Chance Encounter Pt. 07

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There never was a Round 3. Sometime while I was lying there, feeling boneless, weightless, and basking in the afterglow of those mind-blowing orgasms, I fell asleep. I remember closing my eyes for a just a second. I guess that had been enough.

I woke up with a start, momentarily forgetting where I was. It was dark in the room. The only light came from the soft glow of the TV on the dresser. I rolled onto my side, and a blanket moved with me.

Aw, he covered me up. How sweet was that?

I found Billy sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed, putting his shoes on. He heard me move and turned to me.

“Hey,” he said, softly.

“Hey,” I said. “I’m really sorry I fell asleep.”

“Don’t be,” he smiled. “Means I did my job right.”

I smiled back, sitting up. I kept myself covered with the blanket. I don’t know why. He had already seen the show.

Billy’s smiled faded a bit. “I don’t want to be that guy, but I have to go to work,” he said.

“Oh, okay,” I said. I had no reason not to believe him.

“I’ll let you get dressed,” he said, standing up. He put his thumb on my chin and raised my face to his. He kissed me softly, and I melted against his lips. He pulled away, green eyes looking through me. “Thank you for an amazing afternoon.”

“The pleasure was mine,” I said.

He gave me a wink and I nearly fell out. “I’ll be out there,” he said, and left the room, closing the door behind him.

I got dressed and we left together. He walked me downstairs, and we said our goodbyes. We texted pretty much everyday for the rest of the week. Flirty messages heavy with sexual innuendo. We never actually talked. We had two different schedules, so I didn’t take it personally. When you work graveyard shift you have to sleep while everyone else is awake.

Friday night came along, and my sister was opening her new art gallery. It had been a long day on top of a long week, and I really, really didn’t want to go. All I wanted to do was Netflix and chill. But I had promised. I wanted to be there to support her, too.

I arrived fashionably late, mostly because I debated on what to wear. I knew my sister would expect me to wear a skirt or dress. The problem was I had been wearing a dress for 12 hours and I wanted to be comfortable. Honestly, it didn’t matter what I wore anyways. Ashley would have something to say regardless.

I walked in and spotted her right away, chatting it up with a few people. She was the definition of fashionably chic, dressed to the nines and a face beat for the gods. I looked down at my jeans and suddenly felt very underdressed. Fuck. I was never going to hear the end of this…

I looked back up and caught her eye at the same time. I gave her a small wave. She finished up her conversation and made her way to where I was, acknowledging people here and there. I smiled as she came to a stop in front of me, her 5’10” frame towering over me.

“The place looks really good, Ashley. Pretty big crowd, too,” I said.

“Thank you,” she smiled, looking around at her work. “I think people are having fun.”

“Definitely,” I agreed, looking around with her.

“So?” she asked.

I looked back at her, startled. “So,” I said.

She motioned to my jeans with her chocolate brown eyes.

I fucking knew it. “Don’t start with me, Ashley,” I warned her. “It’s been a long fucking day.”

“I wouldn’t have to Jade if you didn’t act so brand new all the time,” she said.

I took a deep breath. “I asked you what the dress code was, and you said casual.” I glanced around again. “Plus, there’s like 40 hipsters in here wearing jeans. Did you give them shit, too?”

“Nobody cares about what they’re almanbahis wearing. You, on the other hand, are my sister and therefore a representation of me.”

I laughed at how ridiculous she was acting. “Ashley, nobody cares about what I’m wearing either. This is your night. So go mingle with your guests and stop being a cunt.” I smiled sweetly. “K?”

She sighed loudly. “Fine. I’ll harass you again in a little bit.” She flashed me a smile. “Have fun!”

“You, too,” I said, my smile switching to genuine.

She turned to leave, and I said, “Whore.”

“Bitch,” she said over her shoulder.

A waiter walked by with glasses of champagne, and I snatched one off the tray before he passed. I took a big swig and went for a walk through the gallery. I wandered around aimlessly, stopping every so often to admire the works of the local artists Ashley had commissioned for the opening. That had always been Ashley’s M.O., helping the undiscovered artists make it big.

I was studying a particular painting when a familiar and very distinctive voice floated into my ears. It was muffled by the hum of the crowd talking at various levels around me. Still, I heard it, and my ears perked up like a predator who just heard its prey move nearby. I searched the gallery and accompanying sea of faces for the owner of that voice.

My heart began to beat faster. Could it really be him? Maybe I was hearing things. How is it possible that we keep running into each other? I’d never seen him before a month ago and now we keep randomly showing up at the same places. Was he stalking me?

I immediately laughed that off. Who the fuck was I kidding? A dude like Billy Rawn didn’t need to stalk anyone. He just walks down the street and pussy falls into his lap.

Maybe it really was fate…

Deep and full of bass, his voice made its way to my ears again, sending every hair on the back of my neck upright. His sly laugh followed, dripping with sex, and laced with candy. The inexorable shiver that laugh gave me danced down my spine. I knew then that I wasn’t hearing things.

I continued looking and finally spotted him across the gallery, not that far away. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of him. God, he was so beautiful. He was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt that fit like a second skin, accentuating his muscular upper body in all the right places. The shirt was tucked into a pair of black slacks held up by a black belt. Black on black on black…my kryptonite.

He was standing a few feet from a man and woman, who appeared to be a couple from how close they were standing to each other. The woman talked and Billy listened intently, giving her his full attention. It wasn’t like he was smitten or anything, it was just who he was. The type of person that would act the same way no matter who he was talking to. His penetrating green eyes staring deep into your soul, making you feel as if you were the most important person in the world at that moment.

Okay, maybe I was personalizing that last part, but you catch my drift.

It didn’t seem like he had a date. Should I go say hi? I struggled internally with whether I should. What if he thought I was the stalker? No, I had a more than legit reason to be here. Just do it, one part of my brain told the other. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and used the reflection on the screen to check my makeup and hair. All good.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and started forward. I got a few steps before another player entered the scene, stopping me dead in my tracks. A woman, beautiful, with gorgeous black hair that flowed down her back. She wore the quintessential little black dress almanbahis yeni giriş that hugged every curve perfectly and displayed her ample cleavage and long legs. Basically, she was a female version of Billy.

The type of woman I imagined he would be with.

I was back to feeling underdressed with a side of frumpy. Fuck, the one time I didn’t wear a fucking dress or skirt.

Billy saw her approaching and gave her a smoldering smile. She held a glass of champagne in each hand, extending her right arm to give him one as she reached his side. I watched his luscious lips say “thank you” as he took the glass from her. She leaned in to give him a kiss on each cheek then planted a kiss on his mouth. It looked chaste from the outside but lasted a few seconds too long to be a friend kiss.

The proverbial green-eyed monster was rearing its ugly head. I attempted to force it back down. I had no right to get jealous. Billy wasn’t mine. We had no ties to each other. Fuck, we weren’t even officially dating. So why did I have this crushing weight of jealousy making my chest tight?

She pulled back but stayed close to his face to say something only he could hear. When she reached up to wipe her red lipstick smudge of his bottom lip, I decided I had seen enough. I swallowed the rest of my champagne in one gulp and went on the search for more. Lots more…

I tried to fade into the crowd and stay in one place so not to chance an awkward encounter with Billy and his date or girlfriend or whatever. How would that even go?

Oh hey, Jade. This is my date. Honey, this is Jade. A girl I fucked a few times here recently. Yeah…no.

Three more glasses of champagne and one hour later I started to wonder if I had stayed long enough to appease my sister. Who, by the way, had yet to come back and talk to me. I didn’t hold it against her. I knew she was busy. In fact, busy enough that she probably wouldn’t notice if I slipped out.

No. I had to at least try to find her and tell her goodbye. I scanned the crowd but didn’t see her. She must have been hidden amongst a group somewhere. I was so focused on finding her that I didn’t hear him walk up behind me. I may have been slightly tipsy, as well.

“How is it that I’ve lived in this city my entire life and have never run into someone as many times as I have run into you?” Billy asked.

I smiled because I basically had the same thought. I couldn’t tell him that though. Then he would know I saw him first. I turned around to face him, still smiling. If it was possible, he looked even better up close. He was the epitome of tall, dark, and oh-so-fucking-handsome. I met his green eyes that were already sparkling with mischief, his perfectly bow-shaped mouth set in a playful smile. The butterflies his presence commanded filled my stomach, fluttering around anxiously.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe you’re just lucky,” I said.

He looked me up and down seductively, smile widening a little. “I agree.”

My heart skipped a beat. I could feel the blush creeping up my cheeks and had to avert my eyes for a second to stop it. In a moment of fluster, I stupidly asked, “Where’s your date?”

Billy looked over his shoulder. “She’s over…wait.” He turned back to me. “How did you know I had a date?”

Busted. I fought to keep my face neutral. “What? I-I didn’t. I just assumed…” I let my voice trail off.

That sparkle of mischief in his eyes was a full-blown gleam now. “You saw me first. Didn’t you?” he asked.

There was no point in denying it, so I just stayed quiet.

“So why didn’t you come say hi?” He thought about it for a moment and put two and two together. The look almanbahis giriş in his eyes switched to teasing, but he frowned sympathetically. “Oh, Jade. Were you jealous?”

My stomach dropped. Shit. Why didn’t I see that coming? If I did, I could have had a better answer prepared then rolling my eyes, scoffing loudly, and saying, “No.” Typical response of the guilty.

Billy cocked his head to the side, not buying it. I had a feeling he wouldn’t relent until I just admitted it.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, avoiding direct eye contact. “I may have been a tiny bit jealous,” I conceded.

Billy chuckled softly, straightening his head back up. “No need to be jealous, doll. There’s plenty of me to go around.” He licked his lips and things low in my body tightened.

The statement conjured up images of his dick in my mind, filling it to the brim until I could think of nothing else. My eyes were drawn down his body to where the magnificent beast lied in wait. I had the sudden urge to close the space between us, release the beast from its cage, get on my knees and worship every inch of it.

I even picked up my foot to walk forward. Until I remembered where I was and came crashing back to reality. He did it again. Whenever he was around, I forgot anybody else existed. I quickly met his gaze again when I realized I’d been staring at his crotch the way men stare at a woman’s chest.

Billy was giving me a knowing smile. He knew what I had been thinking because he knew where my head would go when he said that. It was exactly how he wanted me to react. My cheeks were turning red and there was no stopping it this time.

He took a step towards me. He was so close, our bodies inches apart. The smell of his cologne made my pulse speed up. I had to look up into his eyes, which were now burning into mine. His face was serious, yet he always seemed to maintain some semblance of a smile on those delectable lips. What emotion it conveyed depended on the conversation or situation.

“You’re blushing,” Billy said, voice barely above a whisper.

“It’s the-um…champagne,” I said, my volume matching his.

He shook his head. “No, it’s not.”

“Won’t your date be mad if she sees you standing so close to me?” I asked.

“Probably not,” he answered.

I drew my eyebrows together, confused by that answer. “Why not?”

“She ditched me.” He laughed slyly as that answer only confused me more. “For her girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” I questioned, making sure we were on the same page about the definition of “girlfriend”.

Billy just nodded his head slowly.

The amount of stupidity I felt at that moment was immeasurable. “Oh my God,” I breathed, turning my head away, sheepishly. “I just assumed because she’s so beautiful and- “

“It’s the type of girl you pictured me with,” he finished for me.

I turned back to him, surprised. How did he know that? Was I that transparent?

“Yeah,” I said.

“And you don’t think you can compete with her?” he asked.

“No,” I answered.

He looked even deeper into my eyes. “You’re wrong,” he said.

Instead of skipping, I’m pretty sure my heart did a double beat. After hearing that I could have died right then, and I would have died happy.

“Really,” I smiled.

He grabbed my hand, and it placed it over his very stiff cock. I stepped closer to him so my body could somewhat hide where my hand was.

“What do you think?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

I started to stroke his cock over his pants. I couldn’t help myself. I had it now and I didn’t want to let go. Especially after Billy let out this growl/moan, soaking my panties in the process. The noises he made were like a drug, and I was more than addicted.

“I think you should take me somewhere private and fuck me until I can’t think straight. And then fuck me some more,” I said.

He smiled, sensually. “As you wish.”

To be continued…

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