I Love to Gamble

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Samantha had no idea what to do with her time, as her husband, Rob, went out for the evening. “By hon… be good…” He always told her that. He headed out the door and they bounded down the stairs and into the car. As the car sped off she felt a tingle in her belly… “Hmmmm… so much time alone…” Don’t get me wrong… she loved to fuck her husband but… some time alone was always a welcome dilemma. She strode off to the kitchen to quickly deal with the dishes from dinner. Washing the plates, she was prisoner to her now perverted thoughts. The warm water dribbling down her wrists… the sweet smell of the dish soap. All of these things seemed to make her hot. “Fuck these dishes…” she told herself aloud, and Samantha sauntered into the living room and laid back on the couch… legs spread wide… showing the television her plump, shaven pussy. She began to gently run her finger around her labia… tickling herself slightly. It felt good… She could feel herself begin to moisten inside… and her mind wandered… There was a young man who shopped at her store that she often thought about while alone. “Same old fantasy…” she thought… bored… Then… she nearly jumped out of her skin as the door pounded. “What the fuck…” she jumped up to check the window. Outside stood a handsome man about her husband’s age. He was nearly six feet tall and had quite a physique… and… a severely cute, innocent face. She opened the door enough to stick her head out to speak. “Yeah…?” she asked him.

“Hi ma’am… I’m with the city counsel board and we’re looking to get some signatures to try to bring river boat gambling to our city. Are you interested in the proposal?”

“Uh… I do love to gamble…” she was flustered at his smile.

“Well… we do believe that an adult has the right to gamble and a river boat casino would be a fantastic way to generate some revenue for the city.”

“Yeah… me too…” Samantha could still feel her own warmth between her legs.

“Well… if you would like to sign… I would appreciate it.”

“Sure…” she took the clip board from his strong hands.

Leaning over a little, Samantha noticed she was showing her guest quite a bit of cleavage… and juicy cleavage at that… The man was hoping not to be spotted as he stared guiltlessly at her heaving breasts. “Shit… those are delicious…” he thought to himself. “I wonder if she has a husband.”

“Is there anyone else in the house I could talk to?” he smoothly asked her.

“No… my husband just left…” Samantha told him. She was a little worried that she just offered up that information, but thought that she might play with her friend a little. “He loves to gamble also…” she smiled and touched her right hand to her chest. Samantha watched the man’s eyes cautiously follow her every move. “Do you want to come in for a minute?.”.. she was never this bold… but she was also now hornier than she had been in months. He was definitely interested in feeling those tits against his face… and he thought he was reading her right. “Sure… if you don’t mind…” he told her.

“Come on in…”

Samantha held the door open for her sexy wanderer and he stepped in.

“So… I’m Samantha…”

“I’m Dave…”

“Hi Dave… do you want something to drink?” Dave couldn’t believe this was happening… mobil porno he usually only read such a thing in Hustler or Playboy when he was a kid. But wait a minute… he wasn’t sure how to take all this… after all, it was just a drink. Maybe she was just being nice… or maybe she was a lonely horny housewife… That’s how all those stories always started.

“Sure… I’ll have a coke… if you have one…” he was nervous now.

“Okay,” Samantha went off into the kitchen.

While she reached into the fridge, Sam adjusted herself in her bra… she wanted to show her visitor that she meant business. When she returned she watched Dave’s face… he was not shy about staring anymore. Her double D breasts were pouring out of her low cut top… and she handed him the soda. She gently stroked her desire as her fingers lay upon his for a moment longer than casual. She was getting wetter with the taboo feeling that welled up inside her. She wanted him… and now… in her own bed… that she spent so many nights reeling with pleasure from her husband’s mouth… and cock… what would he think?… who would know?… the adrenalin was exhilarating.

The small talk was getting boring and she thought the lulls were getting longer. But he was staying… She knew he was never going to make the move, so she had to. She reached out and placed her hand on his knee and told him, “you are very handsome… you know that?”

“I… guess…” he laughed nervously.

“You seem nervous… don’t be… my husband will be gone for hours…” she thought that was a wonderful hint…

“Are… you… sure?”

“Yeah… really…” she smiled at him. “I have noticed that you have been staring at my tits…” Samantha giggled… Dave sat silent. She though she would be extremely bold and tell him the truth. “Listen… I was sort of… getting into myself when you knocked… so… you got lucky…”


“Yeah…” she held out her hand and waved her fingers under his nose.

“Mmmmmm… O.K… I believe you…” Dave said with his voice shaking uncontrollably.

Samantha leaned into his foreign body and stopped short… with her lips slightly opened… and just a breath apart from his trembling mouth.

“Now… I signed your petition… and did you a favor… your turn…” She could feel his hot, sweet breath filling her mouth… and she moved closer… pressing her pretty red lips against his. Her husband has had a moustache nearly they’re whole relationship, so the feel of his hairless upper lip was almost new to her… so smooth… soft… and guilty. They passionately kissed for a few minutes… swapping saliva and wrestling tongues. He was rather forceful… and she liked it… inhaling deep and sucking her lower lip. He reached around her waist and slid his hand against her behind. Samantha sat straight up to give him more room to explore. Dave caressed her ass cheeks… and curiously slid a finger under her waste band. He could feel her soft, smooth skin under his finger tips. He had only been with two girls in his life and one was his fiancé. She was not built like Samantha at all. The complete opposite. Adelle was tall and skinny… with no ass… at least not one like Sam’s. His cock was quickly becoming rigid as he explored Samantha’s backside. “You have a fantastic ass mofos porno honey”, he whispered into her ear. She shivered and timidly kissed the side of his face… breathing so forcefully… Her pussy was so completely soaked now, she was sure she was leaving a wet spot on the couch. Samantha pulled away from him for a moment and looked at him through her tousled hair. Pushing her breasts together within her shirt she licked her lips. Dave leaned back on the couch and put one hand behind his head… and one over his cock… he began to rub himself slightly as he watched her pinch her nipples between her fore finger and her thumb. A small drop of milk ran down the curve of her breast. “Oooohh CHRIST!…”, he began to rub deeper. “Does that turn you on?” she asked. “Hell yes!.”

“If your husband comes home I am so fucking dead!…”

“Relax… “, she could see the bulge in his jeans… and he looked a bit larger than what she was used to. Her heavy breasts were now so full of milk that they were leaking on their own… and beginning to become quite tender. “Do you want to taste me?” Samantha asked him. Her new lover leaned in and took her left breast in his rough hand. A steady stream of warm white fluid ran over the back of his hand and down his wrist. She threw her head back as his burning lips wrapped around her thick, protruding nipple. She could feel her milk spilling into his mouth with every squeeze of her nipple between his tongue and palate. She felt such a tingling release she almost thought she would cum. He sucked long and hard until his mouth was completely full of her milk… and then he let it spill down his chin and neck. He lapped up every drop still resting on her breast, and began to kiss he chest… and up to her neck… gently biting all the way. Reaching down between his legs, she felt his throbbing cock for the first time. She felt like she was back in highschool as she furiously stroked him. She could have grabbed his balls and destroyed him… she was in complete control over this intruder. She was turned on even more with this new notion.

Samantha fumbled for his zipper as he wildly kissed her face. She was almost frustrated as she moved from side to side to try to get a glimpse of her new meat from over his shoulder. He was wearing blue boxer briefs and the head of his thick cock poked out of the flap. “Wow…” she thought to herself. She wanted to see the rest… so she pushed Dave back against the cushions… and slowly pulled down his jeans. His cock seemed to jump out of his shorts as his pants tugged slightly at underwear. With his pants completely removed, she ran her eager hands over his thighs… and in… towards his crotch. Samantha reached into the legs of his boxers and could feel his soft pubic hair. His cock was so thick at the base that she couldn’t get her index finger and thumb around it. She began to stroke him… from within his underwear. His manhood becoming further exposed with every move. He was considerably larger than her husband and she was weakened at the thought of him inside her. She thought she had better try him in her mouth first… and she leaned closer. She squeezed his cock hard and could see a drop pushing out of his thick head. She began to softly kiss his shaft… moving slowly upward… to the rim of his helmet… tickling it with her wet tongue. naughty america porno As she licked around the head of his cock she could taste his pre-cum… it seemed to flow endlessly. Samantha opened her mouth wide and took him inside her. This was definitly the largest man she had ever had in her mouth. She tried to take him all and almost choked. She could only go halfway down his shaft before the lack of oxygen weakened her mind. Dave was in ecstasy. His breathing became heavier as Samantha’s lips moved faster… then… he pushed her away, and with the slurping sound of his stiff cock falling out of her wet mouth, he knelt in front of her. “Turn around…”

Sam backed her rear against his groin. Dave lifted her black skirt over her waist, revealing her pretty white cotton panties… one side wedged in between her ass cheeks. He shoved his hand forcefully between her legs and cupped her dripping pussy. Her panties were soaked, and she moved slowly back and forth against his arm. “Oooohh GOD… just fuck me…”, she whimpered. Then, on her hands and knees, she felt pressure from his cock against her behind. With his hand around the base, he rubbed… and slapped his manhood against her cheeks. Samantha looked back at him over her shoulder and said, “I want you inside me baby…”

She pulled her panties aside and guided his huge penis into her. She winced a little as he pushed all the way in… his cock spreading her pussy lips so far apart she thought she would split. In… and out… he moaned and groaned… faster and then… slow… shallow… and then deep. Her G-spot was filling with fluid as the pressure of his shaft against it nearly made her faint. She could feel the rim of his bulbous head as it passed over it. She could feel every inch of his meat… every vein… Pounding her harder and harder, she finally lost it. She knew she had squirted… hard… but couldn’t feel it against her legs. Her pussy was so full that her juice was forced in front of his cock… she squirted again… and again filled herself. Her pussy began to contract with every orgasm… tighter around his cock… until he could take it no longer. When he pulled from her to shoot his steaming load all over her waiting pussy, she exploded all over him. He furiously jacked himself off as her boiling cum gushed all over his hand… and cock. A sharp shot ran through his body and he let out a deep groan. The hot stream of cum that hit Samantha’s clit sent her falling flat on her belly… gushing… squirting… cumming wildly out of control. The second stream landed on her ass cheeks… three feet away. Dave grunted as he laid forward and pushed his throbbing cock between her cheeks and deep inside her… in time for the third stream… that filled her canal… A few more throbs… and his cum began to leak out of her around his shaft. She could still feel the pulsing of his orgasm from within her as they laid together, trying to catch their breath.

A few moments later he rolled off of her back. “Ooohhh God…”, he said.

“That was great…”, Sam replied.
“I think I should go…”
“Yeah… probably…”

And with that, Dave pulled his blue boxer briefs up over his knees and fumbled for his pants. Samantha sat up and another hot stream of this strangers cum gushed from within her. He made his way to the door and simply told her… “thanks…” and then walked out the door. Samantha sat quietly, playing with her abused pussy… and then tasted her boy-toy’s cum from her fingers.

“Shit… Rob will be home soon and this place smells like sex… bad…”

… to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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