College Ch. 12

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Ok so I know it’s taken so long to write this but again writer’s block can be a pain. A big thank you to the epic johnwhoknew for editing this.So read and enjoy. Feedback and comments welcome, laters – xxx_willow_xxx


What the hell was he going to do to me???

As we went back downstairs, my head was spinning…should I be afraid? What has this man got planned for me in a secluded cabin, in the middle of the woods with no one else around? I calmed myself…This is ridiculous! This is Danny, he just means for it to be romantic and a treat for him. He’s sharing something close to him with me and I need to stop my imagination running away.

“So which room is mine?” I laughed jokingly knowing this will invoke an answer from him.”The master bed room, with me where I’m going to do naughty things to that incredible body of yours until you literally want nothing more than to have me fill you up again and again and again.” He replied as his hands slid around my waist his arm crossing between my breasts as he pulls me back against him, planting soft, warm kisses on my bare neck and shoulder. I can feel his erection against my back as I bring my hand behind me and rub him through his jeans. He moans out loud, “Ker you better ease up or else I’m going to take you right now on this floor.”

I turn in his arms and reply,” Do you want to? Right now, take me on this floor where we will satisfy and relieve the other, so intensely we wouldn’t even notice if the foundations fell down around us?” My hand never stopped in its course as we talked and I felt him pulsate as I spoke, damn I was getting wet, while I waited for his reply.

“Damn you, Kerry. I want nothing more than to pull that dress off, expose your beautiful breasts and body to me and use you as my playground where I’ll make you orgasm over and again. But that will ruin my plans for tonight so my reply is not yet, but mark my words every room in this house will be used before we leave tomorrow,” he said as his hands slid around my body again and kissed me, his mouth scorching mine, bringing my desire to a head. He pulled away from me and went into the kitchen making a list of things he needed to get from the local shop about 15 minutes away. I proceeded to bring my bag (a human size suitcase) up the stairs to the master bedroom.

As I opened the case, my first thought was; what the hell? In the suitcase, there was another suitcase. So taking out the suitcase from the first one, I lay it back on the bed and unzip the next one, and there’s another suitcase? What the hell is Emma playing at? After the fourth case, I find a small tote bag, with nothing in it except for a nightdress, a clean pair of jeans and a tee and underwear, a bikini and toiletries and a blindfold. A blindfold? I collect all the suitcases and put them back into the big one and put it under the bed. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

I look at the bed tempted to climb up and lie down on it…it looks so big and soft; the kind of bed you could cosy up in and lie there for days and still be comfortable. I can’t believe Danny brought me here into this private space of his. Maybe things are going better than I can possibly imagine which brought a smile to my lips as my imagination begins to fire up with images of the kind of things Danny could possibly to do to me on this bed especially after finding the blindfold.

I go back downstairs and Danny is standing at the counter going through his own bag and pulls out a Nikon camera… I had no idea he was interested in photography. I walk over to him, slip my arms around him from the back and cuddle into his shoulders, sighing contently. This would definitely class as my happy place. The one place I could think about when I’m having a crap day, just me and Danny here alone, no worries, no complications, that we’re an actual couple. Not a student and teacher having an affair that would be frowned upon and cause the loss of my college degree and Danny’s job. No Alicia trying to break us apart. Danny runs his hand up my arm breaking my train of thought and turns in my arms. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, just thinking it’s nice for a change not to have to sneak around you know?” I reply, as his eyes look into mine and I can see he was thinking something similar to me.

“Yes, it is, knowing I can do this,” he says, pausing as he kisses me on the mouth, softly and so explicitly slow that I stand there just allowing his soft kisses to steal my breath from me. “And this,” as he kisses my cheek trailing his lips slowly towards my ear, his voice becoming gentle and quiet the closer he gets, “And this and no one can see or watch or judge,” he says as he licks and grazes my earlobe with his teeth.

My moan rushes from me as my body responds to his kisses and ministrations. Already I can feel my body liquefying, the feelings pooling below my stomach as I clench down on these feelings before they carry me away. He walks behind me, his arm, followed by his hand trails across my stomach, making me tighten my muscles so I don’t ripple under his touch. The fingers of his other hand, pulling my hair away from my neck as he kisses me softly behind my ear, unbearably slowly with the next kiss a little further down my neck, and lower and lower still, until he’s at my bare shoulders. My nerve endings are alive with sensation, making every kiss, every touch from him almost a torture, but of the exquisite kind.

His fingers lace a trail on the skin of my bare shoulders, as he continues the ministrations on my neck. My right hand covers his left hand on my stomach as my fingers curl around his, but he pulls my hand off with his right güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and raises it up to his neck so my fingers trace along his hairline at the back of his neck. I moan aloud, and move to turn my body in his arms so I can kiss him because I don’t think I can take much more of this from him. I want him now and it’s finally possible to be with him, with no distractions, no worries, no hiding, but his fingers tighten on my stomach, scrunching up the material of my white dress, so I don’t move. He growls in my ear, “Don’t even think of moving. Your skin is flawless, so smooth almost like silk. Your taste,” as he licks a quick line down my neck, “is heavenly. It makes my head swim. The things I want to do to you, right now Kerry, so badly. I want to feel you under me, on top of me, anyway I can get you.”

His hand that sits on my stomach is pulling more and more material of my dress into its hold, as it moves up my thighs climbing higher and higher, teasing and tantalising me as it shifts. I rock against Danny, and hear him groan as my ass rubs against his erection. I can feel the heat of it coming through his jeans. He is just as turned on as I am. I rub up against him again, as his hand grabs onto my hip, my dress hem sitting just below the apex of my thighs.

“Please, Danny, please touch me,” moaning the thoughts running through my head. My body is one massive strain, a void of touch, and I want his touch now! I grind against him again, showing him without words what I want of him, what I need from him right now, right here, in this moment; which feels like it’s stretching on for eternity, all because he hasn’t touched me intimately. Suddenly he pulls away from me, spins me around and into the wall. He grabs my hands pinning them above my head and pins the rest of my body against the wall with his. I gasp; the wall is cold against my hot, flushed skin.

Danny’s gaze is burning as he looks at me and whispers: “I told you not to move. I’ll have to punish you now for this.”

He flips me around so my breasts are pushed against the wall, my ass towards his front. He raises the dress, so my legs and ass are bared to him.

“Jesus, Kerry you’re killing me here, you really are.” His fingers trail slowly over the skin of my ass, causing me to squirm against the wall as pleasure streaks through my system. Along the ridge of the lace of the French boxers I have on, lower and lower his fingers go tracing the underwear in to the space between my thighs. I moan and push my hips against him as his finger trails across my anus, across my pussy, and towards my clit. Oh god, he can feel how wet I am, why must he torture me?

“Mmmm, Kerry, are you ready for me? Shall I check and then ease your suffering? Shall I?”

“Please, Danny, oh god…I can’t stand it anymore; please stop torturing me,” I moan as I roll güvenilir bahis şirketleri my hips towards him again.

“As you wish,” he murmurs as his fingers slide under my pants and touch my bare flesh. Oh god, it feels heavenly, his touch as I arch my back from the pleasure.

“Oh baby, you’re so ready for me, so ready.” His fingers sliding across my pussy, spreading my wetness more and more as his thumb licks across my clit over and over.

“Danny, please do something, god I need…ugh,” I moan, my eyes rolling backwards and closing as he rubs my clit over and over. Suddenly he glides his fingers into me, so deeply, I can’t draw a breath. He keeps kissing and biting my shoulders as his fingers are buried inside me. Yes, this is what I wanted. This tortuous, exquisite feeling of pleasure that Danny gives to me over and over again. He has my hands still pinned but behind my back and holding up my dress. Oh god yes, I can feel it, my orgasm; it’s coming, charging through my body like a freight train. But then, Danny removes his fingers.

“No,” I cry as my body sags, I was so close! “Why, why would you do that, Danny?” I ask disappointment and longing dripping in my voice.

He put his mouth up to my ear. “Because I want to taste you baby and feel you orgasm around my tongue,” he replies, as I watch from the corner of my eye, sucking his two fingers into his mouth, to taste my juices. “Oh jesus, Ker, your taste, I could live off it for the rest of my life,” he says as he drops to his knees behind me, pulls my ass apart, sliding my underwear to the side and burying his tongue inside me, his fingers playing my clit like it’s an instrument. His tongue wreaking havoc with my body, his nose rubbing and skimming across my anus, god it’s so hot, such a turn on. I can feel it again, my orgasm building, faster and faster as my thoughts become incoherent, and the only thing I can do is: feel.

My moans escape from my lips, in time with laps of Danny’s tongue. I warn him – “Baby, oh god, I’m close, really close to, mmmm, oh my, mmmm, to, oh fuck, coming.” This just spurs him on more and though I didn’t think it was possible, his tongue moves faster inside and he slaps my ass hard once and I’m lost. My orgasm comes crashing down around me as Danny holds me up. My body clenching around his tongue turns to liquid.

Once my orgasm abates, and Danny begins to stand back up, I begin to slide to the ground. “Woah, baby are you ok?” Danny asks looking worried. I smile and hmm at him; I don’t even have the strength to respond to him. My eyes begin to droop, and he smiles his angelic smile. “Have I worn you out baby?” Again, I hmm and smile as he scoops me into his arms and carries upstairs to the guest room to lie down. I lie there looking at him standing over me, a smile on his lips, as his hand reaches out to stroke my hair from my face.

“What do you do to me Kerry?” he whispers, talking to himself more than to me I think. “I’ll be back shortly; there are some things I need to pick up from the shop. Rest I’ll be back soon.” He kisses my cheek, settles the duvet over me, and closes the door. Once he leaves, I fall into a restful doze.

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