Busy at the Library

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She woke up dreading the studying she had to commit the day to. She lingered in bed, naked in between the soft sheets. A cool breeze wafted in through the open window. She pulled down the sheets, letting the breeze harden her nipples. She wanted nothing more than to stay in bed for the rest of the morning, but she had to get to the library.

The tall, olive-skinned, dark haired beauty stepped out of bed. She wrapped herself in a towel and headed down the hallway of her dorm to the showers. She passed a few girls on the way, barely mumbling hellos as she was not a morning person.

Within an hour she was settled at a table in the library. Her abnormal psychology exam was the next day, so she started with that subject. She trudged through several chapters, half reading, half daydreaming. The chapter about sexual deviants really got her mind going. She sat at the table, eyes half closed, remembering her last sexual encounter. It was a one night stand, but left her wanting more. She was subconsciously rubbing her thighs together underneath the table, under her short skirt. She opened her eyes and saw almanbahis adresi that a guy across the room from her was staring. She was at first embarrassed. She thought she was alone since the library was pretty empty this early in the morning. Then she noticed the look in the guy’s eyes. He seemed to know exactly what she was just thinking about, and seem intrigued. She then put her attention back to her books, but with now even more distractions.

A couple minutes later someone joined her by sitting across the table. It was the guy from across the room. He silently sat down, and opened his own books, never saying a word. He was very sexy. She was very aroused but tried to hide it. As she was staring at the same page she had been at for the last hour she felt something on her leg. The man across from her was sliding his foot underneath her skirt, caressing her thigh. She slouched forward, inching her way toward him, slowly spreading apart her legs. She wouldn’t normally have done this, she didn’t know what was coming over her. His bare foot inched upward, sliding her panties over and feeling the almanbahis adres wetness between her legs. He then slid completely under the table. She was worried that someone would come in and see them, yet did not want him to stop the pleasure he was giving. He ran his hands up and down her thighs, and then traced his hands with soft kisses. He then removed her panties, now very wet. His hands slid down her wet slit, lightly brushing over he swollen clitoris causing her to shiver. He slowly slid his hands up and down and then entered her with his fingers. His mouth soon found her swollen clit as his fingers moved in circles inside her. His tongue circled her clitoris in time with the three fingers inside. She thought she was going to explode, but tried to stifle her moans, which made the orgasm seem even more intense. His fingers thrusted and his tongue moved feverishly, bringing her down from one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced.

He got out from under the table and stood up. He grabbed her hand and helped her to her feet. He led her, still silently, into a private study room. It was an almanbahis adres inside room with no windows, and he kept the lights off. He sat down on a chair and she followed him. She felt through the dark for his belt. She could feel his hardness as she struggled with his pants. She ripped off his shirt too, and undressed herself seductively on top of him. He traced his fingers over her hot naked body. She straddled his lap as they kissed passionately. She traced kisses all over his neck and chest. She teased the tip of his cock with the folds of her wet vagina before allowing him to enter her. Straddling the chair she rode him, the position allowing deep entry. He sucked on her nipples as she rode. Her already sensitive clit kept rubbing against him bringing her quickly to a second powerful orgasm. Neither of them was able to contain the moans this time. They collapsed in exhaustion onto the floor. Now again aware that they could get caught they threw on their clothes and left the study room. They went back to the table, keeping eye contact but not speaking. He quickly packed up his things, slipped her a piece of paper, and left.

After he left she looked at the paper. It was his phone number along with “call me whenever you need a study break.” She tried to get back to studying, thinking mainly about what she would say when she called him tonight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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