First Time in a Sauna

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Normally, I prefer to cruise outdoors – it seems somewhat safer that way; a little bit more anonymous (and to be fair, a bit sexier!). However, one time in Brighton, I got to chatting to a guy online – you know the sort of places – local hook-up sites for horny guys to chat before they head out and meet up for all kinds of… fun times.

I was pretty into it this one evening, chatting and wanting to head out right then – until he suggested a sauna. I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but it was cold outside at the time of year – and fucking outside would be likely to give us blue balls – and not in the sex-related way! So I agreed. “Meet down there in twenty minutes, mate.” “See you there.”

As I walked down into town, I ran things over in my mind – I’d never been to a sauna before; what did you do? how did you act? Turns out I didn’t need to worry, really – he met me on the sea front and we headed for the sauna he regularly used, in a hotel leisure complex. He was an Asian guy, not much taller than me, perhaps a little stockier – from his pictures online he had a nice package between his legs, and I was looking forward to seeing it face-to-face, as it were.

We paid the admission and deposit on our lockers to get in, and headed downstairs. Now I’m not too fussed about getting naked in front of people, especially if they’re strangers (should be the other way round, I know), and especially if we’re planning to do something cumulating in some cum flying around… But I watched him strip off before I did the same, depositing my clothes in the locker, eyeing his swinging cock between his legs, already starting to stiffen. My own jumped a bit, and started to swell, although it didn’t jump right to attention as my nerves were still going… Soon have that sorted, though…

After securing the locker key round my ankle, and with a towel round my waist, I followed the guy into the sauna complex poker oyna proper. The first room was a lounge-type area, with some sofas and a table or two – this was after all a ‘respectable’ sauna – not just one of those designed as a sex club (yeah, right!) – although the large bowl containing condoms and lube packets on one table suggested otherwise. Off the lounge, separated by a short corridor, was a steam room. Taking our towels off, we went in, and my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Maybe it was the fact it was late evening, or cold outside, or the wrong time of year – I don’t know – but there was just the one other guy in the lounge, and no-one except us two in the steam room. As we sat down, I could feel the plus points of a steam room – relaxation and all that jazz – but I could also feel my cock growing harder and harder. He moved his hand onto my lap and started massaging my shaft, the moisture in the air keeping it lubricated. My hand found his cock, already raging hard in the hot, damp air. I began to time my strokes with his and we sat for a while, slowly wanking each other. He leaned over and kissed my lips, hand round my head, pulling me towards him. I kissed back, going with the flow, squeezing his cock as I pumped it harder, listening to his quiet groans.

As I felt my insides tighten from his strokes on my cock, he took his lips from mine and whispered “Suck it.”. I didn’t need any further encouragement – I sank to my knees, and engulfed his cock in my mouth in one swift movement, smiling as I heard him moan in the back of his throat – I don’t think he’d expected that! I cupped his balls with one hand and ran my tongue round the head of his cock, sucking greedily. I massaged his shaft with my lips and felt him start to thrust forward on the seat, pushing his cock into my mouth, causing me to gag at first – but once I readjusted myself I could take his whole eight inch shaft fairly easily. I closed canlı poker oyna my eyes as I felt myself sweating even more in the steamy environment; this time from exertion. Just as I’d gotten into my stride, he gently pulled my head off his cock and pulled me up to kiss him again. “I want to fuck you.” he murmured, in between stroking my still-hard cock.

He helped me off the floor, and led me from the room – the cool air hit me as we left, but it came as a bit of a relief, cooling me down, ready for our next session of fun. We picked up our towels, but didn’t bother to wrap them round us *too* well – not that we could hide our hard-ons, either! As we walked back through the lounge area, the guy still there gave us both a ‘look’, as if to say “I know what you’re going to do… And I’m jealous!” My guy picked up a couple of condoms from the bowl, before leading me to another set of rooms off the lounge.

About six rooms led off this new corridor, one slightly larger than the others, which was apparently a “group room” – although it was empty. The open door to the second room revealed a couple of guys in it, going at it like rabbits – a studly blonde guy pounding away at a smaller brunette guy’s tight ass, doggy style. As we watched, I felt my cock get stiffer, and my guy’s hand moved down to squeeze my butt cheek, a fingertip toying at my hole. As a pair we moved away into the next room, still within earshot of the guys fucking next door, and I jumped up onto the table/couch at the side of the room. My guy left the door unlocked, and moved up behind me, massaging my ass with his fingertips. As his fingers stroked my hole, my cock bounced up down, and strained for release, water dripping from the tip in the cooler air.

I leaned forwards and he got up behind me on his knees, dribbling lube onto my butt and down my crack, working it into my hole, ready for his cock. I tensed with anticipation internet casino as he positioned his shaft at my entrance, hands round my waist, lifting me a little to get a better angle. Very slowly, his cock began to push its way inside me, the head popping in with a slick sound, causing me to gasp quietly – fuck, this guy was big – and I was pretty tight. Deeper and deeper he went, my ass protesting at such an invader, before I was sitting comfortably impaled on his cock. Soon, he adjusted his position, and held round my chest with one arm, using the other to steady himself, and began to fuck – sliding his cock inside me, hilting on my ass, his balls slapping against me loudly in the quiet room.

He pushed me forward onto all fours and began to fuck harder and deeper, making me jolt forward with each thrust – I put an arm out to hold myself from the wall, and he took this as an invitation to go harder and faster. With every shove from his cock deep inside me, I grunted loudly – I was half hoping to compete with the guys next door, but I think they’d finished a while ago. Meanwhile, my guy reached around me and began to stroke my own rock-hard boner, causing me to moan even more – I could feel my ass tighten up as I approached orgasm and groaned out loud that I was about to cum. Although, I have a feeling I probably yelled it, given what was happening at the time.

My guy took his hand from my cock and held onto my hips, thrusting faster now, on the finishing stretch. As he began grunting with each thrust, I pushed back, slamming my ass into his crotch to almost force his spunk up into me… When he came, a few seconds later, he groaned loudly, and I felt his cock throb inside my hole, firing stream after stream of hot seed into the condom. I was moments behind, and shot thick white cum out over the table and wall, almost whimpering in the afterglow.

After we’d finished we took a shower and dried off, returned to the lockers to get dressed and went our separate ways… But I need to go back to a sauna again, for nothing else but a re-enactment of that evening… Or some different fun; I’m not too picky!

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