Beth’s Summer Break Pt. 09

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BETHS’ SUMMER BREAK Part 9 — The Riding Lesson

Beth and Sam get back together before she and Josie go riding. Another introduction leads to more action, and Beth makes another new friend.

Chapter One — Play It Again, Sam

I waved Sam off from the upstairs window in Gina’s bedroom, bouncing on the spot and flopped contentedly back onto her bed as he hove out of sight down Sycamore Avenue. I texted Gina.

Coast clear. Thanks! B x

I waited a minute.

Might have known you’d be at it all morning as well as all night! Can I reclaim my own home now pls? G x

By the time I had sorted myself out and was having coffee, she was coming in the front door. “Ooh, smells good. Got one for me?”

I smiled and got up. Her mug was on the kitchen table as she came in, dropping her small overnight bag on the floor. We hugged.

“Nice night with Josie?”

“Nice night with Sam?”

We both spoke simultaneously and burst out laughing. When Sam and I had arranged to meet last night, Gina had offered to stay at Josie’s so we could have some privacy. It showed how far we had come. The last time Sam and I were together in this house, she was part of the action. Now she was giving us space. I appreciated her for the gesture as it could have been awkward otherwise.

She promised to tell me about the fine night she’d had involving a couple of Josie’s gentlemen friends, and she was extremely happy with the outcome. Having met Josie for the first time last week, I could see why. I was rather smitten with the woman myself and was very much looking forward to going riding with her tomorrow. As with lunch last week, I was expecting a lot more than riding a horse for a couple of hours.

I began to recount my night with Sam. It had really begun a few days earlier when we met for the first time since Gina had walked in on us, after my mad seduction of the computer engineer who had been working on one of her machines.

We had decided to meet on neutral territory in the Amberdown Arms. It was a pub neither of us were familiar with and Sam had seldom drunk in there even when he was growing up in the town. He was waiting to get served at the bar when I walked in. I was wearing my new red dress and had my hair in a ponytail. I was enjoying doing things differently at the moment. He was in the same black jeans and t-shirt as last week. I’m not saying the very same ones, as they smelled fresh and looked clean, so I assumed this was Sam’s default look.

I walked up behind him and put my hand on his shoulder. I whispered in his ear. “Doesn’t look like they do Chateau de Poop in here — I’ll have Aspall’s instead please.”

He turned, putting his big hand on mine, grinning and shaking his head. “No red pixie juice? Phew, expensive stuff when you haven’t stolen it from someone else!” He gave me a peck on the cheek and stood back admiring me. “Mmm – pixies look good in red!” We hugged slightly awkwardly and broke apart. He scanned the room behind us for a moment, looking anxious. “She’s not here is she?”

I laughed. “No she’s working up in London, we’re safe.”

He looked disappointed. “Bugger — I’ve got the whole of the first team ready to line up on her stairs. I couldn’t get the water boy but the rest are ready and willing!”

When she had caught us together, Gina was more concerned about me smoking than being with Sam. She said I could have lined his entire rugby team up her stairs for all she cared. Laughing, we got our drinks and found a quiet corner, a bitter for Sam and a cider for me. We had made a good start. I had been worried about how we’d react, but so far it had been relaxed and I was relieved when it stayed that way.

We made a good pair. Conversation was easy and we got to know each other a little more than we had done at the superficial first meeting. I told him about my biology course at Durham and he said he was doing a computing degree down in Bristol. He had grown up in Amberdown and gone to the local Newton school. He still played rugby and cricket for the old boys when he was back from Uni. Like me, he had a year left on his course, but he had taken a gap year before he started and was a year older than me.

After we had rambled on about all sorts of things, he finally plucked up the courage to mention our first encounter. Maybe a few beers had helped to loosen his inhibitions. “I still can’t believe that afternoon. I have to pinch myself every now and again! Did it get rough like you thought it would?”

I took and drink and looked at the table. I only managed a nod. He had seen Gina and I have a bit of cat fight, but left before we got to the real rough stuff.

“Did you give her hell?”

I nodded again, still not looking at him. “And got it back.”

“Care to elaborate?”

I glanced up, covering my left boob with my hand. “Suffice to say, do you remember when she threatened to pull on my nipples – later?”

“I think so, but I was rather preoccupied with two beautiful women bouncing on me.”

I smiled at him. “Yes, I can imagine we were a bit of a distraction. Well later on, poker oyna she did pull them. Very hard indeed. And now one of them resides somewhere down near my belly button.” I poked myself in the tummy as I said it, scowling.

He winced. “Ow! Poor Beth. I hope you repaid her in full?”

I put on a vicious look. “There are now two Gina Harcourts walking round town. I ripped the bitch in half!” I took a drink and mellowed. “No seriously, we got it all out like we said we would and it’s been great since. I’ve learned a lot more about her and really grown to like her.”

I refrained from mentioning that she had since invited me to a threesome with Mike and I had taken up the offer with alacrity, and had also slept with two more of her (female) friends.

I steered the conversation back to more normal things. We had a few more drinks, and then went for a curry. I think I impressed him by having a hotter one than his.

As he kissed me goodnight I said, “Gina’s staying up in London…”

He shook his head. “Not what we agreed, Pixie. Strictly platonic, this one.”

I put on a sulky face, punched him lightly on the chest and reluctantly nodded my agreement. “You’re right. Thanks for reminding me, Android. Well, I’m glad it’s been slightly less adventurous than the first time. Shall we go for a third?”

“Ooh, I don’t know. Isn’t the third time seen as Enemy Action?”

I looked at him puzzled. “Uh?”

“Sorry — I’m a James Bond fan. When he meets Bond for the third time, Goldfinger reckons their first meeting was happenstance, the second a coincidence and the third time was enemy action.”

I laughed. “I think we got the enemy action out of the way in round one. So in that case, we’re clear -how about Friday? Same arrangement?”

“Works for me.”

I kissed him again, this time more meaningfully and put my head on his shoulder. Even at our first meeting, I had got to like being there. He felt big and warm and safe.

Gina brought me back to the now. “What a fucking waste, girl. I’d have been all over him like a rash.”

I looked at her demurely. “Young Mr. Atkins and I had a lovely evening thank you. I was chaste and proper like any well brought up young lady should be.” I got up and walked over to the sink, putting my cup on the drainer. “But last night and this morning, we fucked forty one times. I lied about him going home — I’ve strapped him to the Sybian in the Panic Room — I’ll let him off in about an hour or so!”

Gina perked up. “Ooh lovely, a captive Sam. I’m off up there now! Only 41 times? You’re slipping, girl!”

I sat down again and put my hand on my chin. “Confession time. It was only three times last night and once this morning.”

It had been everything our first encounter was not. We were relaxed and we took time to explore each other and take our time. Sam even put a sock over Bruno’s button eyes. He looked at me as he did it as if to say, do I have the right to do this?.

I smacked my big old bear on the bottom and then repeated my action on Sam. “Bruno likes you. He’s a rugby fan. Technical metal, sci-fi and androids are just a few of his favourite things, so you are well in. Besides, you smiled at me when I covered him up the first time when most guys would have been trying to shove it down my throat. “

Sam then pretended to shove it down my throat. He didn’t have to pretend for long. After all the madness of the last few weeks – the crazy pixie seducing the android, the thrill of the threesome with Mike, the ferocity of the evenings with Gina and Josie – it was a relief to get back to fairly normal sex. It felt lovely waking up with Sam in my bed the next morning.

As he woke I cuddled into him. “Did you dream of electric sheep?” When we first met he looked so awkward and disoriented as he crawled out from underneath Gina’s office desk to find me towering over him, I had pretended he was an android.

He pulled me in tighter. “No, I dreamed of electric MILFs terrorising Pixie-land. A dashing, handsome rugby-playing hero saved the day and won the heart of the Pixie Queen…”

I kissed him softly and whispered, “So my hero, how can I, a humble Pixie Queen possibly thank you for your bravery?”

It was so relaxed and gentle and it was almost an hour after we started that we allowed ourselves release. We showered together, I made him coffee and then bounced up and down waving at him from Gina’s bedroom window, not caring if the entire street saw my little titties jiggling as he made his way down the path. He was going away for a week with his cricket team on tour but we resolved we would meet up again, hopefully a few more times before we both went our separate ways.

Despite myself, Sam Atkins was getting to me and I sincerely hoped I was getting to him.

Gina stretched herself. “I dunno. Here I am nearly twice your age and I managed it a damned side more than 4 times last night. Talk about both ends burning! Josie does keep a very nice circle of friends. Two lovely lads she met on a weekend in Brighton a while back — boy did we give them a treat!”

I canlı poker oyna smiled in recollection of my afternoon in the Panic Room with Josie and her games leading up to it. “I thought you were a nasty piece of work until last Sunday. Then Josie showed me that you are a kitten! I shudder to think what she has in store for me tomorrow.” I decided to wind Gina up a little bit. “I mean, there are horses involved… you don’t think… eew?” I pulled a face.

“Aw Beth, give over. She’s out there, but wee-wee is about as radical as she gets. Still a bit rad for me mind…” Gina was miming putting two fingers down her throat. “I’ve seen her take a few blokes hung like horses and knowing her she’s probably got a dildo built into her saddle, but that’s as far as she goes. No, she loves her horses and her bloody cats, but you’ll be safe. As long as you survive the bike ride of course.”

I looked worried. “The bike ride?”

“How else do you think you’ll get to her stables? She’s not going to use her catering van!”

I pulled another face. “Car?”

She shook her head. “Uh oh. Kawasaki Z1000. It’s fucking terrifying. If you get past that, the rest will be a cakewalk. Good luck, girl!”

I sat back, gripping the edge of the table. “You serious?”

“Believe me Beth, when you’ve been on that thing, a galloping horse will seem like a merry-go-round.” She changed tack. “Now, something you said earlier has reminded me. We still haven’t talked about you and Upstairs, have we?” She somehow capitalised the word as she said it.

Upstairs. The Panic Room.

Last Sunday. Me strapped to a gynaecologist chair up in the Panic Room while Josie used mechanical fucking machines on the pair of us. Josie pretending to leave me chained to the bed for the night. Finding out that I was quite partial to what is euphemistically called ‘Watersports.’ Then a gloriously tender conclusion to the evening, and waking to find Josie had left me the code to her and Gina’s new Inner Sanctum on the whiteboard in the kitchen.

I looked Gina straight in the eye. “Two… seven… six… four.” I tapped the table on each number as I gave her the code Josie had left for me. “Sounds like whatever test you set me up for, I got the required pass mark…”

She returned my stare. “How many times have you been up there since Sunday?”


She looked at me incredulously, her eyes wide. “Only once?”

“Yup – once.” I started counting on my fingers. “I ordered in a dozen pizzas, a case of wine, a carton of ciggies and put a bucket in the corner for necessities. Three days solid. Didn’t get a wink of sleep. I must go and empty the bucket — must be stinking the place out by now. I had to change the fuse on the Sybian twice, the motor on the thing on the floor burned out and I had to have your bedroom carpet cleaned coz so much cum ran down the stairs. It was a right old mess.”

She shook her head sadly. “Oh here we go again. She’s off on one again.”

“Well I was off on something, that’s for sure! Just a word of advice, Gina. Get a sink installed up there — carrying buckets of soapy water up and down those stairs to wash it all down is a bastard.”

She grimaced. “Hmm good idea — never thought of that. Well, that’s what Beta testing is for, eh!”

She got up and walked round to me, taking my face in her hands. “Welcome to the club. You passed with honours. Josie was most impressed, especially when you pinned her down in the shower room. She loves someone who fights back, and I can tell you she did not stop going on about your little golden shower. I think you’ll find tomorrow a little more… conventional, but no less enjoyable. Very resourceful lady, Josie.”

There’s a word for it — resourceful! I still had her photograph propped up on my bedside. I had put it to one side when Sam and I were in there last night, but I could have gazed at it for hours it was so beautiful. I was dying to know what she had in store for me tomorrow, but before that Gina had another surprise for me.

She put a hand on my shoulder “Don’t go anywhere…” She went into her office and came back a moment later with an envelope. “You asked me a while ago what was upstairs and I said you weren’t ready. Well, as you said – you now have the code.”

She handed the envelope to me. “I think you’re ready for this as well.”

I took it from her. She had a strangely enigmatic look on her face. I was learning to read her, but this time she had the beating of me. It felt heavy for its size.

“Go on — open it…” She seemed slightly nervous.

I gently prised it open. There was an embossed card inside, ornately decorated on very expensive looking stationery. It was an invitation to a party in Chelsea, London and dated for late September, a week or so before I was due to go back to college. It was addressed to ‘Harcourt and deVries’. Underneath were the words, “Usual services required, Gina dear. You and two others please. Always love having you and your girls on board!” It was signed ‘Bonnie.’

I looked at her in disbelief. Another moment that internet casino I just couldn’t process.

She took me in her arms and slid a hand down my jeans and another up around my left breast. I felt her hot breath on me as she moved her mouth close to my ear.

She whispered so softly, I could barely hear her over the thunder in my head. “Welcome to the big league.”

Chapter Two — Easy Like Sunday Morning

I was sworn to secrecy about my big surprise for the moment, but I couldn’t stop shaking with excitement at the thought of it. Our afternoon and evening had been blissful thereafter.

I woke feeling elated, but I was soon feeling other, less pleasant emotions.

Gina was right. The motorbike ride was utterly terrifying. I clung on to Josie’s waist for grim death as hedgerows, fields and cottages flashed past in a blur. Those seven minutes between the house and the stables felt like seven hours.

I was waiting for her at the end of the drive at ten o’clock and she was bang on time. It must have looked like a scene from one of those drama series like NCIS or Arrow – a tiny woman on a very large bike, clad from head to toe in black leather screeching to a halt and kidnapping an innocent young girl from the pavement. Just the thing a quiet little suburban street needed on a Sunday morning. She said nothing, just reached into a pannier, pulled out a black and red helmet that matched hers and threw it to me. There was nothing else to do but put it on, slide on behind her, grip her like a limpet and pray.

Gina had loaned me a leather jacket. It was a bit tight, but did the job and saved me from a right old buffeting from the wind. All I could think of was how far I’d fly if she hit something. I held on tight, gritted my teeth and mainly kept my eyes closed, trying to lean with her as she took the curves at what seemed like twice the speed limit.

At last she slowed and turned into the stable yard. We dismounted and she kicked the stand down. Shaking slightly, I pulled off the helmet and rearranged my pigtails, which Gina had kindly done for me earlier. Josie divested herself of her helmet and her searing red hair was tied up tight in a bun making her look quite severe. With her leather garb, I could imagine her with a riding crop held high over a pair of quivering buttocks.

“Right, here we are then — welcome to Amberside Stables, home to my lovely little pals Shadow and Sasha. Shadow’s an Arabian; Sasha’s a Palomino and a right sweetie. You’ll love him. Ah, here’s the lovely Daisy — she’ll show you the ropes, won’t you Daze?”

The ways of Josie Napier-Jones took some getting used to. From getting on the bike to now I’d not said a word and she just marched off into the box where her horse was tethered, leaving me in the company of a rather large, buxom stable girl.

She held out a big hand, not much smaller than Sam’s. She must have been six feet tall and equally proportioned. A big lass, but something made me suspect she’d be a very pleasant handful. “Daisy,” she said in a broad Yorkshire accent that made it sound like Day-zeh. She was what you’d call handsome, and had big rosy red cheeks and hair that was meant to be tied up on top but had come loose in various places. The best description for the look would be ‘burst mattress’. She had an earthy smell which I found strangely alluring.

I took her hand and it felt hard and callused from all the hard work it takes to run a yard. “Hi, Daisy. Beth. How-“

“Right, over ‘ere. Come and meet the lovely Sasha.” Being in Josie’s company, I was getting used to being interrupted. She beckoned me over to a box near Josie’s. I had come prepared with a packet of mints and a few apples. Always best to keep our equine friends on your side. Sasha was tugging at his hay, his lovely pale mane swishing as he tried to choose the best morsels. He was an absolute beauty and if this was Josie’s second string, I wondered what Shadow was going to be like.

Daisy made the introductions and when I offered him an apple, I got an appreciative snuffle. Luckily I get on well with horses and he seemed to take to me immediately. I followed up with a mint and as ever marvelled at how such a huge mouth can make such a complete rigmarole of eating a tiny sweet.

Daisy led him outside and tied him up. “Come on, let’s get you sorted out.” She marched off across the yard and ushered me into a shipping container that doubled as a tack room. “As you’ve got nowt of yer own, there should be some chaps, helmets, gloves over there. Help yerself.”

I didn’t want to appear a beginner, so I thanked her and said my stuff was all in storage up north. She seemed to soften a bit at that, realising I had at least some experience.

I picked out some kit that was roughly my size and vaguely clean while she wrestled Sasha’s saddle and tack from a shelf and plonked it on the table with a grunt. I was getting my helmet on when she picked up one of the chaps and bent down and began buckling it to my leg. Let’s just say she was not shy of where she put her head, and I got the distinct impression she was enjoying this. She got the first chap in place and I handed her the second and as she tugged it on, felt her head press back against my pubic area very firmly indeed. She buckled it up and using the waistband of my jeans pulled herself up straight.

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