Friends On Holiday

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We were on holiday in Greece for a fortnight a few years back, before my wife Sarah and I were married. We were getting on very well with the couple who were staying in the apartment next door to us. They had arrived the same night as us, and we met them in the bar across the road.

It was perhaps on the fifth or sixth night we all got a little closer. We had spent most evenings chatting during our sun-downer drinks about light hearted things, places to go, things we had seen. However, at night after a few beers or some local wine our conversation would stray into somewhat more adventurous territory. We ended up having a laugh to break the ice trying a truth or dare game. Mary and Joe had told a few truths which were close to the bone. Sarah and I had also revealed a few intimate details of our personal life. Then it happened. Mary dared Sarah to strip naked.

To my complete surprise Sarah slipped out of her clothes very easily. There was a bit of giggling as Sarah posed provocatively, when she quickly dared Joe to get his kit off. He didn’t seem to mind, and stripped off everything revealing a very hard cock. Mary was naked in seconds and on her knees licking and sucking at her mans cock… soon to be joined by Sarah, who had pulled off my shorts and was sucking on my cock. They both looked amazing on their knees licking and sucking, playing with our rock solid cocks.

This was my opportunity to live out my perfect fantasy and in the spirit of the game suggested a dare for both the women, that they should swap cocks. There was no protest and both women made an eager grab for more cock. I looked at Joe and asked if he was okay. He had poker oyna a huge smile on his face and said that he was loving every second of it, and offered Mary some encouragement to suck my cock harder. It was such a turn on to see Sarah sucking on Joe’s thick long cock, and she seemed to be enjoying every inch of it, licking and teasing it.

I looked over at Joe and suggested that if he was going to come, I wanted to see it all over Sarah’s pert little tits. He demanded that when I was ready, that he wanted to see me come all over Mary’s face. I began to wonder just how far this little truth or dare game was going to go. Mary and Sarah looked so hot working so hard to satisfy us both. Then I heard Joe starting to groan, which set me off… that special feeling was beginning to grow deep inside my balls. Which made me say to Joe,

“I want to see you empty your balls all over those perfect little tits”.

Joe replied with,

“I want to see you squirt your spunk all over Mary’s face… right now!”

At which point we both gave the girls a hand and began to work and squeeze our cocks as they both sucked and slurped frantically. Joe pushed Sarah’s head away as he squirted thick creamy lines all over her tits. I couldn’t control myself and began to twitch and jerk spraying Mary’s face with my spunk over and over again. The girls were both covered in thick creamy white come. Our cocks were met by their mouths once again as they both sucked on us slowly and gently to show their appreciation. It’s one of the hottest orgasm’s I have ever had… well until a little later that night.

The girls went inside to clean themselves up and canlı poker oyna left Joe and I standing there, dripping, looking at each other a little bemused.

“Well that doesn’t happen every day now does it?”

I said to Joe.

With a cheeky smile he replied,

“What about the game we were playing… do you want to play some more?”

We both made a move into Mary and Joe’s apartment where our women had retreated to, leaving us in the warm sultry night on the joined balcony. To our complete surprise Mary was down between Sarah’s thighs licking and sucking at her delightful wet pussy.

“Wow!” We both said together at the same time.

Mary was working at her clit while she was licking and sucking… Joe whispered to me

“she’s all yours, take her and give her your cock”.

I was shocked, however I didn’t protest, and suggested that Sarah would suck his cock (hoping to hell that she would). Both our cocks were erect again as we moved in on the girls. Mary didn’t move from licking Sarah as I slid my cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. Sarah accepted Joe’s solid cock as he fed it into her open mouth. This is something I had always wanted to see and had only ever dreamed about. The surprising thing was that I thought I’d be fucking Sarah’s pussy, not another woman.

I took a firm grip of Mary’s waist and began to thrust deep inside her and she started moaning very loudly. Now that Sarah’s pussy was free from Mary’s mouth she turned around into the same doggy position to offer herself to Joe. He started riding her hard and fast, pumping deep slamming every inch of his cock right up inside her greedy little internet casino cunt. I joined him, pounding into Mary’s cunt hard, fucking her tight wet and well trimmed little hole with all my force. Both girls were yelping, groaning, screaming and began encouraging their men.

“Go for it Joe, fuck that little pussy nice and hard big boy”,

grunted Mary.

Sarah added

“I know you want to empty your balls in there Dave… so fill her up… let her have it… fuck her deep”.

Faster and faster we pumped, harder and harder we slammed, both of us holding tight onto those skinny little waists, pulling at their hips as we thrust every inch into those willing wet cunts.

“I’m gonna come soon”

said Joe.

“Go for it… you give Sarah everything you’ve got… I want that pussy swimming with spunk”

I added.

“And I’m gonna fill Mary up… I wanna squirt every last drop of my spunk into her”.

Both girls started gasping and grunting

“yes”, “oh fuck”, “deeper”, “get it in there”

with their asses rippling with every slam, and their tits bouncing wildly. This was so fucking hot, I wanted more. My body got tense, I felt that lovely tingle in my balls, my rhythm got faster, I went rigid… and felt that satisfying rush flood out of my thick cock, again twitching and jerking uncontrollably squirting my spunk deep into Mary’s welcoming greedy little cunt. I let out a huge grunt and sigh. I loved filling Mary’s wet pussy full of my spunk.

Joe was soon to follow, I got so turned on by watching my woman being fucked… and saw she was loving every stroke. The look on her face as Joe gave those last stabs of pleasure as he flooded her pussy with his spunk was priceless. I wanted this woman… and I wanted her with Joe, both of us satisfying her every need. What a night, it was superb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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