Consequences Ch. 07

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Frank sat in the living room oblivious to the TV in front of him. It was the night following his and Julie’s exhibitionism and he was lost in a world of memories. He was really pleased with how the night had turned out. Julie had definitely surprised him. She had proven to be quite the exhibitionist, becoming much more aroused than he would have ever imagined. It showed promise for after he was done extracting his concessions, especially the part in the restaurant. He was willing to bet he could get her to do that sort of thing even without the present demands and planned to find more skimpy outfits for her.

His revelry was interrupted by the opening front door. Glancing over he saw Cindy returning from her date, dressed in a skimpy skirt and blouse outfit all her own.

“Hey Sweetie,” he greeted her, his eyes crawling over her body.

“Hi Dad. Where’s Mom?”

“In bed, for a couple hours now.”

“Oh yea?” She chirped with a secretive tone. “Okay. Well, I’m gonna grab a shower. You gonna be up for a bit?”

“Yea,” he answered, his mind racing with ideas regarding her tone.

“Okay, see you in a few,” she sang as she disappeared down the hall.

A couple minutes later he heard her shower going. Settling back into the chair he imagined her under the water. He pictured her lithe body under the hot spray, her skin shimmering wet, surrounded by steam. He pictured her delicate curves, her pert young breasts jutting foreword as she leaned back, washing the conditioner from her hair, the tresses flattened down her back. He imagined her caressing herself with the soapy washcloth, the suds coating her skin, the hot water rinsing them away.

These imaginings easily flowed to remembering their one time together, just nights before. He remembered how sweet her pussy had tasted, and how tight her virgin ass had been. Also the sound of her whimpering and her words that had turned him on like he never would have imagined.

He was so lost in these memories that it took him a moment to realize the new sound he was hearing was not another TV, but instead was Cindy calling for him. Muting the TV he headed down her hall, hoping against hope that she was summoning him to another rendezvous.

He found her standing next to her bed, wearing nothing but a towel and a demur expression on her downcast face. The hooked towel ran across her breasts, just above her nipples, and pushed the two mounds together. It also hung to just below the point where her legs met, teasing him with the chance of seeing her sex, without actually providing the sight. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her demur expression was enhanced by the way she stood with her hands clasped coyly in front of her.

“What’s up, Baby?” He asked, his arousal being stirred.

“I’ve been a bad girl, Daddy,” she almost whispered in a shy little tone, looking through her bangs and the tops of her upturned eyes. “I sucked a boy’s cock tonight. I sucked his cock, Daddy, and I let him cum in my mouth. I’m such a naughty girl, Daddy.”

Frank felt his own cock throb as blood pulsing to it. He pictured her, dressed in the outfit she had been wearing, bent over in the front seat of her boyfriend’s car. He thought about her delicate lips wrapped tightly around the kid’s hard cock, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked his fleshy pole.

“I was bad, and I need to be punished, Daddy,” she whispered, her eyes glancing down at his crotch.

“Yes, I believe you do,” he tried growling as he took a step forward and slowly swung her door shut.

“Are you gonna spank me, Daddy?” She asked, her eyes rising back up.

It took Frank a second to compose himself. He had not realized where this was headed so her question caught him off guard. But as her words sunk in, and he understood her intention, he quickly embraced it. His daughter wanted him to spank her. She wanted him to pull her across his lap and smack her beautiful ass. Although he had never thought about doing this, the idea excited him now that it being presented.

“You have been a bad girl. And, yes, you are going to be spanked. Come here,” he demanded, stepping past her to sit on her bed and pulling her to him by the arm.

“Please don’t, Daddy,” she weakly struggled against him, like a child that knows they deserve their coming punishment, but still tries to avoid it. “Please don’t. I’ll be good, I promise.”

Her plea raised his blood and his hunger, causing him to grow rougher in his handling of her. Bending her over, he pulled her across his lap, her body spanning the gap between his legs. This smashed her breasts against the one while poising her ass in the air over the other, her legs spread slightly. The towel slid up her back a few inches, exposing her firm, smooth ass cheeks. He stared at them, his eyes devouring them, his cock throbbing in his sweatpants. He wanted to cover one with his hand, squeeze and massage it. Instead he raised the hand and brought it down on the tempting orbs. He felt her flesh vibrate under nişantaşı escort the strike, saw her jump slightly.

“Ouch,” she cried.

The pain in her voice made him worry that he was doing it wrong, smacking her too hard. He did not want to hurt her, and possibly ruin it, so he lightened his assault a little with his next smack.

“Ouch,” she repeated, but with less pain and more tease in her voice.

Frank took this to indicate the force of it was more to her liking. Keeping it uniform he spanked her a few more times. He watched her bottom hop with each contact, watched her skin steadily redden with each smack. He took in the feel and the sight of his palm connecting with her beautiful orbs. He listened to her yelps, hearing their tone change, hearing each one grow more husky. After every slap his hand rested on her ass for a few seconds, reveling in the feel of her heated flesh under it. A few more smacks into it he paused, his hand lingering, gently stroking. Beneath his touch she wiggled, her body squirming slightly.

“Did you let him touch you?” He asked, his voice gruff.

“Only though my clothes, Daddy,” she whimpered.

He raised his hand again, smacking it down on her glowing cheek with a little more force. He watched her body jump, watched her ass hop under the contact. Once more his hand rested, his fingers caressing her flesh.

“Did you let him play with your titties?”

“Yes. I could feel his hand on them through my blouse.”

His hand came down again, once more with some added force. He heard her whimper, watched her ass cheek quiver, and the red glow of her skin brighten.

“Did you let him touch your pussy?”

“Only through my panties, Daddy.”

This time, as his hand came down he saw her lift her ass to meet it. And when the two connected he saw her knees buckle slightly.

“I let him pet me through my panties,” she added freely.

He spanked her again. Her face was to the floor, her ponytail hanging down along the side of her neck.

“I let him reach up my skirt.”

His hand smacked her cheek.

“I let him rub me . . .”

Smack. Each time, he saw her rise up, offering her glowing cheeks to his descending hand, and each time he noticed her knees buckle just a little.

“. . . through my panties.” She was lost in her confession, moaning out her sins in a weak, panting voice, her breathing shallow. “Ohhh, Daddy. I’m such a bad girl, Daddy. Such a naughty girl.”

He slapped her more, seeing the redness grow brighter. She was holding onto his leg, leaning against it heavily, trying to steady herself.

“I sucked his cock like a naughty girl.”

Smack. Her entire body seemed to shift upon his legs as she struggled to remain in place. Her breasts were pressing harder against his leg.

“I let him fuck my mouth.”

Slap. Her legs were slowly opening. At each connection her knees buckled and she had to resituate herself. And each time she did, her feet were set slightly further apart.

“Ohhh yesss, Daddy, spank me. I’m such a bad girl. Such a naughty girl.”

Smack. Now she lifted herself up on her toes, raising her ass and shifting it forward. In this position her spread legs offered him the chance at seeing her sex she had been teasing him with. Leaning slightly sideways, feeling like a pervert, he peeked between his eighteen-year-old daughter’s legs. The sight that met his eyes drew a quiet groan from him as more blood pulsed into his hardening cock. Her pussy was wet and hungry, glistening with her juices. Part of her inner thighs also shined with the wetness. Her lips were swollen, protruding. Between them her gaping hole was clearly visible. He became lost in the vision of it. His hand rested on her ass, his fingers scratching lightly.

“Ohhh, spank my ass, Daddy. Spank me, Daddy. Spank me.”

Her whimpers snapped him out of his revelry, reminding him of where he was and what was going on. His hunger growling, he smacked her ass again. And again. He watched her flesh quiver from the impacts, watched it turn redder.

“Ohhh-ugghhh,” she moaned loudly. “Spank me, Daddy. Spank me. Spank me. Ohhh yesss, Daddy. Spank me.”

She humped her ass into the air to meet his palm each time. He marveled at the sight of it, at watching her lift herself up to the raining smacks. As it was lifted, her ass shifted in tiny increments to one side or the other, forward or back, so that his hand would land on a different spot every time.

“Ohhh Daddy. Spank me. Spank me, Daddy. Spank my ass.”

His hand landed on the bottom curves of her cheeks. Her flesh vibrated. Her whimpers grew hungrier, declaring her growing excitement. Her ass started to jerk and hop awkwardly under the repeated assaults. These things pushed his own lust to new rampaging heights.

“Ohhh yesss, Daddy. Ohhh yesss.”

His cock jerked inside his sweatpants. Having grown, it now throbbed against her body. Whimpering, she shifted her torso a little and rubbed herself against it. kağıthane escort This contact made it throb more. He smacked her ass again, watched her red flesh shudder, her body quiver. She shifted more, pressing her body at his throbbing cock.

“Let me suck your cock, Daddy. Let me suck your cock,” she moaned her face still turned to the floor.

He envisioned her bent over in the car, pumping her mouth on a cock. Only now it was his cock her lips were wrapped around, her mouth sucking on it greedily. He sat there, his hand covering her shifting, wiggling ass, her reddened flesh peeking out from between his scratching fingers. She had lifted herself higher on her toes and now he could easily see part of her wet pussy and swollen labia. His eyes lingered on this engorged vision while his cock throbbed and Cindy pushed her body down at it.

“Let me be your naughty girl, Daddy. Let me suck your cock,” she mewed.

Without another thought he grabbed her sides and quickly lifted her from his lap. He spun her to face him, drawing her down to her knees. She allowed him to manipulate her, allowed him to maneuver her into position between his legs. The movements undid her towel and as she settled to her knees it fell into a pile at her side. She knelt before him on spread legs, her pert breasts topped by swollen nipples. She stared at his crotch, her tongue licking her lips.

Frank lifted up off the bed and yanked his sweats down, freeing his member.

Cindy barely waited for him to be sitting again before she leaned forward and reached up to him. Laying one hand on his thigh, she wrapped the fingers of the other one around his cock. She stared up at him through the tops of her eyes as she leaned in, lowering her lips to him. Maintaining the eye contact she ran her tongue down along his shaft, then back up. She swirled her tongue over the head, licking away the precum shining there. Slipping her tongue back down the side she licked his cock again and again. Her hand snuggly held his shaft, her fingers tugging at the base. After a few moments she swirled her tongue around the head once more, then placed her closed lips against the tip. Applying pressure she slowly pushed down onto him, gradually parting her lips as she did, taking him into her mouth centimeter by centimeter.

“Oh yes, Sweetie,” Frank sighed, watching his cock disappear between his daughter’s lips.

When she had a few inches in her warm, wet embrace she stopped. Her tongue rolled over it. Then she pulled back, extracting all except the head of him before sliding her lips back down at that same, gradual pace. Keeping her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft she pushed and pulled them over it, her pace barely increasing. Her fingers squeezed the base, tugging at it gently. Her mouth’s slow, rhythmic fucking and her undemanding grip showed that she was enjoying the act and was in no hurry for it to end.

“Yes, suck your Daddy’s cock, Sweetie,” Frank rested his hands on the bed’s edge. “Show Daddy what a naughty girl you are.”

Looking down he watched her slide his cock in and out of her mouth, watched her lips pushing another inch further down his rigid shaft.

“Yes, suck your Daddy’s cock, Baby. Suck it.”

She drew her tongue across his flesh. Her upraised gaze was filled with passion.

“Mmmm,” she whimpered around his shaft, her eyes nearly closing, her lips crawling down another centimeter

As she pumped her mouth on his cock she continued to stare up at him through the tops of her eyes. Her rocking body swayed with her actions. Her young breasts rolled upon her chest, her hard nipples red and swollen.

“Oh yes, Baby, suck your Daddy’s cock. Suck it. Suck Daddy’s cock.”

Her lips crawled up and down, her mouth fucking his cock. The hand on his thigh fell away to reach down between her own spread legs. Finding her swollen clit she rubbed it.

“Mmmm, mmmm” she moaned loudly.

Suddenly her eyes clamped shut and her entire body tensed up. As her muscles clenched she latched onto his cock, her lips tightly locked in one place, her mouth sucking deeply. Her hips jerked as her fingers pressed and rubbed at her clit, an orgasm exploding through her. Her tits jumped and rolled, her body convulsing.

“Mmmm, mmmm” she again moaned out.

Frank watched her body being rocked by the climatic explosion. He saw a couple tears squeeze from the corner of her eyes. He stared at where his hard cock disappeared past her lips and raised his hips slightly, pushing his crotch at her face without any insistence.

“Mmmm, mmmm” she rewarded his actions with her moan.

Her body tensed and relaxed several times while she played with her clit and the orgasm rolled through her. But then it did begin to fade and she returned to fucking him with her mouth. Now her tongue swirled faster, her mouth sucking harder. She tugged at him, pulled at his cock with little jerking actions. She milked him while whimpering around the shaft her lips were sliding back and forth along.

“God osmanbey escort yes, Baby, suck Daddy’s cock. Suck your Daddy’s cock.”

Her fingers slipped between her pussy lips, into her wetness in search of her opening. Locating it, one digit pressed into her, rubbing at the walls of her entrance.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” she whimpered.

Now the pace of her mouth-fucking increased, her body rocking back and forth faster as well. Up and down his cock her lips slid as she pumped her mouth on him. Her tongue swirled over his skin, lapped at his precum.

“Suck it, Baby. Suck Daddy’s cock.”

Keeping her delicate fingers wrapped around the base of his rigid cock she pulled her lips off him and leaned back. From beneath hooded lids her eyes gazed up. Her breathing was shallow, short pants slipping past a bottom lip that hung open. Her tits rose and fell with this heavy breathing. Her hand between her legs cupped her soaked pussy, the tip of her finger disappearing into her entrance, her hips rolling slightly. Wet sounds came from there, her body wanting more of the digit inside her.

“Do you wanna fuck me, Daddy?” She whispered. “Do you wanna stick your cock in my pussy?”

Although he wanted to watch her finger herself for a few minutes, her display was too much for Frank’s raging lust. Reaching out he grabbed her arms and hauled her to her feet. As her hands were pulled from her pussy and his cock Cindy quickly climbed onto the bed where she got on her hands and knees, her ass rolling a top the shifting mattress.

“Are you gonna fuck me, Daddy?” She asked, looking over her shoulder at him.

Her ass, still red from the spanking, stuck back at him. Between her spread legs her sex was exposed, her puffy labia shining with her wetness.

“Oh yes, Sweetie,” Frank smiled down at her as he pulled his sweats off. “Daddy is going to fuck you. Daddy’s going to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours.”

Joining her on the bed he managed to stop himself from just plowing his aching cock into her. Instead he situated himself beside her hip. Reaching out he caressed her ass. As he did he felt the heat from the redness on his palm. Sliding his hand down he traced a line along the back of her thigh then slipped it in between her legs, to her inner thigh. There he played in her wetness that had ran down her flesh and he felt the heat from her sex radiating out. As he drew his fingers back and forth over her flesh, delicately tracing lines on her inner thighs, he reached out with his other hand and cupped her swaying breast, his palm flattening her hard nipple.

“Ohhh,” she mewed, her body quivering.

Her head dropped forward, her eyes closing. He brought his hand out from tickling her thigh to lightly caress her glowing ass cheeks for a minute, then dipped it back down between her legs again.

Under these attentions Cindy rocked on her hands and knees. She arched her back, pressed her tit into his hand. She pushed back when his hand slipped between her legs, her body trying to make him touch her pussy.

“Ohhh Daddy, I’m so horny. So horny, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me.”

The sight of her contorting body, the plea in her voice, and the need in her words were too much for him to ignore any longer. Moving behind her he gripped his rigid cock, rubbing the head of it in her pussy, sliding it along her slit. When he pressed it at her opening the head easily slipped inside her. But by keeping his hold on his cock, and using his free hand on her hip to keep her from pushing back, he stopped any more from entering her. Her body shuddered before him, tried pushing back onto him, tried shoving herself onto his cock.

“Ohhh, Daddy,” she whimpered hungrily. “Do it. Do it, Daddy. Put your cock in me. Put your cock in my pussy.”

Her writhing ass made her body sway, her head lulling with it as she panted. Letting go of his cock he grabbed her other hip. His two hands held her firmly in place, kept her from shoving her pussy back along his cock. He watched her hungry gyrations, listened to her needy whimperings a moment longer, then gave her what she wanted.

Slowly he pushed his hips forward, gradually sliding part of his cock into her. Her back froze as he penetrated her. Her ass wiggled as he fed her inch after inch of his hard shaft. He felt her sex envelope him, felt its tight grasp clamping around him. Looking down he watched his cock gradually disappear into his beautiful daughter. That was when his lust overpowered his self-control. His hips drove forward, cramming the last inches of his cock into her. His crotch slammed into her ass and he ground himself against her.

“Ohhh-ugghhh,” she moaned out. “Yes. Yes. Ohhh yesss, Daddy.”

Pressing himself into her he felt her wetness coat him, felt her pussy clutching his shaft. Grinding against her he stared down at her red ass grinding back.

“Ohhh yesss, Daddy. Yes. Ohhh God yesss. Your cock feels so good in my pussy, Daddy. It feels so good.”

Frank backed up, pulling most of his cock from her. When just the head remained, he shoved his hips forward again, driving his cock deep into her pussy. He watched it disappear between her legs, watched his daughter’s glowing ass cheeks roll under the lustful assault.

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