Come Fly The Friendly Skies!

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Group Sex

I was sitting gleefully in my room, laying on my bed, slightly buzzed from the vodka I’d snuck into the house, listening to Tool’s “Lateralus”. For the moment, everything was perfect.

For the moment…

“Son, let’s get moving!” my dad called. “We can’t miss the plane, you know,” my mother chimed in, her asinine voice ripping through my ears like nails, impaling my cochlea and stabbing my brain. I got up somewhat upset and turned off my stereo. I headed out into the living room where the voices originated, ready to endure the menial logic that emanated from my parents. “Alright,” my mom started, catching sight of me, “let’s get moving.”

“Uh, mom, I-“

“Not now, Max.”

“Seriously, mom-“

“I’m hearing voices I shouldn’t be hearing, Max.”

“Maybe you should get a psychologist to look into that.”

My mother didn’t like that remark too much. She narrowed her eyes a tad and simply headed out in front for the car. My father followed her like an obedient dog; it really angered me how much of a wuss he was and how he allowed her to manipulate him. Since my early youth, I’ve been able to see through her meaningless facades, and that’s probably why she doesn’t like me too much. However, I really wasn’t in too much of a position to be upset. For my eighteenth birthday, they were taking me to Paris. Not that I gave a shit about Paris, or France in general, it was just a nice gesture on their part. I left the house and locked the door behind me, entering the car thereafter.

The ride to the airport was nothing more than an hour of them talking about how much their jobs sucked and how beautiful Paris would be. My mother managed to slip in one of those ever classic “now when we get back, you’re going to college and blah blah blah.”

We arrived at the airport roughly ten minutes before our flight left. This gave up enough time to double check everything, get in the terminal, and get on the goddamn plane. Once we did get on the plane, my mother insisted that we sit in the back so we’d be close to the first class section. What exactly this accomplished I had no clue, but whatever rocks your boat, right? Of course, bickering ensued over the window seat, and I quietly sank into the aisle seat. ‘Fuck, this is going to be a loooong flight’, I told myself.

As I was about to place my face sadly in my hands, I looked up and happened to see a gorgeous woman, who happened to be a stewardess, who happened to be working on this flight, who happened to be looking right at me. She immediately turned her gaze elsewhere, but her looking at me really turned me on. She had dirty blonde hair with opaque brown eyes, a perfectly feminine facial structure, and a tight little body that fit snugly into that ataköy escort cute looking flight attendant outfit. Her impeccable tits looked as though they wanted to burst out of her shirt. Those pouty lips of hers had me throbbing; just imagining them locked on my rod almost made me explode in my pants. Then her luscious ass, defined and accented by that navy blue skirt, made me want to walk up behind her and hump the fuck out of her.

I tried to draw my attention away. I looked at my parents who were no help, my mom sitting triumphantly in the window seat and my father silently fuming next to me. For fuck’s sake, it’s only a seat! Then again, what do I know. I haven’t been married. Hell, I haven’t even had sex. I guess relationships decay into that. This is why I never want to get married.

“Anything to drink?”

I looked up and my heart stopped momentarily. It was my woman. Immediately my other began barking at her how we wanted two beers and a coke. With that, she walked away to get what my evil, controling mom told her to get. In the middle of the aisle, though, she stopped. She looked right back at me, saw me looking at her, and blushed. Then she hurriedly went back on her route to get us drinks. I smiled broadly; I couldn’t help it. This beautiful woman seemed to like me, and you can’t go wrong with that. I sat there day dreaming about her until she returned. She handed my parents their drinks and they started to argue. She handed me my coke. “Would you like anything else?” she asked me. “Peanuts, perhaps?”

I pondered this. “Why, yes I would, please.”

She placed them down right on my lap, her hand lingering over mine for a bit. “You know,” I said, looking up at her, “I’d be happy to take anything so long as it was from you.”

She giggled and her face got red again. God, I loved this game we had going. “Okay,” she told me with a smile. Then she walked away slowly, looking back at me occasionally, only to meet my stare. Once she was out of sight, I leaned back into my seat. I was having fun, though I didn’t think anything would come out of it. That, and my parents being idiots. I sat back sipping on my coke for a while until I noticed that a long time had passed without that girl coming out. I sighed, and looked over to my parents. Sleeping. Shit, this was boring. Them sleeping, however, would allow me to concoct a scheme on how to fuck this chick I wanted so badly. After a while of mental silence due to a total lack of inspiration, I got up and headed for the bathroom. I figured that if I wasn’t going to get any, I might as well imagine as much. My mind set on beating off 12,000 feet off of the ground, I approached the bathroom door. As my hand reached for the handl, I heard a rustle of cloth. bakırköy escort I stopped and put my ear against the door. I could make out the muffled moans of a sexually aroused woman. “Shit,” I whispered, “this flight keeps getting better and better.”

I saw that the door was unloked, so I carefully opened it to see the girl with her lucky guy and-

There was no lucky guy. It was even better: the knock out flight attendant fingering herself. She was sitting on the toilet with her panties in a bunch around her ankles, her slender legs spread slightly, her fingers inside her juicy looking pussy. Her head was thrown back in vicious ecstasy, and her mouth was open, emmiting silet gasps and moans.

I couldn’t resist. I snuck in and closed the door behind me gently, locking it. I stood and watched her masturbate, waiting for her to see me, the monstrous growth in my pants expanding. Her two mauny chestal mounds of flesh jiggled inside her uniform, and I don’t know how I reesisd the urge to just start whacking it right there. Finally she lookedup, her face expressing fear first, then slight agitation, then embarassment. Her cheeks flushed. “I was thinking of you,” she stammered. God, I was so turned on. “You don’t have to imagine it,” I whispered. “I’m right here.”

I walked up to her and she pulled my pulsating cock out of my pants. “Mmmmm, it’s so big,” she murmured, looking deepy into my eyes. Her hot breath on the tip almost made me lose it, but I managed to hold on. She licked on the tip gingerly, and slowly took more anmore in until my dick disappeared inside her swealtering mouth.

“Ohhhhhh god,” I moaned.

This was all new to me. Suddenly jacking off seemed so obsolete. She moved her head back and forth slowly, her lips maintaining a tight grip on my manhood, her tongue swirling all around it, her hands squeezing my ass. She swallowed me and let me go, and repeated this at a quickening pace. I ran my fingers through her hair as her rapidity increased in an unbridled acceleration. Finally, I couldn’t take any more. The cum ran through my shaft and into her mouth. I kept cumming for what felt like centuries, and she kept swallowing all I had to give to her. She remained seated on the toilet as she licked me clean, and I just stood there dumbfounded at the awesome impact of that blowjob. Once she finished, I got on my knees in between her thighs. Right in front of me was her sopping cunt reeking of her juices. I looked at her pussy lips, and to me they looked like a mouth longing to be kissed. I kissed it. I was rewarded with a soft moan, and I kissed it harder. Soon I had my hands feeling up her long, slender legs as I sucked on her clit, marveling at what a beautiful body she had. My hands made it up her chest and I kneaded her breasts, licking and sucking on her dripping box. She pulled my head into her crotch, moaning as quietly as she could, and wrapped her legs tighty around my head.

“Mmm, it feels so good, baby, …don’t stop…”

She started grinding her wet pussy into my face, gasping out how good it was and how much she wanted me. My licking got rougher as did my fondling and finally her hot cunt spurted her cum into my face. I licked up as much as I could and it tasted so good.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!! Oh, my god..”

I pulled my head away when old faithful stopped gushing, and I pushed her back against the wall. I didn’t care if we got caught, I just wanted to fuck this beautiful woman. We started kissing passionately and our tongues wrestled barbarically. We were both overcome with lust, and we both knew niether had any intention of stopping. She nibbled on my earlobe and whispered “Fuck me” shakily into my ear. My pole was erect again, so I garbbe her legs and jammed myself into her. No pretention, just pure animalistic fucking. We kept our lips locked to keep our moans slent, and she practically screamed into my mouth with pleasure. Her smooth legs were around my waist and I pumped into her harder and harder, overcome with desire.

“Oh, god you feel so good inside me, baby…fuck me harder!”

I kept pounding into her as fast and hard as my body allowed, and she still kept begging for more. My cock was like a piston, driving itself relenlessly into her sweet pussy. I felt her firm tits and massaged them and I lowered my head to lick her nipples. She lowered her head to bite into my neck so as not to scream. I saw the blood trickle down my chest, but I felt no pain. All I could feel was me fucking her. Suddenly she began shaking violently in my arms, and I felt her aromatic nectar flow down our legs. I could hear her panting vigorously, completely unable to get any words out. She had to bite into my shoulder again, and at this point I couldn’t take anymore. My cum spurted into her pussy, splashing against her cervix and she writhed in pleasure. It was all I could do to stand up.

“Unnh, you’re fucking incredible,” she grunted.

Finally, when we finished, I licked up all her cum from her legs and we dressed each other. Before we exited the bathroom, we kissed tenderly. I squeezed her ass tightly and she gasped into my mouth. Then we heard it over the loudspeaker: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re nearing our our first stop in New York.”

She looked at me. “This is where I get off,” she told me. “I thought you already got off,” I joked. We laughed and we released our grips on each other. “Bye,” she whispered to me, her eyes never leaving mine, as she left the tiny bathroom I just lost my virginity in. All I could do was walk out and sit next to my still sleeping parents. ‘Great,’ I thought. ‘Back to boredom.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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