Her Next Door

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Pamela was the girl next door and quite a honey. She was an outgoing sort of girl, friendly and easy to please. The sort of girl who you would want to take to a fancy restaurant, but who you knew wouldn’t complain if you were a little short and took her to McDonalds.

She worked as a checkout chick at the local supermarket, meaning she was chronically underpaid and always short of a dollar. I took unconscionable advantage of this one day, shortly after her eighteenth birthday. She had a big date coming up on the weekend, so I figured she wouldn’t mind a little honest paid employment.

I hailed her as she was passing one evening. I was doing some research for a story I was writing and needed a little help. Would she be willing to give me a hand? Twenty bucks an hour and I’d pay her a minimum of fifty. She jumped at the chance and I suggested she come over after dinner.

Pam came trotting over later. She was dressed casually, T-shirt and yoga-pants. I do like yoga pants. They show off a girl’s figure so nicely, and Pam had a figure worth showing.

I showed her into the front room and as soon as she stepped onto the rug I had there I hit her smartly across the back of her knees. It wouldn’t have hurt, but her knees promptly buckled and she went down, landing on her hands and knees.

I was ready for what was going on, whereas Pam was taken completely by surprise. I had hold of her yoga-pants and had both them and her panties down and clear of her bottom while she was still starting to react.

With one hand on the small of her back, holding her in place, I was kneeling behind her, my cock pressing lightly against her pussy. She knew immediately what it was and just froze for a second.

I took advantage of that stillness to stand up, zip up and move over to the couch.

“So, tell me, Pam,” I said. “What did it feel like when you thought you were about to be raped? What sort of thoughts went racing through your head?”

She turned her head and looked at me. Ever heard the term balefully? That defines the look in her eyes.

“What?” she hissed at me.

“Research, remember? I need to know how a young woman feels when unexpectedly assaulted and they just know they’re going to be raped. So how did it feel?”

“Research? You scared me out of my wits for research?”

Her voice, I noticed was getting higher. Shock and anger.

“OK. I’ve got the shock and anger from after the event, but what about during the event?”

“How did I feel? I felt betrayed. I was petrified. I was appalled that this escort ataşehir was happening to me. I couldn’t believe it. I felt helpless. Is that what you want to know?”

“It’ll do for starters,” I told her. “During the event, fright, betrayal, disbelief, and helpless. After the event shock, anger and forgetfulness. Hmm. Any feeling of arousal before or after?”

Pam was standing there, glowering at me.

“No. No arousal, before or after. And what do you mean forgetfulness. I remember very well what you did.”

“Uh-huh. No feeling of let down that it didn’t actually happen? Why don’t you tell me about it from your point of view?”

“Let down? Why on earth would I be disappointed because you didn’t rape me? And how did I see it? I walked in and you pushed me down and ripped off my pants and oh my god!” she finished in a wail.

Pam had finally remembered that her pants and panties were at knee level. She bent and grabbed at them but I didn’t want that.

“Hold on,” I said quickly. “Don’t pull them up. Tell me what it’s like standing there exposed in front of a man.”

“You’re insane. You’ve got a one track mind. It makes me feel embarrassed. How do you think it makes me feel?”

“Feminine,” I said. “Aren’t you now acutely aware of the fact that you’re female, more so than if you were fully dressed? And are you aware that there’s a man here, watching you and appreciating the view?”

“No, I don’t feel more feminine. I just know that you’re looking at me and making me feel self-conscious. Now, if you don’t mind I’m getting dressed.”

“Actually, I do mind. I want you to get undressed fully so that you’re naked. I want to know just how self-conscious you feel taking off your clothes. Um, maybe I should point out that I will be requiring you to be completely naked later anyway, because I’ll be wanting to ravish you.”

Pam just stared blankly at me for a moment.

“You want me to get undressed just to make it easier for you to have sex with me?” she asked, speaking carefully, as one does to idiots and maniacs. She wasn’t sure which one I was.

I shook my head. “No. Part of this is research. The whole episode will finish up in a story I’ll be posting online. Don’t worry, though. I’ll change your name in the story. But the site I write for always wants a sex scene so you’ll need to join me in that.”

“So you want to rape me so you have a sex scene for your story which you will then post online for thousands of people to read?”

“Yes, but I’d rather not do rape. I’d kadıköy escort rather you submit to my manly charms or to your own lust. Um, your clothes? Would you rather I take them off for you?”

“I can manage,” she snapped, pushing her pants and panties down and stepping out of them. Her t-shirt and bra followed.

“Satisfied?” she asked. “Because this view is all you’re getting.”

“You know, when I had you pinned down with my cock touching you, I felt really macho. I was the conquering male, and you were the helpless female, subject to my whim and about to yield to my maleness. I felt like a real wuss when I let you go.

Now I’m glad that I did. You’re going to be so much more fun cooperating.”

“You’re insane. You seem to think you’ve only got to say you’re going to take her and a woman will lie down and say thank you?”

I laughed.

“Come on,” I said. “I’m not that arrogant. I don’t really expect a woman to submit just because I want her to. However, I will admit that when a woman takes off her clothes just because I tell her to I tend to think she’s going to do other things I tell her to do.”

I unzipped and let my erection peep out of my trousers.

“Come here,” I said softly.

“I am not having sex with you,” Pam repeated, but she was edging closer. As soon as she was close enough I stretched out a toe and hooked it behind her knee. I didn’t need to use any effort. As soon as my toe touched her Pam dropped to her knees.

She wound up kneeling in front of me, her head level with my waist, but her eyes weren’t lifted that high. I just put a hand behind her head and urged it gently towards me. She opened her mouth and engulfed me.

She had either been getting some practice somewhere or she had an enormous native talent. I’m damned sure that there are highly practised professional women out there that couldn’t tease a cock so well. She had me rendered helpless in five seconds flat. All I could do was groan and watch her head moving on me.

It takes a rare form of courage to interrupt a blow job like that, but I managed. I was breathing hard when I lifted her head away and pointed to the rug.

“Let’s pick up from where we left off after you first entered the room,” I told her.

Pam was flushed and aroused, no matter what she might claim. She didn’t try to deny it just then. She just seemed to roll over and she was on her knees on the rug. I was kneeling behind her scant seconds later, my cock once more leaning against her entrance.

“I did say no, didn’t maltepe escort bayan I?” she asked, and nodded contentedly when I affirmed this.

“Now lift your bottom a little higher,” I said, and as she did so I slipped in.

I pushed all the way in with one desperate stroke. My cock really wanted to be tightly held and her pussy fitted the bill neatly. I went in and she softly closed all around me.

Is there a better feeling in this world than that of your cock sliding in and out of a female companion? I have heard women say being on the other side of the cock is even better, but I’ll have to take their word for it. As far as I was concerned I was doing AOK.

I pumped lustily into Pam, while she squealed and pumped just as lustily against me, pushing back eagerly to meet my every thrust. We fell into a mutually satisfying rhythm almost from the first stroke, and then we went at it, hot and heavy, giving our all to pleasure our partner and, incidentally, ourselves.

I took Pam, driving in again and again. The odd thing about sex is that you want it to last as long as possible while also wanting it to come to an end so you can get that climax. Mutually exclusive things required during the same act.

I pounded Pam, enjoying the feel of her, quite willing to prolong it all night. Pam, however, seemed greedy for her climax, and was trying to hurry me along. And she was winning, I could just feel it.

She drove me higher and higher, her pussy doing terrible things to my sensitive cock, and she thrived on the havoc she was wreaking. She shrieked with delight when I finally yielded and climaxed, venting everything I had upon her.

She happily accepted my offering, screaming and closing tightly upon me, drawing her need from me and relishing it to the last drop.

We were lying on the rug afterwards, too spent to move. I turned to Pam.

“So, in the interest of my research, how do you feel?”

Unfortunately, I can’t use her reply as I don’t put those sort of words in my stories.

Two days later I was waiting at my front gate as Pam arrived home. She looked at me suspiciously and stated that she was not entering my house to do any more research, thank you very much.

“I wasn’t going to ask you to,” I said, all injured innocence. “My next story is set outside. I need to know how a young woman reacts when a neighbour invites her into his yard and then tears off all her clothes and ravishes her there. Imagine, the poor woman is lying naked on the grass while this monster is brutally taking her, knowing that if anyone looks over the fence they’ll see her being ravished.”

I paused to let her take in the scenario.

“Um, I have some nice flowers in my back yard,” I told her. “Would you like to come and see them?”

I held the gate open for, waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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