His Dominating Master Part II

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His slight, boyish frame hopped out of bed, fresh after a good night’s sleep and the thought of no school or work that day. His folks were already gone, leaving him a note that there was some repair work that was needed in the kitchen, and there would be a crew over there mid-day. Shrugging, James tossed the note back on the counter, made some breakfast, and then sauntered back to his room. He had nothing to do but laze around. And then he saw the light flashing on his monitor. He had a waiting message. Tugging at the collar that rested around his neck, black leather, slim with a silver buckle, he sat down, still just dressed in his boxers, to receive the message.

“Hello boy. I take it you slept well?” came the familiar voice through the computer. “Turn on your camera, let me see you.” James dutifully switched on his webcam, his tiny image popping up in the corner to show it was working. As usual, the screen from the receiving computer was dark, no image, just that dark low voice, rumbling through his head and making him feel a heat rising up from his crotch.

“Naked? What a nice morning surprise.”

“No sir, just in my boxers.” He blushed slightly, even though he had displayed his body for his mysterious master before, James still felt a pang of shyness every time he felt the man’s eyes over him, even through the virtual divide that separated them. James stood, showing his master the cotton boxers that barely held in his semi-hard cock. He turned around, knowing his master always enjoyed sight of his tight little ass.

“Very good boy. You look well this morning. Do you work today?”

“No sir. I am free for you.”

“Very good. I think it is time that we take the next step, you are too good a slave to be wasted on virtual playtime.” James was stunned. Did this mean meet in real life? Was he even ready to make such a step? The panic must have crept into his face, as the voice over the computer commanded him, “this is what you want. You will meet me, and you will enjoy it.” The commanding tone quieted him, and he looked down, ashamed that he had doubted his total submission to this man he had never met.

“Of course sir, anything you say.”

“Good boy. Now, I want you in your nicest pair of jeans, a white tshirt, and your collar, of course. You are to meet me at the 6:15 pm showing at the Carousel theater, sit in the back left seat, and wait for me. Do you understand me?” The Carousel was an adult theater on the south side of the city, known asthe seedy part of town, the neighborhoods there were full of drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps and gangbangers. On izmir escort bayan the edge of town there was a dilapidated park, harkening back to the city’s better days, that butted up against the forests that extended beyond the city. James gulped, but also felt the desire stirring inside him, knowing he would finally get a chance to see this man who had controlled him for the last few weeks. “Yes sir, I understand.”

“OK, I will see you then. For now, why don’t you give me a little show.” The voice was calm, firm. James stepped back from the laptop, angling the screen so that it focused purely on his bed, and climbed on. He thought there was a noise coming from downstairs, but he ignored it. Probably the dog, nothing to worry about. He angled slightly away from the computer and shed his boxers, letting them fall from his hips onto the blanket, and wiggled his now-bare ass. His back to the computer, James bent forward, pulling his ass cheeks apart with one hand to show the camera. The other hand, he slipped two fingers into his mouth, sucking and getting them wet. Reaching around behind him, James slid a finger into his tight asshole. He closed his eyes, thinking about the mysterious man and the power he held over James, and how this afternoon he would finally get to meet him. He pulled his finger out and then licked it clean, reinserting two now which produced an even louder moan. Before long, James was finger fucking his ass, moaning and squirming on the bed, ass pointed towards the camera. James pulled his fingers out without opening his eyes to lube them up again, but before he could reinsert them something else slid into his hole. Something larger, thicker than his own fingers, but he felt form the shape that it was another man’s digit. Squealing in surprise, his head snapped back, looking around wildly, only to see a bear of a man sitting on the bed, fingers stuck straight up James’ butthole, grinning from ear to ear. James tried to pull away, but the man held him firmly by his hips, keeping him in place.

“I came just to fix the kitchen tile, but look what I found instead.” The man was huge, easily 6’3″ and about 295, the AfricanAmerican man continued calmly moving his fingers in and out of James’ ass. “What are you doing playing around all alone, boy? Lonely without a man to fill you up?”

James looked back at the computer, but the screen still had the regular dark square. He wasn’t sure if he was still being watched by his master or not, and panic rose up in him slightly. What if his master saw this and thought he was being disloyal? How could he explain that this huge man with his finger in his ass was not a lover or friend? James blushed, looking back at his visitor, “no sir, buca escort I have someone. I’m meeting them soon.” As the man wriggled his finger halfway into James’ hot, gripping rear tunnel, the boy felt his asshole moistening from his friction. Blushing harder, James squirmed from the penetration, but the man rocked his fingers back and forth as he fucked James’ tight white ass, rubbing his fingertips against James’ prostate to elicit involuntary moans of pleasure from the boy. As he calmly finger-fucked his ass, the man turned over this admission from the boy.

The man looked around, “you’re meeting them here? With me downstairs working?” His tone implied his incredulity at the story.

“No, I’m meeting him at the Carousel.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth James regretted it, for the black man smiled even wider at the mention of the infamous sex theater.

“Oh, well then why don’t we have a quick preview of what you’ll be doing at the theater tonight.” The man stood up, pulling his fingers from James’ ass. James rolled onto his back, afraid to move too much, his boyish cock hard from the fingering he had received, but quickly softening from fear. The man stripped down slowly, revealing a barrel chest, mostly hairless and muscled. His legs were like tree trunks, but it was between them that most interested the boy. Hanging down was a long black cock. Semi hard it was still already 8 inches long, and looked to be the thickness of the boys wrist, maybe more. It had a dark vein that ran from the head across the back of the shaft, and the head had a dark purplish color to it, large and mushroom shaped. James couldn’t help but gasp, and the man smiled.

“A good bitch has to make sure his daddy’s meat is nice and wet and hard. So let me see what you can do with that mouth of yours.” the man climbed onto the bed, straddling James’ chest as his large cock grew larger, now nearly 10″. James gulped, having never had a real cock in his mouth before. He leaned forward, sticking his tongue out, slowly scraping across the man’s large cockhead. He slid over the slit, tasting some of the salty precum there, and then blushed, pulling his tongue back, staring at the monster cock in front of him. The man sighed, growing impatient. “Bitch, you better get to work before I stick it all the way down that tiny throat of yours. If I have to do that, I’ll fucking choke you to death with my cock, so it’s up to you.” Scared, James again moved his tongue out across the giant head. He started licking up and down the head, opening his lips to suck the head in, all the way to the ridge. It barely fit inside his tiny mouth, his lips were stretched trying to get the cock inside him, but the man izmir escort appreciated his effort, for he started working more and more of it into James’ stretched mouth.

“Here boy, take it.” James felt his mouth stretch and fill up, he could taste the salty precum trailing down his throat. He had about half the length in his mouth now and he began to slowly swallow more of the black cock as it stretched him nearly to the point that it was closing up his throat. James moved back and forth, bobbing slowly on the thick shaft, as the man pumped it into him with slow but firm thrusts of his hips.

“Ooooooohhh, yeah, that’s it bitch, take that cock like a good boy.” James slid his tongue up the underside of the thick black shaft, working it up and down, trying to make him cum faster. Even though the throat-fucking was hot as hell, making James hard, he realized that his master might be watching the entire thing via the webcam. Sucking harder, James brought the man closer to cumming, causing the large black man to grab James by the hair, holding his head firmly as the monster cock pistoned in and out of his
mouth. With a yell, the man started to cum.

“OOOOOHHHHHHH, FUCK YESSSSSSSSS,” the man screamed, as large globs of hot cum splashed into James’ mouth and down his throat. It seemed like it would never end. The man pulled his cock back a little, coating his tongue with hot cum, forcing him to taste it as it spurted out of his thick black meat. Finally, he subsided, and the man looked over at James. “Bitch, this is just the beginning. You say you’re going to be at the Carousel tonight?” James could only nod weakly, his jaw aching from the abuse it just took. The man stood, pulling on his clothes, “then I guess I might be seeing you later.” And, abruptly as he came, he departed, leaving James alone in the room. He just lay there, his cock quivering in excitement, still tasting the cum from the man who had just assaulted him. After about 10 minutes, a familiar voice echoed through the computer, “that was quite a show James. I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.”

Groaning, James rolled over, “NO sir, not at all! He just appeared in the house and attacked me! I had no idea who it was or what he wanted till he saw me. I…”

“SILENCE.” The voice commanded him, and James fell quiet. “I am disappointed in you boy, I thought you had more self-control than that. But, I find out you are nothing more than a dirty slut. So, I shall treat you as such.” The master fell silent, and James worried that he had just left him, but then the voice continued, “We will still meet. Same time and place. Be ready to apologize and be punished for your lewd behavior.”

“Yes sir.” James hurried to get into the shower and prepare for his meeting, which had a more sinister edge to it now that his Master had seen what he had done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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