Bisexual Man’s Wife

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Hey, there. My name is Alicia Sloan Rayshawn. I’m just a curvy and very voluptuous black woman living in Boston. I work as a nurse at Mass General Hospital. My husband Jack Rayshawn is a corrections officer down in Plymouth. He is currently studying Criminal Justice at Bridgewater State College in order to become a police officer. His father Armand Rayshawn was a member of the Massachusetts State Police until he retired a year ago. His mother Lisa Brown Rayshawn was a police officer herself and had died on the line of duty. Shot by some gangsters. We’ve been living together for some time now. Jack is one sexy black man. Tall, broad-shouldered and good-looking. He’s going to make a fine cop someday. I love him something fierce. This summer got really hot. I got laid off, so I was spending a lot of time around the house. Sometimes, I got really bored and horny.

Whenever I’m bored and horny, I get these wicked ideas. I wish Jack were always around when that happened. I’d give him the ride of his life. Jack and I aren’t like other couples. You see, my boyfriend Jack is bisexual and I am totally cool with it. In fact, I’ve gotten my rocks off by watching him with Luther, a good-looking older black man he knows from work. Luther is on the down low. He’s the head construction worker downtown, but he’s also got a wife and family. They don’t know that he swings both ways. I don’t know what the fuss is about. Many people think it’s hot when two females get it on but they hate it when it’s two men doing the same thing. What a bunch of hypocrites.

One time, I went to visit my neighbor Madeline Stone. She’s a tall, good-looking woman in her late sixties. She’s got blonde hair, green eyes and alabaster skin. A good-looking broad if you ask me. No, I’m not like that. I may be living with a bisexual black man, but I’m strictly straight. I’m not even curious about girl on girl stuff so don’t ask. Madeline is a good friend of mine. When Jack and I moved here from Boston, she was the first person to welcome us to the neighborhood. This very friendly southern gal had raised three sons and two daughters with her husband Albert, who worked as a lawyer downtown. You wouldn’t know it to look at us but we’re best friends.

Part of the reason why we became best friends is because we were both living with hard-working black men. Yeah, Madeline’s husband Albert was also bisexual. I’ve lived with Jack since I was fresh out of high school and had known about his bisexuality ever since his days as a small town football player. I can spot a gay or bisexual man when I see one. It doesn’t matter how straight and manly they look. It’s a gift. I guessed right and quizzed Madeline about it. Instead of being mad at me for being all up in her business, Madeline opened up to me. She told me that she had been carrying Albert’s secret for years. Being married to a bisexual man was no picnic for a woman, especially if she loved the man in question.

There were the usual relationship issues, of course, and brand new ones. Madeline confided in me. She had met Albert thirty years ago. Back then, he was an ambitious rookie lawyer and she was a nurse. They had fallen in love and gotten married. Then, she found out that sometimes after work, Albert went to gay bars. She confronted him about it. He was honest with her. He was bisexual. She had thought this would end their relationship but it actually strengthened it. They worked out an arrangement. Albert could have discreet encounters with men on the side but he had to be very stealthy and safe about it. It must have worked because they were still together, decades later.

After Madeline bared her heart to me, I stared at that woman. Wow. You just never know people. I pressed her with questions. She told me that she loved Albert enough to accept his affairs. For decades, she was the only woman in his life. He had his dealings with men but there was no other woman in his life. They raised their kids and grandkids together. They had their ups and downs. Overall, they had a pretty good life together. She surprised me by telling me that she never regretted any of their years together. I was astonished. I mean, I love my Jack and all but that’s because he’s been upfront with me about everything. He hasn’t lied to me and strayed behind my back. He told me about his bisexuality before we started dating, escort dikmen back when we were just friends. Back in high school, he was a lineman on the football team and I was his secret admirer.

In high school, Jack was dating this heifer named Nikki Gilbert. Think blonde hair, big tits, big ass and no brains. I always wondered why a smart young man like Jack would be spending time with the likes of Nikki but hey, I thought the answer was bleeding obvious. She was hot, and definitely a football groupie. They had their fling. I had met Jack years ago when he and his father moved next door to me. He was so tall and gorgeous that I was taken with him immediately. I was a chubby tomboy with braces back then. I was on the girl’s soccer team and I was one heck of a goalie but although I had lots of male friends, I didn’t have a boyfriend. The boys liked hanging out with me. I liked sports, comic books, action movies and video games. I wasn’t a drama queen, had a stoic disposition and loved playing rough. Sometimes, they forgot that I was fundamentally different from them. Most of the time, I liked it. Until they started noticing the gals, and forgot about me. Hey, I still loved my boys but still…

I remember precisely the moment when Jack and I became more than friends. It happened just after that whole mess with Nikki. You see, Jack had a best friend named Gregory Kilpatrick. Dear old Greg was a tall, athletic young black man. He played for the school’s basketball team. When Jack met him, his world changed. You see, Jack had been struggling with same-sex desires for years and hadn’t shared his pain with anyone. Then, he met Greg. The sexually experienced, gorgeous young black athlete. They started hanging out. One night, Greg showed Jack the wonders of man-to-man sex. Nikki the bimbo didn’t stand a chance afterwards. Jack dumped her. Well, Nikki didn’t take kindly to being dumped. She began stalking Jack and one day, she caught him and Greg kissing. That’s when all hell broke loose. The news spread faster than wildfire.

What followed was a very difficult period in Jack’s life. He had it all. He was a good-looking, eighteen-year-old black man. A brilliant student and outstanding athlete. He could have gone to any college he wanted to. Lots of brilliant, good-looking young black men play college football and basketball. Many of them get their college degrees and become very successful. Then, they have to practically fight off the chicks who want them! Well, my Jack could have had all that, but something came along to take it away. Nikki Gilbert and her big mouth. She turned the entire high school against its most popular student. Jack had become an outcast overnight.

All of a sudden, young men and women who looked up to him gave him cold stares in the hallways. Teachers who praised him gave him dubious looks. His football coach who practically worshiped him weeks before now eyed him coldly. Girls who once wanted him looked at him like he was an alien from another planet. His own teammates treated him like he was a freak. They roughed him up during practice. All because he was suspected of being queer. As for Greg, he had transferred to another school. Last I heard, he was playing college ball at a division one school.

Jack didn’t know who to turn to. His father still loved him but their relationship was now strained. Armand Rayshawn hadn’t raised his only son to be a queer. That’s precisely what he said to Jack one Sunday morning, loud enough for all to hear in our Catholic church. Jack’s world was falling apart. The poor lad didn’t have a chance. One day, I went to visit him. I knocked on the door. He came and opened it. The first thing I noticed was that he was shirtless. His muscular torso looked positively sexy. He had well-cut abs, very little chest hair and was very appealing. I involuntarily licked my lips. His handsome face was grim, though. I could tell that he was in no mood to talk to anyone but I still wanted to talk to him. Since the news broke out at school, he hadn’t returned my phone calls. At lunch, he sat alone. In the hallways, he stared straight ahead and didn’t seem to notice anybody. I could understand him wanting to ignore the fools who mocked him for being who and what he was. But I wasn’t one of them. I wanted to stand by his side through his ordeal. I already escort elvankent got flack at school for being the chubby goalie, so what did I care what others thought of me? It couldn’t get worse for me.

Back on topic. Jack stared at me a long time before he let me in. I entered the Rayshawn household. I had been there many times before. I looked around. Here and there were familiar faces and familiar places. By faces I meant the pictures of Jack and his parents on the walls. I looked at the carpeted living room floor, where Jack had wrestled me one afternoon. This six-foot-three, 240-pound lineman had almost broken every bone in my five-foot-ten, weight-is-unmentionable body. Yeah, I liked playing rough but sometimes, my male friends forget that I wasn’t made of steel, like they sometimes seemed to be. Jack led me to the kitchen, and offered me a drink. I took the Pepsi he offered, and tried not to stare at his half-naked, muscular body.

What should I say? I asked him how he was. He told me that he had been taken off the team. I stared at him blankly. Could they do that? Throw a young man off his high school football team simply for being, well, queer? The implications of that bothered me. Jack told me that the coach let him go and that he wasn’t interested in playing anymore. I frowned. I knew how important playing football was to him. I loved watching him run with his buddies on the field under the Friday night lights. He was amazing. So strong, fast and agile. The best lineman in our high school football team’s history. Colleges would be fighting themselves to get an athlete like him. Instead, they wouldn’t get to meet him. Why? Simply because of a rumor started by some witch. Which reminds me, I did punch Nikki Gilbert the next time I saw her. Oh, yeah, I punched her twice. That’s what the bitch gets for messing with my man’s reputation.

Speaking of reputation, I hadn’t really thought much about what Nikki had said as much as I thought about its effects on the school. I mean, I didn’t think Jack Rayshawn was anything other than straight. He was tall, good-looking and masculine. He was stronger and faster than any man I knew. He was a brilliant student. High honor roll. Every semester. In many ways, he seemed perfect, at least in my eyes. Could he be all that, and still be…that way? I have to admit, when I think of a gay man, football stud isn’t the first image that comes to mind. Damn!

I looked at Jack. He looked so vulnerable, so uncertain. I had never seen him like this. Jack often looked as confident as Superman, with a little Shaft thrown in. Suddenly, it didn’t matter to me whether he was straight or gay. He was my friend, and he needed me. I wanted to be there for him. Never mind that if the rumors about him were true, any hope I had of being with him would be crushed. I simply held him in my arms. He wrapped his strong arms around my body. For what seemed like forever, we held each other.

I don’t know how, but somehow we made our way back to the living room. Once there, we talked. Like we had never talked before. Jack told me the truth about himself, about his sexual adventures with Greg Kilpatrick and Nikki Gilbert, about his emerging bisexuality and how society responded to him. I was shocked by many of the things he said. I guess deep down, I had always hoped that the rumors were unfounded. Jack had always been like a prince in my eyes. The perfect man. I worshiped at his altar. Yet here before me was a flawed but wonderful human being.

I was flawed myself, believe me. I often wished I were shorter and sleeker. I also wished I had a smaller butt. I wished I looked more like a supermodel and less like a female lumberjack. I can’t change a thing about myself. I’m just the way nature made me. And thus I reached out to Jack. I accepted him just the way he was. We held each other for what seemed like forever.

When Jack finally looked up, I was looking at him. Usually, when I looked at him, I was careful to hide my feelings. I had gotten amazingly good at that. But not today. Today, everything showed and I didn’t care. I wanted him to know how I felt. So I kissed him. He was a bit surprised at first, but he kissed me back. When our lips parted, I told him the secret I had kept inside for years. I was in love with him. Loved him as I watched escort emek him play football like a god. Loved him as I watched him hop from the beds of girls, and at least one boy. And you know what? I didn’t care about his past, or what the entire school thought of him. I wanted to be with him!

Jack looked at me for a long moment, without saying anything. Then, he smiled and kissed me again. Picking me up in his arms, he took me to his bedroom. He put me on his bed, And once there, proceeded to undress me. I was suddenly feeling very nervous and excited as I watched him go to work on me. Excited because I was finally getting to be with him, and nervous because I had never done this before. Yep, I had never been with anyone before.

Jack took his sweet time kissing me and feeling up in all the right places as he undressed me. He unbuttoned my shirt, and I almost shrieked. I was suddenly feeling very self-conscious. I didn’t exactly look the way his past loves did, all perfect and supermodel-like. Jack smiled at me, and told me that he found me beautiful just the way I was. I looked into his eyes and knew that he meant it. Emboldened, I practically ripped my shirt off. I pulled my sweatpants down, and off came the boyish boxers I usually wore. Jack laughed when I took off those boxers. I laughed too, making light of the moment.

He kissed me again, and this time licked a path from my neck to my chest. I felt his mouth on my breasts, sucking on them and flicking his tongue over the areolas ever so nicely. I felt his hands roaming over my belly, and gasped as they slid between my thighs. My eyes widened. Whoa, this was new territory! I gasped again as I felt two of Jack’s fingers slip inside me. He began working them into me, twisting them in a myriad ways. My breath came out in slow, ragged puffs as he put me through the most exquisite of tortures down there while nibbling on my breasts.

Jack stopped focusing on my breasts and began licking a path down to my pelvic region. Once there, he began to work his magic. I felt his tongue darting inside of me, exploring my gentle folds. Snaking in and out of me. I cried out in sheer pleasure as his magic tongue and agile fingers brought me pleasures I had only dreamed of before. My eyes fluttered rapidly, and for a moment, I was so caught up that I almost forgot where I was.

Jack looked at me, grinning. I looked at this wonderful young man whom I had loved for so long. He who had just brought me pleasures I had only dreamed about before. I wanted him, right here and now. I told him that I wanted to feel him inside me. A look of happiness shone on his face. He dropped his pants, and my eyes widened in shock as I beheld his manhood. My man’s tool was both long and thick, and completely natural. I tentatively reached out to touch it, as I had dreamed of doing for ages. Jack smiled as I ran my hand up and down his shaft. His cock was magnificent. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me.

Now, we had come to the actual moment. I was suddenly very nervous. Jack told me to relax, that he would take it slow. He pressed his hard cock against my womanly portal, and entered me. I gasped as I felt him breach my wall. There was a very slight pain, but that was it. None of the atrocious pain I had imagined in my forbidden fantasies. Jack entered me, and I felt him inside me. He felt so hard, strong and powerful. I winced as he put more of himself into me. My man was taking me at last. I welcomed him inside of me, every thrust and every inch of him. Looking me right in the eyes, he took me. My powerful, wonderful man thrust into me, and I screamed, loving every stab of his wonderful manhood deep inside me. Our bodies were entwined on the bed, constantly changing positions as we romped away. I was on top of him, feeling him thrusting deep inside me as I rode him. He took me from behind and I delighted in being taken this way, abandoning myself to the sensations and surrendering to him as I had never done before. It was intense, it was rough, and tender at the same time. In the end it left both of us breathless.

That was to be the first of many such nights for Jack and I. A very exciting, adventurous and passionate life awaited us together. The next time we showed up at school, it was walking hand in hand. Some of the students and faculty members admired us. Others scorned us. Jack and I looked at them defiantly as we walked through those hallways. We were together. I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally be with him. In spite of all the obstacles and hard moments. In spite of the haters and dream crushers. The man I loved was now mine. Forever.

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