Blue-Eyed Baby Ch. 01

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Big Tits

It was a custom of mine to pleasure myself before going to work every morning. I lie in my bed, my legs spread open, my pussy yearning to be felt and felt good. I took out one of my favorite sex novels from the bedside drawer and immediately set to work. As I flipped every page, I imagined I was the girl who was being fucked into delirium. While every pussy was licked up and down, sucked, penetrated by tongue or massive cock, I imagined an imaginary tongue or dick doing that to me. It didn’t take long for me to get wet. As I felt the moisture emanating from my pussy, I knew it was time for some fingering. I drove my index and my middle finger into my crevice and kept pushing them in and out like a dick would. I cocked my head back as I moaned softly. While my right hand was taking care of my pussy, my left hand put down the book and started rubbing my clit. My moans were getting louder now, and I knew in no time I would be getting an orgasm.

My left hand then left my clit and started to rub my left breast. I bent my head forward in an attempt to lick my nipple. This always got me excited. I drove my fingers deeper and deeper. “Ahhh, mmm,” I went, and my hips started rising mid-air and then fell back down on the bed. My left hand traveled back to my clit and attacked it once more. With several pinches and rubs, my clit was on fire.

Finally, I knew it was time to finish this. I closed my eyes and tuned out the world around me. I rubbed my clit furiously with my left hand, while my right hand jabbed inside my pussy harder. With one last erotic gasp, I felt a sudden shoot of euphoria rush to my brain. I fell down on the bed with a satisfied sigh. Then I removed my fingers from out of my pussy; they were drenched in my cum. I placed them in my mouth and sucked the juice right off of them. On getting up, I realized I had an audience. I jumped.

My roommate, Lindsey, was standing by the doorway. She looked very embarrassed. “Oh, I’m sorry, Margo. I knocked, but you didn’t answer.”

“Uh … it’s okay.” I pulled my bed sheet over me. “What did you want?”

“Your curling iron. Something’s wrong with mine. Can I borrow it?”

“Yeah, sure. What’s mine is yours.”

She smiled. “Thanks. By the way, sorry again about the in …”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s cool.”

After Lindsey left with my curling iron, I breathed a sigh of relief. I was used to playing the cool, confident girl for quite a while now. Ever since Lindsey came to be my roommate, I’ve always tried to be on my Ps and Qs around her, as well as being hospitable. If only she knew I wanted to be more with her.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a lesbian. tekirdağ escort I’m somewhat bi-sexual. I’m usually attracted to hot, smoking guys, and every once in a while I’d be in the mood for some pussy. But now that we’ve been living together for about half a year, I can’t think of anyone else but her. She’s the first thing I’m glad to see when I wake up, and the only thing I dream of sleeping with when I go to sleep. There’s only one thing that’s stopping me from telling her how I feel about her, and that’s Vic.

Vic has been Lindsey’s boyfriend for about a year and some months now. During the time I’ve spent getting to know him, I’ve developed an opinion of him. I call it ‘Vic’s three Ps’. The first thing on my list is that Vic’s a downright player. I’ve seen him wit Lindsey on countless occasions, and he uses some pretty old lines on her, and his game is definitely weak. The second thing is that Vic’s a poser. He’s always coming to meet Lindsey with some Sean John outfit, a white fuzzy cap and gold chains and gold studs in his ear. The third thing is that Vic is a pathological liar. He’s always telling Lindsey that he’s one place when I know, and I know she knows, that he’s at another place. How they’re still together, I have no idea, but I know she’s still with him for the wrong reasons.

After I got dressed for work, I went to the kitchen to get my breakfast shake from out of the fridge. I saw Lindsey eating at the table. I tried to be quiet as I stole my shake from out of the fridge, but somehow she knew I was there. “Morning, Margo.”

“Morning,” I replied. I turned towards her. “What’s that you’re eating?”

“It’s shredded wheat cereal, and I added some cranberries in it. It tastes good. What are you having for breakfast?”

“Oh, you know, the usual.”

“Yeah, well, would it kill you to at least eat something that’s not in a bottle for once?”

“And if for one day in my life, I wasn’t a busy woman, sure, I’d do that.” I smiled. “Have a good day at work, Linds.”

“You too, Margo.” I closed the door behind me and set off for work.

Clyde Van Duran, my, he sure is a fine work of art. He’s probably on the top-ten list of New York’s most sought-out bachelors, and he’s certainly one of the high-profile men in New York. It was certainly an honor having him in our legal department. I passed by his office on the way to my own, and he happened to see me. “Marguerite, can I see you for a minute,” he called out.

I stopped and walked back to his office. He smiled as soon as he saw me. “Marguerite, why, I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“Likewise, Clyde,” I tekirdağ escort bayan replied. “How was your business trip to Florida?”

“Excellent, as always. Good food, great golf courses, fine-looking women … however, I didn’t call you in here to brag about all of that.”

“Okay, so what did you call me here for?”

“A date. I’d like to know if you are willing to go out with me on Friday.”

A smile emerged on my face. “You’re at it again, huh? The answer is still no.”

“Ah, but you see, there is no way you can turn down my offer, when the offer is not really mine. Jackson wants his two best lawyers to go as a couple to the Mayor’s annual ball on Friday. That means you and me.”

“You and I, Clyde. Must I always correct you on your grammar?”

Clyde sighed. “You know, I’m sure you’re not as uptight here as you are when you’re not here. It’s a shame that you don’t trust any guy to break that icy barrier of yours, including me.”

“Well maybe, just maybe, you’re not the guy for me, you ever thought that?”

“Marguerite, the first time I ever laid my eyes on you, I knew that one day, we would be together. Maybe that day is not today, but it shall happen.”

“Well, we’ll see, won’t we? I’m sorry, Clyde, but I really must be going now.” I turned around and walked right out of his office. I loved playing hard to get. The wait only makes the sex sweeter, right?

That night I went to a club in the desire to hook up. It had been a week since the last time I got laid. Sure the longing for Lindsey was there, but a girl must still have her fun. The lucky person that night was Andrea. She was twenty-one, five years my junior, and said she worked as a fitness instructor. She certainly had the body to prove it.

“So,” she said after we left the club, “do you want to come over to my place?”

I was screaming in my mind, ‘Yes, oh fuck, yes!’, but I tried to curb my sexual craving for the time being. “Um, sure.” We took her car and went back to her studio apartment. As soon as we entered the apartment, she flung her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. “Andrea, have you ever done this before?”

“Yeah, once, in college,” she replied. “Why?”

“No, I just wanted to make sure. I don’t want this to be awkward for you.”

“Why, if I knew it was going to be awkward, why would I still invite you to my house?” She smiled. “The bedroom’s this way.” She walked in front of me and was already busy stripping her clothes off.

When we reached her bedroom she was only down to her basic undergarments. I started taking off my skirt and top and revealed my bare escort tekirdağ body. When she looked at me funny I replied, “I don’t believe in underwear at night.” She laughed. I came over to her and we embraced each other. She started kissing me on my neck while I started undoing her bra. Then she pulled down her pink thong and lay down on the bed with her legs spread open.

I came over her and kissed her softly. Then I took her left tit up in my hand and slowly sucked and nibbled it. I heard her moan and I decided to leave a trail of kisses down her body until I reached her already wet pussy. I spread her labia majora open with my fingers and taking my other hand, I shoved two fingers up into her pussy. She flinched a bit as I twisted my fingers around in her pussy. Then I shoved them in and out. She started flexing her body and moaning even harder. “So you’ve done this a lot, huh?”

“Whenever I can,” I replied softly. She smiled. I removed my fingers from her pussy and placed them to her lips to taste. She eagerly placed them into her mouth and sucked them, and as I felt her tongue flap itself around my fingers, I could feel my pussy getting even hotter. “Hey, you want to do something fun?”

“Why, what is it?”

“Have you ever tried the 69 with a woman before?”

“No. Is it good?”

“The best. Um, go up on the bed a bit more.” She did so, and I came over her body and then turned around, so that my vagina was over her mouth and I was facing hers. Then I lowered myself on her, so that she was forced to touch my pussy with her lips. I slowly licked around her clit, making her moan once more. I loved the taste of her pussy, and I continued licking her more and sucking her labia. Finally, I felt her tongue graze my pussy, and I moaned as she continued to do so.

“Mmm,” I could hear her say, which told me that she was thoroughly enjoying this action. I continued deliciously devouring her cunt, as Andrea fingered as well as sucked mine. I could feel myself reaching my orgasm, so I told her to stop. “Now,” I began, “I wanna taste your ass. Turn around.” She did so and as soon as she was finished turning around, my tongue immediately sought her ass. I drove my tongue in and out and sometimes drove my tongue into her pussy as well.

“Ahh, ahh, yeah, keep going,” she was saying. “Fuck me harder with your tongue!” I tried to drive my tongue into her ass deeper, and wished I had a dick to fuck her in the ass with. I loved her ass as much as I loved her pussy. Then I turned her around again and straddled her, so that our cunts met. I began to grind my pussy into hers, rubbing my clit hard against her wonderful pussy. She held onto the bars of the bed head, thrusting her hips harder and harder into mine. “Oh yeah, I’m fucking cumming,” she yelled, and as soon as she said that, I started cumming too. I came off of her and lay down next to her, and we turned to face each other. The two of us were still panting. Then my lips sought hers and we …

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