Get Dirty

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I wrote this for my sexy Superman. He leaves me breathless!



Naked we took a slow walk out into the pouring rain. From it being dark we could barely even see where we were walking to. With the wet grass under our feet we were kissing and rubbing each other’s wet bodies. The spot we finally stopped at no longer felt like walking through grass. The ground became softer. You could feel my lips turn into a smile against yours when I noticed where were standing. “We are in mud. Do you want to get dirty with me?”

The light night breeze and rain was the only thing that kept me cool from the feel of the warmth coming from your skin by being so close to your bare muscular chest. For it to do nothing for me when your hands moved around on my back and left a burning trail behind.

At first we took our time to explore each other’s mouths like a sexy dance we’ve shared before. One rhythmic movement at a time until we moved them together as one. Gentle to start with, lustful as we went and longing when we parted from each other.

With your arm tightly gripped around my waist, the other hand brushed against my cheek as it slid down to hold on to my neck. The things you could do with your tongue, overpowered mine. Even when I tried to gained composure back, you’d just take it away from me again. A taksim üniversiteli escort final tender kiss to my lips you let go.

I reached down and picked up a scoop of mud. Rubbing it across your chest and down to your stomach. The falling rain made the mud slide down your body. The mud felt warm from being on the ground along with my hands and the rain was given us both goose bumps from it. Smearing it all over the front of your body while my lips never left yours.

You grabbed a big blob of mud too. Starting on my left cheek. Then slowly slid it down towards my chin. Trailing it to my neck. Kissing each other the mud rubbed off on your face from mine. My breast pushed against your chest it was getting covered in it too, our bodies molding together. Your hands went to my tits and massaged them to a muddy mess.

With another handful, I wrapped my hand around your cock and stroked you with it. The combination of mud and rain made your cock so slippery in my little hand. Your hand went between my thighs and gently rubbed your fingers against my lips and clit.

My clit so swollen from your touch, desiring more of you. I was moving against your hand at the same rhythm you were fingering my pussy. The more you heard me moaning the more excited I could see you tophane escort were to have your cock inside me.

Before you entered me. I had to make sure your big cock was happy and ready to feel the dripping wet pussy you created. All the way to the top of your cock I stroked you with a slight squeeze just at the tip of it. You wanted a faster pace, I always do whatever it takes to please my sexy Superman.

The rain washed away the mud as fast as I jerked you off. Everywhere our hands went on the others bodies left a muddy trail behind. I kissed and tongued your lips. We felt the rain come down on to our faces and a few drops of it went in our mouths every time our lips parted. Only to have them meshed together once again.

We laid down in the mud while the rain pounding down against our bodies. The same way or hearts were pounding to feel the other. Rolling around in it and not giving a shit how messy it was. The mud between us that covered our bodies only made every movement more sensitive, more slippery to hold on to the other and more erotically arousing.

Feeling me wiggling my ass under you in the mud made my tight pussy rub up against your dripping cock begging for it to please me. We both stopped for just a brief second. My legs came up over your hips and I gripped your body topkapı escort with them. Wrapping my arms around your neck. My pulsating pussy was stroked your dick with the movements I was made against it. “I need to feel you. Please put your cock inside me, baby.”

We truly moved our bodies together. Slow at first then I wanted it faster because I speed up the pace. But you weren’t done yet and didn’t want to cum. Helping me up so you could take me from behind.

I had my ass high up in the air waiting for you, welcoming you in. Rubbing your cock all over my muddy slimy ass. Running your dick just around the outside of my pussy to tease me. Putting your hand on my head you slammed me back down into the mud. Then yanked me back up out of it by my hair. It only excited me like you thought it would. Because you know I am a dirty little girl.

“Are you my dirty girl, Lace?”

My ass backed up into your cock for you to fuck it and take me like you wanted. Slowly pushed your cock into my ass a little at a time. In between my moaning and screaming. “Yes, I am your dirty girl, Superman.”

You wouldn’t settle for just knowing it. You rammed your beautiful hard cock inside me until I screamed it at the top of lungs. “Yes, I love it. I am a dirty little girl. Who loves to feel your big cock inside me.” When I said that, you plunged the rest of your cock into me over and over. You wouldn’t stop pounding my ass, until I felt you throbbing about ready to explode. You let your load of sweet creamy cum squirt every drop in it.

We laid together in the grass when it turned to a gentle rain. It washed some of the mud from our bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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