Beach Stud

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Jason strode up the curving concrete path leading from the beach to the car park above. Two beach chicks passed him, openly perving at him with open mouths. He was well over six feet with very broad shoulders. A mat of black hair centred between the hard buds of his black nipples, trailed down to a rippling eight pack stomach. While most of the beach denizens wore ridiculously long legged shorts(?), his enormous bulging manhood was defiantly displayed in skin hugging speedos. The two chicks dragged their eyes up to a handsome profile, eyes hidden behind sunnies. A light stubble of beard only made him appear more manly, more virile. His tan was a deep brown only obtained by years in the sun. Their little pussies pouted but he ignored them as they passed. He heard them giggling a little later.

He strode on, across the car park to the lawns of the beachside pub. He threw his towel onto one of the outdoor chairs and fetched a beer from the bar. Jason took a swallow and got a small cigar from his bum bag, lit it and leaned back to check out the action.

It was the usual situation. Locals, tanned and casual strode purposely around the small shopping area opposite the pub. New tourists, mostly white skinned were dressed down and wandered aimlessly looking in shop windows, gravitating toward the beach. Holiday makers headed determinely for the beach, dragging assorted kids, wives and paraphernalia with them.

The day was perfect, the place was perfect, his life was perfect. Only 21, Jason had started with a quarter of a million left by his paternal grandfather and had parlayed that into millions playing the stock market. He had invested a substantial amount in land in this just discovered beach haven and stood to make millions more. He lived in what looked like a beach shack on the outside but was palatial inside just a short walk from the pub. He had one of the locals into clean and launder and he treated the pub restaurant as his kitchen. Why not? Jason owned 51% and his mate Brad and his wife the remainder.

He had few friends, but they were genuine. Almost none of the locals suspected how wealthy he really was and thought him nothing but an unemployed layabout with rich parents. Jason actually spent hours each day on his computer, researching, analysing, buying, selling, making money.

He didn’t fuck with the locals with two exceptions. He threw a fuck or two at a discreet widow who lived nearby in exchange for the occasional home cooked meal. She was plump and juicy and wild in bed but presented a stern face to the outside world as the town’s librarian. The second woman owned a number of the prawn trawlers moored in the nearby marina. He had crewed for her for something different to do. She was big and somewhat weather beaten, stripped, she was all white flesh, bursting blue veined breasts and an insatiable cunt. She kept quiet because she was a known lesbian with a maniacal spitfire for a lover who would not hesitate to remove Jason’s balls with a filleting knife if she found out.

He could pick up a beach chick with ease and had fucked many of them. His preference was for tourists rather than holiday makers. Jason would fuck them in their hotel room while the hubby or the boyfriend were hairing up and down the coast in their boy toys – boats or jet skis. Meanwhile, he would be slipping a length to an ignored trophy companion. Idiots! He had gone off holiday makers after having to floor an irate husband who had come back early from beach fishing to discover his big titted wife bouncing up and down on Jason’s meaty cock. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that both of them continued to hound him for the next two weeks until they finished their holiday.

He’d just finished his cigar and most of his beer, when a short, gray haired man sat down opposite. Jason frowned. He’d experience of faggots, young and old, coming on to him. “Yes?” he growled, “can I help you?”

“I’m very sorry to bother you young man, but my wife would like to meet you and buy you a drink.” He was european. His accent was gutteral and he pronounce the word wife as ‘vife’. He gestured to a table behind him.

Jason glanced around. A woman, middle aged but expensively preserved sat regarding poker oyna him from behind large sun glasses, a glass with exotic coloured liquid topped with some fruit in her hands. Large diamonds glittered on her chubby fingers. Her hair was blonde and greying. She wore a smart dress that reeked of expense, cut low to reveal an expansive cleavage. Under the table, he could see smooth shapely calves tapering to fine ankles and pedicured feet shod in fashionable sandals. The somewhat disdaining look she gave him, intrigued Jason enough to mutter “Okay” and, grabbing his towel and bum bag, moved over to their table.

“Vot vill you haff?” the man asked.

“Beer – the girl will know.”

Jason looked at the woman and she gazed impassively back at him, both their expressions hidden by their sunglasses

Her husband moved off and returned with two beers. Setting one down in front of Jason, he introduced himself. “I am Klaus and this Inge. We are here only one night. Our daughter is down at the beach. We are from Switzerland enjoying your wonderful country one week more. What is your name?”

“Jason.” He smiled at her, his flashing white teeth gleaming from his tanned dark face. She did not respond except to sip from the straw in her drink.

Klaus took a sip of his beer and said, “My wife would like to make love with you. I will pay anything you ask if you do this for her.”

Jason looked at Inge impassively sipping her drink, not taking her eyes from him. He looked again at the long slit of her cleavage. “She doesn’t appear to be too interested. Does she really want a fuck?” He saw a slight frown crease her face and her right eyebrown lifted slightly.

“Oh yes, she really does,” assured Klaus eagerly. “How much?”

“Let’s see if she’s worth it first.” Jason leaned forward and slowly slid his hand up between her smooth legs. He met resistance half way up. He pushed and the thighs reluctantly opened a fraction. His questing fingers met the lace of her panties. She was dry and stayed dry after he rubbed her.

She continued to stare at him. “This is not for me. It is for him. He likes to watch.”

Jason rose to the challenge. “I don’t care what he does as long as he doesn’t touch me.” He glowered at Klaus. “Understand!”

“Yes, yes, I understand. I am not interested in you. I want to see my wife having enjoyment.”

Jason had some doubts about that, but he felt challenged, his manhood felt challenged. She was a cold fish and in his experience, unique compared with the hundreds lusty ladies he had on the totem pole of life.

They finished their drinks and retired to the expensive beach side resort and into a luxurious suite. The main bedroom was cool and dark. Klaus settled in a chair in the corner. Inge and Jason took off their sunglasses and icy grey eyes regarded green, flecked with gold eyes. Without looking away, she reached behind her undoing a clasp and pushing her dress down and over her hips. She was wearing expensive gray silk and lace underwear, a huge bra moulded her large melon-like breasts, squeezing them together to create the intriguing cleavage. Her waist curved in and then flared out over impressive hips. The dress passed her thick thighs and fell to the floor. Inge stepped out of it and placed her hand on his arm for support as she raised one leg and then the other to slip her sandals off. She reached behind her to release her bra.

Despite himself, Jason felt his cock respond to the visual feast on display and she had yet to reveal the goodies. Her smooth white fleshy body was pampered and delightfully scented. She looked after herself. He watched as first her chest expanded as she reached behind to unhook herself and then in awe as the bra dropped and her huge breasts burst free. They were stupendous. The bra had been there to contain not support. They were large, firm and rounded, with a tracery of blue veins, white as snow. Her areolae sat more on top of her delicious mounds and were a tawny colour with smallish inverted nipples. There appeared to be little holes centred in the nipples.

Jason looked up from his inspection and regarded her impassive face. “I’d like a go at sucking those erect.” She appeared to canlı poker oyna shrug lightly and looked up at the ceiling, her whole posture reeking of resignation of the inevitable. Jason gathered one mighty gourd in his large hands and slipped his long meaty tongue out to tasted the surrounds. He swirled around and round the flat areolae until finally it rose slightly above the surrounding smooth flesh. He hefted the other breast and spent time achieving the same result. He moved back to the first and sought out the nipple with his hot tongue, flicking like a viper, then swirling, then licking. He used his other hand to continually pinch and tweak. He applied his tongue to the other noting the change in colour from tawny to a tawny pink. Finally, he applied massive suction to the first breast and for a while nothing happened. He pushed his hot tongue into the small hole in the centre of the nipple, swirled it around then sucked hard. Like a small submarine missile the inverted nipple burst to the surface. He pounced on the small round button and sucked even harder. Slowly more nipple rose from the shell. She clutched his arms convulsively.

Jason looked up. Her eyes were screwed shut and she was biting her lip. Reaction at last. He moved his hot mouth to her other nipple he had been fondling, and, sucking hard, felt it erect into his mouth like a small marshmallow. Her breathing was coming in shallow pants.

Jason’s cock was threatening to split his speedos but he took the time to take her in his arms and kiss her, sliding his hot tongue into her mouth to slide suggestively in and out, to explore, to caress. There was no response. He deepened the kiss, still caressing her hot nipples until her tongue tentatively, almost shyly responded. Jason had his hot bulge pressing against her upper stomach as he crushed her to him, letting her feel his strength, moving to massage her smooth back and neck. His hands slid down until his fingers hooked into the waist band of her panties. Jason slid them down far enough until he could massage her big smooth arse cheeks, lifting, separating and squeezing. Inge’s solid breasts were crushed against the muscular planes of his chest. He moved his mouth to the hollow of her throat and kissed and sucked. She shuddered slightly, a mere tremor.

Jason moved her back until her the backs of her knees hit the bed. He lowered her gently, ensuring her legs were draped over the end. He fell to his knees between them and pulled her expensive panties down and off her smooth shapely legs. Jason gently applied pressure to the inside of her knees. As her smooth thighs slowly parted he was surprised by what he saw at the junction. She was completely depilated, not shaven – depilated. Her mons were mounded little hillocks and in the centre was a small, girlish line of vaginal lips, crinkled in odd unsymmetrical shapes like those of an oyster, but thicker and fatter. However, the length of those lips looked less than the diameter of his meaty cock and for a moment he doubted he would be able to get it in to fuck her. He looked up at her but she had one arm over her eyes, her breasts gently rising and falling. The nipples were starting to regress and he rapidly reached up and pinched them to maintain their interest.

Behind him, Klaus muttered in an excited voice. “She is like a little girl, ja?”

Jason ignored him. He grabbed her legs and placed her knees on his shoulders and returned to plundering her breasts. As his hands were busy, the slid his tongue out and ran it up the rill of her lips, probing for her entrance. Up and down, up and down until finally he felt them start to part. He speared his tongue into her cunt on a gentle trip of exploration, in and in, parting the smooth fleshy walls as it went. He withdrew and speared her again, this time with some force, and again and again.

Jason heard her gasp and her hands clutched his as they continued tweaking her reluctant nipples. Her cunt had started to dilate a little and the oddly shaped lips had opened and become engorged. They were now symmetrical and bulging. He slid his lips up to their juncture where a tight hood concealed her clitoris. Jason placed Inge’s hands on her own breasts so that he internet casino could use his fingers to pry apart her upper cunt lips while he continued his licking occasionally thrusting his tongue into her tight, smooth depths. Finally, the clit hood retracted enough to expel a small pearl-like clit. He pounced on it, sucking, licking, swirling as he slid one long thick finger into her pussy, hooking it, searching for her G spot. He found it and she gasped out loud as he massaged it.

Suddenly her legs tightened on his neck, her cunt clenching his finger, she gave a little shriek and he felt a flush of hot thick cream issue from the tissues of her inner walls. He pulled his finger out and saw a thick clot of cunt cream pool on the upraised star of her anus.

“I,m going to fuck that back into you.” Jason’s cock had become pained in the tight confines of his swimmers. Swiftly, he peeled them off and knelt up, presenting the plum-like dome of his bursting penis to her now pouting portal. She was still fondling her own breasts, but the eyes regarding him had softened and widened. Gently he ran his cock head up and down the thickened rills of her virgin-like cunt, dipped and swirled the head into the pool of her cunt cream, then pushing it gently, inch by inch into her torpid depths. She was tight, but hot and smooth. Three quarters of the way in, he bottomed out. His big hanging balls were not in contact.

Jason let her get used to his size and rubbed the tiny clitoris, occasionally pinching. Inge’s nipples were now proud and pouting as she fondled her massive boobs. He started easing his cock in and out, in and out, slowly forcing her tight cunt to accept more and more of him until his hot, hairy balls rested against her upturned arse. Jason began firmly thrusting, varying the depth and angle, deliberately drawing the flange of his helmet over her G spot. He let the fingers of one hand play with her clit while the other reached for her tits, tweaking and pinching her nipples.

Inge threw her head back, gasping and moaning as Jason began to fuck her strongly, speeding up then slowly teasing. He felt her pussy walls clench tightly on his driving cock and on the next out swing, another load of thick cunt cream dripped onto his swaying balls. He sped up, his thrusts becoming almost violent until his restraint snapped and he unloaded a massive burst of spunk as deep as he could. He groaned as her cervix snapped at him like a hungry eel forcing him to drain his hot cum into her. Her knees clasped him strongly as she came again shuddering and sighing as his cock continued to spasm within her tight sheath.

He eased her legs from his shoulders and placed them round his back. Behind him, Jason heard Klaus panting and looked around just in time to see him cover his genitals with a handkerchief, red faced and sweating. “Ver’ good, ver’ good,” he was muttering.

Jason fell forward onto Inge’s pillowy breasts, bending to suck and bite her amazing nipples. She clutched him around the shoulders, still experiencing slowing orgasmic peaks of post orgasmic bliss. “I have never, never had that happen,” she whispered. “Can we do some more?” She kissed him lovingly. She had melted, the iron maiden act gone.

“Piss old Klaus off, and you and I will enjoy ourselves,” Jason growled biting her on the neck.

“Get out Klaus, now,” ordered Inge in a no nonsense voice. Klaus got meekly to his feet, adjusted his clothes and slinked out the door. “Now, where were we,” she purred, pulling his head down to plunder his lips, tongue thrusting into his mouth.


Two hours later, he left her laying like a dish rag. He had been sucked off, given a marvellous titty ride and had fucked her to a standstill, the want of years finally satiated. He was shagged. He showered and left. As he strolled down the corridor, the next door opened and a feminine hand reached out and grabbed him. It wa a younger version of Inge, dressed in a bursting red bikini top with curvy hips shrouded in a sarong.

“I’m Giselle, her daughter. I peeked through the door.” The lovely blonde reached and fondled his bulge. “I don’t suppose there’s any left now.” She squeezed gently and gasped as his unruly cock started to erect, thick and hot. “My god!”

“Girlie, where I come from, a prick is a prick. A fuck is a fuck. Let’s not piss about. Lose the top. I’ll bet those hummers are as good as your mother’s.”

They were. She was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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