Happy Birthday, Alex!

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I hurry around sprucing up the house, lighting candles, fluffing the pillows on the couch, and making everything looks perfect. Today is his birthday and I want to make sure he comes home tonight to a setting that will surprise him and make sure he knows just how special I think he is.

I parked down the block and let myself into his home. I had left little surprises for him all week but never once mentioned his birthday. Today, I purposely did not text him or call him. In addition, I did not respond to his messages because I did not want him to suspect a single thing.

Turning on the TV, I flick through the channels to find a hockey game. As much as I abhor televised sports and hockey, tonight is all about him. I hurry to the kitchen and pull out the pizza I’ve made for his supper and place it on the coffee table.

I hear a noise in the driveway and glance out the window just as I see him pulling up to the garage. I slip behind the archway so he sees the living room first and, then, I plan to jump out at him to yell, “Surprise!” I know it’s a childish action, but it is the first of his birthdays we have been able to celebrate together; the first of many I hope.

Hearing his key turn in the lock, a smile spreads across my face. I hear him kick his shoes off and pad across the kitchen. I grin widely as hear him mumble to himself, “What the hell?”

Feeling him near, I decided, right then, to jump out at him. “Surprise!” I exclaim loudly.

He stumbles backward in surprise and gasps, “Geez April! You’re scared the shit out of me!”

Pulling me in a tight hug, he buries his face in my hair and whispers in my ear, “Thank you baby!” Then he adds, “I had no idea and completely forgot about my birthday. I knew you were cooking up something though with all of your little questions.”

Looking around the room, taking in the setting, I notice him smile slowly, making his eyes crinkle in the corners. Turning back to me with his bright smile, the one I have grown addicted to, he places the softest kiss on my lips.

Pulling me down to sit on his lap as he descends to the couch, he wraps his arms around me. He looks up at the television, “Hockey? Really? You hate hockey.” I nod slowly and he adds, “You are so sweet – that’s one of the many things I like about you.”

I kiss him quickly and slip off his lap. Reaching forward, I grab his plate and deposit it in his lap. Then I curl up in the corner of the couch with a book while he watches the game. At each commercial, he leans over to kiss me softly or run his hands over my body in a way that promises more later.

When the game finally ends, he wraps his arms around my wrist and nudges me back onto his lap. Leaning him back against the couch, I push my knees along his thighs as I rest on his legs. My lips begin moving slowly, gently along his.

He murmurs softly, “Thanks, baby… for everything.”

A slow smile breaks out over my face as I respond, “Well mister, I want the end of your birthday week to be perfect.”

He tickles my sides and I squirm, “Week? I’m going for a birthday month. The party is only starting.”

He then tries to claim my lips but I burst out laughing from his tickles. “I have run out of ideas! Do you realize how hard this was to plan?” My fingers run along his chest and move higher as I lean in pressing my upper body to his. Holding his face in my hands, I continue, “Well unless…”

He cuts me off as his lips rub over my slowly, “Mmm hmmm… well the rest of the month can just be sex then. We have the entire list of sex positions you sent me to try that will take more than a month.”

Immediately, I laugh again, “That’s what I was following my ‘unless’ with. I was about to say… unless you want to start going through that list.” I grin slowly, my eyes twinkling as they meet his. “Forty-five positions. We’ve done quite a few but I’m feigning amnesia. So, I think we should try them all again.”

Grinning widely, I tilt my head to the side and capture his lips. Sliding my tongue into his mouth, I move my body closer to press closer against him. Whispering even more softly, “I could never say no to sex with you.”

He murmurs against my lips, “Well you do have me right here on the couch, baby.”

My lips close as a teasing grin breaks out over my face and I push to get up. Instantly, he grabs me, pulls me back onto him, and mutters, “Not so fast,” as he grabs my face and captures my lips with hard kisses. He then adds, “You didn’t think you could get away that easily, did you?”

My lips press even tighter to his, controlling our kiss as I run my fingers down his chest and grasp his shirt in my hands. My lips press tightly and nearly bruise themselves against his. My breath starts coming harder and more ragged as moans and murmurs start becoming audible. kartal escort bayan

His fingers start running into my hair while I savor each of our kisses. He breaks the kiss abruptly to meet my surprised eyes. “So you have been really busy with all of these surprises. How can I ever thank you?”

I move my lips to nibble his earlobe, whispering softly, “The only thanks I need is to know you like them, sweetheart.”

My lips pull away from his earlobe to glide along his cheek while my chest presses tightly to his. I hear him gasp, “Do you know what feeling your chest on mine does to me?”

I silently respond by moving my fingers to unfasten a few buttons at the neck of his shirt before moving my fingers to grasp the hem and slide it up his body. He lifts his arms to let me remove his shirt while he whispers, “I need to feel you against me.” Letting my lips leave his face to tug his shirt over his head, they immediately move to his neck to run along his warm skin and nibble a trail.

My fingers move to grasp my tank top and raise it one inch at a time allowing each small expanse of newly exposed skin press into his. I feel him shudder while he moves to unfasten and unzip my shorts in order to slip his hand in. My ragged breath manages to speak slightly, “Honey… I… I…” My voice trails off as I feel his fingers moving just where they belong.

He completes my thoughts as he often does, “You… want? Desire?” Letting my eyes meet his, I nod in response. He growls, “Well I fucking need you, baby.”

I drag my shirt past my nipples and gasp the second they graze his skin. Slipping it over my head and tossing it on the couch, I move my lips to the curve of his neck and massage my tongue as my mouth descends. I start to nibble his collarbone and dig my nails into his shoulders as I feel him touching me. I manage to moan, “All of the above. My body seriously aches when you’re away… aches with want… desire… need… anticipation, until you return.”

He gasps as he feels my nails on his skin. “I can tell you are horny for you to be doing that now. You usually save that for later.”

Grabbing one of my nipples and giving it a hard squeeze, he then begins to tease it a little before giving it a good, hard pinch between his thumb and finger. With the other hand turned up, he tries to find his way into my panties; but, he struggles because of the position and my clothing.

He suddenly puts his hands on my shoulders and starts to push, lowering me to the floor. He follows and gets comfortably on top of me and smiles down into my eyes. His hand slithers to the front of my shorts and unzips them, tugs them down my thighs and then off, before tossing them aside.

Crooking my knees to plant my feet on the floor, I edge my hands between us. While teasing his lips with kisses, my hands work on the button and zipper of his pants. Once they’re undone, my feet raise to hook my toes into his waistband and slide them down his hips to his knees.

I groan inwardly as I feel his groin against mine and feel only the flimsy material of his boxers and my panties separating us. Slipping my feet back to the floor, I push my hips up to grind my pelvis slowly against his until I feel him growing stiff against me.

Without warning, I seize his lips and pull his body down tightly against mine and move wantonly under him.

He emits a nearly silent growl, “Do you feel what you have done to me?”

I smile inwardly and moan in response. There is nothing as arousing as feeling just a few thin pieces of materials between us. Our bodies fight to get to get at one another; we nudge and push our pelvises together but to no avail. I feel his cock denting my panties into my pussy and I dig my nails into his back to further our stimulation. We continue torturing one another until we can’t take it and just know we need to make that connection.

I grab his hand and slide it down to rub smoothly over the crotch of my panties forcing him to feel my dampness. I reply with a gasp as I feel his hand grab my mound through the material. He moves his fingers quickly, hitting my clit and pushing the material between my lips. As my mind starts racing, I mumble, “My gosh, do you see how you torture me?”

He chuckles as he continues to cup my panties and press through the material, “Seems like you enjoy what I’m doing. You’re so fucking wet baby.”

Giving the lowest of groans, I move my hips up against his hand, rubbing roughly against his fingers. My own hand slides into his boxers to stroke and wrap around his thick shaft.

He hisses the moment my fingers touch his erection, “Fuck, yes!” He follows that by slipping his hand under the waistband of my panties and, agonizingly slowly, toward my mound. He taps my clit briefly before he reaches my wetness. escort maltepe He rubs in circles, presses slightly, and massages relentlessly until he knows my body is driven with wild abandonment. He feels my body begging with a hunger so intense, he plunges his fingers in.

Tossing my head back, I bite my lip the second his fingers push deeply inside of me. I gasp, primitively, as my body writhes causing me to squeeze his shaft. My fingers run down closer to his base as I smooth his skin and feel him grow unimaginably thicker. My other arm wraps around his shoulders as I pull his lips down to mine. Pushing up against his mouth roughly, my tongue instantly invades his mouth and my hand runs up and down his hard cock.

He takes my tongue into his mouth then penetrates mine with his in return. He starts fucking my mouth just as he is doing with his fingers to my cunt. His two fingers are flying in and out of me until he decides to jam a third in, stretching me, and causing me to cry out, “Alex, don’t you fucking stop!”

He responds by grinding his fingers and twisting them inside of me. My legs instantly wrap around his waist to further accommodate him. The smell of sex fills the air and he groans desperately, “I just can’t take it anymore, baby. I need you…” His voice trails off and he yanks his hand out of my panties, grabs the crotch in his fist, and tugs, savagely shredding the fabric in his hands.

I rush to push down his boxers with my feet, not allowing my hips to leave his, and clumsily push them down toward his feet and ankles. My body squirms as I fiercely work to free his cock and long to push it roughly where it belongs. After getting rid of his boxers, I wrap my legs around his waist and grab the back of his head in my hand, tangling my fingers in his hair. My mouth fights to open even more widely to desperately claim his kisses. Our teeth bump and scrape together while our tongues battle. Suddenly, I feel him right there. I feel him where he needs to be, where he should be, and where he was made to be.

He pulls back from our kiss, causing my eyes to fly open. He can definitely see how much I need, want, and desire him. He smiles a slow, knowing smile and, without warning, plunges his hard cock into me completely. He starts to fuck me immediately; crazily, he pumps in and out of me. Each time he hits way up inside of me, deeper and deeper.

I toss my head back as cry out from the pleasure combined with the surprising ache. My body scoots across the carpet with each of his strong thrusts. Feeling it burning my back, I grab ahold of him to keep myself in place, accepting and craving his intense pounding movements.

I muster all of my strength to maneuver him onto his back but to no avail. He notices my effort and grabs my hips to keep me in my place as he rolls onto his back.

My cheeks flush from the heat between us and from the need inside of me. I lean down and grab his shoulders. Straddling him, I push down on his pelvis before grinding tightly. My body starts to move up and down his. Raising myself up until he is nearly out of me, I, then, drop down to engulf him entirely.

Bending over him to watch his eyes, I angle him inside of me before riding his cock. His eyes fly open as my hips fly up and down his slick shaft. My lascivious, movements begin to border on savage as the thrusts of my hips grow faster. My body grows more licentious with each second. I notice his eyes flick to my swaying tits and my taut nipples scraping back and forth over his chest.

I see his eyes roll back as he mutters, “God baby, you’re making me crazy!”

I manage to bite out, “Good, Alex. I want you breathless… your mind racing… your body tingling… you being teased until you can’t take it.”

He moans out, “Fuck, I never knew I could need something so badly or someone so badly,” before grabbing my hips and pulling me down tightly over him.

Each time he thrusts upward as I push downward, I feel him probing different parts inside of me. Banging deep inside of me, he presses into my cervix. Sliding his hands around to grasp my ass, he pulls down to penetrate me even more and, squeezing hard, leaves marks on my cheeks with his fingers.

I hear him sigh and moan with exhilaration before he whispers hoarsely, “Ride my hard cock, April. Get all the pleasure you want from it. Use it to stir deep inside you and make you go wild. When you want to cum… and want me to cum… just place your hand on my heart.

Feeling my ass tense in his hands and gasping from the slight pain that quickly turns to pleasure, I bend down as he probes, pushes, and penetrates as deeply as I have ever been filled. My body tenses completely before relaxing. My lips reach down to claim one of his nipples. First, teasing with my tongue, I, then, spread pendik escort my mouth of his pecs and suck on his flesh. I bite as I close my mouth around his skin until my teeth are tugging on his nipple.

My teeth release his nipple as my eyes close and I moan from all the desire swirling inside of me, “Alex, I need you…I just…I just need you.”

He thrust as swirls his hips while holding me firmly in place, “Yes, and I have what you need and want, and I’m all yours.”

Sitting up instantly, I lean back slightly to allow my body to bounce up and down on his cock. Grabbing his shoulders, I look down into his eyes and ride back and forth over his hips. Driven by lust and complete animal instinct, my right hand slides from his shoulders to reach down to pinch and twist his nipple.

He gasps as I feel him shudder, and the look in his eyes tells me all I need to know. He lets go of my hips and grabs my shoulders to bring my chest towards him. He seizes one nipple and pinches and, then, twists it. Then, he takes my other into his mouth to give me the same treatment. He gives it a long suck, then a sharp bite, then takes it between his teeth to tug away.

I toss my head back because sweat has broken out over my body and has made my hair stick to my face. My mouth drops open and I gasp as I feel him hitting where he need to hits. Causing the sensation deep inside to drive me wild, I pull one hand away from his nipple and drag it to my clit. Rubbing ferociously while pushing down on him as my hips swivel, I feel the build-up mounting.

My eyes meet his and, I can tell, his hunger mirrors mine, “Baby, you know there will never come a day, a minute, a second when I don’t crave you Alex…all of you.

His hands go back to my hips from the heightened intensity, and he bites out, “Yes, baby. I just love it when you touch yourself while we fuck. I can feel your fingers too and just…” His voice trails off as he concentrates on giving me what he knows my body needs. Then, he adds, “Take my cock in you so deep and cum all over it. Gush your juices all over me and, when you do, I’ll give you all of mine,” before clamping down on my nipple once with his teeth.

The second I feel his teeth pinch me, my insides begin convulsing, constricting, and pulsing.

Quickly putting my hand over his heart, I rise up and plunge deeply so he hits that spot that has swollen inside of me, causing a tidal wave to erupt.

He pauses to let the wave of my wetness engulf his cock like a tsunami. He then drives his cock into me quickly and powerfully to intensify my orgasm. He growls lowly, “I just love to feel you cum on me baby, on my cock, on my body, on me as I’m in you.” Without notice, he grabs my hips and I feel his orgasm hitting him. His eyes go wide and then clench shut before he screams out, “Oh my goodness,” while I feel his warm cum spurting inside of me.

Between the feel of him claiming my body and hearing him cry out, my eyes open even more widely. I bite my lower lip hard as my heart starts pounding out of my chest. Every nerve ending in my chest and my shoulders begin to twinge sharply. Inhaling deeply and holding my breath, I lift and plunge again. A rainbow of brightness shoots from behind my eyes. I feel the energy from my body draining as the intensity of my orgasm rattles me. My hips refuse to stop and, each time I raise up and slam down, a fresh stream rushes from my pussy over him, coating his pelvis.

We both feel my feminine juices mixing with his cum but our hips continue to lock together. He breaks my concentration by murmuring, “I love how wet you get, baby.”

Feeling another stream of warmth shooting into me and coating my walls, my body starts to shudder like it never has. The blood rushes to my head from holding my breath causing me to become dizzy. My body starts trembling from the intensity, from him, and from us.

I exhale and gulp air as my body collapses, drenched with sweat, over him. My lips find his and kiss him hard, at first, then more passionately and slowly as my body relaxes. Keeping my lips to his, I whisper hoarsely, “Kiss me like you mean it, honey.”

He responds just as breathily, “Oh April, I will…” He gently slides his hands up my back and over my shoulders. He brushes the back of my neck before taking my head in his hands to pull my mouth to his. He simply traces his lips over mine and teases them with his tongue. He turns my head as he pokes his tongue between my lips. Finally he presses his lips hard against mine. Our tongues begin swirling passionately and exploring one another all over again.

Although my walls continue to pulse slowly and gently around him, my eyes close and surrender to his kiss. My body stretches out over his with my knees still bent. My fingers run up his sides with featherlike touches. My body is too exhausted to move much.

I break our kiss to move my lips up to his forehead and brush lightly over it. My eyes then look into his while my forehead lowers and rests against his gently. I break our silence with a soft whisper, “Happy birthday, baby…”

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