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You and I are cruising up the back side of Hurricane in my Rodeo. We’re going to the cabin at the top of the mountain. It’s fall and the side of the mountains are alive with reds, oranges, and yellows, no two leaves alike, yet all combining to make a curtain of color for us. There are no Leaf-peepers on this side of the mountain, they’re all on the other side, it’s our own mountain paradise.

We get to the cabin, it’s a little cold, so we fire up the fire place with some seasoned pine logs, that fills the cabin with heat and the nice odor of pine. The cabin is one big room down stairs and a loft upstairs with the two bedrooms. The floor and walls are pine. There’s a big couch in front of the entertainment center. On the right wall is the first fire place that goes divides the room from the loft. In front of the fire place is the polar bear skin rug. Guess what’s going to happen there, later.

I sit on the couch, you come over and sit next to me on the arm. The White Star is chilling in the ice bucket next to the plate of fresh strawberries, the fire is now roaring. I open the champagne and pour us each a glass. We dip the berries in the champagne, and no I didn’t learn this from Pretty Woman, I’ve known this trick for a while.

We have a glass of champagne. You say, with that evil smile, “Jack, I think we need to get clean.”

“Lead the way, baby.”

I follow you up the stairs, taking a long look at your tasty ass. Suddenly, shower time has never been more appealing. You turn the water on hot, and pull off your sweater. Underneath, your bra is fighting to hold its bountiful captives in its black lacy prisons. You czech experiment porno step to me, turn around and say, “Can you do the honors?”

“With pleasure.” I un-hook the three eyelets and your perfect tits come out, free from restraint, nipples as hard as bullets. You unzip your jeans and peel them off, along with the black lacy thong covering your little pussy.

Feeling oafishly over dressed, I hurriedly rip off my sweater and t-shirt. I throw them in a corner and get my jeans off as quickly as possible. My hand hovers around the waist band of my boxers, you stare at the spot where my dick’s going to appear. I like the way you bite your lower lip and I slowly pull my drawers down. You nod your approval at my semi-erect cock and open the shower door. You disappear into a wall of steam. I charge right in after you, finding you naked and warm and immediately pull you to me. We kiss, nothing light about it. It’s sexually electric and there is much body English. I push you up against the cold shower wall and you let out a little yelp. I smile and move my mouth down your chin, to your neck and the spot on your collarbone that makes you liquid. I kiss it, you moan, loudly, then with more insistence. It’s been a long day, and we have some tension to release. What better place to release it?

I pull hard on your sensitive right nipple. You moan a little harder. The hot water beading down your body adds to the delicious taste of your collarbone and neck. My other hand snakes its way down to your little patch of Heaven. You’re very wet. The nipple attack combined with the neck attention has readied czech first porno video you. I stick a finger in your dripping snatch and you moan louder. I ad another one and you raise up onto your toes. I move my mouth down to your nipple and bite and lick and suckle. All the time, I’m pumping two fingers in and out of you and rubbing your clit with my thumb. You’re close, very close. Your moans become more insistent, your red fingernails dig into my back, while the other hand musses my wet hair. “I’m gonna come, don’t stop, Oh, God.” I fuck you with my fingers harder. I press your clit harder with my thumb. Your fingernails dig deep into my back and you start to shake and say my name over and over and over. I like hearing my name during your ecstasy.

I let you calm down, but you’ll have none of that. You grab the soap and lather your hands up greedily. I know what’s coming and I have no desire to stop it. You take my long, thick cock into your hands and start rubbing. You continually rub your thumb over the head, while jacking my dick with your small hands. I’m hard, as hard as marble. You turn me around and rinse the soap from my manpole. You kneel in front of me and take my nine inch dick down your throat. It’s sweet heaven inside, your mouth. Your tonsils feel odd against my head. You hold the base of my dick in a death grip, sliding my dick in and out of your wonderful, perfect-for-dick-sucking mouth. You deep throat the head, I can feel it going half way down your throat. Nothing in the world makes me harder. Your other hand squeezes my ass, pulling my cock deeper into your mouth.

Finally, czech game porno I can take it no more. You need to get fucked, and I’m gonna do it, immediately. I put one leg on the floor and the other on the tub wall, opening the shower door to do so, and soaking the floor. You’re wet, and I’m hard, and I have no problem sliding all the way into you. We let out matching moans at the sweetness that is our entry. Your lips part, I kiss them, our tongues wrestling as I pump in and out of your tightness. You’re so hot and mixing your fuck juice with the hot water makes you feel like you’re boiling on the inside. My hands rub your nipples as I thrust into you and back out, into you and back out. With each thrust, my shaft rubs your high g-spot and my pubic bone crashes into your clit. I start to fuck harder. You’re blushing, starting on your face and spreading to your neck and the tops of your breasts. You’re about to come again, the second of a billion over the weekend. Your hands pull my head closer and you nip my neck and ears like I like, and you get what you want, more dick harder.

You moan loudly into my ear. You’re starting and it’s delicious. You come hard, I have to hold you against the wall to keep you from slipping down to the floor. I thrust harder and you come again and again. I’m near the boiling point myself. You come again and push me out. You smile the wicked smile again and take my dick back down your throat. One, two, three, pumps with your perfect tongue and I can feel the pins and needles starting at the tip of my hair and down at my toe nails. Your hand grips the base, your other hand squeezes all the come from my balls. I grunt loudly and fill your mouth with my man chowder. You squeeze the head and swallow all that I’ve given you. You pull it out and jack the rest of my fluid onto your tits. I’m hearing colors.

You smile at me and say, “Man, all this time in the shower, and I’m still dirty. I guess, we’ll have to get clean…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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