Getting More Than I Paid For

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Female Ejaculation

I waited impatiently for Jill to show up, I had gone on face book and asked her if she would help me clean my apartment. I offered her 30 dollars for three hours of easy take your time cleaning that could Probably be done in an hour, if she wanted to work harder. It was both our days off I didn’t expect her to kill her self, as a joke I offered to pay her 10 dollars extra for every article of clothing under four that she wore. She had responded lol it’s a deal be there at 2 pm.

It was now two thirty and I was starting to think she had changed her mind without letting me know. That shit pisses me off, I was working my self into texting her a WTF when there was a knock on my door. I took several breaths to calm my self then answered the door. Instead of Jill to my surprise it was her oldest daughter Christa, she stepped inside and gave me hug.

“Hi Carter ITS ME!… well… I know you were expecting my mom but it was uh… me on face book. I could really, REALLY! use the extra money,” she said pleadingly.

I closed the door, and paused still looking at her in disbelief. I shrugged I had intended to seduce her mom, it had only been a couple of weeks since we had fucked after work. Christa was hot and funny it would at least be fun, Christa stepped into the center of my small apartment. She unsnapped her jeans giving me a coy smile, then pushed them down over her ass. As the tight jeans went down over her hips the black yoga tights she wore underneath came into view.

The tights followed her jeans down over her hips, the tights stopped just below her ass cheeks. As she bent to remove the jeans I had a perfect view of her tight pussy and her neatly trimmed black curls. Her lips were so tight together I got hard just thinking about it, I reached over and locked the door without looking away.

Christa looked back at me “No panties Carter,” she said with an evil smirk and then pulled her tights back up.

“So I see,” I replied.

She stood up and kicked her jeans over onto my feet, then she pulled her shirt off and threw it on top of the jeans. Finally with a naughty smile she did a little titty shake unhooked her bra and threw it on top of that. She now stood there in a pair of sandals with raised heals but not high heal and black tights about a size to small. At eighteen years old she stood 4′ 10″ inches tall and was slim with just the beginning of a ghetto ass, and 30DD tits as opposed to her mothers 46DDD’s.

“So that’s fifty bucks Carter!” she exclaimed casino siteleri jiggling her tits at me with a sexy smile and a smug look in her eyes.

“Ok let’s get that for you,” I led her into my bedroom, she looked at my guest bed laying on top of my bed then at me questioningly.

“I use my guest bed to give messages,” I said “Aaannnd I was going to try to bribe your mother into letting me work her over,” I laughed.

“But not me?” she asked her eyes narrowing at me.

As she leaned over the edge of the guest bed I stepped behind her. Running my big hands roughly up her back to her shoulders pushing her face down on the bed, then back down until I reached her ass which I cupped and squeezed. Before going back up I pulled out the hundred dollar bill I had planned to use on her mother. I kept it locked between two fingers as I worked My way back up to her shoulders.

When I reached her shoulders she was moaning, “Gawd that’s good”.

I laughed, “Guess I don’t have to bribe you huh.”

“Only if that’s all there is,” she moaned in reply.

I let go of her and stepped back “Wait right there a sec,” I laughed

I stepped into my bathroom stuffed the bill into my pocket and retrieved moisturizer from the the medicine cabinet and rejoined her. When I entered the room she was laying on the end of the bed her ass in the air. The tights showed her ass nicely and her pussy lips were framed nicely, so I changed my mind and retrieved the $100 dollar bill.

As I walked up behind her she looked back at me and smirked, before she wiggled her ass back and forth teasingly. I leaned roughly against her and wrapped my arms around her cupping both her breasts as I did this. At the same time I pressed my cock between her legs and ground my self against the her pussy.

She tensed and gasped loudly in surprise “Uh Carter!”

But her hesitancy disappeared as I raised the one hundred dollar bill up before her eye’s. Christa reached for the bill but I pulled it out of reach. “I don’t think so! you want this?” I asked.

“Hell yes,” she laughed and twirked her ass against my dick.

Now all I had on was a T shirt and the shorts I habitually wore at home, so that and her tights were all there was between us. I pressed my cock into her covered yet exposed pussy, Christa groaned but said nothing. She said nothing when I rubbed my cock head up and down her black tight covered slit until a dark wet spot appeared.

“How about you get naked güvenilir casino and I give you two hours worth of full contact pampering, including I eat your pussy and maybe I fuck you,” I Offered.

She was quit for a minute then “ok,” she said weakly.

I opened the coconut scented moisturizer and poured a thin dribble down the middle of her back, Christa gasp and then groaned as I began to rub it into her skin. When I pushed her back down on the bed she just shuddered in anticipation submitted.

I worked her back and sides over gliding my hands up and down her body using my finger tips in alternating circles. Each time I got back down to her ass I pushed her tights a few more inches down her back side. When her quim was finally in view I slid my oiled fingers along the sides but not over her lips.

If you have ever had the misfortune of getting suntan lotion in you mouth by accident you will under stand why I kept it off her pussy lips. It wasn’t until I had her tights down to her ankles and her legs were shinny with oil that I took the next step. Actually for my personal preference it was a little soon but god did I want to taste her.

I was fiddling with her tights trying to get them over her sandals, or so I made out any way. Christa thought it would be helpful if she pushed her ass back toward me instead she bumped her cunt right into my nose. I didn’t even hesitate I yanked her tights off of her last foot the ran my tongue up the length of her slit.

She jumped slightly then whimpered as I used my now free hands too spread her pussy lips apart then dove in tongue first. Christa was so fucking tight it was incredible, she writhed and moaned crying out in pleasure. I licked and sucked her cunt with reverence as I love to eat pussy, occasionally I nibbled on her clit. I rubbed her pussy opening with my finger tips as I probed her sweat core with my tongue sliding it inside and twisting it in corkscrews.

Christa arched her back and bucked back against me, “OH OH OH UHHNNNNNnnnnnn”.

Animal cries and moans were about the depth of her verbal skills as she came for the first time but not the last. Her ass jerked and quivered sexily as she came, if my neighbor had any doubts as to what we were doing Christa made it clear. While she was still cumming I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and my thumb into her ass, I just pressed the tip of my thumb against her tight little brown pucker and then shoved it in. Christa cried out but canlı casino only jerked more spasmodically from her orgasm.

She really started bucking when I began to rub my fingers together through the sensitive walls of her vagina and anus, she bucked like a horse once then gushed all over me.

“MMMM hail to the king baby!” I laughed quoting evil dead.

Christa laughed and came some more “SS STOP THAT! Stop making me laugh,” she cried.

So I tickled her, and while she was thrashing around laughing hard and still cumming I pressed my cock head into her pussy opening. She jerked back against me as I did this and I got the shock of my 47 years, it reminded me of the first time I fucked a girlfriend in the ass.

It was all hot tight wetness which squeezed hard on my cock head, there was a sensation like a water balloon breaking in your hand. Christa cried out and went completely still, on the other hand I slid the length of my short cock all the way in to my balls.

Christa let out a sob when I twitched my thumb, which was still in her ass. I twirled it back and forth making her whimper then moan again. I pulled back slowly my cock was smeared with blood, the primal side of me took over. My cock throbbed and got harder as I pushed back inside pulling my thumb out of her ass. Christa shuddered and then pushed back against me as I began to fuck her.

The very idea of busting such a hot young things cherry drove me on and I began to fuck her hard against her ever increasing protests, “Don’t cum in Carter Don’t UUUUNnnnnmmmuuufff!”

I how ever could hear nothing over the roaring of my own pulse pounding in my ears, and I made it about eight minutes at that pace. Then I pressed my cock home as deeply as I could and blasted her with my hot cum while she came just as hard, when I pulled my cock out my cum followed it in two large globs that ran lazily down her inner thighs.

I was so turned on by the sight I was immediately hard again so I rolled her over on her back and spread her legs and slid right back inside, Christa arched up off the bed wrapping her lags around my waist and her arms around my neck. as I began to fuck her just as hard as I could again, she buried her face in my neck and sobbed as she started cumming. it only took me a few minutes to blow my second load.

I shoved her back wards face up on the bed and pulled out of her sloppy cunt and shot my load onto her chest and face. I was impressed with my self that I had that much power behind my giz. The rest of the after noon was me making her cum with my hand and us making out, though I did pause to take her into the shower and clean her up. We did not talk about me tacking her virginity for only a hundred bucks… Best buy of my life.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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