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Adria slipped her key into the lock and turned it. She shoved the door a bit since it stuck and walked through her front door. She took one step into the her home and yelped when a hand dragged her the rest of the way in. Heart pounding she turned toward the intruder. She broke out into a smile when she saw Devlin.

“Hey! You are back. When did your flight get in? I was going to pick you up tomorrow. I just bought some groceries to cook us a romantic meal tomorrow night. You are home too early; I did not have a chance to clean my home.” She babbled.

Devlin replied “I caught an earlier flight. I wanted to come back earlier. It has been a very long three weeks with out you. I can see that you haven’t cleaned your home. It filthy.”

Adria walked towards the kitchen. “Please, close the door, lock it and follow me into the kitchen. I want to put the groceries away before they spoil.”

Devlin shut the door and locked the dead bolt. He folded over the extra safety lock. He turned around with a slight frown on his face. He followed Adria to her kitchen.

“I am really glad you are home. How did the job go? Was it crazy? Just let me put these away and we can chat” she happily stated.

“Actually, why don’t you stop and look at me for a minute.” He mildly answered.

Adria looked up startled, “Er, honey, what’s wrong? Did the deal go bad?”

“Did we not have an agreement about your home? It was your goal to keep the home orderly and clean. I believe we also have a standing protocol for you to greet me with a hug and kiss first thing we see each other. Or am I mistaken?” he questioned softly.

Adria froze. Oh shoot she thought. What did she do? Three weeks and she already forgot the rules. Darn she had such high hopes to keep a clean home. She wanted it always ready in case guest stopped by. To help her accomplish this, she worked out a plan with Devlin. He kept his home so nice and orderly. Everything had its place. He never misplaced anything or wasted time searching for items. She just always lost things. If it wasn’t her keys, it was her wallet. This morning, she couldn’t remember where she placed her watch. She ended up running late to each errand because she had no way to keep time.

Oh no! Now she remembered what she and Devlin decided for punishment if she didn’t keep up with her goals.

He nodded, “Well, I see you remembered what we decided. I read it on your face. Yes, and this time I am going to enforce it. Finish putting away that last bag and you know where to meet me. I am going to get prepared.” He left the kitchen and headed towards the her bedroom. Adria slowly removed the red skin potatoes out of the bag and placed it on the counter. She dreaded the rest of the day. Last night she was going to do all the cleaning so that she could take the leisure Saturday primping for Devlin to come home. She got distracted with some shows that she taped anyway. She should have not spent time watching the tele. She was definitely going to have to pay for her procrastination.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Devlin shouted from the bedroom.

Adria jumped and quickly put the butter away. She folded up the paper bag and put it in the recycle bin. “I’m coming” she squeaked. She dragged her feet in her room, to the master bath. When she first saw this one story home, she fell in love with the master bath.

The three person large Jacuzzi tub was something she always wanted. The separate shower stall contained four shower heads. Two at head level at opposite side and two at waist level. That way, in the winter time, she was never cold when she showered. She had change the heads to be massagers for when her body was sore. It even had a separate movable hose that allowed for a hand held device.

The previous owners were European, which was quite evident with the bidet. When she first saw it, she couldn’t figure out what it was, until Devlin explained it. She didn’t like to use it so it was still quite spotless except for the dust due to lack of use. There was even a decent sized linen closet for her to store all her toiletries. The alabaster marble sink and counter top completed the bathroom.

When she walked in, she noticed the towels placed on the edge of the tub. She glanced at the counter. She winced as she inventoried the items laid out. Two different sized anal plugs laid side by side. One strand of anal beads laid right next to that. A full enema kit also laid right next to the beads.

Slowly, she looked up at Devlin. He raised his right eyebrow and looked at her up and down. She slowly pulled off her sweater top let drop to the floor. She unclasped her bra and threw it into the lingerie basket. She slipped off her sweat pants. She placed both sweater and pants into the laundry basket. She clenched her fists at her side and turned to face Devlin.

“Well, you are the dirty little girl aren’t you? Where are your panties? And I see you didn’t keep your pussy clean either. One fraction after another. What am I to poker oyna do with you?” he gleefully asked.

Adria looked down at her pussy. UGH! She forgot to wax last night. She let it grow for 3 weeks so that she could be smooth tonight for him. Damn him for coming home early, she thought. “I was going to do that today before you came home. But you came home early and I . . .”

Devlin interrupted, “Let me understand what you are saying. Because I thoughtfully wanted to come home early to see you a day earlier, it is my fault that the house is dirty. It is my fault that your pussy is not hairless. I see. I believe we discussed placing blame on others, didn’t we? And we also discussed procrastination. We can take care of those punishments tomorrow. You have enough to fill the rest of the day today.”

Adria hung her head. This was getting worse and worse. She had planned on a nice romantic dinner tomorrow. Then an hour in the Jacuzzi tub with bubbles. After that, they were going to have wild monkey sex. How could she be so lazy! How could she be so stupid. She should have anticipated that he would come home early. This was all his fault for throwing her off.

Devlin patted the towel. “Come on, we have a long day ahead of us. Let’s go Addy”

She hated that name! This did not look good. Whenever he addressed her as Addy, she knew she was going to treat her like a child. Sunday was going to be just as bad as today. She whimpered and nearly cried.

“Quit delaying your punishment. Get your butt over here right now. Don’t make me come over there and drag your lazy ass over this towel. You do not want to make me any madder!” he threatened.

Adria shuffled over to the tub. She leaned on the towel and over the edge with her head down into the tub. She rested her hips comfortable and waited. Her shoulders tensed when she heard the snap of the latex gloves go on. The squirt of the lube from the bottle made her butt clench.

Slap! “Relax your asshole for me. Don’t make me hurt you, little girl” he patronized.

Adria tried to relax and the sting of the slap to her left butt cheek faded. She felt one gloved finger rim her hole. Slowly it probed deeper. She relaxed as another finger was added in. Quickly it was withdrawn and a cold tube slipped in place of the fingers. She closed her eyes. Soon, she would be feeling the cramps.

Devlin smiled as he looked at the upturned bottom. She had such a delightful upside down heart shaped butt. Bent over extenuated her lovely ass. He had a feeling she was lying when she said she was keeping her home clean. He purposely told her he was coming home on Sunday rather than Saturday. Although he did expect to get at night, not mid morning. He was going the have a fun filled weekend. He had been wanting to catch her on something for so long. She had been going quite well several months, no punishments. This would hold them over for the next several months.

He waited until she relax her enter body. As soon as she did, he let the water run from the enema bag into her. He only used 1 quart of warm soapy water. He figured she needed a bit of cleaning before she could take more.

“So, little girls who are dirty need to be cleaned? And how do we clean them? We give them enemas. Because enemas helps to clean bad little girls starting from the inside out. Dirty little girls have cleaning duties to remind them of what cleanliness should be. We have our work cut out for us. You are the just filthy. And you demonstrated that you are not an adult, but a little girl. We will have to treat you like the little girl you are, won’t we?” he taunted.

Devlin checked to make sure the video camera he hid in the linen closet was catching everything. He enjoyed every squirm from Adria as the water slowly flowed in. He raised the bag a bit higher so that the water would flow faster.

“UGH!” she yelp. “Too much! I can’t take anymore.”

“You can take it. Don’t be a baby. Or would you like to be treated as a baby. We can do that too.” Devlin suggested.

“No, Sir. I can take it. I was just startled. My tummy hurts though. Will you rub it?” She pleaded.

Devlin reach under her and turned her a bit. With his left hand he rubber her belly in circular motions. He felt her body relax into his hand. He checked the bag. There was only ¼ left of water in it. He raised it a bit higher and watched the rest of the water drain out. He grinned at her grunt.

“There now, I am going to take this out and put a plug in you to help you hold it. You will hold this for 10 minutes. I know it will be difficult for you, but do it anyway. For each minute less that you hold, you will receive 10 spankings. For each additional minute you hold it for, you will receive 5 less spankings. You will be receiving 100 spankings for leaving the house so dirty. Those will be directly on your ass. You will receive 25 spankings directly on your pussy for not keeping it neat. You will being holding now.”

Devlin removed the enema tube and placed canlı poker oyna the whole thing in the sink. He picked the smaller plug up. He walked back to Adria and shoved the plug up her cute little brown hole. He loved hearing her yelp. He returned to the sink and filled it with soapy water to wash everything and prepare it for the next usage. When he finished he checked his watch. Only 2 minutes had passed. He looked over his shoulder at Adria.

Adria was quietly balancing on the tub edge. He knew from past experience that with in the next couple of minutes, she would not be able to handle it and would start wiggling. He liked watching her dance around.

He returned to the sink and opened the bottom drawer. He pulled out the lemon power. He mixed 2 tablespoons of power with 1 cup of water. He set it aside. 5 minutes had passed. He checked on Adria. To his surprise, she was still laying there quietly.

“I am impressed; you are lasting longer than you usually do.”

“Thank you, Sir. I am really sorry and I want to make up for it.”

“Well, this is a start. You do know that even if you are on your best behaviour, you are not going to lessen your punishment. You are still going to be punished completely. After the punishment is over, you can then make it up to me and show me exactly how sorry you are for your bad behaviour.” He responded.

He stifled a laugh as he saw her shoulder droop. “Now, I don’t want you to think that you shouldn’t over achieve. Because if you don’t excel, you will only receive more punishments.” The no win situation he present would surely make her even more nervous. He wanted to take the control out of her hands as much as possible. She was too used to getting her way. It was time for her to let go of that control a bit. It made her too intense and difficult.

“You have 2 and a half minutes before your time is up.” He noticed the little twitch in her hips. Sure enough, in about 30 seconds, she started to move a bit more. He saw her move her hands towards her belly to ease the cramping.

“Nah uh, you may not ease the cramping. You may request for me to rub your belly. That will cost you another 15 seconds for each time I rub you.”

“No Sir, I will be fine. I can make it” she whimpered.

“We’ll see.”

At the 10 minute mark, Adria was dancing as if someone was tickling her. He thought for sure that she would give in and ask to be relieved. Another minute ticked by.

At 13 minutes, Adria yelped, “Please Sir, may I use the toilet?”

“Yes you may.” Devlin removed her butt plug and watched Adria scurry to the toilet. He did not leave as she sat down and voided the enema noisily.

Oh how embarrassing Adria thought. With each fart and plop, she cringed. She didn’t want him to see her voiding out her bowels. She didn’t even want to experience it. And the smell. Yuck. Could she be even more unappealing? She quickly flushed the toilet before she was done. A well bred lady must remember her courtesy flush.

After an embarrassing two minutes which felt like ten minutes, she was done. She was not allowed to wipe. She stood up and immediately moved over to the bidet to wash off. After she was clean, she should back up.

Feeling quite subdued, she asked, “Sir, would you like to spank me here or in the bedroom?”

“Bend back over the towel. We are not done yet.”

Oh no! Not another enema so soon! I can’t do it she thought. She went back to the towel despondently. Not sure what would happen, she was surprised to feel the nudge of his fingers and more lube. She felt him slip one then two fingers in. He playfully thrust his fingers in and out. Once it felt comfortable to her, she started to relax and enjoy his attentions. Before she knew it, he stopped and place something else at the edge of her opening.

What could it be? The butt plug again? She remembered him throwing it into the sink, so it couldn’t be that on. Oh! The bigger one. She didn’t want that one in her. Sure enough, she felt it try to force its way in. She couldn’t help herself. She tightened up.

“Stop it! Push out. You are taking this in, little girl” he ordered.

She tried to relax. After a few minutes, she did and she felt the widest part slip in. She protested with small noises. She felt it pull out and the slid back in. After several times, suddenly she felt it push all the way in. Her back straightened and her head came up.

“Ouch! That hurt! Ow, ow, take it out, I can’t do it.” She cried.

“Nonsense. You can take it.”

She felt him take her hand. She looked up at him with sad eyes. She followed him out the master bath and into her bedroom. He sat on her king bed and patted his thighs. She climbed across his thighs, bracing for a spanking.

“Well, you only receive 85 spankings. You know the drill, count, thank me and ask for another.”

“Yes Sir. Please spank me. I have been a naughty little girl”.

“One, thank you Sir. May I please have another?” She was grateful internet casino that he was starting light. By the time she counted to 50, she was starting to loose control. He was spanking much harder and wasn’t sure she could take the next 35.

“Fifty-two, thank you Sir. May I please have another?” she stammered out.

Adria couldn’t keep her still. She tried to keep her wrists clasped tightly together. Her bottom stung pretty badly. She thought for sure that her butt was fiery red. She was relieved as she hit 72 spanks. Even though she hadn’t felt the butt plug delve deeper with the spanking, once in a while, Devlin did hit her just at the right angle. At that point she always let out a little squeal as the butt plug plunged in a bit before it moved back out. She was quite thankful that he was only spanking the fleshy parts of her ass.

“. . 85, thank you Sir” she sighed with relief.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Your butt is a nice rosy pink. You can’t even tell that I have been spanking it. The resilience of your ass is truly a wonder. I think you could easily take another 100 strokes. Shall we try it out?” Devlin asked.

“If you wish it to be Sir. I am really sore though. May we try it a bit later? I am not sure if I can continue on with out disgracing myself.” That was close. Her first reaction was to shout NO! That would have immediately guaranteed a stricter sentence.

“Well, we do have a lot to do today. And who knows what other punishments you will earn. Get up and lets go survey the mess in your home.”

Adria slid off his lap and stood to the side. She waited until he raised from the bed and headed out the bedroom. She followed behind him.

“Your laundry baskets are overflowing. Seems as if you haven’t washed any linens either. I would guess that you have three loads of laundry just in clothes. Another load for linens. Lastly, a load for towels, am I right?”

Before Adria could answer, Devlin continued on.

“While the tub looked to be clean, your shower stall was filthy. Was that mildew growing along the bottom edge? You have allergies. You should never let that grow. How gross. That toilet has seen better days too. Haven’t you vacuumed once since I have been gone? There is hair everywhere. Your bathroom floor is covered in hair.”

Devlin flipped the light switch on. He peeked in the half bath. “Well, this definitely needs a bit of dusting. While it isn’t a mess, it is not exactly presentable.” He turned off the light and headed towards the living room which also served as a dining room. He side stepped the books laying about.

“I see you have been reading again. I count a total of 11 book covers lying on the couch, coffee table and the floor. There are at least two dozen books strewn all over the room. Your dining table is covered in bills and mail. We bought you a mail organizer for a reason. You were also supposed to switch to all paperless bills. Are you still receiving paper ones? I believe we wanted to be more environmentally friendly.” He scolded.

The real mess was in the kitchen. The sink overflowed with dirty dishes. Dirty pots and pans sat on the stove. Soiled napkins and more used plates hid the kitchen counter. The floor still looked quite clean, but as soon as Devlin stepped in, Adria saw him scowl. Hearing the sound of his feet sticking to the floor made her wince.

“So you spilled something clear on the floor and decided not to clean it? Are you asking for ants to come into the house?” he demanded.

“You have three hours to clean up the kitchen, bathroom and do the laundry. You do not have to wash the floor in that three hours. Your time starts now.” He commanded. Devlin turned and left the kitchen with an angry look on his face.

“Sir, isn’t it time for you take the butt plug out? And may I put some clothes on?” Adria ventured?

“No, clean in the nude. Three hours of punishment with the butt plug will teach you not to be such a pain in the ass. The clock is ticking.” He retorted.

Adria’s heart sunk. This was not going to be easy. She went to the cabinet that held all the cleaning supplies. Gingerly she bent over, conscious of the butt plug poking her uncomfortably. She pulled the bucket of cleaning supplies out. She slipped on her yellow rubber cleaning gloves. She pulled out the dishwashing detergent. She opened the dish washer and began to load all the dirty dishes. Once everything was loaded, she added the detergent. Once the dishwasher started, she headed to the laundry room.

She started a load of dark colours first. As the machines were all running, she started to clean the half bath. She dusted it with a wet rag and cleaned the toilet. Moving on to the master bath, she was on a roll. She barely noticed the butt plug anymore. She started to feel overheated. Not wanting to waste time, she sprayed down the shower to let the cleaning solution soak in. She ran back to the laundry room to dry the first load and start the next load of delicates.

She cleaned the sink, toilet and bidet. Returning to the shower, she scrubbed it clean. She saw a flash. Turning quickly around, she saw Devlin with a camera. OH God! He was taking pictures of her cleaning the house naked!

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