Boarding School Encounter 02: Henrietta Possessed by the Lesbian Alien

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Boarding School Encounter
Chapter Two: Henrietta Possessed by the Lesbian Alien
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016


The faint voice called to me as I floated through darkness. It was feminine, familiar.


The voice grew a little louder, whispering across the void. I tried to move my body, but I didn’t have one. That should frighten me, but it didn’t. I imagined I frowned as I struggled to understand what was happening.


I was at Kensington Boarding School overwhelmed by all the strange, new sensations. My thoughts darted from Nurse Paige’s “medical treatment” when she cured my hysterics by licking me to a wonderful orgasm to my new friend Tabitha hinting we would “cure” each other of hysterics in the dark of our room tonight. It had frightened me. I knew it was a sin to touch another woman like that.
A lesbian sin.


And then I fled the school out into the evening fog. The falling star had crashed into the earth and I found it, a silver egg. Then I fell into the crater, tumbled down the hill, and…woke up inside. There the purple fairy named…Merita had…had…

She molested me with her tentacles. She touched me. Caressed me. And made me feel so well. Paroxysms of joy had exploded inside of me as we humped together. Her tentacles had wormed into my flesh, taking my virginity.


And then she had merged into me. The fairy had sunk into my flesh and…and…the darkness had crashed down on me. It had been too much to take.


That voice… It belonged to the fairy. Merita.


It came through clearly. It sounded alien, her mouth not quite pronouncing the sounds right. It was an accent I had never heard before. London was a cosmopolitan city. One of the first to get electricity. Travelers across the British Empire passed through its port. And I had never heard the like.

“Henrietta, stop ignoring me. It’s okay. You don’t have to be afraid.”

Warmth engulfed my body. I did still have a body. I wasn’t just a consciousness floating in an uncreated void. The warmth drew me away from the void. Merita’s voice guided to me, beckoning to me. I followed the fairy’s words and opened my eyes.

I was still in a void.

Only in this void I had a body. I blinked as I floated through a darkness more absolute than any I had ever encountered. And yet I could see my naked body as clear as if sunlight lit them. But there were no shadows. My small breasts and hard nipples didn’t block the light, creating patterns.

“It’s okay,” Merita whispered.

Her tentacles were wrapped about me, purple against my ivory skin. The end of one played idly with the blonde curls covering my pudenda. A hot shudder ran through my body. A hysteric itch formed between my thighs, aching for Nurse Paige’s “medical treatment.” I squirmed as I felt Merita pressed up behind me, her breasts small, her nipple hard. Her arms wrapped about me, hands clasped over my stomach as she nuzzled her hairless face against my neck.

“Shhh, it’s okay. You were overwhelmed. That’s to be expected from such a primitive species.”

“Primitive?” I squawked.

“Well, yes. You have just discovered electricity. You are decades away from utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum for communication. You’re only playing around with the most basic of computational machines. The primary means of transport is animal based.”

“We have trains.”

“Yes, burning coal. Not even refined petroleum has spread much.”

“I don’t understand. Aren’t you from my world?” I paused. “No, you fell from the sky, fairy.”

“Fairy…” Merita said the word slowly. “No, no. I am not a mythological creature who plays tricks on your race. I am…” She hesitated. “Alien is the best word in your language.”

“You’re from another country?”

“Planet.” Merita’s hand flew out and the world blurred. A blue sphere appeared, painted with white, fluffy bits and dotted with land that was a mix of green-brown and… My eyes widened. “Is that…Earth?”

“From orbit. Your kind are a century away from the most primitive technology to see this,” she said. “This is your planet. Earth.”

“Are you from Mars then? Or Venus?” An excited catch jumped into my voice. “Is that why you’re so beautiful and naked? Because you’re from Venus?”

“Why would that…?” She squirmed against me. “No, no. I am not even from your solar system but from another star.”

My eyes widened as the world zoomed. My stomach lurched as earth flew away, dwindling to a small point. Then the sun became a little dot. We hurtled past stars and flew through clouds of colorful dust. My eyes widened as we stopped before a blue star, a hazy, orange planet hanging before it.

“That’s my home.”

“So you’re not a fairy but an…an alien from another planet?” It was too much to believe. I squirmed. “And you came to my planet in your egg.”

“Spaceship.” She hesitated. “I crashed, actually. There was a mishap. I’m stuck here until I can repair my ship. If I can repair my ship.”

I bit my lip. “And where are we?”

“In your mind. You passed out when I merged with your body. I’m inside you now. I guess I’m possessing you, though that’s not quite right. You’re language is so limited.”

“Sorry.” Then a flare of indignation shot through me. “No. I’m not. English is a perfectly good language. And what do you mean by possession? Are you controlling my body?”

“No, no. I had to merge with you. Do you remember falling down the crater?”

I nodded my head.

“Well, you broke your neck. You would have died if I didn’t render you help. I sent nanomachines into…” She sighed. “You don’t know what nanomachines are, of course?”

I shook my head.

“Well, they’re little…automatons. And they are inside of you fixing the wound, but your body’s immune system rejected them. They haven’t fixed you yet, only created temporary nerves so you can move and breathe and not die. If I didn’t merge with you, your body would have rejected the help and died. So long as we’re one, the nanomachines will fix you.”

“Are you sure you’re not a fairy?” I asked, my head reeling. Immune system? Little automatons inside of me. Like those windup toys clockmakers build? “Because that sounds like magic.”

“It’s not. It’s science. Very, very advanced science.”

“And you’re in me now?”


“And this is all my imagination?”

“Yes it is.”

“This is a little much. I mean…” I swallowed. “What if I’ve gone crazy? I did hit my head.”

“Would your imagination ever create a purple-skinned alien with tentacles. Tentacles that do this?”

I gasped as the tentacle playing with my golden pubic hair slid down between my legs and rubbed at my pussy. Pleasure tingled through me. My folds instantly grew wet as the rubbery appendage stroked me. My nipples ached and I squirmed, suddenly so aware of her nipples poking me in the back.

Hard nipples.

“No,” I gasped, her tentacle massaging my clitoris. My eyes widened as the pleasure raced through me. “I don’t think my imagination could come up with something…so…so strange. Oh, my. That’s…”

“Amazing,” she purred, her voice husky. “Mmm, you are beautiful. Your hair is so wonderful.”

Her tentacle brushed one of my blonde pigtails. I only answered with a moan, trembling as she rubbed harder and harder at my clitoris. My toes curled as I squirmed again. Her touch was delicious, teasing me, stroking me, driving me so wild.

“Y-you’re making me feel so strange. You’re causing me to have hysterics.”

“Such a curious way to say you’re horny,” Merita purred, her tongue licking my ear. “I like it. I’ll cure your hysterics, yes. I’ll make you cum. Relax you so you can find wakefulness again.”

I let out a moan as her tentacle moved from my clitoris to my pussy. It rubbed up and down against my wet flesh. The pleasure rippled out of my sex and through my body. I gasped, arching my back, pressing into her breasts. Her lips nibbled on my ear then she nuzzled at my neck, kissing and licking, while her other tentacles caressed my body.

It was wonderful. Everywhere her tentacles brushed me sent tingling rushes across my skin. They caress my stomach and thighs, my arms and chest. One wrapped about my small breast, squeezing it, exciting my nipple at the tip. Her tentacle’s tip flicked at my hard nipple.

I gasped, “Merita.”

“Yes, yes, just enjoy. Let us ‘cure’ each other. Mmm, you are such a beauty. You make me feel all hysterical and in need of such sweet release.”

“Yes,” I moaned in agreement, her tentacle rubbing harder at my pussy.

My juices slicked her tentacle. It slid faster and faster up and down my pussy. My eyes fluttered at the wonderful delight that coursed through me. I moaned again, another spasm rushing through my body.

And then her lips kissed around to the back of my neck. They were so soft and warm and wet. Everywhere they touched me sent flutters of delight through my body. My fingers clenched as she kissed lower, reaching my spine, following it down between my shoulder blades. She licked and nuzzled, teasing me.

It was delicious.

“Merita,” I groaned. “Oh, your tentacles… Your touch… They’re wonderful. Oh, yes. Oh, wow. I did not imagine such delights could exist.”

“And I am so glad to share them with you.”

Her lips kissed lower. I trembled every time she took a quick lick up my spine. I shivered, the sensations running all the way down to my pussy teased by her tentacle. Others played with my nipples, flicking them and rubbing slow circles about them. Her tentacles constricted about my body, squeezing poker oyna and relaxing as Merita grew more excited.

She had four tentacles. Two played with my nipples and the third wiggled at the entrance of my pussy. The fourth brushed my lips. I kissed it, savoring the rubbery texture. My tongue licked out, swirling about it.

“Yes,” moaned Merita. “Oh, I like it when you do that.”

“This?” I asked with a giggle. I swirled my tongue about her tentacle then kissed the tip, sucking briefly.”

“Yes.” Her voice was so throaty. She nuzzled at my lower back, her hands stroking my sides as I kissed and nibbled on the tip. “So good. You are wonderful, Henrietta. I hope all your race are as loving.”

They weren’t. Our men could be so barbaric. They lacked the gentle souls of my sex. Merita had the same feminine, delicate energy. She wasn’t brutish. She cared about me. She caressed me and loved me. I trembled as her tentacle wiggled into my pussy, deflowered by her earlier.

I gasped as she filled my hot, wet depths. Her tentacle undulated inside of me. It swelled and constricted, stretching me wider open. My mouth opened wide as I groaned. Her other tentacle slid into my mouth. I sucked on it and moaned as she fucked her appendage into my pussy.

“Ooh, I love the feel of your cunny wrapped about my tentacle.”

I shuddered at her word. It was so cute and dirty all at the same time. Cunny. My cunny contracted on her pussy as her lips nuzzled lower down my body. Her hands slid down, stroking my hips then the cheeks of my buttocks. I gasped as she pried them apart.

And then her lips nuzzled down into my crack. I shuddered in the embrace of her tentacles as she worked closer and closer to my sphincter. Didn’t she know how dirty it was there? What was she doing? Why would she lick me there?

I gasped about the tentacle fucking in and out of my mouth as her tongue swirled about my puckered sphincter. My butt clenched, trying to squeeze shut but her fingers kept them pried apart. She giggled, her tentacle fucking deeper into my pussy as she tongued me.

“Mmm, such a sour, earthy flavor. I like the taste of your ass, Henrietta. So good.”

I could only squirm and moan as she wiggled her tongue like a small tentacle into my bowels. My eyes widened. I sucked so hard on her tentacle reaming my mouth while my pussy clenched on the appendage sliding in and out of my wet depths.

Pleasure stirred inside of me. The flutters of my hysterics grew as the wicked sensation of her tongue probing my sphincter merged with her tentacle pleasuring my cunny. I trembled, my nipples aching against her other appendages.

I wanted to scream out my growing pleasure.

“Mmm, yes, so tasty,” she moaned between licks. “And your pussy is growing so hot and wet. Are you going to cum? Have your paroxysms? Am I about to cure your hysterics?”

If I could speak, I would have shouted: “Yes.”

All the deviant sensations built in the core of my sex. My eyes rolled back in my head as I trembled. My cunny clenched and relaxed on her undulating tentacle. Strange, burning pleasure radiated from my bowels. My nipples ached. And her tentacle felt so warm and rubbery in my mouth, such a delight for my tongue to caress.

“Oh, you’re curing my hysterics, too,” moaned Merita. “Oh, yes. Let’s cum together.”

I gasped about her tentacle as she reamed my cunny faster. She locked her lips about my sphincter, sucking. I bucked in her embrace. Her fingers caressed my side. Her tentacles flicked my nipples. Wonderful sensations crashed through me.

I came.

Awe inspiring paroxysms of delight spasmed out of my cunny. My flesh convulsed about her tentacle as the waves of bliss washed through me. I groaned as she cured my hysterics. The rapture reached my mind. Stars danced through the dark void as I trembled.

“Yes, yes, yes, so good,” moaned Merita. “Keep sucking on my tentacle while your cunny massages the other. Oh, Henrietta. You’re so amazing. I love your body. Oh, yes. Oh, wow.”

We cured each other’s hysterics. It was amazing. I trembled and gasped. The pleasure peaked in me. I floated on it, held by her tentacles, then groaned as the bliss receded. I shuddered a final time, my cunny contracting on her withdrawing appendage.

Her tentacle popped out of my mouth. “Oh, Merita, oh, wow.” I was so wonderfully tired. Lethargic. I buzzed, the fluttery sensations gone from my stomach. “That was so much better than Nurse Paige curing my hysterics.”

“Good,” Merita grinned. She had floated around me, now facing me. She pressed her body to mine, breast to breast, cunny to cunny, lips to lips.

We kissed. I closed my eyes, her arms and tentacles holding me. My hand stroked her back up to her bald head, loving how she felt as I humped my cunny into her pussy. My clitoris ached. The hysteric flutters built in my stomach again.

“Merita,” I panted, breaking our kiss. “I think I need to be cured again.”

She beamed at me. “I think I need it, too. Want to lick each other’s cunnies?”

My eyes widened. I remembered the pleasure of Nurse Paige licking through mine. It had felt so wonderful and sinful. I knew it was wrong if we did it. But was this even real? It was like a dream. I couldn’t sin in my dreams.


I was eager to taste her. To taste my first pussy. Would she be different than a human’s? Than Tabitha’s? I trembled as Merita’s tentacles turned us. They still gripped me, caressing me as she hovered over me, her legs spread. I caught my breath as I stared at the purple folds of her pussy. They were darker than her flesh, and swollen. Juices glistened and beaded on them.

I felt that same, wet heat adorning my own nethers. Were my pussy lips swollen like that? Engorged by my passion? Was that what caused the fluttering itches between my thighs just begging for someone to touch and ease my hysterics?


I breathed her in. She smelled flowery, like nectar. I moaned as her tentacles pulled our bodies together. Her thighs slipped around my head and her head slipped between my thighs. I felt her warm breath caressing my pussy.

I groaned and hugged her with my arms. I caressed her back as my nipples pressed into her stomach. Her nipples rubbed on mine. I licked my lips, staring at her pussy, wanting to lick her, but I was scared. Was there a certain why do it? What if I didn’t like it? What if she didn’t like it? A million questions shot through my mind.

And then were banished by her licking tongue.

I groaned, “Merita,” as her tongue slid through my folds. It was a slow, gentle lick. It was so different from her rubbery tentacles. Her tongue was smaller, wetter. I gasped as she brushed the entrance to my pussy before pushing her tongue in like she had into my bowels.

The pleasure rippled through me. I groaned and pulled harder on her, forcing her pussy lips against my mouth. I tasted her. Flowery and sweet. My tongue licked out through her folds. My eyes widened. My fingers tightened on her back as I slid through her folds. She tasted wonderful. Her juices were thicker than water, almost creamy. They clung to my lips and dribbled down my chin as I licked her again and again.

She sighed into my pussy. That encouraged me. I was doing it right. She liked what I did. It pleased her. I pleased her. I licked and tongued through her pussy. Faster, growing more bold, more certain the more she squirmed and moaned.

“Henrietta,” she sighed.

Oh, it was wonderful hearing my name from her voice. My thighs pressed on her round, bare head as her tongue dug deep into my pussy. She flicked my clitoris and wonderful sparks exploded through me.

I had to return the favor. I found her clitoris and licked the purple nub. It throbbed against my tongue and she shuddered and shivered. She sucked harder on my nub, licking me, loving me. It was amazing. I slid my hands up to grasp her ass as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth. I nibbled on it, loving how she bucked and responded.

“Henrietta, yes,” she moaned, squirming as I kneaded her butt. I loved how her cheeks felt in my hand. I clenched, pulling her pussy down on me and shoving my tongue into her hole. She wasn’t a virgin like I had been.

Had another girl-alien’s tentacles taken her virginity, or had she lain with a boy-alien? I hoped it was a girl-alien.

Her lapping tongue drove that thought from my mind. She slid through my folds then nibbled on my lips. I gasped and shuddered, squirming more, drinking in the sensations. I copied her, sucking on her labia, driving her wild.

“Oh, Merita, you’re wonderful,” I groaned, her tentacles stroking my back.

“You, too. You taste amazing. So different than my people. So sweet and salty.”

“You taste like flowers.”

She giggled then rammed her tongue deep into my pussy, fucking it in and out of me. I gasped and bucked, pressing my nipples hard into her stomach. Wonderful flutters shot through me down to my pussy. My fingers clenched on her asshole.

Then I smiled as I licked through her folds. My finger ventured in between her butt-cheeks. I found her sphincter, touching it, not caring that it was dirty. We were in a dream. Nothing here was real. Nothing here was a sin.

“Henrietta,” she gasped, her voice wonderfully throaty, as I wormed my finger into her bowels. My finger sank up to the knuckle. She was so warm and tight and rough. She clenched down on it. “Oh, yes. That’s so wicked. I love it. I love having my ass played with.”

“I enjoyed it, too.”

She giggled then we went back to licking each other while I fingered her asshole. I wormed my tongue deep into her pussy as my finger pumped faster and faster in her. She squirmed more and more, clenching on my digit and moaning into canlı poker oyna my pussy.

The way she shuddered on me made me so excited. The impending paroxysm swelled inside of me. My orgasm. My cum. She tongued my cunny faster and faster. She flicked my clitoris as she squirmed on me.

“Are you going to cum, Merita?” I asked. “Am I curing your hysterics?”

“Yes,” she husked between licks. “I’m going to cum so hard. Oh, yes. Oh, wow, Henrietta.”

A flood of her juices squirted out of her pussy and splashed into my face. I opened my mouth, the warm, flowery nectar filling my mouth. Her bowels spasmed about my finger as she bucked and shuddered atop me. I drank down her juices, marveling that she could produce so much, while I held her.

My excitement mounted as she moaned into my cunny. She squirmed and spasmed on me, grinding her pussy against my mouth. Her flood slowed and then she kept licking me, eager to give me such pleasure.

“Cum for me, Henrietta,” she panted between feverish licks. “You gave me such an orgasm. Let me return the favor. Squirt your juices into my mouth. I love them.”

Her tentacles stroked my back faster and faster. I loved the feel of them. I groaned, my toes curling as her tongue whipped my cunny to a froth. My orgasm built in my depths, a wonderful release to cure my hysterics.

“Oh, Lord, this is amazing,” I panted. “Oh, yes. I…I…”

“Cum,” she moaned and flicked her tongue over and over against my clitoris.

My body spasmed. My pussy clenched. Pleasure burst in the depth so of my cunny. I moaned into her sweet sex as the paroxysms filled my body. I came so hard. I bucked and shuddered, the pleasure crashing into my mind and…

…carried me off into wonderful darkness.


Merita smiled as the world she constructed in Henrietta’s mind to ease her into their new situation faded. She turned around, her dream-body buzzing with the pleasure of her orgasm. Henrietta floated naked, her body pale and lovely, blonde pigtails hovering in the weightless void.

“You are such a beautiful girl,” Merita said, stroking her lover with hands and tentacles. “I love your breasts. So small and cute.” She couldn’t resist leaning down and sucking on a nipple.

Henrietta mewled, floating on the bliss of her orgasms. Merita smiled and kissed her lover on the lips. Then she sighed and waited for Henrietta to wake-up. Merita’s thoughts turned to her problems. She was stuck in Henrietta’s body until the girl healed. And her spaceship was broken. And an important piece had fallen off.

If a human found the core first…

Merita shuddered to think what would happen.

The world grew fainter and fainter as Henrietta came nearer and nearer to consciousness. Merita hugged Henrietta’s dream body and smiled as the universe faded. Merita merged into Henrietta’s mind, occupying a small corner as the girl’s eyes fluttered open.

*That’s it,* whispered Merita to her lover and host. *Open your eyes. It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. I’m in you.*


I opened my eyes, obeying Merita’s voice whispering in me.

I gasped, my heart racing. I was back in the egg—no, her spaceship—and everything beeped. Lights blinked. What did they all mean?

*They’re just alarms. My ship is broken and the computer is trying to let me know.*

“Okay,” I said. “You can read my thoughts?”

*Of course. I’m in your mind. Merita laughed. I’m with you. Don’t worry. The ship isn’t in danger. But it is missing a piece. We’ll need to find that.*

“What?” I swallowed. “Find what?”

*The core. It’s full of nanomachines.*

“Those things keeping me alive?”

*Yes. They can…change things. Mold things. If a human is exposed to them without a computer to guide them…* Merita shuddered in my mind. *Well, it would be bad. Do you see the panel to your right near the seat? It has three green lights and a flashing ruby one.*

I scanned across all the various panels and lights, searching for the one she said. I bit my lip and then noticed the flashing red. *Yes, I see it, Merita.*

Images flashed through my mind of Merita pressing the green buttons in a certain sequence. *Just do that. Okay. It’ll pull out the scanner. And then we’ll go find it.*

*What, tonight?* I asked as I punched in the buttons. *It’s dark out. I can’t do that. I have to get back to the school. I’ll be in enough trouble as it is for being out so late.*

*Trouble? School?*

*Yes!* My heart fluttered. *How do I get out of here?*

*But the core.*

*I’ll find time to help you search, okay? But not tonight. I’ll get in trouble. Please, I don’t want to get a spanking.* Especially not after hearing some of the teachers would take advantage after a spanking, touching their students inappropriately, curing their hysterics.

Doing what Merita and I had done in the dream.

*Being discipline doesn’t sound that bad,* purred Merita.

I blushed. She could read all my thoughts. I didn’t like that one bit.

*Sorry. It can’t be helped.*

I sighed. This was better than death. Probably. *How do I get out of here?*

Merita flashed instructions through my thoughts. I climbed out and the cold air shot through me. I was naked. My clothing gone, stripped off of me and stored in the ship. Merita showed me how to retrieve them, and I dressed, my teeth chattering and my feet dancing, as fast as I could. The fog was so thick. It covered everything.

The last thing I did was turn on what Merita called a “cloak.” Leaning over through the hatch, I punched in the commands on the console. And then I jumped back as the hatch closed. It sealed shut and the egg rippled, wavered, and then was gone.

I squeaked in fright. I reached out and felt it. My hand slid over nothing.

*Don’t you need to get to the school?* Merita asked, her voice testy. *If you have time to stroke the outside of my ship, maybe you have time to go find the core. It can’t be too far away. I hope.*

“No, no,” I gasped out loud. I put the scanner into a pocket in my skirt than hurried out of the crater. The ground crumbled beneath my feet. I held my skirt up so I didn’t trip on them. Then I reached the top and ran, still holding my skirts.

I was surprised I wasn’t winded when I reached the school. The lights of the oil lamps in the windows made the school glow in the fog, illuminating it. I followed the lights and reached the back door. I smoothed my skirt, only a little flushed from my exertion, and strode inside, my stomach twisting.

I hope I wasn’t in tro—


I yelped in shock. The excited voice of Tabitha greeted me. She jumped to her feet from her seat at one of the dining room tables and rushed across the empty room to me, her red hair bouncing about her shoulders. A relieved smile spread across her freckled cheeks. Her arms threw around me, hugging me tight.

I couldn’t help but be aware of the soft feel of her small breasts pressing on mine. I blushed to my roots and squirmed in her exuberant embrace.

“I was so worried about you,” she said. “Ooh, I tried to follow, but you were so quick and the fog was so thick. I had no idea where you went. Whatever was wrong?”

“I…” So much had happened, I struggled to remember why I had even run out into the night. Discovering that a lesbian alien with tentacles had crushed behind our school then possessed my body was hard enough to deal with. “I just…needed air. You know, a nice evening constitutional, as my father would put it.”

“In this fog?” Tabitha shook her head. “Well, Etta, I’m just glad you’re okay.”

*Why does she call you Eta?* asked Merita.

*It’s a strange way to make a diminutive of Henrietta.*


*People with longer names often get them shortened as pet names or nicknames, usually used by people close to you. Friends, family.*

*Oh. Interesting.*

*I wish she would use my name’s proper diminutive, which his Hettie or Ettie.* I sighed.

“Are you okay, Etta?” Tabitha cocked her head. “You look like you’re concentrating on a mathematical equation. School has not started yet. No need for such fierce concentration.”

“Sorry, just…thinking. Everything that’s happened today is so…new. So strange. Honestly, I’m a overwhelmed.”

“I understand. Let’s get to bed, get settled in, and relax. That will help out.”

Before I could answer, the exuberant girl seized my hand and dragged me off behind her. I yelped and hurried after her as we moved through the halls. Then we climbed the stairs to the fifth floor, top of the school. Tabitha was panting when we reached the top and gave me a curious look.

“Did you do lots of calisthenics at your last school?”

“No,” I answered as she tugged me down the hall. I frowned but before I could gather my thoughts, Tabitha had thrown open the door to our room and dragged me in. She closed it behind us.

Our room was small, two beds on either side with a shared nightstand between. An oil lamp set on it, though it was unlit. The only light came from the window, dim from the fog. Tabitha struck a match and lit the lamp adjusting the wick to produce a bright flame.

*Such primitive technology. What is it burning? Carbon fuel?*

I ignored Merita as Tabitha began unbuttoning her blouse. I shouldn’t be shocked. We were sharing a room, so undressing together was to be expected. But after indulging in lesbian passion with Merita, I was suddenly so aware of the feminine form and the delights it offered. I caught my breath as her buttons worked down, exposing her chemise beneath. She stripped out of her dress, carefully hanging it in the wardrobe on her side of the room. She peeled out internet casino of her petticoats and chemise, stripping naked before me.

She was so pale, her skin whiter than mine, with freckles dusting her shoulders and down to her small breasts. Firm and round, bigger than mine, with pink nipples hardened by the chill in the room. Her skin pebbled from the cold as my gaze slid down to the fiery thatch of hair between her thighs.

*Ooh, wow, that’s delicious,* Merita moaned. *Your yellow hair—*

*Blonde,* I corrected.

*Your blonde hair is lovely, but that red. So bright. Wow. I’ve never seen anything like it. Your race is so lucky to have your strange pussy hair.*

*Pubic hair.* My blush intensified.

*Pubic hair, yes. *

A hot itch rippled through me. My pussy grew moist as Tabitha bent over, digging into the chest at the base of her wardrobe. I stared at her round ass, more fiery pubic hair peeking out between slender thighs. Her pussy hidden. I wanted to expose it. To push aside her curls and lick her. She shifted as she searched then yanked free her nightgown. She pulled over her head, her body shifting as she worked the linen down her body.

“There,” she said. “That’s better. Brr, it’s a little chilly.” She turned to face me and blinked. “Etta, you got to get naked. And then, I think, I need your help.” She flopped onto her bed, her feet sticking out of the bottom of the long nightgown, her nipples dimpling the fabric.

“Oh, yes,” I blushed, my fingers heading to the buttons of my blouse.

I worked them down, staring at her feet. Her cute as they wiggled. She ran her hands up and down her nightgown, caressing her legs through it. She squirmed, color entering her cheeks as she watched me undress.

Those green eyes were on me. They made me tingle more, hysterics building in my nethers. The tingles, the squirms, the aching need to be touched and rubbed until wonderful paroxysm burst inside me, spreading orgasmic delight.

But we weren’t in my mind. Out here, it would be a true sin.

*Sin? Such a primitive concept. It’s just sex. Something that you shouldn’t feel any shame for enjoying.* Merita let out a purring laugh. *I know I felt no shame when we made love. When we gamahuched each other. I like that word. *

I turned away from Tabitha as I slipped my blouse off my shoulders, revealing my camisole. The skirt came off, rustling over my lacy petticoats. I bent down, unlaced my shoes and pulled them off followed by my stockings. The floor was cold on my bare toes.

“You’re very pretty,” Tabitha said. “You’re going to be such a beautiful woman. I bet all the men want to marry you.”

“You’re pretty, too,” I answered. Flashes of her red-furred crotch flared in my mind, obscuring my vision. Merita caused that.

My cunny itched more. I squirmed. I needed to have my hysterics cured. Maybe I could do it myself, rub my clitoris until I orgasmed. I would wait for Tabitha to fall asleep and then abuse myself in silence.

I stripped off my petticoats and camisole, then quickly fished out a nightgown before Tabitha noticed the juices glistening on my thighs, a sure sign I had hysterics in need of curing. I pulled it on over my head and dashed to my bed.

“Wait, Etta.”

I turned to my new friend. She bit her lip, squirming. “I need your help.”

“With…?” My question died on my lips. I remembered her intimations from earlier, the ones that sent me fleeing into the night. She wanted us to “cure” each other’s hysterics. To engage in lesbian sin.

*Sin,* snorted Merita. *Don’t be dense. I can feel the desire you have for your friend. She is beautiful. Two females making love, curing hysterics, is something to be celebrated on my world. There are those of us devoted wholly to that wonder. No male has ever caressed me with his tentacles.*

She said it with such pride as I stared at my friend, her fingers drawing up the hem of her nightgown, exposing more and more of her legs. “Etta, I really need your help. I’m so out of sorts. All wet and squirmy down there. Can you…finger me? I can help you out once you’ve cured me. But I need the paroxysms. So badly. And it’s too late to rouse the nurse. I won’t be able to sleep. And tomorrow is so very important.”

The hem slipped higher. I stood rooted, scared and aroused, wanting to go to her and wanting to flee while my eyes couldn’t look away from her ivory legs. More and more of her was revealed. And then her pubic hair… So bright against her pale skin, A beacon, drawing me to her.

“Yes,” I moaned and dashed to her bed, bare fleet slapping on cold stone.

I fell onto my knees onto the hard mattress. My hands stroked her thighs, pushing them apart, revealing her fur matted with her excitement, hints of pink peeking through the rosy forest. I breathed in her tangy musk, my mouth salivating.

*Yes, yes, let’s enjoy her together,* moaned Merita.

“Etta,” gasped my friend as I buried my face hungrily into her cunny and licked.

I tongued her. I lapped at her with such ferocity. I was like a starving man finally given a feast. My hands wrapped about her as I felt her silky pubic hair tickle my nose and cheeks. They were so soft. And her cunny…

So wet. So hot. So tasty.

Her tangy juices coated my tongue. I shuddered, my pussy aching as I devoured my friend. My fingers reached down, parting her pussy lips, exposing her folds and the membrane of skin stretched over her pussy’s entrance. I nuzzled at her hymen, poking my tongue a bit through one of the small holes before I lapped up to her clitoris.

“Etta,” she gasped. “Oh, yes, you’ve done this before, you naughty girl. On who? A friend from school? One of the maids in your home? Who did you cure?”

“Merita,” I moaned between licks.

“Merita. Ooh, exotic. A maid then? Was she colored? A mulatto?”

“Something like that.” My lips sealed on her clitoris as my fingers stroked her pussy lips. I didn’t want to talk more. I shouldn’t have even mentioned her name, but I was so caught up in my sinful desires. I knew this was wrong, and somehow that made it even more exciting.

My tongue swirled on her clitoris, caressing it like Merita had taught me. The alien whispered in my thoughts, encouraging me, savoring the pleasure. Merita felt it, too. My pussy clenched at the wicked things she whispered in my thoughts.

*That’s it. Lick her, dyke slut. Oh, yes, Henrietta. Yes, yes, yes, Devour her cunny. Make her cum. Cure her hysterics with your naughty cum. Oh, she tastes so good. Oh, yes. This is so beautiful. Listen to her moans.*

*They’re wonderful,* I answered.

“Oh, wow, Etta.” Tabitha’s hips humped against my lips. “Oh, you’re so wonderful. I’m so glad you’re my friend.”

“Me, too.”

I licked my lips, cleaning them of her juices before diving into her pussy once more. I nibbled on Tabitha’s folds and licked at her hymen again, my nose nuzzling into her little clitoris. Eighteen-years-old and I was turning into a lesbian hussy.

My parents would be horrified.

My cunny clenched again. The hysterical need to be caressed increased. If my fingers weren’t busy stroking her folds as I licked up to her clitoris, I would finger myself. I sucked on her clitoris again, loving how she gasped and bucked when I did that.

A throaty moan burst from her lips. “Oh, yes, Etta. Oh, yes. I can feel it coming. My…my paroxysms. Yes, yes, cure my hysterics!”

Her voice rose a whole octave as she came, releasing a shrill scream. Her juices flooded tangy out of her pussy. I gulped them down, reveling in the fact I made my friend cum. I gave her lesbian pleasure. And I loved every moment of it.

*Yes, it is so beautiful, Henrietta. Drink her juices. Oh, yes.*

“Etta,” gasped my friend. She arched her back a final time. “Oh, you wonderful siren.” She twined one of my pigtails about her finger. “I have to help you out. I have to cure you.”

“Yes,” I moaned.

We kissed. It was so wonderful. Her lips were so soft. I was on top of her, feeling her squirm beneath me, her hand pulling up my nightgown. She nibbled on my lower lip as she bared more and more of my legs. Then her hands were caressing me, sending amazing pleasure shooting up to my pussy.

She broke the kiss. “Roll over. I have to lick you. To use my tongue to give you such sweet relief.”

I nodded my head and rolled onto my back. *Oh, we’re going to enjoy this,* Merita purred. *It’s her first time. That’s special.*

*It is,* I agreed.

Tabitha settled between my thighs, her fingers playing with my blonde curls. “You’re so wet, Etta.”

“So were you,” I giggled. “When you had your orgasm, you drenched my face.”

“I hope you taste as good as I do.” Tabitha licked her lips and lowered her head.

Her first tongue swipe was hesitant, unsure. Then she sighed and licked again. And again. Each one was more confident, surer. Her fingers pulled my pussy lips apart, her tongue licking and nuzzling.

“No hymen. Who did you give it to?”

“Merita,” I moaned. “She pricked my maidenhead.”

“With a dildo?”

“Yes,” I lied. “Please, just lick me.”

Her tongue pressed into my hole before she licked up to my clitoris. I groaned, a pressure swelling in my cunny. I felt so full, like something grew inside of me. I moaned, arching my back as her tongue found my clitoris, sucking, nibbling.

The pressure grew. I groaned. It almost hurt. My back arched and then I gasped and it exploded out of my pussy. Tabitha gasped in shock then she shrieked. She tried to pull away, but I held her to my pussy.

Not with my hands or legs. My eyes widened.

Purple tentacles had sprouted from my cunny and wrapped about my friend’s head. Her eyes were wild with fright.

My heart lurched and the world spun about me. I had tentacles. Purple tentacles. Merita’s tentacles. What was going on?

To be continued…

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