Hotel Encounters Ch. 02

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As the General Manager at an older, slightly run-down hotel, I can tell you that my job is rough. It is a truly thankless job. There’s too much work and too little help. But, occasionally there are those moments that make all the crap worthwhile.

About a year ago the owner and his son decided to make some drastic changes to the hotel. They wanted to cut the staff back to help pay for those changes -–at least until they began to show a profit again. So, being their manager I got the depressing task of laying off several people. A couple of them I considered friends.

It also meant that I had to cover a couple of shifts a week. With my current workload I could only cover the audit (midnight) shift. Since I was good with numbers and didn’t mind the hours, working audit on the weekends was ok.

Plus with the hotel having a fairly profitable bar inside, I got to see all kinds of fascinating examples of the human psyche.

The second weekend that I worked the audit shift, some pretty crazy stuff happened. First, there was this fight in the bar that spilled out into the lobby and some poser got knocked out. That wasn’t really that big a deal. The second thing that happened is that I found two very good-looking women making out in the men’s restroom after everyone had gone home. Why they chose the men’s room I’ll never know, but I will be forever grateful.

One of them was a tall blonde with legs that were made for sex. Long and lean with just enough muscle in them to let you know she could take it however you chose to give it. The other was a petite redhead with a slight tan and lots of freckles everywhere.

When I walked in the door they were right there, up against the stall wall, both with their breasts bared. The blonde seemed to think the redhead’s tits were food and she was starved. Her tongue flicked at the redhead’s pouty pink nipples repeatedly and rapidly. Neither of them seemed to notice that I’d come into the room. Or maybe they just didn’t care. I lost the need to piss immediately but decided to stay for the show.

The blonde started making these sexy noises while her tongue lashed out at those nipples, her hips waving around in the air like they were searching for something. I was hard and more than ready to give her something, but worried that my intrusion wouldn’t be welcomed. But, they were in the men’s room, so maybe they had just been waiting on one to come in and take care of things.

Still, I hesitated, enjoying the show more and more. The redhead reached around and unzipped the pants on the blonde, letting them fall to the floor around her ankles. All she had on was a very brief black cotton thong that had worked its way fairly deep into her crack.

The redhead let her body slide down the stall wall until her face was right even with the blonde’s crotch. Her slim fingers slid up and under the edges of the thong and then down to pull it off her. The blonde stepped out of the thong and pants, kicking them off to one side. The redhead, who’s name I later learned was Cara, rubbed her cheek against the other woman’s mound, a look of pure rapture on her face. You could tell that she was really into the woman on woman thing. And so was I.

It wasn’t easy keeping my hands to myself but I somehow managed to do nothing more than discreetly sweep my hand down the front of my pants every now and then. What I really wanted to do was bend one of them over the water soaked counter and give them something more than some fingers and tongues. The show they were putting on was getting interesting though, so I knocked down my baser instincts.

Suddenly, the blonde seemed to notice that someone else had come in and turned to see. I expected her to order me out of the restroom but instead she screamed, loudly. Without even bothering to put her clothes back on, she picked them up and rushed out the door, her sobs loud enough that we could hear them from inside.

Cara, still crouched in the floor, gave me one of those exasperated looks that women sometimes get at men. I just shrugged, it wasn’t my fault her playmate couldn’t handle the audience. After all, they were in a public restroom where anyone could walk in and watch them! Hell, they weren’t even in a stall!

“You scared off my toy.” Cara stated, her voice full of sarcasm.

“Maybe you picked a defective one.” I replied, just as sarcastically.

“Could be.” From her crouched position in the floor she had to crank her neck up pretty far to look at me. “What about you? Are you defective too?” She pointedly looked at the tent in the front of my slacks, a slow smile creeping across her face.

“Not a bit.” I somehow managed to squeak out, afraid I was having some flashback to a Hustler letter I ‘d read as a teenager.

Cara crawled across the floor, almost feral looking as she stalked me. If I hadn’t been so desperate to have her touch me, I’m afraid my legs would have given out at the look in her eyes. I was prey, pure and simple.

“Do you have a thing about public places?” I asked, curious as to why this beauty bursa escort was in the men’s room trying to have sex.

“No, just the first place I came to. You afraid?” she asked, her voice taunting in a very sexual way.

“Afraid of losing my job – yes. Afraid of you – no.” I smiled, showing her a bit of my teeth, the male baring his fangs to impress his intended mate.

“Can you think of a better place?” she asked, moving close enough that I could feel the heat of her breath on my crotch.

“Actually I can. Come with me.” I put out my hand and pulled her to her feet, waiting to see if she stumbled. If she’d had too much to drink there was no way I was taking her or doing anything with her. It would just be wrong and went completely against my personal moral code. Thankfully, she didn’t stumble and her blue eyes looked very clear and alert. It was a go.

I led her down the hall to my office door. She raised an eyebrow at the name and title on the door. “Your boss’ office? And you think taking me here won’t get you fired?”

“I’m pretty sure he’s going to understand. He’s a pretty nice guy.” I smiled at her, confusing her with my cocky attitude. I didn’t want her to know that the name on the door was my own. No reason to let her get too comfortable.

“And what if he decides to come in and do some late night work?” she asked, crossing her arms over her chest as I unlocked the door.

“He won’t, and if he does, like I said he’s a very understanding guy.” I pulled her inside and locked the door behind her, turning on only the small lamp on the table beside the door. It cast a very odd glow on the room with its amber lampshade reducing the light so much. It was relaxing in a way, exotic in another.

I looked back and Cara was sitting in my big leather chair, her feet up on my desk, a very satisfied boss type look to her lovely face. I almost laughed at her classic fat-cat demeanor, and would have if I hadn’t been getting such an amazing view of her dark blue silk panties.

“What’s your name?” she asked me, her eyes twinkling mysteriously.

I couldn’t think, so I used my middle name in a pinch. “Bryan.”

“Come in Bryan. I need to have a serious talk with you about your job performance lately. Why don’t you come have a seat right here on my desk?” Cara pointed to the area right next to where her feet were propped up.

The woman liked a game, who was I to argue? I walked over and perched on the edge, the erection in my pants making the thought of sitting down fully seem very uncomfortable. “And just what area of my job performance have I been so unsatisfactory at, Boss?”

“Well, all your paperwork has been excellent. And you are a competent and patient desk clerk. It’s all your extra ‘work’ that’s been lacking lately.” Cara smiled one of those boss smiles and tented her fingers under her chin.

“What extra work? I’m sure that if you reminded me of what it is I could take care of it right away.” The insinuation was thick in the air. We both knew what extra duties she wanted done, and God knows I was willing, able and more than ready.

Cara spread her shapely light tan legs and ran her index finger down to her still damp panties, stroking the cleft were the moisture had collected. Her eyes drifted down at the pleasure of her own touch, making it obvious that she was still quite turned on. “I think that we both know what I need your help with tonight. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone else to handle this particular problem. At least, I hope you can take care of this for me?”

I stood up and grabbed the ankle closest to me and set her entire leg over the arm of the chair. “I’m pretty sure I can do it to your utmost satisfaction.” Corny as it all sounds, she was so hot I would have done just about anything at that point to get inside her.

Dropping to my knees, I took her other ankle and placed that leg over the other chair arm. Her thighs were spread wide open, those blue silk panties turning almost black with her wetness. She cooperated quickly when I took hold of her hips and pulled her to the edge of the seat, her pelvis tipped up invitingly.

Suddenly it struck me that I’d left the desk and the money unattended. “Don’t move one inch. I’ll be right back.” I rushed to the door and out into the lobby, looking around for one of the security guards. It only took me a minute to get him up there and calling one of the other clerks who lived in the hotel to come cover me for awhile. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that he knew what I was up to considering the giant tent I had in the front of my slacks, but he was too discreet to ever mention it. Plus, I could fire him if I wanted so that is usually a pretty good deterrent.

I literally jogged back to my office and once again locked the door behind me. Cara was still in the same position, only she’d lost her silk panties sometime after I’d gone. Her pussy was completely bare except for a small triangle of light red curly hair right in the middle of her mound. The lips of her sex were shiny with her own wetness, bursa escort bayan and the smell of aroused female filled the air. It pulled me to her like a magnet, my dick harder than ever before.

She didn’t bother with any more play, just waited for me to come closer and drop to my knees. Her slim pink tipped fingers buried themselves in my hair as my mouth neared her swollen pussy. I couldn’t wait to taste her, but I wanted this to be good too. After all, how many men get their very own Hustler fantasy letter come true? No way was I about to waste this opportunity!

A small whimper came from her when I bypassed her nether lips for the ones above her chin. The sneaky woman had tricked me however, and the first taste of her mouth also afforded me the first taste of her pussy. The shininess that I’d assumed was some kind of gloss was her fluid spread on like lipstick. I took my time licking and sucking on those pouting lips, relishing the taste of her mouth mingled with her pussy juice.

“Naughty girl. It isn’t nice to trick people that way. ” I admonished teasingly, still licking the taste of her from my lips. She tasted of honey and a woman’s natural tartness. It was an intoxicating combination of flavors.

“And here I thought you were enjoying my taste.” She pouted, looking up from under her lashes coyly.

“You’ll see just how much I enjoyed it in a moment. Right now we have another matter to attend to.” I turned her quickly, keeping her off balance, tugging down the zipper to her dress. She hadn’t put her bra back on in the bathroom so I knew she was completely nude under her dress and I wanted the offending item out of my way. I pulled it none too gently down over her curved hips, lifting her ankles to get her to step out of it, tossing it over by my copier machine.

As quickly as I could, I pulled off my tie and shirt, tossing them close to her dress, leaning the bare skin of her back against my chest. Her skin was hot, almost feverish against mine. I kneeled down and licked her from the base of her spine all the way up to the base of her neck. She gave a deep shiver, assuring me that her flesh would be extremely responsive. I already knew that she was intelligent and witty, I could only hope that she was as confident during sex as she seemed to be before it. There’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman who knows what she wants from a man, and knows how to get it.

Once again I spun her around to face me, dropping to my knees to taste her rosy colored nipples. They were already erect, pointing at me like some naughty invitation to sin. Pointing my tongue, I flicked at the tip hard, her body jerking in reaction. I let my teeth scrape down from the top of her full breast, capturing the nipple in my mouth to suck on it. Alternating from hard and fast to slow and easy seemed to drive her crazy, her hips pushing out towards me, trying to find some relief from my relentless teasing. Every inch of her skin tasted and smelled of honey, making ME crazy.

My mouth trailed down her flat stomach, my tongue momentarily drilling into and around her belly button before reaching the top of her mound. I paused there, lightly biting her skin before plunging my tongue between her swollen, moist lips.

She tasted even more strongly of honey between her folds, but I wanted a deeper taste. Lifting her easily, I turned to set her on my desktop, putting her feet up and wide apart, pulling her ass close to the edge. She was laid back and gave her body over to me, her most secret parts wide open to me. I unzipped my slacks to give myself some room, and sat in the leather chair, pulling it up to the desk preparing to feast on her pussy.

I didn’t want to do the typical male thing and start right in on her clit. I’d taken too many risks already to have this be just a routine one-night stand thing. Deciding on my plan of action, I pointed my tongue like before and plunged it straight into her, darting it in and out quickly, like a small cock fucking her. Her body bucked up off the desk, a surprised gasp bursting from her chest. She didn’t lie back down either, instead propped herself up on her hands and leaned up to watch as I assaulted her pussy this way. Her eager moans assured me she liked what I’d done.

Using my thumb, I lightly strummed her clit, now out of its hood and throbbing visibly. The rose shade of her pussy grew darker as she became more and more aroused. I kept up the tongue fucking for a little while longer, bringing her close to that edge but not quite on it. I had other plans and couldn’t wait to see how she would react.

As quietly as possible, I reached in my desk drawer and pulled out a long, flat plastic letter opener that I’d gotten from some printing company. I was pretty sure that if she saw it, and where I was about to insert it, she would be upset, so I made sure to keep it below her line of sight.

After having my tongue inside her, I knew that she was very well lubricated for what I had in mind. Standing over her slightly, I began to insert the hard, flat escort bursa strip into her wet opening. Her eyes widened a bit at the feel of something not flesh entering her, but it didn’t hurt so she waited to see what I would do. About halfway in, I pushed down on the pointed end causing the flat piece inside to push up against her flesh. The puzzled look on her face let me know that she’d never had anyone look for her g-spot before. It encouraged me to keep going, to show her something noone else ever had.

I remembered an article I’d read that said some women’s g-spot was closer to the front so I pulled the piece back out some and pushed up again. Her sharp intake of breath led me to think I might be close. I pulled back a little more and she lunged up, trying to reach my wrist to stop me. “Don’t! That feels – strange.”

Surer now I pulled the plastic back just a fraction more and pushed up again, this time her body went limp and a long, throaty moan rose out of her. I’d found it, and more easily than I’d thought I would. I keep up a light pressure on that inner button, watching as her body flushed and twitched. It was amazing to watch her reaction.

Increasing the pressure caused a small squeal from her, her breathing becoming very harsh and labored. Her nipples seemed to harder even more right before my eyes. Her little clit swelled as well, taking on an angry rose shade.

I pressed harder and leaned down, flicking her clit just a couple of times and sent her over that edge. She came so hard that the plastic opener jerked in my hand with each convulsion of her inner muscles. She was very vocal, uttering words that were very graphic, so erotic coming from such a beautiful, classy looking woman.

I waited patiently for her convulsions to stop before sliding the opener out of her passage. I didn’t want to hurt her or scrape her in any way. I couldn’t help myself from licking the plastic a bit however, the taste of her fluids after cumming more pungent, but still containing a hint of sweetness.

Once I’d moved away, she surged up from the desktop and dropped to the floor onto her knees in front of me. There was barely enough time to register what she was about to do before she had my cock buried between her lips, licking and sucking like a pro. The inside of her mouth was like a velvety soft furnace. She used the tip of her tongue to trace every vein and line on my cock, doing it while keeping me firmly planted in her mouth. I’d never felt anything like it before in my life.

Her nails scraped lightly up my thighs, reaching my balls and scraping over them as well. I’d never had a woman play too much with my balls, I guess most of them aren’t really sure what to do with them. This one did. She held them easily in her palm, rolling them around, squeezing gently. Releasing my cock for a moment, she used her tongue to gather one of them up and suck on it with just the right amount of pressure. I couldn’t stop the deep moans that came from inside my chest. It just felt too good.

She sucked my cock back into her mouth and released her hold on my balls. I was almost sad that she was done playing with them until she cupped them again in her palm and used the tips of her fingers to push up on that area between my balls and anus. Some people call it the taint. Whatever it is, the pressure applied to that area almost caused me to cum right then. I think I might have cried out it felt so good, something I’ve never done.

She brought me too close, and it took all my will power to pull her back and up to her feet. Because of her expert mouth it was going to take me a few minutes to recover and not shoot off like a teenager when I got inside her finally. To give myself that time, I bent her over the desk and slid a finger inside her, using my thumb again to stroke her clit, her juices flowing freely down my hand and onto my wrist. It was then that I realized sucking my cock must’ve turned her on some too, she was much to wet for it not to have. It’s hard enough to find a woman who will do blowjobs, much less enjoy them!

“Bryan, fuck, I can’t wait any longer. Don’t you want to be inside me?” her voice broke through my mental wanderings, the tone of it strained with the tension building between us.

Of course I wanted to be inside her! I just didn’t want to embarrass myself by cumming in one stroke either! But, this beauty was getting impatient and I’d either find the control somewhere or not. Sitting back down in the leather chair, I pulled her down to my lap, her back still to my chest. She took the initiative and took hold of my cock in one hand, guiding it into her slick, hot passage. I had to run bar numbers in my head to keep from shooting off, just managing to get myself under control to give her a good ride.

She took her time seating herself. Inch by inch she eased herself onto me, sighing deeply when she hit bottom. Damn, she felt so good. Tight without being painful, hot and so wet that some of her liquid leaked down onto my balls. Placing her hands on the arms of the chair she pulled herself up until just the very head of my cock was inside her before letting her body fall back down onto me. She grunted as my cock bottomed out, and immediately rose back up. She did this several times, each time falling faster than the last.

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