Becoming Theirs Pt. 03: Initiation

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“So… here we are.”

I was sitting on Kimmy’s couch again, beside Jessica, Elyn, and of course Kimmy. Elyn had contacted all of us and gathered us together again, although she hadnt revealed what it was regarding.

Of course, I had an intelligent guess.

Elyn looked around at us on the couch.

“Here we are” she began, rather awkwardly.

She nudged Kimmy, who shifted shyly on her spot before she cleared her throat and spoke up.

“James” she began, addressing me.

I looked at her intently.

“We want…” her question trailed off, and she looked nervously between Elyn and Jessica, who nodded at her frantically.

She took a breath before speaking again.

“We want you to be our toy” she said quickly.

My eyebrows flew up in surprise at the phrasing of her statement while Elyn and Jessica cringed so hard I felt it through the couch.

“WHAT SHE MEANS” Jessica butted in.

“Is that the other day we had a lot of fun with you, and we’re hoping that we can keep doing that sort of thing together.”

Kimmy nodded, visibly relieved that Jessica had taken over.

“And I think… you had fun too, right?” Elyn asked tentatively.

I grinned. “Yea, I guess I kind of did.”

“BUT!” I chimed in. “I dont want to be the only one naked all the time. If you girls have seen my body, I wanna see yours’ too.”

They all agreed.

“So… I guess this is official?”

The girls laughed at my comment.

“Oh gosh dont make it so serious” Jessica said, slapping my arm.

“Yea, this is really happening” smiled Elyn, sitting back up straight on the couch.

“Thats good” I said. “Because im already hard.”

“Oooooooooooo show us!” They eagerly clamored forward.

And so I removed my clothes and the girls stared in awe at my throbbing cock.

“Just as amazing as always” Elyn said. I could practically hear the joy in her voice.

“Its jumping!” Kimmy commented, watching my cock throb.

“Boy you’re really horny” Jessica said, grinning.

“Help me out then” I suggested.

Jessica shot me a sly smile before she spat into her hand and began rubbing her spit on my cock.

“Woah” Elyn and Kimmy stared as Jessica ran her fingers all over my stiff member, and I softly moaned as I savored her touch.

For about a minute Jessica stroked my cock off, using her fingers and palm to stimulate me and massage every inch of my organ while Kimmy and Elyn watched.

“Wow you’ve learnt some tricks” I gasped as Jessica ran her nails slowly up along my thick shaft and teasing my sensitive head.

“All the better to tease you with” she giggled.

“He actually likes it when he’s the only one naked” she told the girls.

“Jess!” I exclaimed, embarrassed that my fetish was revealed so quickly.

“So right now youre super turned on?” Elyn asked, grinning mischievously.

I nodded.

“Let me try.”

Jessica let go of me and Elyn wrapped her long fingers around my hard shaft. I swear that i could tell the difference as she began moving her hand up and down on me. I moaned in ecstasy as her fingers explored every inch of me.

“Wow, youre dripping” she said, playing with my pre-cum.

With it, Elyn lubricated my rod, making it sticky and shiny.

“You know girls” Elyn said. “I think im beginning to like this.”

“Making him güvenilir bahis feel good with just my fingers… making him moan.”

She squeezed me hard suddenly and i gasped.

“Making him cum… and also”

She removed her hand without warning and my cock throbbed in the air, yearning for stimulation.

“…not making him cum.”

They giggled as they watched my cock shake desperately.

“James, you wanna cum? Then make me cum first.”

I knelt on the floor as Elyn removed her shorts to reveal black panties. She deftly tossed them aside as well to reveal a clean shaved pink pussy.

“Eat me” she said, her voice quivering with excitement.

I bent over, placed my hands on her inner thighs, and positioned my head over her pussy. I gently blew on it, making her gasp.

“Shit dude, just eat me!”

And with that, i attacked it with my tongue.

As Elyn moaned and squirmed, Jessica was rubbing herself off, and Kimmy moved off from the sofa and got behind me. She gently caressed my balls and cock as they hung under my kneeling figure

I gasped as i felt Kimmy start stroking me from behind.

“Dont stop!” Elyn said, now panting.

I continued eating her out, which was harder to focus on with Kimmy milking me from behind.

I was extremely turned on by being milked on my knees, and a few times i had to pause my eating to will my body not to cum.

Then, something happened. I saw movement above me and looked up from Elyn’s pussy to see that Jessica had came over and was now sensually dancing tongues with Elyn! Jessica had pulled up Elyn’s top to expose her boobs and was slowly massaging them as they kissed.

That was too much for me. With a loud gasp, I felt my body muscles contract as I lost control and let loose a thick stream of cum.

I heard Kimmy exclaim in surprise as I began to cum, and I leaned forward into Elyn, using her body as a sort of cushion as I was milked of my cum by Kimmy. Kimmy used a slow rotating grip on me to coax my cum out onto the floor, and it was working magnificently. By the time she stopped, i had no idea how long had passed and my body was overcome with pleasure.

“Dude, you came before me!”

I looked up to Elyn staring down at me with an expression of glee and mock-anger.

“Youre supposed to make me cum first!”

“Sorry sorry, but when you and Jess began kissing…”

“No excuses! You need to be punished!”

Honestly, the word ‘punished’ just turned me on a bit.

“Jess, bring out the leash.”

We all watched as Jessica reached for her purse and dig out a small leather collar.

“Thats pretty small” I noted.

Jessica gave me a mischievous look.

“Its not for your neck.”

And then it dawned on me.

“Oh man.”

“But youre small now” Elyn noted, frowning. “We need you to stiffen up.”

“Give me a few minutes” I said, leaning back onto the couch.

“Maybe this will help” Jessica said, and she pulled Kimmy over to her before kissing her passionately on the lips. Kimmy responded in kind and I watched as the 2 girls made out in front of me.

“hey, i havent cum yet” said Elyn. I leaned back on the floor and Elyn got on top of my face, using her knees to support her pussy right over me as i continued eating her out.

Elyn would soon throw her top off, leaving both of us naked. I would look up türkçe bahis at her every few seconds to her her perky boobs right above me, and her face writhed in ecstasy. It was a turn on.

“He’s hard!” I heard Kimmy’s voice from behind Elyn. I hadnt even realised i was erect again.

“Im putting on the collar okay James?”

“Okay” i called back.

I felt a pair of hands work on my cock as the leash was secured on, and it felt good. But I wasnt the only one feeling good; shortly after Elyn reached her orgasm and she came on top of my face, her face wrecked by pleasure.

“oh god” she whimpered, unsteadily getting off of me. Looking up, i saw that Jessica had finished collaring me, and was lightly pulling on the leash.

“This alright?” she asked. I nodded.

“okay then” she grinned. “now stand.”

She tugged on the leash and i quickly got to my feet.

It was strange, i thought to myself. Jessica was standing in front of me, wearing a white fitting blouse and denim shorts, holding onto a leash which was attached to my cock while I was entirely naked.

Strange that I was super turned on by it.

“Youre enjoying this too much” Jessica said, watching my cock throb.

I just shrugged in agreement.

“C’mon, follow me” she said, tugging on the leash and guiding me away. I walked off eagerly, Kimmy following behind.

Jessica led us to Kimmy’s room, where she pulled me over to Kimmy’s queen size bed and pushed me onto it. As she tied my hands and feet to the bed posts she explained what we were doing next.

“Im going to practice ruining your orgasms” she said. “but i don’t want you to interrupt, so im tying you up ok?”

My throbbing cock reflected my anticipation.

The girls got on top of me and assessed my cock. Jessica slowly rubbed me as Kimmy took out a bottle of lube, which she poured right onto my cock. I felt the cool liquid on my hard member, and Jessica used her fingers to lubricate me generously.

“If youre feeling close, you better tell us okay” Jessica said, my cock gripped in her hand. “If not, well youre tied up y’know…”

She gave me a sudden squeeze and my whole body jerked in surprise. Grinning to herself, Jess began stroking me as Kimmy watched enviously.

“I read that girls need to be careful with their nails when giving handjobs” Jessica said, hand wrapped around my stiffie.

“But i hear it drives some men crazy too.”

She began running her long nails lightly along my shaft, going up, then down, then up.

“You like that?”

I did. I gasped as her light touch teased me and gave me just the slightest hints of pleasure.

Jessica kept her hand tight around me, using various techniques to keep me pleasured.

Kimmy, bored, came up to my chest level and began to tease my nipples with her fingers, knobbing them in circles and lightly pinching them, even sucking on them gently while running her hands sensuously down my abs.

“UGH im gonna cum!” I moaned, and just on cue Jessica removed her hands from me, leaving my throbbing cock bouncing in the air. I strained the bonds tied to me as i endured the wave of pleasure; successfully. When i looked down i saw the girls had been staring at me.

“Nice” Jess said before continuing to stroke me off.

In this way, Jessica and Kimmy took turns to jerk me, each utilising their own techniques and tricks to güvenilir bahis siteleri bring me to the edge. I was groaning and gasping a lot more now, slowly losing my senses to their touch.

“Please please please let me cum” I begged in a strained voice, my cock now harder than its ever been, sore and aching for release.

“Hmmmm i dont know” Jessica said, slowly stroking me. She looked at Kimmy and asked “What do you think?”

Kimmy thought for a while before she stood up, removed her black shorts to reveal white panties, and come over to place her legs on both sides of my head, with me staring up at her pussy.

“You need to make me cum first” Kimmy said, smiling.

I wasted no time in attacking Kimmy’s shaved pussy with my tongue. Even through her panties I was making her moan and squeal.

Kimmy was exclaiming in korean phrases I did not understand, but the way she rocked her hips back and forth told me enough of how she was enjoying this.

“Yes, yes!” Kimmy screamed as her hips shook on my face. I pressed my lips into her pussy and sucked hard as I brought Kimmy to an orgasm. She fell off of my face to the side, lying onto the bed, exhausted.

“Wow” she sighed, a smile on her face.

“Such a good boy” Jessica smiled from down at my crotch. I lifted my head up to see Jessica tugging gently on the cock leash, making my hard member sway from side-to-side.

“Can I please cum now??” I asked, still very aroused.

Jessica shrugged and bent over my cock, kissing it’s head affectionately.

“Let’s see how well you can last” she said, before going down on me.

I moaned as Jessica bobbed her head up and down on my dick, relishing the sensation of her mouth and lips and occasional teeth. It was clear her blowjob technique was not at professional-level, but I didn’t care. And neither did my cock.

“Ahhhh Jess, Jess!!” I moaned out loud as I came in Jessica’s mouth. I couldn’t see my cum shoot in Jessica’s mouth, but I felt her milk out rope after rope of cum, sucking it all out. She wasn’t stopping.

She wasn’t stopping. It was getting too much.

“Jess, wait” I gasped, as my cock began to get over-stimulated.

“Jess!” I said again, louder. But Jessica glanced up at me, and with a cheeky grin, went back down onto me, sucking.

I was moaning in agony now as Jessica continued to suck on my over-sensitive member. I pulled against my bonds which restrained me to the bed, but it did nothing to free my hands. Nothing was going to stop Jessica from doing whatever she wanted to me.

And despite the soreness in my cock, I loved it.

Finally, Jessica popped her head off of my dick and sat upright, breathing hard and smiling happily while her hands continued to slowly stroke my throbbing cock.

“You’re still hard” she commented. “Did you like that?”

I was panting, too drained to respond.

Jessica squeezed me, and I yelped.

“AHHH, yes I like that!” I exclaimed.

Kimmy had recovered and came over to sit beside me, using a finger to play with my nipples.

“Is it my turn?” she asked, giving me puppy eyes.

“Wait- wait a minute…” I said, still catching my breath.

“I’m next!” Came an excited voice from the room door. We all looked over to see Elyn standing in the doorway, naked and horny.

Jessica grinned down at me, letting go of my cock and patting my balls gently.

“I hope there’s more where that came from” she said, as Elyn jumped onto the bed beside her.

I looked up at the 3 girls looking at me. Three gorgeous and horny young ladies.

I couldn’t help but smile: I had a long night ahead.

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