squirted some lube onto my fingers and I reached under my skirt to lube my ass up for him. Obviously using a generous amount. I still felt stretched from our last play time but was still maybe too tight for his big dick.

I moaned as I fingered myself and he watched me. His wet tongue licking his lips while his hands went back to stroking his cock slowly.

I finally felt ready and put my left leg up and sank down onto my knees on his lap. The front of my skirt tickling his big cock.

His dick was gleaming still in the lights from the city outside as I replaced his hands with mine and lubed him up as well.

“Want to close the blinds?” He asked me.

“No if anyone’s watching I want them to see us…” I whispered to him as I leaned forward and we kissed.

Less urgently our tongues pressed together. This time more intimate as we melded together. My hips leaning forward and my hands guiding his big head into my entrance.

“Oh fuck…” I breathed out into his lips as we kept kissing and I groaned as his cock stretched me open again.

“God Briggs your cock…” I stammered out as his head popped into me. I gasped and slid a few inches in before I had to stop. His hands were gripping my hip tight. I glanced down breaking our kiss and was so turned on. My skirt hid the actual action of our love making which made it more hot!

“Easy baby easy…” he muttered as I slid more of him into me.

We moaned and kissed silently and panted together as I worked his big dick into me. Soon he was all the way inside of me. My hips were sitting on his lap and my ass was full of his black cock.

I moaned as I started to grind on him. His cock pressing pleasure spots inside of me I’d never been able to reach.

He reached one hand up and cupped my chin. His thumb on my lips. I suckled his big thumb eagerly while I grinded on him.

“That’s it baby take my big black cock, let me fill you up.” I moaned back approval at his words.

“That white ass was made for daddy’s big black cock. Let it hit you in all the right spots.”

I leaned down and kissed him again. My hands on his beefy neck and my hips rising and falling on his lap as I let his length take me instead of grinding and enjoying his girth.

“Fuck you feel so good, you like my ass Briggs?” I asked I let his thumb fall from my lips and he travesti istanbul just grunted in approval and smacked my ass.

“Hell yeah baby ride me.” He said encouraging me. Spanking me harder like a jockey to speed me up.

I was bouncing on his lap now. My skirt and cock flying up and down as I rode him. His hand that was on my neck left and trailed down my chest and abs. Then to skirt and reached up.

His powerful thumb and forefinger clamped down around my cock head and slid with the motion of my thrusts.

“Oh god fuck…” I moaned as waves of electricity shot through me. His fingers sliding and gripping my sensitive cock head were driving me crazy as his cock stimulated my behind.

“Briggs, fuck, I’m going to cum!”

“Good boy cum in that little skirt for me!” He moaned back as he pinched my head and gripped my ass. I stopped riding him and planted my ass firmly on his lap. Full of his cock and slowly grinding as my cock exploded between his fingers. I squirted all over the inside of my skirt and his hand and stomach.

“Good baby let it all out.” He encouraged as I whimpered, grinded, and drained my balls in his touch.

My orgasm lasted forever it felt like but Briggs just kept talking to me and pressing the right buttons on my cock and shifting his big dick inside of me as I was reduced to a muttering, whimpering horny man.

My cock slipped to a semi when he finally released me and then brought his hand up to my lips. I hungrily licked, sucked, and swallowed my orgasm off of him. As I cleaned his hand with my tongue I went back to bouncing on his dick.

Finally he took his hand away and pulled me down to kiss with one hand. His other hand gripped my ass and held me still.

“My turn.” He said as he lifted me up and his cock slid out of my ass. I moaned as he left me. He moved and stood up and positioned me on my knees with my hands on the couch arm rest. I was looking out over the city and could see lights and people from across the street. I secretly hoped they could see me too as I got plowed by this hunk of a man.

Briggs stripped off his sweater and then added more lube to my crack and his cock. My skirt was flipped onto my back and while I was bent over he had a perfect view of the bow on my stockings.

I felt so sexy as I arched my back up and presented my ass to him. The couch shifted as his heavy frame dropped to one knee behind me and his hand gripped my waist. His other hand aimed his cock and he was balls deep inside of me seconds later.

My eyes went wide and I cried out as he bottomed out in me. The ecstasy as real as I was again filled with his big black cock. I gripped the arm rest hard as he started to thrust into me.

His strong thighs pushing that beefy cock into me. Thrust after thrust. My face red with exertion as he pummeled me. He smacked my ass cheeks as he fucked me hard. My ass was probably as red as my face I thought as he fucked me clearly desperate to cum.

His breathed was heavy and ragged as this older man took my ass. It belonged to him now I though. He could fuck me however and whenever he wanted!

Finally his breath turned to grunts and moans and he cried out to me that he was going to cum.

“Breed me again Briggs fuck breed my ass with that big black cock!” I cried out to him as I felt his cock explode inside of me. Coating my ass with his cum. Shot after shot kept blasting as he gripped me harder and I pushed my ass back into him.

“Fuck!” He yelled as his orgasm subsided and he practically fell back exhausted on the other end of the couch. His legs spread and his belly heaving. His cock laying across his thigh.

I barely stood up on my weak legs and giggled at how sexy he looked post orgasm. His cock still bigger than most. I slipped my hand under my skirt and started to masturbate since my cock had returned to a full erection.

“I want another orgasm…” I moaned as I leaned over and rested on him. My lips kissing his chest and nipples as his big hands cradled me. It only took a minute before I was bucking my hips and shooting my tiny load into my skirt and onto his cock.

I moaned and squealed before sliding down and licking his cock clean of my cum.

“Fuck you are fun!” Briggs said chuckling when I lifted my face from his spent cock. Cleaned of cum from either him or myself.

“Haha you are an unforgettable fuck!” I said as i walked over and drained the last of my beer and brought his over to him. He still laid spread out and catching his breath after the hammering he just gave my ass. He sipped from his beer as I laid on top of him and kissed him lightly. The cool air and his big hand on my bum felt good.

“Guess we’ll just have to keep fucking then huh?” He said smiling as we kissed again.

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