By Any Other Name

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Jeff and Trevor smelled the wall long before they saw it. The deep, floral scent was a beacon, cutting through the damp miasma that coated the rest of the swampy forest. It pulled the two young explorers along by their noses, the rosy aroma growing so strong they could practically see it floating in the air like a wispy trail of pink smoke. They clambered over twisting roots, stumbling trance-like, somehow managing to avoid the camouflaged ebony ponds, whose surfaces rippled from the touch of unseen creatures. With the kind of agile grace brought on by years of athletics, even in a daze the pair crept carefully along the moss-covered trunks of fallen giants, the arboreal corpses having long since been left to rot.

They followed the pungent trail for nearly an hour, winding ever deeper into the shadowy murk until, seemingly all at once, the trees came to an abrupt halt. The duo blinked and winced at the unexpected brightness as they stepped out of the dark, wet woods into a broad, sun-dappled clearing of dry grass. The jarring transition was made all the more so by the towering slab of twisting emerald, dotted with spots of bright pink, that loomed a few yards ahead.

“Is that…is that what I think it is,” Trevor asked, his eyes wide as they took in the full scope of the wall that stretched for nearly a quarter of a mile in each direction. He twisted his sweat-soaked baseball cap around backwards, craning his neck to look up at the top of the structure that stood at least ten or fifteen feet above his own six-foot height.

“What else could it be?” Jeff clapped his friend on the back, grinning excitedly. “Dude! We actually found it!” The sculpted blonde could barely contain himself. His thick arm flexed when he reached over and gave Trevor’s hat-covered scalp a rough rub, the other fist raised triumphantly. “And you said we wouldn’t find anything.”

Trevor pulled out from under his friend’s grip, shaking his head and raising his hands in surrender. “I sure did,” he said with a short laugh, his lean pecs bouncing slightly against his tank-top when he shrugged. “Looks like I was wrong. But that still doesn’t mean there’s a…”

“Come on! Let’s see if we can find the way in,” Jeff interrupted, darting off in search of an opening in the unbroken green.

Trevor watched his brawny friend scamper eagerly away, wishing he could share in Jeff’s excitement. Now that the shock of their discovery was wearing off, his reluctance had room to grow. If the legends were true, as the looming wall of roses seemed to suggest, the young brunette wasn’t so sure he wanted to find the house that supposedly lurked at the center of the fragrant maze. It was rumored to belong to an old hag, whose pact with ancient forces had created the impossible clearing in the dense swamp, where she could work her magic uninterrupted. The massive labyrinth, somehow made entirely of roses, acted as the final test for anyone who wished to seek her out. There was no guarantee that she would grant a person’s wish, but anyone who made it to the center was at least given an audience.

It all sounded like nonsense to Trevor. He didn’t believe in magic or the supernatural, nor did he think Jeff truly bought into any of it. His friend just liked to explore. The giddy ball of muscle had always been the more impulsive one, so when he heard about the supposed labyrinth in the middle of a swamp, with a witch’s hut in the middle, there was no way he could pass it up. Never one to turn down a hike, Trevor had gone along to humor his friend, but he never actually expected to find anything.

“Dude! There’s an opening!” Jeff stuck his head around the corner and motioned for Trevor to hurry up. The lean brunette jogged to the end of the wall in time to see his friend step through an open archway into the maze.

“Hold up! If you get lost in there don’t expect me to stick around waiting for you. I’ve got the car keys, remember?” Trevor’s jog turned into a sprint, his years of soccer propelling him to the opening before his excited friend could get himself in trouble. “Damn, man, would it kill you…to…wait,” he trailed off, nearly bumping into Jeff because he was too busy staring at the flowered walls to look at anything else. They were impressive from the outside, but inside, completely surrounded by the towering, fragrant barricades, they were awe inspiring. “Holy shit.”

“Okay, how do more people not know about this? I mean, I’ve heard the stories, but why isn’t this all over the internet? This is incredible!” Jeff sniffed one of the buds that rested at nose-level, leaning in to try and see if there was a manmade structure underneath, or if it was all natural growth. “Someone’s gotta maintain this, right?”

“No clue,” Trevor said, looking back at the opening behind them. “But now that we know this is here, maybe we come back with more supplies? It’s already afternoon, and this place is clearly massive, so how about we…”

“No way! We have bahis siteleri to at least go in a little. What if the hut’s right around one of these corners?”

“That’s my point.” Trevor shivered, doing his best to stay in the middle of the corridor away from the walls. “You ready to meet some swamp hag for real?”

“Don’t tell me you believe that shit,” Jeff scoffed. “I mean, yeah, maybe there’s a hut out here, but I doubt there’s a real witch.” Without giving his friend a chance to protest, the brawny blonde started down the path, rounding the first corner only to discover two diverging options, one to the left and one to the right. “Uh…maybe you’ve got a point.”

Trevor put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “See? This isn’t some fuckin’ corn maze at the fair, man. We could actually get lost out here.”

“Let’s just go down this one to the left a little, but no more turns. Just a chance to see if we’re maybe close.” Even Jeff was starting to get spooked, though he’d never admit it. The combination of the smell and scale of the labyrinth was disorienting, and though they’d only made one turn he was already afraid of losing his way. He crept forward and stuck his head around the corner, finding a straight path that seemed to go on far longer than it should. “Yeah, I’m, uh, I’m good. We can head back. Let me just grab one of these for the road,” Jeff said, plucking a nearby rose. As soon as he pulled the crimson bud free, the corridor began to seethe. It was as if they were surrounded by a tangle of writhing snakes instead of vines, the roses opening and closing like vile suckers. “Whoa!” Jeff yelped and dropped the purloined flower in surprise, jumping back from the undulating wall.

“What did you do?!” Trevor tried to tell himself he’d just imagined the whole thing as he blinked and rubbed his eyes, the vines and flowers once again stationary.

“Nothing! I mean, I just picked a flower to take back with us. That’s all! I didn’t…whoa…” Jeff trailed off, his eyes going wide. He swayed on his feet and shook his head, a stunned expression draping across his all-American face.

“What? What is it? Are you alright?”

It happened before the strapping blonde could respond. All Jeff had time for was a short gasp, his body seeming to collapse in on itself. The chiseled jock’s broad shoulders pulled towards each other, his prominent chest going flat while his powerful arms became soft and slender. The changes to Jeff’s lower half were harder to see as his suddenly-oversized shorts and boxers slipped down legs that had gone from muscled trunks to supple twigs, his formerly tight tank-top now hanging low and loose below his waist. The changes to his face, though, were all too apparent. In an instant, the blonde hunk’s features had softened, his wide jaw becoming small and dimpled, with soft, pouty lips nestled between it and his button nose, while a pair of bright, sparkling eyes completed his new look. “What…what just…FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK?!” he cried in a voice that had become as soft as the rest of him. He landed in a heap when he stumbled over the clothing pooled at his ankles, exposing the long, thick cock that hung between his squeezable thighs. The dangling snake would have looked large on his previously muscled frame, but against his diminished new shape it was massive. Jeff looked down at himself and back up at Trevor, his doe eyes wide with fear. “Is this…this can’t be real…” he stammered, his pouty lips trembling.

Trevor finally shook himself out of his daze and darted forward, standing awkwardly above his prone, shrunken friend. He wasn’t used to being the larger of the two. “Are you alright? I mean, no, clearly you’re not, but…does it hurt? Can you stand?” He reached down when Jeff nodded, fighting back a gasp as his hands swallowed the now-smaller man’s arms and pulled him to his feet. In addition to his lost muscle, the former hunk now stood a full head shorter than Trevor, topping out at barely five feet if he was lucky. There was a long moment of silence as the two stared at each other from their new perspectives, Jeff trying to wrap his head around the fact that his friend now towered over him, and Trevor trying not to stare at the way the smaller man’s tank-top threatened to slip over a bony shoulder. “Easy, easy,” Trevor said, catching Jeff when he stumbled out of his oversized shoes. He was surprised at how light his friend felt, and how soft the ex-stud’s skin was against his palms. “Don’t panic…we’ll figure this out,” he said, rubbing Jeff’s waifish new arms when the smaller man trembled in his grip.

Jeff swallowed hard, the sensation of Trevor’s strong hands against his skin sending a shiver through him. He was trembling, but not out of fear. With his friend towering over him, his deep voice sounding calm and confident, the shrunken blonde was hit with a confusing wave of emotions. He knew he should be horrified, and he was, but he could only process that knowledge on a logical canlı bahis siteleri level. He knew it; he didn’t feel it. Instead, all he felt was a surge of lust as foreign as it was overpowering. Staring up at Trevor’s lean, solid torso and handsome face made his oversized cock throb, a reaction they both became acutely aware of. “I…uh…this is…this is a lot…” Jeff squeaked, his face going red when he felt his thick log lift the bottom of the draping tank-top as it twitched to life. His package had always been average, the six-inch cock and heavy balls fitting his athletic frame perfectly, but now there was nothing proportional about the eight-inch beast pointing in Trevor’s direction.

“Sure looks like it,” the now-taller brunette laughed. He whistled as he looked down at his friend’s rigid pole, raising an eyebrow. “Guess we know where some of that size went,” he said, reaching down to lift the draping tank-top further. Like Jeff, he knew his reaction wasn’t what it should have been. He should have been just as horrified at watching his friend deflate, but all he could focus on was how cute the little man looked. There was something captivating about him. The deep, floral notes of rose and musk seemed to be wafting directly from his slight little frame, not the overgrown walls, making Trevor’s head spin. Jeff was soft and curvy in all the right places, with a face that had gone from handsome to adorable, and it was taking all of his willpower not to reach out and swallow him in his arms. “Looks like some of it went back here, too,” Trevor grinned, slipping his hand around from Jeff’s soft stomach to squeeze the plump, bouncing globes that had replaced his muscled bubble.

“It’s not funny, dude!” Jeff’s voice sounded more whiny than commanding, and even as he said it, he pressed back against Trevor’s hand. “We have to fix this!”

“We will,” Trevor said, tracing a thumb along his friend’s softened jaw as he reached out to ruffle Jeff’s hair the way the withered jock always did to him. “Doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy being the bigger one for a change.”

“Not bigger everywhere,” Jeff grumbled, leaning his head into Trevor’s grip. As scared and embarrassed as he was, the other man’s presence was calming. He knew he shouldn’t be getting hard at the thought of his friend, and that he should be trying to cover himself, but he didn’t want to. What he wanted was for Trevor to reach down and grab his oozing club, he just didn’t know how to ask. He wasn’t actually humiliated the way he knew he should have been; he liked the way the other man was staring at him. It was a small thought, but it occurred to Jeff that, despite his loss of size, he was still the one in control of the situation. “Can we just…” he broke off in a gasp when his friend stopped squeezing and gave his plump pillows a rough swat, nearly making him cum on the spot as they shook and rippled. “How do we undo this?”

Trevor’s hand lingered against Jeff’s face for another moment before he sighed and stepped back, forcing himself to look away. His own cock was rock hard and outlined in his shorts, and he was afraid he’d lose control if things went any further. “Okay…let’s think. It happened when you plucked the flower, so maybe we can put it back?” Trevor bent and reached for the rose, watching Jeff out of the corner of his eye. “What if we just stick it back on the wall? That could…ow!” He winced and dropped the rose, shaking his hand. “You didn’t tell me it was so thorny.”

“It wasn’t! I didn’t feel any,” Jeff said, his heart racing. His friend had picked up the flower before he could stop him, and he didn’t think the sudden finger prick boded well. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it just stings. Roses aren’t poisonous, are…theyyyuunnnnggg!” Trevor grunted, doubling over as his body suddenly swelled. As with Jeff, the changes happened fast, but unlike the shrunken man, they were accompanied by a loud tearing sound as Trevor’s tight tank-top and fitted shorts exploded off his body. While the muscled blonde had grown smaller, the lean brunette was thrust in the opposite direction. Trevor’s toned torso inflated, his shoulders shooting apart as they grew round and firm with muscle that flowed down to his rapidly expanding arms. His pecs ballooned to fill the sudden void, the formerly toned mounds pushing out into a prominent, heaping shelf that obscured the view of his bulky new muscle gut. There was another, softer tearing sound as Trevor’s briefs gave out against the onslaught of flesh, his already-ample rear growing into a matched set of granite globes, while his thighs slammed together as a pair of meaty pylons above his rocky new calves.

Like Jeff, his face underwent an equally dramatic transition, but whereas the blonde’s features softened, Trevor’s grew hard. His chin widened into a comically lantern jaw, and his cheekbones became razor sharp to match his pointed, prominent nose as they sat below a slightly sloped brow. “WHAT THE canlı bahis FUCK?!” Trevor roared, his voice several octaves lower. In a matter of seconds, his lean build had become thick and bloated, leaving him closer to a heavyweight bodybuilder than a soccer player. He gawked at his exposed sea of muscle, the backwards cap on his head all that remained of his former outfit. “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DICK,” he cried, finally looking down over his cresting pecs to discover that, while Jeff’s package had grown, his had shrunk. He should have had an average, proportional cock with a matching set of balls, but now he sported a short little nub with petite marbles underneath. If his friend’s cock looked ridiculously large on the other man’s smaller build, Trevor’s looked impossibly tiny on his hulking new frame.

“Holy shit…” Jeff gasped, his rigid pole throbbing at the sight of his inflated friend. The naked hunk didn’t appear to have grown any taller, but he was at least twice as broad, with arms the size of the curvy blonde’s thighs. He licked his lips as he stared at Trevor’s tiny poker, unable to tell if the little acorn was hard and not caring either way. “Uh…should I even ask if you’re okay?”

“No! Look at me!” Trevor swayed, then dropped to his knees, his meaty pecs bouncing on impact. He stared at his widened hands, wincing as his unwanted bulk rubbed against itself with the slightest movement. He could already tell that his range of motion had been significantly limited when he reached down and swallowed his minuscule package, a desperate, pleading look on his exaggerated features. “I’m a fucking freak!”

It was Jeff’s turn to be the comforting one. He stepped forward, Trevor’s head only slightly lower than his own even while kneeling, and cupped his friend’s face. “Bro, are you kidding? I know plenty of dudes who’d kill for a body like that.”

“Even with this,” Trevor spat, thrusting his little nub forward. The motion caused his slab of a torso to press against Jeff’s thick pole, and both men shivered as the leaking club left a trail of pre-cum across the kneeling giant’s muscle tits.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Jeff whimpered, instinctively grinding his cock harder against Trevor’s granite shelf. He couldn’t stop. Just as his friend had been, he was suddenly captivated. His head swam from the overwhelming aroma wafting up off the other man’s brawny muscle, and the world melted away until there was nothing left but the two of them. No fear or embarrassment, just pure, unfiltered pleasure. Jeff slid his hands down from the other man’s face to grip his cannonball shoulders while he pumped, working his aching rod in the deep valley of Trevor’s chest.

“Guuuhh…goddamn…” the kneeling stud groaned, his hands latching onto Jeff’s yielding bottom. The sensation of the warm, solid cock gliding against his pecs was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He knew that with his increased size he could have easily seized control of the situation, but even thinking it felt wrong. Being on his knees, looking up at Jeff’s shrunken frame, just seemed right. It suddenly occurred to him that, like his friend’s athletic build, something more than inches off his cock had been stolen, but he couldn’t bring himself to focus on the idea for long. “Jeff…dude…what…what are we doing…” he whined, dropping his head against the other man’s flat chest.

“I don’t know…but it…feels too good to stop…” the blonde sighed, his head falling back on his thin new shoulders when Trevor finally gave in and flicked his tongue against the bulbous head wedged between his pecs. One tentative lick became two, which then quickly became the kneeling beefcake’s entire mouth wrapping around the rigid beast. Jeff gave a long, low groan while Trevor bobbed his head, no longer sure of what was and wasn’t real. The maze, the roses, the changes they’d both undergone; it all should have been impossible. The thought that there was a real hag living in a hut in the middle of a magical hedge maze, that itself sat in the middle of a swamp, was ludicrous. There was no such thing as magic or witches in the first place. It was just an urban legend.

And yet, there they were with their warped bodies, two straight friends desperately going at each other in a frenzy of lust, surrounded by a labyrinth of pungent rose. Jeff knew what that meant. If even part of it was real, then all of it was, leaving everything he thought he knew about the world in the dust. Even as he watched Trevor’s massive shoulders flex, feeling himself rocketing towards the edge, it was dawning on him that they were very likely stuck this way. According to the legends the hag wasn’t known for her generosity, and he’d apparently crossed a line by plucking the flower. He’d taken from her, and she’d taken from them in turn.

But she’d also left something behind. Jeff could feel it crawling under his skin, just as he knew Trevor could, the heady, floral aroma that would forever have a similar effect on any of the men around them. He didn’t know yet if the responses would be the same, him with a desire to dominate and Trevor with a desire to be dominated, but he was sure it wouldn’t take them long to find out.

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