Cucking It to the Next Level Pt. 01

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It had been 5 days since Lexi had met with Ross and experienced her first time with another man. Her husband Carl had been fully supportive of her needs and they had enjoyed some incredible sex in the following days, often a result of Carl asking her to tell him about how Ross had fucked her, or how he made her feel as she accepted his lengthy, thick cock into her most intimate of places.

Lexi had developed an ability to be completely honest with Carl and it worked well. She was totally honest in the fact that Ross was on her mind almost all of that week and she ached deep inside to be taken by him again. In fact, she had only just started to feel normal again on the inside which did disappoint her a little. Throughout the week, each time she moved, her pussy would ache a little and it would remind her of Ross and his big shaft. Her mind would wander to him and she would have to find somewhere quiet to relieve herself.

It was early on Friday evening when Lexi finally received communication from Ross. The message was short and direct.

“Cancel your plans tonight. Come to my place. Dress to impress”

Lexi couldn’t contain her excitement and instantly phoned Carl to tell him the news. Carl was noticeably a little fed up that they had to cancel plans but Lexi knew deep down that he would enjoy her going off again to meet Ross. If Lexi was honest, she didn’t care what he felt, she was going to meet Ross and spend the night with him.

Lexi took the effort to shave her legs and pussy before selecting out a tight fitting black dress, a pair of thigh-high stockings and a sexy thong that would reveal her bare ass to whomever decided to look. She decided to finish the look by not wearing a bra. Her pert breasts sat perfectly in the dress leaving a good cleavage and allowing her erect nipples to poke through the material. She was so aroused and had to concentrate hard to avoid laying back on the bed and fingering herself senseless.

“Must save myself for Ross” She thought about how much she wanted his big cock.

Those thoughts remained with her on the entire journey to Ross’ flat. Car journeys always made her horny but every bump in the road made her ache and squirm more and more. She wondered if the taxi driver knew she was so turned on. Thankfully the taxi ride was short and she was able to pay and recompose herself before heading up to Ross’ front door.

When Lexi got to the front door she found a note under the door bell.

“The door is open, come in and head to the dining room.” She read and then proceeded to open the door.

Lexi headed down the hall and entered the dining room. On the table she found another note and a number of kinky items including a butt plug, bottle of lube, blindfold, spanking paddle and 2 clips.

“I want you to strip naked (you may keep the stockings and heels on). Insert the butt plug, attach the clips to your hard nipples. Carry the paddle over to the window in the lounge. Place your hands on the window pane and push your bare breasts against the glass. Finally place the blindfold over your eyes and place your feet a shoulders width apart”. esenyurt otele gelen escort The note read.

Lexi followed the instructions to a tee. The lube was cold but allowed the over sized butt plug smooth entry into her tight ass. She stood, naked and exposed in the window as commanded, blind to the world and awaiting the next move. Suddenly she heard the front door open and the slam shut. She knew now she wasn’t alone in the flat. Footsteps followed.

Lexi felt a presence behind her. It must have been due to her eyes being covered, her other senses were heightened. She could hear a man breathing. He was stood right behind her and she could feel the heat of his body against her skin. The sense of anticipation grew as he did not touch her. Lexi began to wonder if the man was even Ross, but she held firm and the blindfold remained over her eyes.

Finally her patience paid off as a hand began to run up the inside of her bare inner thigh. Upwards until the warm fingers ran between her pussy lips and grazing the entrance of her wet vagina. Lexi let out a little groan as the hand moved up and grasped her bare ass cheek, she even pushed herself backward against the hand hoping that a finger or two might push deeper inside.

Suddenly, Lexi felt her hair being pulled backwards as her mystery man sprung into action. She felt his hand slap firmly onto her right ass cheek as he pulled her head back by her hair. The next slap wasn’t a hand, it was firmer, harder and more painful. The paddle was now being slapped across each ass cheek as she began to moan and groan with each hit. As he spanked her ass he felt around to her exposed breasts and began to pull gently on the clips that were attached to each nipple. Lexi tried to grasp at something, anything but her hands slipped on the flat window pane.

Lexi soon found herself on her knees, bent forwards with her ass exposed. The paddle was still being used across each ass cheek alternatively as her man continued to pull and tease at the clips on her hard nipples and she was beginning to feel very sore but also very, very turned on. She had never been exposed to such pain before but knew that her pussy was wetter than ever. Her bravery was soon rewarded as the mystery man moved in front of her and allowed her to rest each hand on his hips before pushing his big swollen cock into the entrance of her now open and willing mouth.

Lexi allowed him to take control as he began to guide his length deeper and deeper into her throat. She recognised the girth of the cock from the previous weekend and began to feel reassured that the man pushing his cock into her mouth was most certainly Ross. He filled her throat more than other cocks she had sucked in the past and she had to fight her gag reflex to take in a good portion of his shaft.

By this point, Lexi had her hands on her man’s hips and begun to work her mouth and throat over the thick cock with good rhythm. She could feel his cock throbbing as he began to moan, which encouraged her to suck deeper and faster. Lexi took one hand and placed it at the base esenyurt rus escort of his cock, she could feel her saliva dripping down his big shaft and over his balls. She ran her hand up his length and rubbed saliva all over the swollen and slippery tip, squeezing at the end before replacing the hand with her mouth again allowing her to taste his salty precum.

Lexi suddenly felt a wave of pain shoot from her swollen left nipple as the clip that was firmly attached to it was ripped away. The man stepped backwards causing Lexi to fall onto her hands. She knelt on all fours and awaited the next move. The suspense built before she finally felt a hand grasp around her throat. It lifted her to her feet before she was dragged forwards and forced over what felt like a table.

Lexi held the table firmly as she finally felt the man move behind her as he grasped each ass cheek with his hands and kicked her legs open exposing her wet pussy to the cool air. She ached to be taken. Her bare ass was sore to touch, her left nipple stung and the clip on her right nipple continued to hold firm causing shooting pains that reminded her of the vulnerable position she had ended up in. The vulnerability rose a notch as she felt the palms of his hands pull her ass apart and his thumbs slip into her exposed pussy.

He seemed to hold her there for a moment; perhaps admiring his handy work as he began to push each thumb deeper into her. Lexi groaned as her wet pussy was stretched and exposed, the butt plug in her tight ass amplifying the intensity of her enjoyment as it began to push out of her each time his thumbs pushed in. It felt to Lexi as if he was trying to force the butt plug out of her – with each thrust of his thumbs he would push them into the roof of her pussy, against the butt plug and squeezed.

Suddenly, he succeeded and the butt plug popped out of her tight hole. Lexi felt the cool air slip into her ass before her gaping hole recoiled to its original size. Thankfully, the empty sensation left behind was short lived as she was finally rewarded for her patience. The wet and exposed opening to her pussy was being invaded and stretched by her man’s swollen end – just the tip but enough to stretch her and cause her to let out a deep moan into the wood of the table.

Lexi’s mind was awash with thoughts… “Is this actually Ross?”, “Is he going to fuck me?” “Fuck, is he wearing a condom?”…

She didn’t have time to over think it as the guy suddenly took a hold of her hips and pulled her backwards. Lexi gasped for air as his big, thick shaft entered her tight pussy. Inch after inch, stretching her. She still wasn’t used to taking cock this large but persevered by pushing back against her man allowing him deeper and deeper entry into her most intimate place. She was so aroused that she was willing to submit her body to what ever came her way.

Her man was now ball deep inside her tight pussy and she was being held firmly over the table. Finally, she started to feel him thrust but it was short lived… Lexi felt him pull away slighty and grasp her right arm, pulling esenyurt türbanlı escort her around and onto her feet. The blindfold lifted and when Lexi’s vision was finally restored she was stood face to face with Ross. Without a word the pair kissed hard with tongues as Ross lifted Lexi back onto the table.

With one swift movement, his thick cock slipped deep into Lexi’s willing pussy and he began to fuck her in his arms. Ross placed his hands under Lexi’s knees and lifted her legs allowing himself better access to her pussy as he began to build a forceful and fast rhythm to his thrusts. Lexi clung to Ross’ muscular body as she began to give in to the climax that was building.

Lexi flung her head back and allowed Ross to fuck her hard. She came almost immediately and as she opened her eyes she caught sight of the pair of them in a mirror. Ross was was fucking her so hard and fast that she could barely focus her eyes but she knew that the dirty slut clinging to his muscular frame was enjoying some of the best hardcore sex she had ever experienced.

Her orgasm didn’t curtail. Shivers and incredible sensations ran from her pussy, up her spine and down her shaking legs. Ross’ pelvis was now slamming into hers and with each thrust she felt his heavy balls slap against her wet pussy. Her enjoyment was now audible in more ways than just her moaning; Lexi was very aware that she had gushed all over Ross’ manhood and it served to lubricate the sordid affair further. Sensing Lexi’s state of enjoyment, Ross had moved his hands to cup each of her bare ass cheeks whilst lifting her legs higher up onto his arms exposing the depths of her pussy like no man ever had previously.

“I’m going to fuck you deeper than ever. If you want this, you will look me in the eyes…” Ross said suggestively.

Lexi didn’t question him. She had no doubt in her mind that he was already deeper than any man she had ever fucked. Now he was deeper and fucking her harder. She attentively stared into her man’s eyes. Deep into his soul as he slammed his hips into her again and again. She could feel every inch of his hard cock stretching her intimate area beyond its previous limits. It was a sensation that grew yet further as Ross slipped a finger from each hand into her exposed and tight asshole.

Lexi felt her orgasm build and rock her entire body as Ross continued to fuck her hard. Her legs shook and her toes curled as she verbally pleaded with Ross not to stop. Ross was a man on the edge. He was about to cum and he knew exactly how he intended to do so. Suddenly he pulled his two fingers slightly apart, stretching Lexi’s tight ass whilst tightening his grip against her body. The extra leverage allow him to push the entire length of his big hard cock into Lexi’s willing pussy. He held her there as her pussy convulsed, milking his shaft for all that it was worth.

“Don’t look away. I’m cumming” Ross stated firmly

Lexi stared deeply into Ross’ eyes as his shaft began to spurt. She couldn’t resist the urge to pull Ross into her lips as they began to french kiss. Tongues deep into each others mouths – Ross’ dominance winning over yet again as he pushed his back into her mouth. Lexi usually hated tongues but this man was bringing out her filthy side as he pumped his sperm into her pussy and filled her throat with his saliva.

Lexi lay back on the table panting for air. She wondered if she was spent but knew Ross would soon be demanding more of her dirty, married body…

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