Bisexual Fantasy Ch. 03: Nooner

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He arrives at my house. I’m waiting by the window, my body is tense with anticipation. He’s been here before, many times. This somehow feels different, it always does. Whenever we’re together, I feel like it’s the first time. Feeling his body with mine, exploring the gentle curves and sharp definition of his muscles makes me shiver every time.

Instead of using the doorbell, he knocks. The rhythm of which tells me he’s ready too…

Knock knock knock knock….knock knock.

I grin. He’s just as horny as I am!

We’ve been texting all day, sharing pics, sharing descriptions of what we’re going to do with each other…to each other.

I open the door. I see him smile while biting his lower lip, he’s striking a pose, like he’s some gay porn star; hips jutted out to one side, sunglasses staring down at the ground while he slowly turns his gaze toward my hungry eyes.

“Fuck!” I proclaim, stepping down to his level, I grab his already hardening bulge and plant a kiss on his waiting lips. I want him so bad. I’ve wanted him all day, all week! Both my hands move to the back of his head as my fingers weave their way through his short hair. He moves the other direction, cupping my ass.

Our tongues are deep inside each other, moving around and guided only by the passion we both feel for each other. The excruciating buildup of anticipation finally nearing an end.

I love this man. I love the way he makes me feel. I love the desire in his eyes when he looks at me. I love spending time with him, I love fucking him. I love my wife too, and they love each other. She started this whole relationship and we’ve only grown closer as it blossomed into soo much more than we could have imagined.

My hands find their way to his belt and quickly undo it, followed by a masterful unbuttoning and unzipping of his designer jeans. (He’s so stylish!). I pull down the front of his pants, slide his briefs to the side and drop to my knees and take him in. Immediately, my body is rewarded with a rush of hormones, egging me on in this public display of erotic pleasure. The excitement of sucking him on my front porch is intoxicating. Guarded only by a thin veil of bushes and tree limbs, he doesn’t cower, or scold me for this. No, he presses further, thrusting his hips toward my gaping, eager mouth.

I feel his already excited cock stiffen even more. This won’t do, I want so much more of him. I want his whole self, body and mind, but I’ll settle for just one of those for now. I quickly stand up and take his cock in my hand as if it were a leash. I head inside, leading him along the hallway and into the main part of the house. He trails along with an excited smile, like an eager puppy following his master to the treat jar.

My mind races, trying to think kaçak iddaa of which room to best continue my work. I think about the taste of his cock in my mouth, the feel of his warm member. My heart is beating like crazy and I want nothing more than to taste and feel his release inside me, but I also want to savor the experience. We don’t get to be together too terribly often and I want this to last as long as possible. The bedroom. I want us both to be comfortable as I pleasure myself by pleasuring him.

I try to slow my pace as we make the short trek to the bedroom.

We finally reach the bedroom, me tugging his rock hard cock toward the bed, beckoning him to lie down. Without direction, he lifts his hips so I can remove his pants, leaving on his silky briefs, pulled to the side. He sits up and takes off his shirt, revealing his beautiful toned body. I quickly remove my own clothes, throwing them all over the place in my excited state of hunger.

He reclines with a knowing grin on his face, rubbing his crotch while he lays back onto the silky, warm, decorative pillows. I pounce onto his delicious body and kiss my way from his groin all the way up to his excited mouth. We kiss in ecstasy, the heat of our desire fueling our quick and changing movements. As we make out, he embraces my upper body and cradles my neck. My hands find their way to his cock and grasp his meaty shaft. Dick in hand, it’s very difficult to focus on anything else, so I decide to escape his loving embrace and work my way down to fulfill my long awaited desire.

The taste of his precum is like candy to my lips. The slick and sweet sensations I experience nearly makes me orgasm right there. I usually love the taste of his sex, but the insane build up we’ve been working in all day has made the experience insatiable. My esophagus massaging his full length down my throat, I want more, I need more. I grasp his balls and pull them toward the nearly full opening of my mouth. The tip of my tongue sneaks out to gently massage them. It takes every ounce of will I have to remove him and take a breath. As much as I want to feel his cum shoot down my throat, I also don’t want to pass out.

When I pull him out, the smile that grows on my face gets even bigger when I look into his eyes and see nothing but pure desire.

“Slow down baby!”

My lover says as I’m gasping for breath, still stroking with my lips in contact with his frenulum. My tongue slides out to tease his aching cock.

He quickly pulls away, moving his face toward mine.

“Let me suck you too. I want you to cum with me.”

We settle into a sideways 69. Both our heads are rested on the others inside leg.

I’m so God damned horny that my dick has never left full mast. He takes my swollen cock in kaçak bahis his warm mouth as I re-up on my efforts. It’s now a bit of a competition!

With such a strong lead, I take the time to slowly lick from base to tip, curving my tongue to cover as much area as possible. The silky feel of his warm cock is like heaven on my tongue. The steady stream of nectar coming from his tip is intoxicating.

On my end, he’s no slouch. He somehow reads my body perfectly and knows when to go slow and sensual, and when to speed up and just suck. My hips begin to involuntarily thrust into his face taking me deeper and deeper with each repetition.

I can feel my long awaited orgasm building so I switch to “make him cum” mode and work on full envelopment. The gentle upward curve of his cock coupled with my upside down throat makes for quite the sexy duo. I grasp his ass cheeks for leverage and pull his entire pelvis into my face. I want every inch of him inside me. When he cums, I want to feel the hot spunk hit my throat and taste the salty flavor as it fills what little space is left in my mouth. With very small strokes, I’m careful to keep my teeth behind my lips, and move him in and out.

I could lay here all day. With his and my head resting on our inner thighs, it’s an extremely comfortable position to be in. As our free hands explore each other’s bodies, our breathing starts to indicate that we’re both close. With the fullness of my cock in his mouth, he begins to moan in pleasure. I’m normally not very vocal during sex, but the feeling of his voice vibrating through me inspires me to sing along with him. He’s no musician, but I am. I hum along a fifth interval above his droning low tone. It creates a harmony that perfectly symbolizes the way I feel in this moment.

As our intensity builds, I begin to fuck his face. I want to cum so bad. I feel him begin to thrust into me as well. Our humming duo turns into moaning sobs of enjoyment. If our mouths weren’t full of cock it would probably be loud enough to be heard by a passerby outside. Not that it would matter to us right now. Our rapidly accelerating face fucks come to a thrilling crescendo. Both of our bodies tense as he shoots hot cum down my throat. My man has been eating his pineapple! While I’ve never had anything as tasty as his pre-cum, properly prepared jizz is a fine treat on its own. A dick filled smile stretches across my face as I realize that he is receiving the fruits of my same labor as well.

Slowly, our bodies relax and our dicks returned to their normal floppy selves. I am the first to pull him out of my mouth and turn my body so that I can go and snuggle on his chest. My hand grazes back and forth across his firm and fit chest while we slowly and passionately make out, tasting the illegal bahis delectable mix of our juices. We fall asleep in each others arms.

I wake up to light fingers grazing my ass. After a few moments of coming out of my deep slumber, I realize my lover is still asleep. In a minor panic, I quickly sit up and turn my head to realize my wife had come home and found us in bed together.

“Hey babe” she whispers as A smile of recognition grows on my face.

“You’re back early?” I respond.

“no my love” she responds “I am back on time, doesn’t Danny have to work tonight?”

“Oh shit!” I had forgotten that he started a part-time job on his off days at the wood store so he could have something to do in the evenings. The employee discount was nice too 😉

I gently wake him from his slumber and he smiles at my wife and I who are gazing lovingly down at him.

“Wake up buddy, you got to get to work right?”

“Ahhh, yeah! Thank you!”

My wife hands him his clothes as he gets up from the bed. He gives her a little peck on the cheek as thanks and begins to get dressed.

“Did you boys have fun?” She asks with a knowing grin on her face.

“Honestly…kinda sucked” He replies, completely unable to hold back his smile.

“Lucky!” She says taking a step closer to Danny as he finishes putting on his shirt. As soon as the collar descends past his face she goes in for the kill. I watch in adoration as my wife makes out with my lover. His hands explore her body, one on her ass and one searching for her nipple. I know what she’s thinking as she paws at his body, taking time to feel his pecks and pinch his nipples in return.

With dramatic effort, she breaks the kiss And looks him sternly in the eye.

“You WILL be able to come back after work….RIGHT?”

He chuckles and nods “wouldn’t miss it!”

He bends down to give me a goodbye kiss on the bed. His light stubble grazes my lips and I take in the last remnants of our sex, wafting from him. He kisses my wife once more and bids us farewell.

My wife closes the door longingly. As soon as the latch clicks, she turns to me, laying in the bed buck naked, with a devilish stare.

“I can’t wait 6 hours!” She lifts up the hem of her dress and breaks into a run, vaulting onto the bed while straddling me with her open legs. After landing, she shimmies the rest of the way up to my face beckoning me to bury my face into her sopping wet naked pussy.

She must have sensed my confusion, because as she removes her shirt she explains; “I walked in and saw you two studs naked in each others arms and it made me feel some sort of way, I took my panties off while you two were sleeping. I was hoping to get railed by both of you, but then I remembered that he had to work, so you’re gonna have to do double duty until he gets back!”

Her hips writhing on my face, I understood the assignment, and buried my entire self into her. Her pleasure, literally the only thing on my mind.

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