Discoveries of a Young Man Pt. 05

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Author’s note: Thanks again for reading. I can not believe how well received this series has been, beyond anything I expected. I am so glad people enjoy the series.

As always, I appreciate feedback. When it comes to hate comments, it takes you longer to write them then it takes for me to delete them.


Early Sunday morning, when I had got back, Trent had the slyest of smiles on his face when I appeared in the door, all panting and sweaty after hauling ass from Mel’s. It was the first time I had ever been the one to sneak back home after an exciting night.

“Where the fuck you been? You fackin’ dawg!” he asked, snickering. He was still in bed when I got back, only woken up by my failed attempt at being sneaky.

I couldn’t help but reply with a sheepish smile.

“Ah… er… nothing. Y’know.”

“My man!” Trent exclaimed, jumping out of his bed, giving me a bro hug. “We need to get you out the house more, dude!”

Trent let me go, and I passed out on the bed. It was waaay too early for me, still.

The rest of the Sunday went to reconciling with Mel over the phone while she was out for a walk. She had talked with her eldest daughter Hope, and things seemed to be better than she expected. Maybe meeting Hope, despite the circumstances, helped the cause. Mel had plans of telling Maia as well, but with time. She believed honesty with her daughters was the best cause of action. Especially when Hope seemed to be so welcoming of me.

David had no clue, which I was grateful for. Though I was not too fond of having to sneak around, it was a safe bet that he could probably beat the shit out of me. He had to be over 6 feet and probably around 200 pounds.

Apparently, he had been wasted when he had driven home, and went straight to the first sofa he saw and passed out for hours, not noticing any of the panicked and tense state of his house. He simply told them to shut up so he could sleep.


“Oomf, oomf, oomf.”

Those were the sounds coach Frank made as I laid some heavy uppercuts during an intense pad work session.

Those were also the sounds I groaned as I came inside Mel this Tuesday morning. We hadn’t met up on Monday, because Mel needed a sick day to recover from the weekend. She was apparently sore all over and completely out of energy. It was alright, though, we made up for it Tuesday morning. I snuck over and we had an intense quickie before she had to go to work.

I fucked her hard and fast doggystyle in her bed until I came deep inside her. I wanted it to last longer, as I wanted to savor the sex with Mel more, but it was urgent business. Plus, the way she was begging for me really sent me over the edge. The future hopefully left plenty of opportunity for more. The raw fucking was hot and fast, but sneaking over to hers and fucking her like that made it extra erotic. Though, I would of course be more happy about not having all the secrecy.

On Tuesday, after the quick visit over at Mel’s, I went straight to the boxing gym, pleased to see that Frank was having a 45 minute class. I really had to get a schedule or something. Afterwards, Frank had offered me extra pad work, but not the grueling kind that Freya did. Though, I did get awfully tired.

“Jesus fucking Christ dude,” Frank gasped in his New York accent, after the last 2-minute round was over.

Frank was a pretty big dude, half Italian, half Latino, with a bunch of pretty distinct tattoos. He was in his late 20s, and had done some professional kickboxing and MMA. I also learned that Freya too was a professional boxer.

“You sure you haven’t boxed before?”

“Nope,” I said, exhausted after fifteen minutes of boxing tacked on top of a 45 minute session, tacked on top of my intense morning. But I had to say, even from the little amount of time I had been boxing, I already felt my conditioning get better.

“If I hadn’t seen you the first time, I wouldn’t believe you,” Frank said, poking fun at me on my first day. Which was totally fair. But even I could feel the extra work from Frank and Freya had paid off. The punches weren’t as awkward, and I was better at putting them together. One on one feedback while punching was really helpful.

Frank threw off the mits, and I saw one of his tattoos. It was a red and green infinity sign on his wrist.

“What does that mean?” I asked. “Other than infinity, of course.”

“It’s a sign of my first love. You know, forever and all that shit. I got it when I was 18. One of my first tattoos. I was young and dumb, what can I say,” Frank explained. That gave me an idea for later.

“What’s that?” Frank said, chuckling and pointing at the nape of my neck.

“Eeerh,” I said. It was a hickey from Mel this morning. But I was interrupted.

“SLACKER!” someone yelled.

“Ooh boy. Good luck,” Frank said and walked off.

I turned to see Freya marching in, dressed in black workout tights and a tank top, looking really impatient.

“I thought we had a date! I thought we had a almanbahis daa’aate!” Freya said unnecessarily loud. God could she be annoying.

“We did?” I asked. She stopped in front of me, with her hands on her waist, looking scoldingly at me.

“Our private heavy bag date, slacker!” Freya said, looking me sternly in the eyes, searching for fear.

“Was that today?”

“It is now!”

An hour later, I was bent over the locker room toilet, dry heaving and throwing up from exhaustion.


After dinner, I was so zapped for energy I could barely keep my eyes open. Laying on a coach in the common area in our dorm, it was a real struggle to not fall asleep. Benny and Trent were playing chess right next to me, which was always amusing as they could never agree on the rules.

“You that worn out, Bran? Daaawg, you a real dawg, dude,” Trent joked, focusing intensely on the board.

I just groaned, rolling over tired as hell. Trent just looked over at me and laughed.

A few moves later Benny beat Trent severely and they got up to leave. I weakly raised my hand and Trent halted.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” I asked, sitting up. Trent looked a bit confused, but nodded. Benny shrugged and walked off.

“Sure.” Trent slumped back on the opposite couch.

The thing is. My family situation is pretty weird. Mom left for another woman when I was 13, and we never heard from her again. My dad was far from a ladies man, just like his son. He had never been that into me, his son, either. I don’t really blame him. We had very little in common, other than going we both went to Indiana to get management degrees. And my siblings, both sisters, were… sisters. I needed the kind of advice only a man could receive from another man.

And this conversation was somewhat spontaneous, and not really having many others to turn right now, it fell to Trent. I didn’t really know how to broker this, so I just went for it, jumping right in.

“Trent… eh…” I said, dead in the waters before I even got a proper sentence out. Trent raised an eyebrow.

“That’s my name. What’s up?” Trent leaned back into the sofa, arms resting on the pillows.

“We’re friends right?” I asked, more or less rhetorically.

“No doubt. We’ve shared a room for almost two years, and we’ve done some stupid shit together. Though, you really need to get out more often. But yeah, of course we’re buddies. Come on man!”

“So… eh… I think you guessed it but I met someone, right?”

Trent perked up a bit at that. He looked more interested now.

“Oooh shiiit! I may have had an inkling as to the reason for that stupid grin of yours, yes.”

“So how do I do it?” I asked stupidly. Trent burst out laughing. I guess I could have worded it a bit better.

“Do what? You want me to tell you about the birds and the bees?” Trent chuckled.

“Oh. No, no, nothing like that. I mean, you know… erh… More than just that.”

I had a pretty hard time talking about it, as I wasn’t even sure if I should be asking. Or even what I was asking. Like, I felt it, but was it right? Would it be right for me to pursue something like this? Did I want it? Truly?

Truly, I think I do…

“So, this is more like a serious type thing,” Trent said. His laugh subsided and he got serious. He tilted his head back, looking at the roof for some sage advice.

“Look.” Trent looked back at me. “I’m no relationship king. I fuck alot of bitches, but I’m no boyfriend material. Let’s establish that right away. But. There was this thing pops used to tell me though,” Trent began.

“You can see it as you said. You want more. So more than fucking, right? Like, if you bang her, it’s whatever. If you want ‘more’, you gotta do more. Like creating memories with her. You know, experiences. Like your grandparent, surely. They prolly always have some story about something. Where did you think that come from, huh?”

Trent surprised me. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but this was surprisingly well put advice. I was almost stunned. We shared a moment of silence, letting Trent’s words linger.

“That… that makes a lot of sense, dude,” I said, somewhat floored. “Thanks!”

“I shock myself sometimes, too. Anyway, buddy, give that some thought,” Trent got up, gave me a pat on the shoulder and walked off.


As I lay in bed that Tuesday night, I contemplated Trent’s words. I was kinda glad he was out horsing around again, because that gave me room to think. If he was here, I could ask, but some things you just gotta figure out yourself. What did it mean, to share experiences? I couldn’t afford no cruise, no vacation.

I guess there is more to life than an extravagant lifestyle. All that could come as a bonus. Great times, great moments. Seize the opportunity for a good time. Like meeting Mel at the bar. It led to an amazing night, but the thought about how we had encountered each other, and then hung out for hours having a good time, sort of made things almanbahis giriş click for me. Like it didn’t always have to involve sex, or alcohol, though the former was surely something I took great delight from. It was also, after all, how it all began. I was twisting my brain for ideas on how to create new moments and experiences.

In the middle of all this, my phone started to buzz. I had it on silent because, honestly, not a huge fan of phones, despite the great experiences I’d encountered due to a fortunate phone call with Mel. But alas, here it was calling. I picked it up and saw it was Mel. I looked over at the clock on my nightstand. It was almost 11 in the evening. What could this be about?

“Hey, Mel. What’s up?” I said.

Before she even uttered a word, I heard that sigh. A thoroughly annoyed sigh. I was fairly certain I was not to blame.

“What’s going on?” I asked, alarmed.

“David is in jail,” Mel said. But she wasn’t sad. It was almost like this was not something new. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Mel continued.

“He borrowed my car to work, and when he was heading back, he stopped by to get a few drinks before heading home. Then he fucking smashed my car!”

To say I was startled would be an understatement. I could tell Mel was really angry, it was rare for her to drop f-bombs, outside of sex.

“Wait what? He crashed? Is he injured?” I asked, concerned. Though one could argue David was a ‘competitor’ to me, I didn’t want any distress.

“Nope, he fell asleep drunk and rolled into a tree. But it’s not his first DUI so he’s locked up for now! Argh, it’s so FUCKING ANNOYING!” Mel almost shouted at the end. Understandable.

“Is there a bail or something?” I tried. Mel snorted at that.

“I’m not paying five grand for him. I have two colleges to pay for! He’ll have to pay those fines himself and get out tomorrow. I’m tired of doing it for him. And he had no license! Who drives without a license, Bran?! He said he had got it fixed! And my car!”

“Sounds like David shit the bed,” I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

Despite all of this, I was kinda glad she found me a person she could confide in. Almost like Allie, though with some added benefits. It was the beacon in the tunnel.

“Now I can’t drive the kids to school, get groceries… And he’ll likely get fired,” Mel muttered. “It’s not his first time. Fuck…”

Mel did sound pretty pissed. I desperately wanted to do something to remedy the situation, but there was little I could do. Except —

“How about you borrow my car?”

If you think in a straight line. At one end you had the office building where we both worked. Then you had the bar, Mel’s and then finally down the road you had my dorm, campus and all that. Something that was lacking on this line, however, was shops, groceries and that kind day-to-day stuff that you need. As a matter of fact, all that was pretty far without a vehicle. Now, it wasn’t as straight as a line, but the point is, Mel lived within walking/biking distance to work. I didn’t. Borrowing her car meant that I could not work as effectively. But that brought me to my next point of solutions.

“And hell, I’ll give you my shifts if things are tight,” I suggested. “Though, I don’t want you overworked.”

I could always get another job. And besides, my BA was wrapped up come spring, so while the money would’ve been nice, I didn’t really need it right now.

Mel sighed.

“You gotta do what you gotta do,” Mel said, defeated like. “Thanks though. It would actually be a huge relief to borrow your, if it isn’t too much trouble. It will only be until I can get a rental. And I’m happy you suggested me taking those extra hours, because I kinda need ’em now.”

“Sure no problem at all,” I answered, scratching my neck.

“How about you stay here then?” Mel abruptly said, sounding hopeful. I choked.

Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Nah, no way. To be sure, I had to ask.

“What do you mean?” I asked stupidly.

“Well, if you stay here for a bit, you can lend me your car and… I don’t know, you get to stay here.” Mel tried hard to sell the idea, but she didn’t have to. I was basically already looking for my toothbrush.

“Will your daughters be okay with that?” I asked, a bit hesitant. I had to ask. If this was going to work, they needed to be on board. It was the right thing to do. At least that’s how I saw it.

“I’ve told them about you, without the details of course. I… I kinda asked them before I called you. I think they’re not against it,” Mel said. “Then you get to meet Maia. And Hope, under better circumstances. So what do you say? Stay here ’till tomorrow?”

Her voice then turned sultry and seductive. “I’ll make it worth your while…”

I damn near ran out the door.


It was a different type of feeling walking up to Mel’s door this time around. Last time it was all about an inevitable erotic experience. The best experience.

Probably almanbahis yeni giriş something I would always remember.

This time around it was to meet the family. I wasn’t going to meet her parents, but her daughters. I technically had already met Hope, but this seemed so more formal. Serious even. Even if it was just for a night. But what this represented, the magnitude didn’t fall short on me. It was another step towards… something more.

I rang the doorbell. I was nervous, but I was also excited. I looked down at my blistered right hand (from the boxing), clutching a small bouquet of roses I bought at a gas station on a small detour on my way over to Mel’s. I waited. A moment. Two moments. How long is a moment anyway? The door swung open. Behind it was Mel. It was hard to comprehend how I had scored such a beautiful woman, and baffling how she could be neglected.

She wasn’t even dressed in a particular flattering outfit. It was some tight khaki pants and a loose fitting black concert t-shirt. Yet, my eyes couldn’t be stopped from traveling from her bare tender feet, across her wide hips and slim waist, across her chest where I knew some serious tits were hiding. I finally found her pretty, kind face. Her warm eyes, her sexy lips, her cute freckles. But most of all, her smile as she opened the door. Oh boy…

“Good evening, sexy. Ready for a nice little sleepover?” Mel stepped aside to let me in.

I fluttered as she nicknamed me sexy. Fuck, this woman…

“First things first,” I said and handed her the red and pink roses. It wasn’t the highest quality of roses. It was late and no flower shops kept these hours. I figured I’d get her some proper ones at a better opportunity. I hoped these cheap ones would do in the meantime.

Mel’s entire face lit up when she realized what I was trying to give her. Quickly her hands flew to her face as she blushed, brazing her mouth. It was actually very cute to see her reaction.

“Thank you! Oh you!” she beamed. “I haven’t gotten roses in… god never mind! That is so sweet! You know you didn’t have to, right?”

“Erh, I feel like I did. If not for you, then for me,” I said, almost blushing myself. It was flattering to see how happy she got. She gave me a broad smile and stepped back into her hallway, letting me in.

“I’ll get these in water. Kick your shoes off and make yourself at home. We’re putting on a movie, trying to get over the whole… thing. You know the way,” Mel said, mesmerized by her flowers as she went to the kitchen, leaving me in the hallway.

I looked down at the tiles as I stepped in. Those bastard tiles still ache in my back. But it was sort of a hate-love situation. They fucked my back up, in return for letting me rest on ’em while I got fucked by a very horned up cougar. I smiled down at them.

As I kicked off my converses and put them on a small shelf, I could hear noises in the living room. A TV. Some small talk between two girls. Hope and Maia, I presumed. I gulped. They were not that much younger than me. And I was sleeping with their mom. And I was sleeping over, in many ways instead of their actual dad. This was awkward.

But I remembered what Trent said. I had to go for more if I wanted more. If I wanted to be the man I wanted to be, the man I needed to be, I had to face the awkwardness. And besides, I already met Hope. How bad could it be, really?

I braced myself and stepped into the living room. The living room consisted of a big flat screen TV that was hung on the opposite wall, with a sofa group between me and the aforementioned TV. The sitting group consisted of two soft looking, light brownish sofas, a three seater and a two seater, and a recliner in black leather.

Hope and Maia sat on each their separate sofas. Hope with her back towards me in a three seater, and Maia to her right in a two-seater.

Hope turned and looked over me. She had darker hair, was pretty pale but had freckles like her mother. Like always, she wore heavy, dark makeup. Even her sleepwear seemed emo, or gothy, type clothing. Baggy red and black checkered pajamas pants and a concert t-shirt from a band I never heard off. Or, maybe I had heard of them but wasn’t able to read the font.

Maia was dressed in casual nightwear, and seemed to be more or less ready to hit the hay. She was much like her older sister, though definitely had her own style, with a brighter disposition. Perhaps it was the lack of goth-punk-emo style of wardrobe. She seemed to be more casual. I also noticed that she wore glasses, which she hadn’t in the pictures I’d seen.

“Hey there, handsome,” Hope greeted me. I stopped dead in my tracks and started turning abruptly in all directions as if ready to throw hands.

“Where?! I’mma throw his ass out!” I said. I heard the girls laugh at my silliness. It was always a good first impression to make people laugh.

I turned back, chuckling slightly, making my way over towards the recliner.

“No doubt you would,” Hope said. She patted the seat next to her.

First, I went over to Maia, and shook her hand, then Hope. I tried to make a big show of it, lightening the mood more.

“Proper introductions are in order, I think,” I said. The girls snickered again.

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