Executive for Hire

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At the convocation centre, the 36-year-old sat behind the table, which was almost directly behind the podium towards the edge of the stage. Head dropped down, as the company’s Marketing President outlined the past year, he thought back to other days in his life. This was the beginning of a special shareholder’s meeting.

While the man’s head was suspended and staring down at his notes, he drifted far, far back to his last year in high school. December 16, 1988, what a year. In southern Florida, he remembered it all well, and who wouldn’t. He was the first and the only one it happened to in that region.

National attention was brought on him, her, and his school. It was brought upon the tiny community, which never liked any attention for the most part.

“…she was so incredible, as he thought about her; the memory of them brought about a smile, which wasn’t seen at all by the crowd. She was so, so perfect. She was so ideal!” Then the thoughts dodged him as he heard his name called out.

He stood up, waited behind the table, looked out at the crowd, and collected his thoughts. Finally, he walked around and up to the podium, shaking the President of Marketing’s hand.

Clearing his throat gently he said, “Ladies and Gentleman… Thank you for coming this evening. We appreciate your presence on such short notice. Let me get on with what you are all here for, what has to be decided on, and of course, what should be instituted here today.”

“As everyone knows, this day has been coming. It was only a matter of time. Many issues have been discussed. We have several avenues we have considered taking on a variety of inadequacies we face now. We cannot think of any rock solid solutions. Of course, as you know, bankruptcy may be looming.”

The crowd listened without saying a word. They were the executive shareholders who were called in. They were also the majority shareholders that in the crowd. Many were executive employees of the Fortune 500 Company; others were long-time shareholders who showed up. If it wasn’t the shareholders themselves, then it was an administrative assistant, who represented the shareholder.

This company was in a crisis. The company who had somehow overextended itself out of nowhere, in the public’s point of view, was on the verge of economic failure. Yes, they were preparing to file corporate bankruptcy soon, if something couldn’t be done.

They were unable to obtain the lines of credit. They sold off 50% or 180 acres of their long held property. They sold off other unnecessary investments. Regardless, all of these changes failed to bring a necessary turn around.

In the back row, a young woman sat unnoticed. She was unseen by everyone. They were only interested about curing the problems of the company. Those who may have seen her paid no mind.

When she saw him, memories cropped up; yes, overwhelming, fantastic memories came back to her. When she saw him, she became overwhelmed with deep feelings of arousal! These feelings spread throughout her but were buried profoundly within.

Erotic thoughts or ideas filled within and zoomed throughout her. Her ‘breeding ground’ blossomed as if it was spring and her vegetation began blooming!

Initially, she pulled her legs firmly together, trying to ignore the emotional responses, which came along by her reminiscing of the two of them. She was not there for that reason. She knew it, but she just could not help herself.

“Ohhh, wow, those were the greatest times, she began thinking; he made me feel so fine, so extraordinary, and so beautiful! Oh he did, he…”, as she thought more and more of those days back in college. She tried stopping herself. “I’m not here for that. Focus, you’ve got to focus”, she quietly murmured.

Looking towards him only brought an increased attentiveness to that period in time, long ago for this woman, whose life hadn’t been pleasurable in years, it seemed. She just hadn’t found the same type of individual to share a perfect life with personally.

She knew he was going to be there but she didn’t expect what began happening to her when she saw him. No emotions of any sort popped up until she walked in and saw him.

That’s when she erupted with an erotic like fervor internally; she couldn’t control herself, at first.

He and she were convincingly inseparable in those days. When together, the emotional connection was as if these two were from the 60’s. Love was always on their menu. Yes, passionate romance and any leftovers filled their bill of fare. All that knew the two of them were convinced these two were destined to be together forever. That obviously wasn’t true.

Sitting there, isolated, she felt the impact of him on her. With no one around her for three rows or to her left, whatsoever, she discreetly and very slowly lifted up her skirt; she lifted it up carefully… up… up… up. Lifting far enough up and looking around again, at the same time, to make sure no one walked in late. She hadn’t played with herself in well over five months. She wanted to, but she contained poker oyna many previous emotional situations. Why would she do it there of all places? An emotional collapse brought on her sexual hunger. That hunger within activated a long overdue hormonal blossoming. She was more then overjoyed when she saw him and she became immensely aroused! Her sleeping monster had to be satisfied! She initially convinced herself that it was true!

Sliding her fragile hand sideways into her cotton panties, she felt her soft bushy hair. It was a full tuft, which rose up above and protected the opening to the “Golden Well”; she ignored the gardens.

To a man, that is part of the splendor. To her, the fruit she sought was hidden deeper in her linings and was ripe for picking. She was moistening up more. An undetectable feeling of happiness bloomed, suggesting to her, “I’m going to be fine soon enough. It’s going to be perfectly fine, shortly.” She was fooled by her aroused state of mind.

Meanwhile, she had forgotten why she was there. She forgot as she slipped into another world. She was caught up by the memories of him and her.

She began slipping her hand as inconspicuously as possible.

“Oooooooooh, she thought softly; mmmmm… ooooooohh”, as she silently let off a long-winded breath. It wasn’t audible enough for anyone to hear. With her fingers becoming moist as well as her vaginal walls, a pleasant odor splashed over her finger and hand, smearing them with its scent. That aromatic scent could spark lust in the heart of many men!

She was going further and deeper by pleasing herself, which was not good! It could prove to be detrimental. Her mid-length skirt was pulled way up by the bottom of her panties. It was amazing no one ever walked by her. Her legs were fully exposed. They were beautiful tubular thighs and calves! Any woman would be proud to have her legs!

Her hand was visible to anyone who might look to see what she was actually doing if they wanted and had direct line of sight. No one did have a direct and visible line of sight. Also, they were too focused on the issues at hand!

She closed her eyes for a bit, as she twirled her finger around her rich saturated linings. She loved and felt comforted by her own touch and warmth of the sanctuary, which wrapped around her finger. Yes, the sanctuary of love, intimacy, or lust was offering services to her at a badly timed moment.

Then something cracked at her mindset.

Her conscious told her, “Pay attention, you are here for a reason.”

The ecstasy evaporated and the pleasurable thoughts vanished as her sanctuary dried up slowly.

She began refocusing, but the happiness still lie in her heart. She slid her skirt quickly back down her legs. She licked off her finger. She smelled the fragrance left on it next and smiled warmly.

She wiped it with a tissue and stuffed the tissue deep into her purse; she put a touch of perfume to the finger, hiding the previous scent. Then she looked forward to pay attention up front.

His voice spoke up even louder, “We need at least two lines of credit as you all are aware. We require security to do this and we don’t have the resources available. We have gone over every possible option available to us… Has anyone considered any other available avenues or thought of anything we may have overlooked?”

John Hawkins, the reigning CEO and President of the Company had afforded the benefit of the doubt to many, keeping them abreast of what transpired over the last 10 months.

The woman, upon seeing Hawkins, continued smiling and happiness sprouted everywhere. “Oh I never… I can’t believe how… ohhh yes it’s…” and she smiled as her eyes glazed over briefly and allowed herself to think about those days gleefully.

She thought to herself, “He will be happy to see me. I know it. It was a special time. It was so, so exceptional for us.” Warm thoughts pulsated again through her. They were stimulating memories she recalled.

She had to focus. She came for a purpose. She was on a mission. It was going to work out, if everything was done a certain way. She began focusing and settled down, not letting emotions from the past control her.

When she thought back, she pleasantly thought of intimate moments between Hawkins and her. Something precious developed within her again. She tightened up vaginal muscles as she announced to herself, “Stop it, we’ll have an opportunity, hopefully”, quelling further thoughts and feelings.

The company knew just about every majority shareholder. This was a male dominated organization. They may not know everyone, but they knew about 98% of the shareholders. She was the 2% they weren’t familiar with but it wasn’t important.

Hawkins didn’t know she was one of the shareholders.

In his past, he had been promiscuous. He probably wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for a period between the months of December of ’88 until April of ’89. That was his senior year of high school. He was 18 going on 19. He was a year older then his classmates.

He canlı poker oyna was a dashing, athletic young man who often could be clumsy while adjusting to a physical maturation period. He was charming and many were caught his charismatic charm he exhibited.

The woman in the back row had always been a quiet shareholder, agreeing usually with most of the company’s decisions or tactics to that point. That was, up until about a year prior.

Now Bridgette Thompson, who prayed and prayed for a long time, finally had enough; she found her confidence and stood up unexpectedly. She stayed motionless for a few seconds, until she found the right words to announce her presence and her purpose.

Hawkins couldn’t distinguish her that far back in the room. She was too far away for him to recognize her! The details on her face were to blurred from that distance, thus he couldn’t decipher whom it was that stood up.

When Hawkins saw her stand up though, in the back row, he acknowledged her presence. “Mam, is there something you have to offer here today? I don’t believe we know who you are and I’m sorry to say that we don’t mam.”

Bridgette Thompson stood there as Hawkins politely encouraged her to come up to the podium. At first, she was tentative. Upon hearing him address her, Ms. Thompson’s vagina trembled slightly while she looked his way.

“Okay Bridge, behave yourself”, she said to herself.

She was adamant about her solution though and the dilemma of the company. The way out, which she formulated was a sure fire prescription to the financial woes of the company that she was well vested in.

Slowly, she slid out of the back row. Standing next to it, she prepared her thoughts properly in her head. Gradually, she walked towards the stage. It took several seconds for her to get there while the other shareholders tried to figure out whom she might be; they had no idea who she was and they were curious about this woman.

Hawkins finally recognized her. A warm and tender rush of emotion took flight. “Oh my God, I never knew… It’s… It’s Bridgette”, he uttered to himself under his breath.

Finally stepping on the stage, Bridgette walked over and shook Hawkins hand before beginning to speak, but he pulled her in, whispered something pleasant, and then they stepped apart.

Immediately after, they smiled and acknowledged a special connection they had with each other! She walked over to the podium. She turned once more to him and he winked inconspicuously at her. The crowd knew something was up and it was evident from their mannerisms.

Dressed in a woman’s conservative dark brown tweed business suit, it showed off her shapely calves. Her calves and knees were visible to the crowd. Her tweed jacket was tailored to fit along her attractive womanly physique. It flowed inwards on each side announcing to anyone interested that she was proud of her womanly appearance. Finally, at the hips, the tailored jacket jetted smoothly in opposite directions so that her newfound figure would be noticeable to all the men who might be interested in more then financial woes, down the road, to her.

Bridgette Thompson just came off a diet in which she had lost 115 lbs over the last year and a half. She was stunning! To look at her, in the eyes of many, was heavenly!

Speaking up, she first introduced herself. She stated it was great to be apart of this historical event, which confused many shareholders.

“Why was this historical”, thought many, including Hawkins himself.

“Please allow me some latitude as I am going present a solution to our dilemma we are in. First, I have been a shareholder for over 13 years. I am 34 and yes, I know I do not look a day over 25 or 26, so I’ve been told. So please, put it away! That isn’t why we are here today. I appreciate any unspoken compliments or thoughts, I really do.”

She thought to herself, “Boy, I’ve got guts; this is already going well! I’ve got their attention already.”

The crowd began whispering amongst themselves asking, “Who the heck is she? Where did she come from?”

The executive assistants, who were mostly females and other women in the crowd, quietly stated inwardly, “Yeah, whoop… whoop! Or… “Yeah girl, you go! Tell these guys to keep it in their pants! That’s right, uh huh!”

“Anyways, said Bridgette, I apologize for being blunt; however I am serious about what I am going to propose. Once you hear what I have to say, the long term outcome of all of this, and I’m referring to three to four years down the road, it is going to make everyone prosper; it will especially make the company financially sound; I hope everyone understands.”

There was a huge stir as mumbling spread throughout the convocation centre.

“Please everyone, she said boldly, this WILL, as she emphasized the word will, bring about enormous and a thriving turnabout that we all seek!”

From behind her, she heard Hawkins speak. “How is that, Ms. Thompson? How is this going to take place? Please let us all in on your solution.” Obviously, internet casino he was skeptical as everyone else in the room. He wanted to remain professional at that point.

She was overly confident and she was convinced her idea was the right path to her ‘vested interest’ as well as everyone else’s. This would make or break her financially.

“I am absolutely positive that what I am about to propose is our gateway to financial success! Despite records, knowledge of, or any rumors, this is a perfect solution!”

She went on, “There is one person who can and will bring us out of this horrendous predicament. Personally, if this doesn’t prove successful, then I am going to have to apply for Medicaid; as God as my witness, hell if I’m going to do that!”

The crowd erupted and shouts of “Who are you referring to? Who is it? There isn’t anyone out there we know” other’s screamed out.

But there was and John Hawkins knew her well.

His heart erupted with visions of convoluted elation. His heart exploded and sent off waves, which emitted more buried memories! The anticipation of Bridgette naming that person brought back some awesome feelings for him! He was euphoric because he knew her well. He remembered the times even better!

He was a victim, but he was a willing victim. It brought back the initial embarrassment of that short period. He learned so many things way back then and he was always taught to be open minded because of that short-lived experience. He was turned on by the possibility and the memories of the person who’s name she was about to announce.

John Hawkins had known the woman just short of twenty years. He knew who Ms. Thompson was about to announce to the crowd of investors. His heart raced as memories ensued. He knew something no one else knew. He knew many things people didn’t know! Of course, they didn’t need to know about any of that.

That was beside the point. He craved hearing her declare the solution to everyone. “Say it Bridgette, come on, and say her name”, he shouted to himself!

Bridgette Thompson was right! This individual was exactly the right person to take the company in the direction it needed to go and to get back on its feet!

“Tell them, said Hawkins from behind her. Tell them who that person is, okay?”

Ms. Thompson became confused. “How does he know who it is? How would he know? Maybe he’s known her all along and refused to accept the truth that this person is the right person for the job. This person could and would be the perfect answer for what was necessary to bring the company back to financial stability, long term!”

Bridgette turned around and looked at Hawkins inquisitively. He looked at her smiling. She understood the smile, nodded her head, and he nodded back. It assured her that she was saying and doing the right thing. He already succumbed to the proposed plan and it was the right plan for them!

Elizabeth Pappenfuss was the right person who could do the job efficiently! She could bring anyone and everyone to their ‘knees’, figuratively and literally speaking. Liz Pappenfuss was as perfect as perfect gets, if someone was in dire need, from the corporate side of things! She was a wizard. She was masterful. She was one of the most well known, ingenious, and tactical communicators that a company, especially a Fortune 500 company could utilize when in a financial position.

She was a little more then that though and Hawkins knew it; Bridgette didn’t know what Hawkins knew about her. She had a characteristic about her, which she used to her advantage. Hawkins would never ever discuss this feature with anyone for any reason. This was only known and experienced by a handful of individuals.

She wasn’t some kind of bitch, as many suggested, but she could work any system anyway she needed. She did it with perfection, grace, and she was smooth. She even did what she did to Hawkins back in ’88 and early ’89! Of course, that was on a completely different emotional and personal playing field!

She was perfect! Hawkins remembered how perfect! He knew she was perfect because she took him inside one fine Saturday morning and mended his injured foot for him. She did more then that on that unsuspecting day.

Elizabeth Pappenfuss wasn’t always a Corporate Management Resolution Specialist. She had another profession prior to moving into the corporate world.

Liz Pappenfuss was a teacher. She was one of the brightest, most intellectual, most well loved, and most admired teachers in the state. At the time, she was a bright eyed, fresh out of college student teacher. Back in ’87, she was a student teacher at the young age of 22. She was a cheery and fun teacher. She was firm and her students followed her to the ends of the earth, to get good grades.

She was something more then that also and that was that she was a babe! In the truest sense of the word, she was an absolute awesome babe! Yeah, she was more then just that and Hawkins at nineteen, agreed with everyone’s conclusion. Ms. Pappenfuss was a sexy, sexy college student or at that point, a student teacher who liked guys as much as the next girl! However, he was closer in age to her, he was manly, he was handsome, and he was charismatic. He had incredible charm and he knew it. She did too!

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