Grey Hair Ch. 03

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We were exhausted, spent, and as we felt the waves gently rock the boat, we drifted off into a deep sleep.

After what seemed like hours, but was actually minutes, I woke up.

I laid there listening to your soft breathing. I slipped out of the to take a shower, and glanced back at you.

As you laid there naked , I took in your whole body…from your exotic purple hair to you tiny toes.

From top to bottom and then I focused on your wonderful pussy…every soft fold, your outer lips, inner lips and the little skin hood that I have to lift up when I lick your clit.

What a beautiful view…and I was getting hard again.

But I wanted to let you rest a while longer and we had time today with no immediate place to be.

I showered and slipped on my shorts, sandals and a tee shirt.

I went up to the helm, started the boat and shoved off from the dock.

The Keys have around 1200 Islands, with the large ones connected by U.S, Highway 1, stretching 120 miles from north to south.

By boat, you can travel on the Ocean Side , or cut over to the Bay side on what is called the Inter coastal.

I chose the later, as it is much more beautiful and a gentle, soothing ride…as you slide through the mangroves and see many more of the smaller isolated Islands with very private beaches.

I heard a stirring in the cabin below, then the water bostancı escort bayan in the shower. When you joined me at the helm. I noticed you put on one of my tee shirts, the cooler breeze making your nipples pop out visible through the tee shirt…pert and at attention.

When you hopped up the the seat next to me…I saw you had left your panties off. I tried to keep my mind off your pussy.

We had a little time before we got to our next destination, and I wanted to hear your voice.

I felt you staring at my face, and I looked over at you. You smiled, and said I looked like Gregor Townsend…but with more hair.

I had no idea who he was, and asked if he was related to Peter Townsend from the WHO …it made you giggle.

When I attempted to sing their Talking about Ma Ma Ma MY Generation you really started to laugh.

I had not heard you laugh, but hearing it now made me feel good.

When you explained that he was a Rugby coach from Scotland…I understood how silly I sounded.

I told you that I played football in School…until a broken hip ended that part of my life.

You went on to say that it was a very important day, as Scotland was playing France in the autumn nationals at Murrayfield.

I was dreaming of fucking you on a beach that day, but I knew a beautiful bar called Morada Bay, that had a terrific view.

But ümraniye escort during the afternoon it was one of the best sport bars in the country with a video feed that could pick up any game… anywhere.

When I told you about it, I saw some new excitement in your face. Your cheeks flushed a little bit and you reached over and started stroking my cock. I couldn’t tell if you were happy , horny or both. But my cock didn’t care.

I was trying to steer the boat, but you hand was relentless, the harder I tried to concentrate the more you concentrated on making me grow hard in your hand.

I steered off into a quiet spot in the mangroves, and dropped the windless anchor and turned to face you.

You had slipped out of my tee-shirt dropped it on the deck and knelt on it, unzipped my shorts and took my swollen cock in your mouth.

Around and around its head, up and down the shaft, then the whole thing as far down your throat as you could…

My eyes were closed and al I could think of was sliding it in your pussy. When I heard you gag a little…I pulled you up.

I kissed your neck and ears, but I really needed to reach down to see how wet you were…and you were ripe!

I turned you around and had you lean forward against the captains chair.

Your legs came apart and you leaned further forward to have a better angle to feel kartal escort my cock.

Your previous attention to my cock had me ready to blast off…and I needed to get deep into my head to slow down, try and control the situation.

I was having a tough time trying not to cum…but you were getting to a higher level very quickly.

Maybe you were in your own head. Maybe you were thinking of Townsend, or maybe a younger player, I heard you moan Alex Harvey..

But I didn’t care who you were fantasizing about, because I was fucking you and it felt great.

As your head was buried in the seat, I first held you shoulders, then down your back and finally grabbed you by the hips.

I fingered your ass, a sensation I wanted you to get use to.

I felt you shudder and moan, and then you came and came…and your muscles in your pussy and ass were in a complete ecstatic spasm.

But I wasn’t done, and you had enough. So when you pushed away… at first I didn’t know what was going on.

But you immediately took my cock back in your mouth and sucked harder and faster then before.

But this time you slipped your finger behind my balls and started to rub it on a spot that made me crazy.

And my knees started to give out as I came in your warm lovely mouth…and you could feel the spasm with your finger where it was. And you sucked even harder enjoying every shot of the cum that filled your mouth.

And as we started to drift back to reality, you were thinking my cum had a little citrus taste. And I was thinking, how the heck am I going to sit through a rugby game.

The things we do for love…and great sex!

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