Jessica, Anal Bitch Ch. 04

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Friday after work, Jessica decided she’d had it with working from home. She decided she would make the drive up to visit her parents. She felt it was time for some human interaction…the kind that didn’t involve getting off any number of cocks, not that she minded it.

She discovered that she had a craving for cock that could only best be described as the behavior of a slut. Her new friend, Tom, had fucked her good in her twat and ass, then hosted two gangbangs for her, the latest of which ended up with her getting fucked repeatedly in her ass, causing her to experience several explosive orgasms while as many as three cocks penetrated her anal cavity simultaneously.

On the drive up, it would take four hours to get to her parents’ house, Jessica wondered why it wasn’t more commonly known that anal sex could be so amazing. Sure it involved anal penetration, which ultimately leads to shit getting all over everything, including the smell and opportunities for significant embarrassment in the event an uncontrolled fecal incident occurred. That being said, performing a rudimentary risk-to-reward analysis of anal sex, Jessica decided that the rewards far outweighed the risks, at least any risk of embarrassment from fecal accidents. She was addicted to anal sex now, and wished someone had convinced her long ago that it was as amazing as she now knew it to be.

Jessica finally got to her mom and dad’s around 8pm. When she arrived, she noticed that there were quite a number of cars parked out front. She actually had to park about three houses down and walk over. When she got to the front door, she turned the handle to find that it was locked. She went ahead and opened the door with her key rather than ring the doorbell.

She walked in through the living room but aside from the obvious appearance of having guests such as hors d’oeuvres and glasses with varied amounts of fluid still remaining, she didn’t see anyone around. She decided to wander around in search for her parents or any guests.

She checked the backyard, but it was more of the same. Just evidence of people having been out there having a good time. She then checked the basement. Her parents had a finished basement with some recreational items like a big-screen tv and the like. It was their so-called den that her dad essentially converted into a man-cave. Finally, she decided they must be upstairs, so she wandered up the stairs and walked down the hall to the room with a light still on. As she approached she could hear muffled voices coming through the closed door with light leaking out from the edges of the frame. When she finally got to the door, she put her ear up to the door to get an idea of what was going on.

Jessica’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped… It sounded like people fucking! Surely it wasn’t just mom and dad, what with all the cars out front and drinks all over the place. She debated on whether to barge in or go back downstairs. Then she heard a guy yell out, “Suck it you fucking whore!” It was clearly not her dad’s voice. She’d decided she had to see for herself what was taking place.

Jessica slowly opened the door only to find a room full of middle-aged men, standing naked with their cocks out, while her mother was on the bed getting spit roasted by two of them.

“What the fuck!?!” Jessica blurted out. All eyes in the room moved to Jessica who was standing in the doorway, a look of confusion and surprise all over her face. Her mom was the first to break the silence, detaching her mouth from the cock in her face.

“Jessica darling… how nice it is to see you! I wasn’t expecting to see you so suddenly!” her mother said.

“Does Daddy know about this?” Jessica asked, hurt that her mother might be fooling around behind his back.

“Your father is right there, Dear,” her mother said, pointing her face in the direction of Jessica’s dad, also stark naked with his hard cock out, held by his right hand while he gently stroked it.

“Daddy! What the hell is going on here?” Jessica exclaimed, utterly confused by what she was witnessing; however, she couldn’t help but look at him differently, his body in better shape than her friend and dom Tom, and his penis rock hard. She’d never seen him fully naked that she could remember, and she was utterly confused by the sight.

“Jessica, this is exactly what it looks like. Ten consenting adults having good, clean fun in the privacy of their own home. Your mother and I love each other very much, we just happen to have evolved our sex life into one of an open marriage. Your mother loves cock, and I love her regardless, and in fact am very turned on by sharing her with other men,” her father explained.

Her mother had already taken up again sucking the cock that had been in her face and was getting gently rammed from behind by the man that had stayed inside her pussy since before Jessica opened the door.

Jessica took a moment and tried to process it all. Not only was her mom a slut during her senior year of high school, she continued bornova escort to be one to this day. Nothing had changed! She was still married, still in love with her father, but she was getting used like a common slut at some Bohemian love-in.

Looking around at all the cock was putting her in a trance. Not to mention, half the guys were looking at her mother, the other half were casually eyeing Jessica. She barely gave it any thought. As if hypnotized by the room full of cock, she started to peel away what few layers of clothing she had on until she was stark naked, pussy hair and pert breasts on full display, and kneeled down about two feet from the bed. She was quickly surrounded by all of the free guys whose cocks were out, save her father. It seemed neither of them necessarily were ready to embark upon incest with one another, at least not at this juncture.

Her father watched her in amazement as she stooped stark naked and began to deftly handle about seven cocks, sucking and stroking with such a skill that no cock was left untouched for more than thirty seconds at a time. Her mother too detached from the cock she was sucking to observe her daughter transform from the prude girl that had just expressed concern merely two minutes ago to what was evidently an experienced cock-whore.

Jessica, while not seeking out cock today, was excited to find herself surrounded by cock again, and to get to do it with her parents made it that much more exciting and new, if not very taboo and insanely kinky. She was an only child, and it only made sense that they should share themselves on a more personal level than the way they had before. She watched her mom out of the corner of her eye getting fucked like a slut. It reminded her of what she guessed she looked like back when she was a cheerleader. Granted, her mom must have put on about twenty pounds since when she was 18, but she still looked good, and put a lot of effort into how she looked such that she didn’t look a day over 40 years old.

After a little bit, two of the gents picked up Jessica and put her on the bed alongside her mother. Jessica got on all fours and leaned against her mother, smiled and then accepted a cock in her mouth while another man approached her pussy from behind and penetrated it easily. Jessica was exceedingly wet, as she had been pretty much since the Saturday prior.

“Oh shit! Your pussy is so wet and tight!” the older gentleman exclaimed. “Sarah, you should have told us your daughter is so sexy!” he said to Jessica’s mother.

“What, and not get all this cock for myself?” she returned in jest.

It was a classic scene of mother-daughter cock sharing, side-by-side taking as much dick as could be thrown into the equation. The first man had finally cum in Jessica’s pussy, and another came around to replace him, when he noticed that Jessica’s asshole looked like it had some mileage on it.

“You like getting fucked in the ass, Jessica?” he asked, pretty confident in what the answer would be. Her butthole had the look of someone who had just been fucked around a day ago, not tight like a balloon that’s been tied, but more loose and wide, like it could easily accommodate a fat cock. After all, she’d just been fucked by three guys in her ass simultaneously, several times over.

He spat on his hand, rubbed his saliva all over his cock, and then slowly pushed his solid erection at her experienced sphincter. As expected, her hole parted in proportion as he penetrated, accommodating his cock easily as he continued to push deeper into the well.

Jessica’s head reeled back as her new anal lover greedily went balls deep into her ass. The lusty look of a bitch in heat overtook the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 20-something, causing her father to stroke his hard cock harder and faster than he usually did, ejaculating onto the bedspread in pure lust and amazement. He guessed that he would be turned on by his daughter, but had always repressed the thought given it was probably one of the most taboo acts known to mankind.

As she was getting assfucked and while she sucked the cock in her mouth, her first orgasm welled up inside her until it finally arrived, causing her to moan in ecstasy on the cock in her mouth, her sphincter growing ever tighter, and causing her anal lover to blow his load deep into her ass as well.

“Oh fuck, you’re so tight when you cum! Fuck!” he yelled, as he banged out his load inside of Jessica’s rear.

“More cock, please!” she begged.

The man she’d been sucking pulled out and sat at the head of the couch. He invited her to come sit on his cock. Rather than straddle him with her pussy, she opted to sit on his cock reverse cowgirl with her asshole sheathing his sword-like penis.

“Oh shit, you do like anal, don’t you Bitch?” he let out, stating the obvious.

“Mm-hmm,” she moaned, not hiding her passion and zeal for being an anal buttslut, as if she had zero shame in impaling her ass right in front of her own two parents.

She bornova escort bayan closed her eyes as she fucked the man’s cock with her hips jutting up and down in succession like a professional. Suddenly everyone was extremely interested in watching Sarah’s daughter reveal herself to be the nasty anal slut that she had become.

“I say, Dear, you weren’t kidding when you said you weren’t the only slut in the family. I guess it’s true!” her mother said, watching her daughter partly shocked, and partly impressed.

Meanwhile, her father who had just cum moments previously, was now furiously beating off his cock once again as his daughter took a more active role riding this hard bastard family friend.

Before long, one of the others mosied up and offered to fuck her pussy. “Why don’t you lean back and I’ll fuck your pussy for you.”

Jessica was just an anal slut. She was now a sub slut, too, and she enjoyed doing what men wanted, particularly when it was also what she wanted. She leaned back on her anal lover while the new guy mounted her from above, transforming her into a fuck-meat sandwich.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, Boys. Fuck your friends’ daughter. Fuck me good!” she would taunt as they continued to plow into this unexpected addition to their old-fashioned gangbang.

She kept at it, taunting and goading, egging the two men on until a third guy, without invitation or asking, mounted her face in reverse so that he could both shut her up and get his cock nice and deep in her throat. She eagerly opened wide for this one, and because of her practice, she easily accommodated his cock balls deep as the length of his cock was able to penetrate well into her throat. She loved this as three men filled each of her holes, and she massaged the third man’s balls and choad while he continued to hammer his cock as deep as he could until he erupted his entire load inside her throat.

At this point, the men started rotating through like clockwork, not being accustomed to fucking such a BYT, and certainly not like this. It was on the third cock aimed at her pussy like this, Jessica said, “No. Put it in my ass with the other bastard.”

The man, a look of confusion and a scratch of the head, went ahead and aimed his cock at her already occupied asshole and edged it slowly in. To his surprise, the asshole slowly but surely accomodated this newcomer, while Jessica’s head again reeled back in pleasure and anticipation while her asshole was stretched and began to become filled to the hilt by strange, solid cock.

The two men slowly worked their cocks together in her ass until they got into a good rhythm, and then she began to suck more cock. It was during this time, Jessica was getting fucked by two cocks in her ass and one in her mouth, and her mother was still getting DPd spitroast style, that her father couldn’t resist any longer. He sidled up to Jessica who couldn’t quite see who was inside her, and also aimed his cock in between the other two inside her ass.

Jessica moaned her approval as a third bastard joined the anal fray. He gently pushed in at first, and then once her ass was really opened up, he got back into the three-man groove, filling her ass to the limit as the three men enjoyed the mutual stimulation of their penises rubbing against her anal walls in addition to each other, the cum and spit contributed by all before to lube the way to climax.

What set off the next round of climaxes all around was Jessica’s own climax. She was in seventh heaven as the three cocks fought for their space within Jessica’s butthole until her latest orgasm took over her body. Her anal sphincter contracted, as did her mouth and throat, sending the mental signal through everyone’s brain that Jessica was truly getting off by all their cocks, stimulating their own sexual senses toward completion. Each of the cocks came almost simultaneously after Jessica’s climax, sending her into a double orgasm from all the hard cock pounding away, the ferocity and frenzy restimulating her g-spot, causing her to blast again. Pussy juice began to ooze handily out of her vagina adding to the sticky mess in and around her crotch.

Her father came first and stood well back from the final fray such that Jessica never realized that he’d banged one out inside of his darling daughter’s ass, adding to her dirty delight. Sarah gave him a knowing yet forgiving glance… she figured it was all quite erotic and figured had it been her, she too would have acted on a similar desire. To be sure, once all of that cock had pulled out of her gaping ass, Sarah came around and proceeded to eat her daughter’s ass and twat, lapping up all the sperm that surrounded her ass as well as probing her tongue as deeply as she could reach, licking up whatever jizzy remnants she could.

Before long, Sarah’s pussy was penetrated once more while she feasted on her daughter’s snatch. When she lifted her head, she looked into her daughter’s eyes seeing a glazed over slut that wasn’t escort bornova quite finished. Together, the mother-daughter pair resolved to finish off the remaining cocks. Mother and daughter shared the bed while they received cock after cock, usually two at a time, Jessica always demanding her cocks in her ass, and going to well past midnight.

The next morning, all three were in the kitchen-dinette sitting down to eggs, bacon, and toast. It was an awkward gathering of three family members who had shared more the night prior than 99.9% of families ever.

Sarah, Jessica’s mother, broke the silence. “So what brings you up to our neck of the woods, Honey?”

Jessica replied, “This social distancing thing has been driving me crazy. I just wanted to come and hang out with you guys. I suppose it would have been sensible to call ahead.”

“From where I’m standing, it seems like it all worked out fine in the end,” Sarah joked.

“So I gotta ask,” Jessica started, “how long have you guys been hosting these parties?”

“Well,” Sarah offered, “once you moved out of the house taking that job closer to the coast, your father and I began getting friskier and friskier until one night out on the town, over a bottle of wine, we had been sharing our thoughts, feelings, and fantasies about our love life and our openness to trying new things. Then one night not too long after, John, your Dad’s best friend, jokingly made a pass at me, and I surprised him back by jokingly accepting his advances. One thing led to another, and now we are regularly hosting a few men over, all friends from work or whatever, who like to come over and fuck me while your father watches and participates.”

“Doesn’t Daddy get jealous? Does he get to fuck other women?” Jessica asked.

Her father chimed in, “No Sweetheart. I am happy to share Sarah with other men. She’s so gorgeous, and obviously her libido far exceeds mine…I’m only happy to be able to satisfy her sexual urges by letting friends come and give her the fucking she deserves.”

“So do you fuck other women?” Jessica persisted.

“No, your mother gives me all the loving I need,” he replied.

All of this gave Jessica a lot to think about. Was it really possible to be in an open marriage with someone you love as your soulmate while also getting to fuck as many men as your body will allow?

“You guys pretty much host every Friday night?” Jessica asked.

Sarah answered, “Most of them. When I’m on my period I prefer not. You happened to come on a busy night. We usually have only a few guys over, so in a way we were lucky you showed up. I don’t think anyone went away unsatisfied.”

Jessica started getting that funny feeling again as she thought about how convenient it was to host one’s own parties with cock on tap. She moved her hand as discreetly as she could to her crotch under the table while her thoughts consumed her consciousness. Her parents exchanged glances again, until Sarah broke the silence again.

“Well, I gotta run to the grocery store. I have to pick up some things… How long do you plan to stay, Jessica?” Sarah asked.

“Oh, I figure if it’s alright with you two, I’ll head out Sunday afternoon. That is, if it’s not inconvenient,” she replied.

“Oh, it’s no inconvenience,” Sarah said. “You’re our baby and you’re always welcome as long as you like. I’ll be back in an hour or so, so make yourself at home.”

With that, Sarah grabbed her keys and some grocery bags, her face mask, and left through the garage door.

“You sure surprised us last night. At first, we didn’t know what was going to happen when you came through the bedroom door. And then, you ended up getting sodomized by every guy in the room,” her father started.

“Well… not every guy,” Jessica said, implying her father hadn’t touched her.

“No, I’m sure every guy had a poke,” he said.

“In that case,” Jessica began, “perhaps I won’t have any trouble convincing you to extend the favor once more,” as she pulled her t-shirt over her head, exposing her braless tits, sagging ever-so naturally and perky while she slouched in her chair.

Her father walked around the table and stood in front of her as she looked up into his face and began undoing his pajama pants.As wrong as she knew this was, she couldn’t help but think back to the night prior, seeing her father standing their with his hardon out, lusting his eyes at her body while she was taken by all of his friends, taken in the ass while she begged for more and more. Had he actually fucked her when she wasn’t looking? She was getting more turned on by the thought while she pulled his cock out of his pajamas, noticed that he was hard as a steel rod, and persisted in putting her mouth over his cock and closing her lips around it.

“Oh, that feels incredible, Honey. Yeah, suck it nice and gentle. We have all the time in the world, so take your time,” he cooed.

She tasted the precum as she went back and forth on his cock, massaging his balls with her right hand, and pulling his hips toward her face with her left. She went as deep as she could taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. Her father rubbed her head and stroked her hair, eventually holding the back of her head as he helped her impale her face on his cock.

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