First Explorations Ch. 03

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(Note: This is a direct continuation from “First Explorations, Ch. 02”)

A half hour after having a cock inside me for the first time, I was ready for more.

Smoke, my first true lover, lay on his back on the low bed. His blue-black skin contrasted sharply with the cream-white sheets- sheets that were already rumpled and damp with drying sweat. He was lean and hard and very clearly ready for more, too: his thick, broad headed shaft was stiff and angled up from his stomach.

He smiled up at me, his soulful brown eyes encouraging me as I straddled his waist.

My fair skin seemed even paler next to his; it was as sharp a contrast as my rounded figure was to his sharp lines. I was soft where he was hard, very white where he was dark… and very much as hungry to take him in me as he was eager to plunge into me.

I straddled his waist and reached down for him. He was still damp and glistening with my saliva, his cock hard under the velvety sheath of skin and hot with blood. I placed a hand on his chest as I straightened a bit on my knees and guided his shaft with my other hand. He reached up to slide the palm of his hand over my chest, sending shivers down my spine as he brushed my nipples and ran his fingernails down my side.

He shifted and arched his hips slightly when I brought his blunt head to the warm crevasse of my ass. And then he tensed as I eased myself down a little, canting my own hips as I felt him slide between my cheeks and touch the sore ring of my deflowered ass. I was slightly open from his earlier assault, just enough to ease the positioning of his tip at my entrance. My abused muscles contracted reflexively, sending a shudder of pain down my nerves.

I had closed my eyes while trying to guide him. I could smell our excitement, the tang of sex mingled with the musk of sweat as I breathed heavily and rapidly; I could smell faint traces of the nutty oil we’d been using as lubricant: I wondered briefly if I shouldn’t have used more on him even as I braced for the first thrust.

I gritted my teeth and eased my weight back and down. I groaned in pain as his blunt tip pushed easily through my bruised opening, sending new threads of fire along nerves that made my balls shrink and my cock jump. I kept easing down, knowing I had to go past the pain, feeling him fill me up and stretch me to accommodate him once more.

I kept going, panting now while he moaned. He was ripping me open as I took him deeper than before, my own weight impaling me on his shaft. I could feel his hipbone against my flattened ass, the dark nest of his pubic hair soft against my flesh when I finally stopped. He was buried so deep that I could swear I could feel his every vein and ridge pressed against me from the inside. We were both breathing hard, his hands running over my sides as mine rested on his chest as I tried to relax a bit.

The pain was not as bad as the first time. It was a dull ache where my flesh was stretched around his shaft and it was a feeling of pressure where he was packed inside me. My own shaft was half-erect, every little movement caressing the right nerves to make it jump a little now and then.

He arched a little, encouraging me to go on.

I looked down at him with eyes half-closed as I started rocking my hips, grinding against his hips and stretching my tight passage against his hard cock. I hissed in pain and almost perverse pleasure as I sought the sensation I’d found when he had mounted me before. I started shifting my weight and raising my ass a couple of inches before pushing back down to meet his small thrusts.

He was moaning and murmuring his approval in between grunts as he pushed up to meet me. I rolled and rocked my hips, feeling him rub inside me as he opened me up. His hands were on my waist and thigh, pushing and pulling at me to guide me as I rode him.

My breath was coming in short gasps, my balls tight and prickling with the weird feeling of a slow near-climax as I moved him inside me. Every time I felt the surge of pleasure through the constant background of pressure and fading pain I would clench hard around him- and he would grunt louder, pushing his hips up hard against me and making me gasp in turn as he seemed to plunge even deeper than before.

After long minutes of riding the edge of a mutual orgasm I leaned forward, my sweat dripping onto his chest and cheek.

I could smell him, sharp and very male and deep. The subtler scents of oil and skin were long since lost in the rich mix of bitter sweat and sweet sex. “Fuck me again, Smoke…” He groaned an answer and wrapped his arms around me as I slipped my calves under his thighs. With my arms around his neck and his hands on my ass and waist, we rolled over.

The movement pulled him almost entirely out of me, making me moan as I felt the ridge at the end of his head bump my ring from the inside. He shifted to push his arms under my legs as I came to rest on my back, making us both groan as his cock seemed to press against the base of poker oyna my balls from within.

With my feet resting almost on his shoulders, he bent me almost double. The slowly leaking tip of my shaft brushed against my stomach and chest as he pushed against me to kiss me: I was short of breath and the back of my thighs burned from the unaccustomed strain as I met his broad, soft lips. He sucked on my lower lip and tasted the sweat on my mouth with a soft sound before he pushed his tongue past my lips- and thrust his cock into me, muffling my gasp of surprise.

He claimed my mouth as he had already claimed my ass, roaming against my teeth and tongue as he crammed his full length into me. When he pulled away from my mouth and started to withdraw from my aching hole, we were both gasping for breath.

He settled into a harder rhythm than our first time. I did not need him to be gentle anymore and he knew it; he let go and pounded into me, twisting his hips as he pushed in to better stroke his shaft with each new plunge. He grunted and moaned, as did I; I wanted the slap of his hard flesh against me and the sudden stab of blinding pain as he ripped me open even deeper than before. He took my breath with each thrust, tearing at my thighs and insides with his weight and length. I could not breathe, my numb rear flared with sudden pain when he pushed too hard…

And I could feel the familiar hollow ache of approaching climax, as before. My balls were tight and in pain and I was again spattered in my own pre-cum, my fists clenched on the sheet and my throat and nose full of the scents and tastes of his sweat and our coupling.

I huffed out every time he slammed into me, started tightening my ass around his shaft whenever I could as he pulled out. He moaned louder as I grasped at his meat with my ass; I hissed in pleasure and asked for more as I felt his length stroke the hypersensitive place within my searing flesh.

He finally gasped and started to tense and pull away, his cock seeming to swell inside me as his movements became shorter and more urgent. I imagined I could feel his every vein tensing as he tried to withdraw and I clenched as tight as I could around him. “Come inside,” I managed to gasp hoarsely.

He was too close to try and hold back, anyway. He grunted loudly and clenched his eyes as he pounded me with rapid little movements, jerking himself off with my tightening hole. The feel of my hot flesh on his shaft, the taste of us and the buildup from the blowjob had him at fever pitch.

He wrapped his arms around me and crushed me to him, crushing the air completely out of my lungs as he came. I could hear him gasping through the roaring in my ears. He shuddered and bucked inside me, his face buried against my calf and hips grinding against my hips as he emptied his balls inside me.

My own balls and cock were tight and aching: the hollow ache from nearing orgasm without quite reaching it. I think I was getting close to blacking out when he finally loosened his hold enough for me to slide my legs down along his sides and drape them around his hips. He stayed inside me a moment longer as he caught his breath and I gasped in deep breaths. My chest hurt, my head was pounding and I could very clearly feel him deep inside me.

He kissed my throat and shoulder as we recovered, not moving for a few minutes as he shrank within me.

He eased back, withdrawing with a mutual moan and letting my legs drop to the bed as he stood up. He grabbed his softening shaft with one hand, smiling almost bashfully as he dripped milky white drops from the wet head of his cock on his way to the bathroom. The ache in my chest was fading. I could feel my own pre-cum beading and sliding down my stomach; I could feel his warm seed between my cheeks and on the rim of my battered, still-open hole.

He returned and once again dropped on the bed beside me, quickly gathering me in arms and pulling me to his chest. I think he was afraid I’d try to go for a third time. I folded against him, limp and- if not fully satisfied- content to give up control for a while longer. The back of my thighs ached; my ass was battered and clammy with his cum. I could smell our drying sweat and salty-sour scent of drying semen on me and the bed: a mix that screamed of sex.

He did not stay the night. After another hour or so he had to go, showering and dressing while I listened from bed. After he was gone I changed the sheets and cleaned up, the white sheet of paper with his phone number neatly folded and stored in my desk.


In Smoke I had found someone patient, fun to talk to and who liked how I looked. You would think I would have been happy enough with our casual arrangement- for the next six months we would see each other several more times, until I moved from L.A..

At the time, though, a few days after losing my cherry to him, I was again horny and still enjoying the experience of having been with another guy. I had kept my ass shaved and the soreness from my first canlı poker oyna fuck had faded: he had been so careful to get me ready that even the rougher sex at the end had not hurt me in any lasting manner.

But Smoke was not free for a while (he was living with someone at the time) and I had both a day off coming up and a need to try something new: having taken the first step I was eager for more.

I scanned the bulletin boards. Almost straight off, I had an incoming message from some guy living nearby and looking for a quick meet. He listed himself as bi, looking for no strings encounters. I invited him over after a momentary hesitation.

I opened the door fifteen minutes later for a big man.

He was tall- easily six foot four, with big arms and a sizeable belly. He had long, dirty blonde hair and incongruously pale blue eyes that seemed to add to the football player-gone-to-seed image. He was wearing jeans and a black t with a faded logo. The smell of stale cigarettes followed him like a personal cloud. That said, he turned out to be fun to talk to, with stories about motorcycles and weekend trips up the coast.

We chatted for twenty or thirty minutes, all told. He wandered around, looked at the games on the computer and generally tried to put me at ease- he was easily 100 lbs and six or seven inches taller than me and could tell I was intimidated and rethinking the whole thing.

He caught me by surprise when he stopped his wandering and turned, cupping my cheek with a large hand and smiling down at me. I swallowed thickly and reached down to unbuckle his belt and start unsnapping his jeans as he shifted slightly to ease my task. I could feel him stir against my hand- he was big there, too. When I freed him, pulling his jeans down over his hips to let them slide down, I glanced down.

His gray briefs were barely able to hold him. He reached down and pulled them down as he sat down on the futon that was the main piece of furniture in the living area. Then he stretched back, opening his legs slightly and watching me with an expectant smile.

He was probably as big as the first guy I had tried to give a blow job to.

He did not look disproportionately huge- but he was a much bigger guy, too. As it grew harder, his cock stretched almost to his belly button, resting against his rounded stomach and rising from a thick blonde nest of coarse hair that made his shaved balls stand out that much more. “Come on, baby,” he rasped with his smoker’s drawl. “Get naked and come help me out here.”

I licked my lips and unbuttoned my jeans. I did not take my eyes from his semi-slumbering beast as I stepped out of my pants and pulled my shirt over my head. When I pulled off my boxers and came to my knees before him, I was hard.

He placed a hand on the top of my head as I leaned forward to kiss his tip. I could smell the cigarette smoke on his pants and shirt, the sun warmed denim on his legs and lingering on his crotch. With slightly parted lips, I licked delicately at his slit and around the head of his shaft, making him mumble encouragement as he leaned back against the futon.

I took his head into my mouth, tongue swirling around his flesh as I wrapped a hand around the base of his shaft. Or tried to; my fingers did not quite close around his girth. I slid my hand up along his length, the satin skin warm as it slid over the hard core. I stroked down after a couple of inches, then up again; as I stroked him I kept my mouth on his head and the top of his shaft, licking and lapping over the sensitive tip and down to follow thick veins. “Let me hear you suck it baby…”

I obeyed, slurping noisily as I sucked on his meat and took as much of him into my mouth as I could, humming and moaning around his thick head and shaft. When he was wet and shining from my spit and I had started to taste the now familiar salty hint of pre-cum, he pushed my head back and off his cock and reached for my arm. “Come here,” he murmured thickly.

He pulled me up to straddle him on the futon, my balls and ass brushing the length of his hard shaft as he guided me up. I shifted and moved for a better position atop him while he easily supported my weight. I ended up crouched over him with my hands against the wall over his head and feet against the outside of his thighs. He was looking down, one hand around his cock and the other on my hip.

He lifted his shaft at the same time as he pushed me down with the other hand. I bent my knees and felt his tapering head graze my balls before sliding between my cheeks. I was breathing hard and fast, my heart hammering in my ears and the reek of stale cigarette smoke filling my lungs and mixing with the faint remnant taste of his seed. He pulled me down farther, his spit-slick tip pushing against my tight pucker. He was big, I was tense and scared and able to clench my muscles tight in a defensive reflex. He pushed and prodded without success, my thighs trembling with the effort of keeping me poised on his very tip. I could internet casino feel his warm tip ready to spear into my hot flesh, denting the resisting muscle slightly.

I was about to suggest we get some oil when he let go of his rod and grabbed my hips with both hands, pushing me down hard and grunting hard with the effort.

His very tip pushed through my clenched ring, opening me up like a wedge as the tapered head followed. He pushed me down, thrusting the head of his cock into me before pausing.

I screamed in pain.

With no loosening or relaxing of my opening, no lubrication other than my spit, it felt like he had ripped me apart. It burned; the pain all-consuming and making me lose my footing so my own weight threatened to impale me on his length.

I dropped my hands to his shoulders, trying to push myself up as I gasped and tried to push myself up.

“It’ll get better, almost there, you’ll see,” he growled. And he pushed me down again, his fingers digging into my skin at thigh and hip as he grunted once more. His tapered head sank deeper into me, his thickening shaft spreading my strained flesh even wider to admit his girth. He managed to force maybe a hand span of thick meat into me before stopping.

I could taste my tears of pain and feel them running down my cheeks. I was gasping short little breaths to try and deal with the all-encompassing pain from my impalement: the flesh around his cock straining to encompass his width was burning, taut and ready to tear. I was stuffed, feeling him pressing against my bladder and the base of my balls. He lifted me an inch or two, withdrawing enough that I actually felt the hollowed space carved by his cock inside me as it hesitatingly closed up again.

Then he pushed me down harder than before.

I could only whimper breathlessly, the shock and lack of air drowning a new scream as he plunged even farther into me and split me open even farther and deeper.

He did it again, and again. The pain did not seem to change much; I was at the limit as he literally tore me apart in trying to get more of his hot, eager flesh inside me. I was trembling and begging him to stop as best I could through tears and clenched teeth.

I was afraid to move my hands from his chest lest he impale me completely; the ache in my thighs from trying to support my weight was lost in the sharp crests of agony radiating from my skewered ass.

He continued to rape me, essentially, for endless minutes longer as he kept growling that it’d get better and that the pain would subside. Finally even he realized that he was as deep as he could go- maybe a third of his length was embedded in my flesh, the thickest part of his widening cock still to go.

He lifted me again, withdrawing from me and allowing me to step back for a moment before collapsing to my knees and almost on his lap.

He stroked my head and wrapped his fist around his base, jacking off slowly as I gasped for breath. The searing pain was a throbbing, intense ache as my abused flesh tried to close up again. I could not see clearly through the tears and my mouth was full of their taste. I could smell the bitter scent of my depths on his flesh, as well as a fainter smell I did not recognize.

“I’m sorry I hurt you, baby, but I need it, I need it bad… you got to finish me, man, come on…” When his words finally reached me through the dull roar in my ears I almost laughed.

I retained enough sense not to, though. I was, frankly, afraid of him trying to fuck me again and not stopping until he had driven his entire length into my ass.

So instead, I staggered on my knees between his legs- he opened them wider and placed his hand on my head once more to pull me closer. My wounded and battered asshole had gone nearly numb; the pulsing ache that replaced the pain was easy enough to push aside for the moment.

I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, letting his hand guide me. The strange smell got stronger, followed by a coppery taste underlying the musky sourness of his flesh when he pushed his head into my mouth. I wrapped both my hands as best I could around his shaft and once again started to jack him off while I licked and slurped noisily on his head and the top of his shaft.

He moaned and murmured approval as he let himself go. He guided my head to pleasure himself- guiding me to take as much of his rod as I could fit into my mouth, then pushing my mouth and tongue down the bottom of his shaft and back up. He pushed me down to lick at his balls, the warm, solid weight of them strange against my lips and tongue when I sucked one and then the other into my warm mouth. He pulled at my hair to make me kiss, nip and lick the tracery of veins along his fat meat from hairy base to throbbing tip.

My jaw ached when he finally thrust his cock back into my mouth. I lapped and played my tongue as best I could around his sensitive tip and along the shaft while he wrapped his own fist around his cock and started pumping it up and down at a frenzied pace.

It took me a few seconds to realize his breathing was becoming more ragged and his stomach was starting to tense. I had been caressing his balls; I paused as I tried to pull my head back to let him finish.

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