Casting Couch

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As the dusk started to settle and the lights on the Bangalore skyline started to brighten with street lights Deepak got up from his portable armchair. He was reading a Nancy Drew fiction novel. He folded the chair and holding it with one hand walked towards the stairway at the far end of the terrace. When he reached the bank of elevators on the top floor landing he pressed the call button. In about four minutes the elevator opened. Deepak waited for a young man to get off the elevator before he could get in. But the young man looked at him for a long moment and then with a twitch of a smile asked him in Hindi, “are you Deepak D’Souza?” Deepak was surprised and still waited for the man to get out of the elevator because holding up the portable chair for long was getting uneasy.

“Yes, I am. Who are you and where are you from,” Deepak replied in English which he was most comfortable in. Deepak thought it was just a usual social banter. The guy was fairly good looking, dark, about 22 years of age and naturally rugged in built. Deepak thought he might be a construction worker from Orissa from his accent.

“My name is Krishna Lal, but everyone calls me Lucky. I am staying here in flat number 53. I am a sanitation engineer by education and profession. I heard about you during the housing society meeting. Some members had complained that there is a lot of noise from your apartment in the night.”

Deepak looked blank at Lucky. He was not prepared for this conversation. Or rather, he could have told anyone else to go fuck themselves with their complaint, but this guy had a strange animal attraction for his age.

Lucky continued in English, “don’t worry. I too stay alone and I work for the developer who constructed this apartment building. Even I get a lot of friends at home, and I told the society members my opinion. I think it is a generation gap.”

Deepak couldn’t care less about society members’ complaint nor could he hide his irritation with the conversation. Lucky could sense that Deepak was waiting for him to get out of the elevator.

“Sir, actually, I am sorry for having said these things in our first meeting. But I wanted to get in touch with you to understand how to make a good mark in modelling and acting. I am passionate about acting but wouldn’t know where to start.”

Deepak, again, was not prepared for this conversation. He started to mumble something, then thought for a moment. He finally spoke slow and clear.

“Surely I can help you. I am going home now. You know I stay on the first floor. You wanna join me? I don’t have anything to do except to watch some silly TV news.”

Lucky spoke as he walked out of the elevator. “I will certainly meet you, but in about half hour. I just had a hair cut, I need a mandatory shower.” There was a sudden unconcealed excitement in Lucky’s voice.

Deepak entered the elevator. Even Deepak’s voice had some excitement. “Alright, then I will wait for you. If you stay alone why don’t you have dinner at my place tonight. I cook myself. I have made pork curry and rice. It’s not Michelin standard, but edible.”

“Oh ok. We can do that. And I will bring a surprise for you.”

On the way down Deepak started to feel young again. Something about Lucky was really very attractive, but Deepak was not ready to accept it was sexual. Most male aspiring models are straight guys who look at sexual overtures from industry as exploitation. Feminine guys rarely make it big in modelling. That’s also why Deepak never had sex with any male models at work. Girls have expressed their intentions but he was simple indifferent to them. Deepak was a cameraman after graduating from photography for over 15 years. He was close to 45 but he knew he looked much younger. He did not get married under the pretext of work and aspirations but he alone knew he was not interested in girls one bit.

When Deepak reached first floor he unlocked his door, took the armchair inside, knocked the door shut, placed the fiction novel on the table and straight went to have a shower. He changed to fresh clothes, warmed up the food in the microwave and then sat on the sofa in front of the TV waiting for Lucky. It was almost an hour later that Lucky turned up and Deepak had given up hope by then. When Lucky rang the doorbell he got up with a start and opened the door quickly.

“Good evening, sir. Sorry for the delay. I had to go out to get this. You might like it.”

Lucky handed Deepak a black polythene bag. Deepak opened the package, it was a bottle of Royal Stag whiskey. Deepak knew this was a cheap brand quite popular with college kids. He smiled and gave Lucky a hug. It was almost a reflex action. But Lucky did not hug him in return. He just stood their with a smile and a little squeamishness. Deepak struggled to hide his disappointment.

Both of them drank the whiskey with soda and ice. Deepak preferred cola but he had run out of it. When they finished the dinner it was close to 9 pm. taksim escort Lucky wanted to know everything about modelling and acting, and Deepak gave him professional advice. He told him that he needs to work on his body, make video profiles and photo portfolio, upload them on casting websites, send them to production houses and wait for the best. Deepak also told him that modelling is a long and arduous journey and he needs to braze himself for the long haul. As Deepak worked for a production house even he could inform Lucky if they need any models. Lucky was excited with the last part. He promised Deepak that he will do all that is required for modelling. Lucky was a little too excited by the idea of modelling and acting. Deepak had to make clear one simple fact of modelling life that it is not a regular income job. Some months Lucky might earn Rs3-4-lakh a month and some months the income might be zilch. But if Lucky is good enough then he will certainly live a upper middle class status in Bangalore at least in the beginning. Lucky never thought that was achievable with his sanitation engineering job.

Deepak made sure that he also apprised Lucky of the pitfalls of this profession so that he does not get dejected over long periods of unemployment and competition in the field. Lucky seemed to be a guy who was realistic and rational in his expectations even though a little starry eyed. By 11 pm both of them had become tipsy and eager to crash. Not surprisingly, Lucky told Deepak that he would prefer to sleep in his own house as the maid servant was expected early in the morning. Deepak agreed but for a reason – Lucky did not show any bisexual traits. He was straight as an arrow. They both had the pork curry and rice, which Lucky now agreed was certainly not a Michelin award winner. The excessive black pepper and turmeric had messed it up. At the door Deepak only shook Lucky’s hand and did not try any more overtures as he knew Lucky would get suspicious and might even walk away from his life. Deepak too did not want this friendship to continue as their wants and desires didn’t match. And Deepak was particular about sex with good looking friends. He knew this friendship was just a waste of time for Deepak. But Deepak couldn’t control the strong urge that was building within him for Lucky.

Life went on for a few weeks with Deepak trying to avoid Lucky as much as possible. Lucky called up Deepak almost everyday to meet and discuss how to make video profiles and photo portfolio. Deepak feigned forgetfulness, ignorance and even indifference to keep Lucky at bay. He told Lucky to get the photo and video shoots done by some other modelling agency because he was busy in some international contracts which was actually true. But Deepak also knew he wouldn’t have avoided Lucky if the magic between them had worked.

Deepak had after years of dating experience made a few observations. Men with too much of body hair were usually straight because their male hormone level in the blood was high. For a bottom guy it is really difficult to get a good top guy because most of the tops give preference to girls than boys. Top guys also come with a lot of attitude just to define their male dominance image. All this had made Deepak a little desperate. He started looking for sex twenty years ago and he must have not had sex with more than 30 guys, which might be an impressive figure, but it also means that he had sex once or twice every year! Most of them one-night stands for safety.

Lucky seemed to be a good guy, though straight. And he could be quite pliable because he was desperate to be a model. From the last few weeks Deepak also knew that Lucky had no other friend in the industry.

On the following Friday evening at about 7 pm Deepak’s doorbell rang. Deepak was in the middle of uploading videos to wetransfer site and it was painfully slow as the files were 4k. The doorbell broke the monotony and boredom for Deepak. When he saw Lucky at the door he felt a little guilty but still maintained his composure. Lucky was his exuberant self.

“Hello sir, how are you? I have been trying to meet you for weeks now. You seem to be terribly busy, which also means you will be able to get a few low-paid contracts for me,” Lucky said with a wink as he shook Deepak’s hand.

“I am so sorry. I have been caught up in so many projects that there is no end to the day.”

Deepak asked Lucky to come in and make himself comfortable. Deepak was already drinking so he made a glass of neat whiskey for Lucky. Lucky was decidedly not going to let any more time be wasted in talking about professional hazards, uncertainties in the job and varied requirements in the field. The time for discussion was over. So he cut to the chase.

“Sir, when can you do the video and the stills for me? I have been now going to the gym for the last three weeks and spending over fours daily. You can actually see the change in my built.”

Lucky got up and struck an amateur çapa escort pose with chest thrusting and biceps bulging under his tight and silky shirt. Deepak would have preferred a naked pose. He almost said that, but later realised his big game plan might get jeopardised if he revealed his sexual proclivities now. Deepak went back to his laptop and opened up his portfolio folder. Lucky was disappointed with Deepak’s indifference. Finally, after a long moment Deepak spoke with as much formal attitude that he could muster.

“See, Lucky. I can give you time next week by Thursday. Your shoot if all things go well will take about three days. But that’s not accounting for one day for trial shots and trial make-ups, costume designs, etc. It is preferable that you stay at our studio for three days so that whenever our technicians and staffers are free we will get your job done. This won’t cost you anything by way of studio charges, labour and services but you will have to bear the cost of the makeup and costumes and of course, the lunch and dinner.”

Lucky was listening intently and Deepak could feel that he started off well. Then he continued. “Your videos and stills will have minimum five profiles. You can choose from the whole lot of them that we do but it should suit your personality for the appropriate profiles. Only then casting directors will shortlist you for their projects. The more versatility you show, better are your chances.”

Again, Deepak waited for Lucky to raise any query or objection but Lucky sat staring at Deepak with gleamy eyes. The second steeplechase had been crossed.

“The five profiles for a personality like yours would be formal, informal, sports, rustic and bride groom. If you want we can even do a nude shoot or a bikini profile to improve your marketability. You don’t have to send the nude and bikini shots to everyone. Only share if the agency asks for it.”

Deepak tried to be absolutely cut and dry just as with his other male models, almost in practiced delivery. Lucky finally spoke up. “I have no problem doing anything to succeed in modelling. I am anyway an exhibitionist as many in my gym have found,” Lucky said with a chuckle.

“Alright then, give me a call on Thursday morning and I will try squeezing you into my schedule.”

“It’s unbelievable that an established cameraman is helping me free of cost. I will be permanently indebted to you. Thank you so much, sir.”

Deepak only smiled. “Then can we call it a day? I am going to sleep now as I have not had sleep since last two days. And I am also suffering from acidity.”

Lucky promptly got up from the sofa, shook Deepak’s hand, wore his slip ons and walked out of Deepak’s house shutting the door softly behind him. Deepak did not move from his seat for a long time. Deepak had sex with straight guys a couple of times but that was all by taking advantage of circumstances. But this time Deepak did not want anything to go wrong. Deepak fell asleep naked on the sofa minutes later after masturbating.

Though the next Thursday was not far away Deepak felt the never-ending wait a little unsettling by the end of week. Lucky was on a war-footing. He was in the gym everyday till the trainer suggested he should go home. He had gained over four kilograms and the muscle tone was looking good. There was a strange glow on his face, which Lucky knew was because of yoga. He wanted to be best in the lot at the studio and he was ready to do anything to be at the top of the modelling game.

On Thursday morning instead of calling Deepak he went down to his house at 7 am. Deepak had just finished his warm up exercises. He was making some cornflakes and milk. He was delighted to meet Lucky. He told Lucky what the plan for the day was. They will go the studio in the morning after he had his shower and breakfast. Deepak took his laptop with him.

In about 15 minutes both of them set out on Deepak’s car. The production company where Deepak worked had three studios and according to availability for the day Lucky’s shoot would be scheduled. Lucky didn’t have anything to say. Lucky just kept talking to Deepak. When they reached Deepak’s office Lucky was impressed that the office was huge. It was three storey and Deepak explained to Lucky that they had studios on all floors for various kinds of shoots. Deepak took Lucky to the visitors room. There were a lot of people in the foyer, most were technicians and a few models. The female models were stunners in their makeup gowns. After a few minutes of further explanations about the day’s schedule and availability of studios Deepak told Lucky to go and change to the makeup gown in the bathroom. Deepak also told him that he will have wear the waterproof gown after removing all his clothes. This was the normal practice for makeup as Lucky might have to go for a full body treatment. In about five minutes Lucky was back in the visitors room with a polyethylene bag of his clothes in hand. Deepak kept bakırköy escort the clothes bag in the locker and gave the key to Lucky. Lucky was looking gorgeous in the gown. The gown had no sleeves and was only as short as a mini skirt showing his well developed thighs. From behind Deepak could almost see the bottom of Lucky’s buttocks.

“So are you feeling embarrassed wearing a makeup gown?”

Deepak was seated at the head of the table. Lucky was at the far end of the visitors’ room.

“Not at all. I saw a few female models outside wearing this. If they don’t have any problem wearing this why should I?”

Deepak looked at Lucky for moment not knowing if he should ask the next question. Then he did.

“If you are not shy then lift your gown and show me your manhood.”

Without batting an eyelid Lucky raised his gown high up and Deepak could see his cock and balls.

“Then come here and stand near me.”

Lucky promptly walked up to Deepak and raised the gown to show his cock and balls. Deepak only smiled and gave a bro-bro fist bump to Lucky. Lucky lowered his gown. Deepak was acutely aware of the fact that he had a full erection. He always went commando which actually made such situations tricky. He gestured to Lucky to take seat. Just as Lucky sat down the door opened after a knock and a beautiful girl brought a tray carrying two large bowls of fruit salad. She served it with a practiced smile and left the room. Now Deepak knew Lucky was facing the same problem.

“Can you come here and sit. I want to show you something,” Deepak said pointing to the laptop screen on the table. Lucky hesitated but soon gathered the courage and got up from his seat. Deepak smiled after looking at the tent in Lucky’s makeup gown.

“Everything about your body is impressive,” Deepak said immediately regretting his choice of words. He then continued to show some of the portfolios made for 23-year old budding models by the same production house. Within ten minutes the same girl came into the room after knocking and informed Deepak that the make up unit 6 on the third floor is expecting both of them. Deepak thanked the girl and the girl smiled back. Lucky was getting jealous of Deepak’s job and his resolve to enter the modelling field was only getting firmer. They both finished the bowl of fruits before getting up.

Deepak knew the time has come. He held Lucky’s elbow and walked with the same poise that he was used to. Many guys greeted him on the long corridor and even on the escalator and he acknowledged them. Models in makeup gowns on the escalator was a voyeurs’ paradise. Lucky knew Deepak was a sought-after modelling consultant.

At the third floor Deepak and Lucky walked till the end of the long corridor to reach the makeup room. The bright sunshine was making the day for Lucky even more exciting. At the makeup room there was only one uniformed guy who greeted Deepak and Lucky. The three sat on the sofa and Deepak briefed Harish, the makeup man, about Lucky.

“See Harish, first let’s work on Lucky’s hair. Make him look hip and overtly stylised for today’s shots. Later we will check what to do with his body hair after I consult my colleagues. I also want your opinion,” Deepak said nonchalantly. Harish agreed and asked Lucky to mount on the large swivel chair which was almost like a bed when flattened. Deepak went out after telling Lucky that he will be back after sometime.

Harish worked on his hair, trimmed it in a strange but unique styling that made Lucky look like a show stopper. Lucky didn’t know that hair was only the beginning. The whole makeup would transform him. After about 20 minutes Harish called Deepak on his phone to understand what to do about his facial makeup and body hair. Harish took instructions and then kept the phone down.

Harish came back to Lucky and told him to raise his hands. There was an extension to the headrest which almost converted the makeup chair into a bed with soft waterproof cushion. When Lucky raised his hands over his head Harish reclined the seat into a bed. Then he stretched Lucky’s hands to a wide angle and pinned them down to the bed with a velcro. The velcro was soft and comfortable but Lucky couldn’t move his hands nor break free. Harish asked him if he is uncomfortable in that position. Lucky delightfully answered no.

Then Harish spread Lucky’s legs and stretched them in a similar wide angle. Lucky was lying on the makeup couch almost spread eagled with a slight bend that made the position comfortable. Harish applied velcro on his ankles just like on his wrists making Lucky completely immobile. Harish then pulled the zip on the side of the Lucky’s gown and opened the gown. Now Lucky was lying stark naked on the makeup couch. Harish asked Lucky to raise his body so that he could pull the gown from under Lucky. Harish dumped the gown in a pink bin.

“Are you uncomfortable being naked?”

“Oh, yes. I am actually an exhibitionist. I love it.” Lucky did not elaborate. Harish just smiled and said, “a lot of people will touch your body at all places during makeup and shoot, so be prepared.”

Lucky was a little shaken by that statement though he knew most of it would happen.

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