Doing Dad’s Girlfriend Ch. 06

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Every participant in this story is of legal age and consenting. Enjoy the fulfillment of another of Thomas’ fantasies.


You might say that my experience with Adrianna and later with her mom were very fulfilling fantasies come true for me, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But fucking a gorgeous 20-something dancer and her equally sexy mother, together even, was not my ultimate fantasy. But more on that later. Right now it was time for my birthday party though I didn’t know it yet.

With my dad out of town yet again, I was not entirely surprised to have Adrianna invite me out to dinner. She had me meet her at a casual Mexican place that she really loved not far from her condo. There were no expectations — we were just friends going for a dinner.

I was first to arrive and got a nice table towards the back with a lovely view of the oceanfront and harbour. Adrianna got there not too much later. She was dressed in a loose, casual and flirty dress with a big sunhat to match. This was not a special outfit, but I dare say everything this wore make her look sexy, probably something to do with a perfect body and those long, healthy and tanned legs. Tonight was no different.

We ordered a pitcher of sangria and dug into the ‘appetizer’ chips and salsa that were automatically served. It had been more than a year since I had first met Adrianna and by now we were good friends. Of course, the ‘with benefits’ was perfect for me as well, but we often enjoyed each other’s company without the ‘benefits.’ Tonight was a perfect example of our healthy friendship and I know she enjoyed the dinner and visit as much as I did.

After dinner as we waited for desserts and specialty coffees, Adrianna excused herself to go to the ladies room. That’s not where she went. Fifteen minutes passed and she had not returned. Then twenty and I got to looking around. And there she was walking back to our table, but there was something different.

Adrianna sat back down as the desserts were being served. She had a wicked smile on her lips and almost a gleeful look in her eyes. I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on but I was ready to ask, “What’s with that wicked smile, Adrianna? Why were you so long?”

I have no idea what I expected to hear, but it certainly wasn’t what I did hear. Adrianna started by telling me she knew that my birthday was tomorrow and this was part of my birthday gift from her and her mother, Alexa.

“Dinner and drinks? And Alexa’s not even here?”

“I said it was only part of your birthday, didn’t I?”

“Okay, but I’m disappointed your mom isn’t here if that’s the case.”

“Don’t worry, Thomas, she’ll be with us in her good time.”

And that was it. Not a word more. I was developing some disappointment but my gut told me that these two women had never let me down before. “Can you give me a hint? This isn’t like you guys.”

“How are your churros?”

“Delicious… I guess,” I said, trailing off in confusion. “Just a clue?”

“Sorry, Thomas, that’s not going to happen.”

We finished out dinner and I was starting to get ready to leave when Adrianna put a hand on my arm, telling me to hold off a bit. She said nothing else but did turn to see who was coming into the restaurant. I looked past her to see where she was looking, and there was Alexa just walking in.

She, too, was dressed casually not unlike her daughter and again, she looked amazing. Even though she was more than 20 years older than me there was little doubt she was supremely hot, again, just like her daughter.

Alexa walked up to our table and before I could invite her to sit down, she was already tucked in right next to me. This was new: Alexa exchanged a little nod with Adrianna which led the daughter to clear her throat as if she was making a presentation or something.

“Thomas,” she started, “you know we both love you…”

“But what?” I was nervous for some reason.

Alexa took over, “You know we love you and we have done everything we can to make you happy, right?”

Well obviously: I was fucking them both on a regular basis, sometimes together even. What was this about?

“Well, we really struggled to find the right birthday gift for you. I mean, it’s the first one we have been able to celebrate with you and we wanted something very special, something you would never expect. Or forget.”

“Okay,” I replied quizzically. I was about as curious as a man could be; these two had never let me down but I could not imagine what they could give me that I had not already received from them. I mean, I had fucked them both many times, including anally; they’d given me more blowjobs than I could remember; I had double-fucked them with my father and Alexa had introduced me to her friends for fucking and pleasure. We’d don’t it in public and secretly. There wasn’t much I could imagine would surprise me but they did have me going for once.

Adrianna took over. “We left your birthday gift at my condo so I need to take you back there to give it to you.”

“You’re poker oyna both coming with me, right?” I asked.

“Actually, this one’s all Adrianna. She’s the one who found just the right package for you.”

“You’re killing me, guys! And wouldn’t it be more fun with all three of us?” I pleaded.

“Thomas,” replied Alexa, “haven’t you learned to trust us yet?”

“Fine,” I said more firmly than I intended.

“Trust me, Thomas,” said Adrianna.

I had resigned myself to a nice night of fucking Adrianna again. I mean, she was a great partner but I had done that often enough so there was not likely to be much surprise, I thought.

We got up to leave and as I was taking out my wallet to cover the tab, Alexa said it had all been taken care of already, that it was part of her gift to me this birthday. ‘Not much to it,’ I thought. Oh, well. I still had Adrianna for the night I assumed.

We walked back to Adrianna’s condo from the restaurant. We were holding hands and not really talking much. I finally had to say something about my birthday surprise, even if I couldn’t quite find the words. “That was,” I paused, “a nice little surprise for my birthday.” I put a bit of emphasis on ‘little’ as I said it. Adrianna picked up on that easily.

“You didn’t like me taking you out for dinner?”

“Of course I did…”

“But you thought there’d be more, right? Especially when mom joined us.”

“Well, maybe, but that’s okay — I am having a really good time just hanging out with you.” I was sincere but disappointed because when Alexa had arrived I had started to think about a wild night with the two of them. I was even a bit wary of my ability to get hard enough times for them, or for me to be honest.

Adrianna said nothing to put my mind at ease; we just kept walking until we got to her building. She let me in and as we waited for the elevator, she took something out of her purse, fabric it looked like. It was lacy and sexy, underwear I thought.

She clarified it for me, “I need you to put on this blindfold now, Thomas.”


“Or there will be no birthday surprise, mister.”

I should never, ever doubted her or her mom. This was going to be special. I just didn’t know how special yet.

I let her slip the sexy bandana over my eyes; I could see nothing at all. She led me into the elevator and left me standing there. I could smell her scent, a light mix of perfume and floral shampoo so I knew she was still with me. I heard the elevator door open and she took my arm to guide me to her door. But she said nothing.

We stopped in front of what I assumed was her door, but then questioned because she knocked lightly. Two times, then three quick ones. ‘What?’ Then I heard the key, and the door opening. Adrianna guided me along the entry hall where we paused. She made me wait, standing alone, as she went off to do something. I heard a door close to might right, then silence.

I sensed her return though it was silent. She must have taken off her shoes of course. Then the hallway door opened, and closed again. Still, silence. I made to ask a question, “What’s going…” but a finger quickly touched my lips, telling me to be quiet.

It had been quite a while since I had been blindfolded and I was still in the dark — pun intended. A woman’s hand took my arm again — I knew it was not Adrianna because the scent was different, more spicy but still evocative. She led me into what I guessed was the living room where she sat me on a low, padded sofa or maybe an ottoman.

Then nothing. This went on for several minutes. The anticipation was killing me. I thought I could hear the sound of light fabric, the living curtains obviously. And was that a suppressed giggle? Doubt it. I was starting to imagine things.

Then I felt the woman move in behind me and her hands gently rested on my shoulders. She said, “Adrianna and I wanted to get you something you have always wanted, but never imagined you could have.” It was Alexa after all. Then she took off my blindfold, but stayed behind me with her hands on my shoulders as if to focus my view.

The room was quite dark with only distant streetlights providing any illumination. As my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I started to make out what was different: there were two women standing about 10 feet in front of me, along the line of the floor-to-ceiling windows. I couldn’t make out much more than their shapes.

Behind me Alexa said in a soft voice, “Happy Birthday, Thomas. This is from Adrianna and I.”

I was stunned. Fortunately, she explained further. “Our friends are here for a special party that they wanted to have and I volunteered you to be their guest.”

She stopped me before I even had a questioning grunt out. “This is going to be their party,” she emphasized, “and as their guest you will do what they ask of you. You are not allowed to speak except to answer their questions, and you may not touch any of them unless invited to do so.”

“Okaaaayyyyyy…” I was even more confused.

“When canlı poker oyna we were trying to figure out what to get you for this birthday, Adrianna remembered that you had a special fantasy. Isn’t that right?” said Alexa.

I have a lot of fantasies, I thought, so which one could this be? Most of my fantasies had long ago been fulfilled by Adrianna, Alexa, or both. Then it hit me: being fawned over by young women, especially a Japanese girl. Could this be it?

Alexa continued: “tonight you will serve the needs of these girls, but only as they choose to let you.”

No kidding! No matter how satisfying Alexa, Adrianna and other women I had fucked, this was something I had never imagined possible. My own clothed female, nude male (me) party.

“I am so, so sorry I ever doubted you and Adrianna,” I said with total sincerity. “This is way past awesome.”

Alexa said nothing; the girls giggled. It was already a fantastic night and we hadn’t even started.

“Let me introduce you to our friends, Thomas.” As she said this, she increased the light from a lamp by the sofa. “This is Brooke,” who stepped forward a couple of steps. “She is about to start university in the math program and works at Bennie’s Café downtown.”

Brooke was a little over five feet tall and was wearing flats. She wore her long auburn hair tied back in a ponytail that emphasized her young features. She had on only a bit of makeup but it was perfectly applied and did amazing things for her eyes, and her luscious red lips. She had on a tight-fitting body stocking which emphasized her breasts. These were of average size but looked even better on her petite frame. She had on an tight tube-skirt which nicely contrasted with the blood red of her leotard.

As I let my gaze rove over her great little body, she said quietly, “I am very happy to meet you, Thomas. Thank you for doing this.”

I could barely speak so it was Alexa who answered, “you can’t talk, Thomas, but I know you are happy to be here, too.”

Then Alexa said, “and this is Mei.” And she stepped forward as Brooke stepped back.

“And now, let me introduce Mei,” said Alexa as the other girl stepped closer. How could I not have noticed her yet? I had never even met a Japanese girl around my age, much less one who was looking to entertain me!

Mei was a bit shorter than Brooke but was a perfect fit for my image of the perfect Japanese girl. Her black hair was almost pageboy cut but far sexier, and she had a dark purple streak colouring her left bangs. Mei wore a white blouse buttoned up to her chin. It had a bit of lace around the collar but the best feature was the lightness of the fabric which had her small, dark brassiere showing through. Her breasts were a bit larger than Brooke’s and more rounded. Mei wore a plaited, and yes, plaid, skirt that came a long way up above her knees highlighting her lovely legs.

I started to say, “I am so happy to…meet you…” but got cut off firmly by Alexa. “I know,” I said.

“Please don’t do that again, Thomas, or I will have the girls go home.”

I took her seriously although all girls reacted with shock of their own as if to say, ‘you can’t do that to us!’ I wasn’t going to take the chance.

“Mei is visiting us from Japan so she can improve her English. She’s staying with Brooke and her family while she’s here. And just so you know, they are both 18 years old. In fact, Brooke had her birthday just last month.”

I wasn’t going to say ‘happy birthday’ but I thought it as I stared at Brooke who was now blushing.

Alexa finished up the preparations by asking me, “is there anything you need to know, Thomas?”

She nodded, giving me permission to answer, “I think I understand, and thank you so much,” I told her.

Alexa turned to the girls: “I think you will have a wonderful time with Thomas. Like we explained to you earlier, he is a gentleman and will treat you with respect and will look after you as you wish it.”

Brooke seemed to be the spokesperson, “Thank you Alexa, and pass on our thanks to your Adrianna as well.”

“Call me when you want me to come back,” said Alexa, “or I may pop in around midnight.”

And with that, Alexa turned on her heel and walked out of the apartment. Now what?

I turned back to the girls: they were both staring at me like they had never seen a man before, ‘and maybe they hadn’t,’ I thought.

Brooke indeed was the most outspoken so it was she who spoke up, “Is there anything you would like to ask us?”

There was so much, but I went with my gut: “how did Adrianna find you?”

Brooke answered. She had a soft, sweet voice that belied her confidence so far. I thought she was whispering but I found out later this was her normal speaking voice. “I have been friends with Adrianna for about three years,” she told me. “I got to know her when she hired me to dance backup on a video she was rehearsing for. We hit it off and found ourselves hanging out once in a while. You can imagine with Alexandra that we eventually got internet casino talking about men and sex and all that stuff.”

“Go on,” I said, not sure I was allowed.

“Well, I learned a lot from her. A lot! And to be honest, she gave me my first really passionate kiss.”

That made me jump back in my mind. She’d fooled around with Adrianna? Awesome! I must have been showing lust or something because Brooke started blushing. So sweet.

Brooke went on: “my friend Mei and I have been staying in touch Skyping and texting for about a year, ever since we went on a course together in Osaka. We hit it off very well and…” there was a long pause… “well, she came to visit and will be staying for another month.”

I was surprised when we finally heard from Mei. “I want to improve my English,” she sounded perfect capable to me, “but that is not why we are here tonight, Thomas.”

My name coming from her lips sounded so amazing.

Brooke added, “that’s true. We’re not here to talk.”

“How can I help, in that case?” There were to be my last words as Brooke explained.

She told me, “we have almost no experience with boys, Thomas, so we are hoping you will be willing to let us find out about men.”

There was little conversation between us after that. Sure, Mei and Brooke talked to each other plenty, but save an occasional question, none of it was aimed at me.

Mei: “We would like to take your clothes off if that’s okay.”

My nod was perhaps a bit too enthusiastic but they didn’t seem to notice. Together, the two of them took off my shoes, putting them to the side carefully. Then they joined forces to unbutton my shirt, going far more slowly than I wanted, but they were thorough. As the first few buttons came open, Mei reached in to place her hand against my chest, lightly tugging at the hair growing there. She whispered something to Brooke who also reached in to touch me. “His chest is so nice, isn’t it?”

Then a few more buttons and it was time to untuck my shirt from my pants which they did together, of course. Each girl tugged on a side and then I was bare to the waist. This time both girls put their hands on me, sliding them around as if they’d never seen anything like it. I was in heaven.

Eventually they must have had enough, or realized there was more to me than a nice chest and abs. They looked at me nervously, especially Brooke, before unbuckling my belt and loosening it off. Before they got to the button, Brooke had another interesting tidbit for me.

“Adrianna and Alexa both told us that you were a complete gentleman, but we need to hear it from you, Thomas. Are you going to treat us well?”

I actually paused before answering, probably from surprise, but I knew what to say. “I absolutely promise you both that you will have a good time this evening and that you will always be in charge.”

I must have shown a hint of the surprise or perhaps a questioning of their confidence because I learned one more interesting thing. Mei said, “this matters to us because I am a virgin…”

Brooke finished the sentence with, “… and I have only had sex once with my boyfriend on the night of my birthday.”

Mei wrapped up the explanation, “and that jerk dumped her the next day and told her she was horrible in bed!”

“What an asshole,” I said, aware I should be staying quiet. “I respect my friends Adrianna and Alexa too much not to care about you already. I think we might have a bit of fun, too.”

“Thank you, Thomas,” said Brooke, and I had the sense to be quiet and let them get on with their exploration.

Mei and Brooke each started pulling at the waist of my slacks. Either from nervousness or by plan, they worked at equal speed: very slow, until the fabric was at my hips but still covering my groin. I was surprised first by not yet being very hard — blood was just starting to flow to the area — and second, because this was the rare occasions where I was wearing underwear. Boxers, actually.

The girls worked my pants over fabric of my boxers and continued their slow descent to the floor. Mei giggled first, followed by Brooke, though I can only guess why, but it did not deter them. By now my pants were puddled around my feet. Brooke gently grasped my left leg and had me lift it so she could pull it clear of the pants; Mei did the same thing, then carefully folded them and placed them on top of my shoes.

Brooke, standing behind me, reached up to free me from my shirt which she also folded and placed with my other clothes. Then both girls stood back, looking at me as if I were a museum exhibit. They walked around me, giggling and whispering. I heard Brooke comment on my thighs and how they looked strong. Mei answered her by saying, “remember Adrianna told us he was a competitive swimmer?”

“That makes sense, Mei, and it also explains his strong arms, I bet.”

“Do you still swim, Thomas,” said Brooke.

“Not on the swim team any more, but at least once a week for exercise,” I answered. Then was quiet again which seemed to please the girls.

So there I was, standing in stocking feet with only a pair of, I must say fashionable, boxers with two 18-year-old girls staring at me. Could this get any better? Naturally, I knew it could.

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