Hot Shorts

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Pot Head

Rob rolled up to his parents’ house and pushed his mountain bike into the shadows by the porch. With his younger sister soon to turn eighteen and heading off to college in the fall, his parents were milking her remaining time at home for all it was worth. This week, it was a ski trip to Colorado.

He was going to take advantage of every moment he could.

Unfortunately, his weird work schedule meant that he was flying solo, but it wasn’t all bad. He’d scored two primo joints, and after a long frustrating work week, mellowing out in one of his parents’ deck chairs and staring at the stars was just the ticket. The nearest neighbor was well out of sniffing distance, so he didn’t have to worry about that either.

Of course, it was still best if nobody noticed him, so he didn’t have to use his prepared excuse if his parents asked. To that end, he unlocked the door and headed through the house. There was just enough light filtering through the curtains from the security lights to guide his way through the still-familiar environs, so he didn’t bother turning on a light. He reached the sliding glass door at the back and was about to open it when he heard the murmur of voices.

“Holy shit,” he muttered under his breath. There in the hot tub were three of his sister’s friends, passing a joint around, and they were all topless.

He hadn’t seen any of them for more than a few seconds — and at a distance — since leaving for college. What a difference four years had made. Despite the changes, he knew them all instantly.

Trish had let her dark brown hair grow out, and it looked good on her. What looked even better were her tits. They were big enough to make a man do a double take, but even without support, they stood firm and proud.

In contrast, Renee had cut her red hair shorter. As with Trish, he liked the change. Her tits were smaller, but they were perfect teardrops, and oh-so perky.

Becca had won the boob lottery. Her tits hung heavy, but gravity hadn’t had much time to take a toll in the few years since they’d sprouted. She was a year younger than his sister, and her features framed by her brown hair still had a touch of girlishness to them.

That was all he could see in the dim light from a distance, but it was more than enough to cause a significant stir in his shorts.

A dozen thoughts flitted through his head in the space of a heartbeat, and he seized on one of them. The girls had frequently been brats to him in the many sleep-overs with his sister. He smiled as he thought he had the perfect means of revenge, and a chance for a bit closer look.

Decision made, he slid open the door. The girls were so engrossed in their quiet conversation that they didn’t notice him for three full steps. When Trish caught sight of him, the others saw her panic and reacted as well. Rob couldn’t help but grin as the three rushed to hide their tits and the joint.

Becca, who had been holding the joint when he exited, was at a disadvantage. She had to hang the joint over the back of the hot tub, and she had a lot more to hide. He was still getting a fair eyeful of her as he walked over to a deck chair. One detail made the situation even sweeter. The girls had stripped next to one of the other deck chairs, and it was far enough away that they couldn’t reach their clothes without climbing out of the tub.

Trish was the one to speak up. “What are you doing here?”

Rob chuckled and gave them an incredulous look. “I used to live here, and I still have a key. The question is how you got in here.”

The three glanced at each other, and some silent communication passed between them. Renee then answered, “Tracy snuck us the key to the back gate.”

“You’re not going to rat us out, are you?” Becca asked while pulling her arm from behind the tub. It revealed the joint, but let her slip her exposed breast beneath the water.

“Nah,” Rob said as he sat down, and then reclined on one of the deck chairs. The move eliminated the view, but offered a chance of more, if he played his cards right. “Smells like skunkweed.”

“Are you just going to sit there?” Trish asked.

Rob grinned and said, “I just got comfortable. Think I’ll relax for a while.” With that, he pulled out one of his joints, gave it a sniff, and then reached in his pocket for a lighter.

At the revelation of the joint, the scowls decorating the girls’ faces faded. A quiet conference ensued while Rob lit up his blunt.

Renee was the one to ask, “Any chance you might share that? We only had the one for all three of us, and like you said, it wasn’t very good.”

Rob slowly exhaled, and then said, “Damn, that’s the good shit. I might, if someone wants to come over and take a hit.”

To his surprise, it was the younger brunette who handed the roach she was holding to Trish and stood up. “He’s obviously not going to leave until he sees what he wants to see, anyway,” Becca said, and then climbed out of the tub.

Becca had a nice ass to bursa escort go with her hefty chest. It was big, but not too big, a perfect balance for her tits. She was all curves in the right places. Once she was out of the tub, she walked toward the clothes and towels on the deck chair. She was shaved mostly bare, but sported a landing strip of trimmed curls between her legs.

“Dry your arm off so you don’t get it wet, but if you want that hit, you’re going to have to come get it just like that.”

Becca had always been the shiest of the group, so it was again a surprise when she did exactly as he said. She dried her arm off and crossed the deck toward him with her tits jiggling hypnotically. As promised, he handed over the joint, and took in the closeup look at the scenery.

Becca took a puff, and then handed it back. When she exhaled, Renee asked, “Is it good?”

“Oh my god. Wow,” Becca answered.

The other two girls glanced at each other, and then climbed out of the tub. Trish was first. She was shaved perfectly smooth, and had a tight little heart-shaped ass. Renee’s ass was just as incredible, but she was sporting a triangle of fiery curls between her legs.

Trish had dried off her arm and approached while Rob was taking in the sight of Renee. The brunette held out her hand and cleared her throat. Rob gave her a long, slow look from her great legs to her slight, crooked smile as he handed over the joint.

Ah, what a wonderful day, Rob thought as his eyes roved from body to body. Trish passed the joint directly to Renee, and once she’d taken her toke, he held out his hand to request it back.

They were mostly silent as they passed the joint around, but the girls’ actions were speaking volumes. Renee put a hand on her hip and cocked it to the side a little. Becca’s subtle movements were obviously meant to draw attention to her assets that needed no help in that regard. Trish stood with one knee slightly bent, giving the slightest, teasing peek at what hid between her legs.

Rob took the last viable puff, feeling the uncomfortable heat of the cherry against his fingertips. He opened the Altoids tin he’d brought the joints in and stubbed out the roach, which revealed the second joint inside.

“So, are you going to light that?” Becca asked.

May as well go for it, he thought. “Yeah, but if you want to share, you’re going to have to do something for me.”

Trish’s eyes narrowed, and she asked, “Like what?”

Rob swung his legs out of the chair, stood, and pushed down the front of his shorts. The tantalizing parade of hot young girls ensured that he was hard as a rock. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the eyes of all three girls widen in surprise.

“So, what? Jerk you off?” Trish asked.

He shook his head. “Suck me off.”

It was busty Becca who once again showed she’d overcome her previous shyness as she stepped over and sank to her knees in front of him.

It was his turn to gawk in surprise when the other two girls did the same.

Becca pulled down his shorts, and as soon as they were revealed, Renee cupped his balls in her hand. Trish pushed up on his shirt, and he whipped it over his head while stepping out of his shorts. The material of his shirt had barely cleared his eyes when all three girls leaned in.

“Holy fuck,” he groaned as three tongues slipped over his erection. Trish and Renee tongued the shaft while Becca tickled the tip. There was no doubt in his mind that they’d done this before. All three looked up at him, smiling with their eyes aglow.

Rob let his hands rest on the back of Trish and Renee’s heads as they lapped him. A chorus of giggles and moans escaped the girls while they thoroughly wetted every inch of his cock, and Renee gently rolled his balls.

Trish and the redhead came at him from both sides, wrapping their lips around his shaft. Rob grunted as the pair once again demonstrated familiarity by sliding their lips and tongue along his length in perfect coordination. Becca’s tongue stayed hard at work, swirling over the head, and she added a few kissing sucks for good measure.

Renee’s lips left his erection after that, but only so she could turn her head and lick his balls. Trish was right behind her. Rob gasped, and his breaths emerged as hard blasts from the sweet feeling of two tongues gliding over his balls. Becca lapped the underside of his bobbing cock, her tongue choosing a different path over the head with every lick. The girls’ moans as they tongued him were like the sweetest music to his ears.

Becca let out an especially loud moan when he oozed a drop of pre-cum and she gathered it up on her tongue. The other two girls moved back to his shaft, and the redhead’s hand cupped his now slippery balls.

“Feel good?” Renee asked between licks.

“Fuck yeah,” he growled.

That set off another round of giggling.

“Go on,” Trish said after the moment of mirth.

Becca took her cue, and took him in her hot mouth.

Rob bursa escort bayan groaned from the feeling of her soft lips sliding up and down his shaft. She was anything but a novice. There wasn’t a hint of her teeth scraping him, and she took him deep while keeping steady pressure. Her head twisted slightly, adding to the sensation, and she glanced up at him every time she pulled back to the head.

Trish’s hand joined Renee’s, and her fingertips caressed him with a feather-light touch. After a few more sucks, the brunette said, “Don’t hog it. Share.”

Becca released him with a final slurp, but it was Renee who grasped his shaft and turned him toward her before Trish got the chance. The redhead gave him a fast, sloppy head job. Pops and whooshes of air sounded as her lips slid over the ridge of his cockhead. She ended by looking up into his eyes while holding the head in her mouth, massaging it with her lips, and tickling it with her tongue. One final pop sounded when she let it slip free of her lips.

Trish didn’t waste any time pulling his erection to her lips. At the same time, Renee pulled on his wrist, guiding his hand from the back of her head to her breast. He groaned from both the feeling of Trish’s lips wrapping around him and the redhead’s firm little teardrop.

Trish’s technique was similar to Becca’s, save she twisted her head a great deal more, and didn’t take him quite as deep. As incredible as that sight was, it had to compete with Becca leaning back, cupping her overripe breasts in her hands, and jiggling them.

Trish finished with a long, slow, deep suck. She coughed when she pulled back, but the effect of her taking him in her throat wasn’t lost on Rob. Becca then moved closer, leaned in, and enfolded him into a warm nest between her breasts.

Upon seeing what Renee was doing, Trish guided Rob’s other hand to her breast as well. Becca stroked him with her soft globes while he squeezed the tits in his hands. It was hard to miss how stiff the nipples were when his fingers or palms touched them. Becca let the tip peek out from her cleavage, gave it several licks, and then let him go.

Trish broke the previous order by turning him toward her. Rob gasped when she took him deep, fast, and kept it up. He was breathing hard and feeling the first tickle in the head of his cock when she let him slip from her lips.

Renee picked up right where her friend had left off.

Rob growled and groaned as the redhead sucked him so well, then passed him off to Becca, who in turn passed him back to Renee. His saliva-slick cock would only be in the warm air for a moment at a time — just long enough to make the feeling of a hot mouth engulfing him all the sweeter. His pleasure mounted quickly, and though he was doing everything in his power to hold back, he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

Renee’s red locks bounced from the motion of her head while Becca rolled his balls in her hand. Trish must have been able to read the signs of his battle to hold back, and knew he was losing, because she said, “Tell us before you come.”

“Won’t be fucking long,” he growled.

Renee moaned and — somehow — sucked him even faster.

He was nearly there when either the redhead tried to take him too deep, or the involuntary bucking of his hips forced his cock into her throat. She let out a croak as she quickly jerked away, trailing stands of saliva. Becca ignored those strands breaking when she took him in hand and pulled him into her mouth.

Two sucks later, he knew he was done.

“Gonna fuckin’ come,” he blurted out from between clenched teeth.

Renee and Trish moved quickly while Becca let him slip out of her mouth. The girls sidled in close, sliding their arms around each other to help them balance, and then moved in. Rob grunted and groaned as three tongues went to work on him at the same time.

Becca licked the underside of his cockhead while the other two girls tongued the ridge. His cock bounced away from their tongues once, and then Renee remedied that by putting a hand atop it, holding it in place. Rob panted for breath, his exhales all growls that were louder by the moment.

It was just enough to hold him on the edge, torturously close to orgasm. The seconds passed, feeling like hours, until Rob was sure he was going to lose his mind if he didn’t come soon. His mind numbed by the sweet agony, it hit him without warning when it happened, causing a roar of shock and release to rumble in his throat.

All three girls squealed when the first eruption decorated Becca’s tongue, lips, and left a trail along the bridge of her nose. A push of Trish’s tongue caused the next spurt to land on both Becca and Renee’s cheeks. An opposing push from the redhead offered Trish her blast of hot cum.

The girls kept licking, and he kept coming. Two more spurts streaked Becca’s face, followed by weaker ejaculations that glazed the lips and tongues of all three girls. All the while, they serenaded him with moans and escort bursa giggles. The last fitful ooze dribbled onto Becca’s tongue when Renee and Trish gave the head a sandwich kiss. Becca followed that up by giving him one last quick suck.

Rob could barely stand on his wobbling knees after that. The girls smiled up at him, each sporting strands of semen dangling from their lips, dribbles on their tits, and pools on their tongues to go with the streaks on their faces. While he gasped for breath, they all swallowed near simultaneously.

That sight caused an uncomfortable throb in his softening cock, and he stumbled the one step to the deck chair, where he sat down hard, and then fell back. The girls stood, pulling his cum to their lips, which were curled up into smug, satisfied smiles. That’s when he closed his eyes and let out a pitiful groan, prompting the girls to erupt into a gale of laughter.

When he’d somewhat caught his breath a minute later, he opened his eyes to see that the girls had sacrificed one of their towels, dipping it in the hot tub to finish cleaning the mess off their faces. The sharp throbs of his member faded as it softened, allowing him to enjoy the sight of them cleaning up, and then finally drying off.

To his surprise, when Renee finished toweling dry, she didn’t immediately reach for her clothing. Instead, she strutted over to him and bent over, giving him a fine look at her incredible ass and her pussy. When she straightened, she had the tin and his lighter.

The redhead lit up the joint, and then passed it to Becca when she walked over with her ass swaying hypnotically. The girls had passed the joint twice before Rob’s orgasm-befuddled brain cleared enough for him to hold up his hand to get a hit. In the end, he only got two puffs, but he didn’t really care.

Trish stubbed out the roach for him while the other two walked over to their clothes. A couple of minutes later, all three girls were finally dressed. Not that the skimpy shorts and tight tops they were wearing did much to hide their bodies.

Without a word, they surrounded him, and then bent down. Becca kissed his forehead, while Renee and Trish planted pecks on his cheeks. All three giggled, and then headed for the back gate. They waved one last time before exiting.

Rob chuckled and stared at the stars above. He had a good high going despite the four-way split of the two joints, and the evening had turned out far better than the original plans. He nearly dozed off, still naked except for his shoes and socks, and started when an alert tone sounded from his phone.

Sitting up proved to be a chore, but he managed it, and then retrieved his phone. The message was from one of his friends who had gotten off work early, asking if he still wanted to burn one.

Rob typed a quick message saying that the joints were gone, and that he had a hell of a story to tell about it. Then he tapped to open Facebook and what he saw brought a wide grin to his face.

He wasted no time accepting the friend requests from Renee, Trish, and Becca.


Too Tempting

I can’t resist any longer as we stand on the pedestrian bridge, watching the headlights and taillights passing below. I’ve been turned on and thinking about it from the moment we left the apartment.

The fantasy is just too tempting.

He shivers when I lean in to tell him how horny I am. He groans when I squeeze his swelling cock through his jeans. I can see the panic in his eyes as I sink to my knees, but he doesn’t stop me.

Though I’m hidden from the traffic by the sides of the bridge, I know someone could come along at any moment. It makes my heart race. The danger is as exhilarating as I’d imagined. He glances nervously to the left and right as I pop open the button and pull down the zipper. When he looks down at me again, I’m looking up — right into his eyes.

His hardness throbs against my palm when I lick my lips and moan.

The thrill that shoots through me as I pull down his underwear is even more intense than usual. He’s so big, and so hard for me. The musky, manly scent of him draws me in.

His hand settles on my shoulder and a stifled grunt escapes him when I dart in to tongue his balls. I slide my tongue up his shaft and delight in the way it makes his cock dance. When I reach the tip, he already has a reward for me.

The drop of pre-cum sets my taste buds alight when I scoop it up with the tip of my tongue. His cock bumps against my tongue, begging for more.

I give it to him.

The head slips between my lips and I pause to tickle it with my tongue while I wrap my hand around the root. I feel his grip on my shoulder tighten and he growls. His manhood throbs against my tongue, and I need more.

I have to open so wide to take him in. I can feel every ridge and vein as he slides between my lips. When my lips touch my fingers, I lift my eyes to his. Gone is the fear of discovery, replaced by hungry need.

All it takes is a tickle of my tongue or a squeeze of my lips to pull his strings. My seemingly subservient posture is a ruse. Down here, on my knees, I’m in control. I could tease him. I could make him beg.

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