Junior Year Abroad Pt. 04

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This is Part 4 of the Survivor Revival Challenge, organized by Tara Cox. This is the story of Jim & Marybeth, and eventually others, of course. You can expect daily installments.

Special Note: This story describes both Jim and Marybeth having anal sex for the first time. As such, it’s a ‘First Time’ story, as well as an ‘Anal Sex’ story.


Jim is amazed by Marybeth’s naiveté and her submission


“Are you sure you want to try anal?” Jim asked. He was so aroused it almost hurt. He couldn’t believe Marybeth herself was suggesting anal!

“Well, I’ve never done it before, and I want you to be the first,” she replied.

“Well, okay, then,” Jim said, not admitting that he had never done anal either! He told Marybeth to lie on her stomach, and he got a pillow to place under her groin, raising her ass in the air a bit, but enough, he felt sure.

Jim lay down next to Marybeth and gently began to play with her asshole. What the fuck is he doing? Marybeth wondered. Nobody before had ever played with her asshole before, and now, what was he doing? Trying to worm his finger into her asshole? Gross! Her pussy is right there, wide open for him, why aren’t his fingers going there, instead? What’s wrong with Jim? Surely, he knows the difference between the two holes.

“Uhhh…” Marybeth began, but she stopped. She didn’t want to reveal that she didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. Jim just kept right on pushing on her asshole, hoping it would open up a bit so that he could worm his finger into it. He figured two fingers might open her up enough for his cock to get inside her? His cock was thicker than two fingers, but not by that much.

Mary grunted and groaned as Jim worked his finger inside her anal cavity, as her sphincter finally began to give way somewhat. She groaned as if she were in a little pain, but she most definitely did not say stop! No, she just lay there, the incarnation of the sexy goddess Jim knew – to a moral certainty – that she was.

It took a good twenty minutes, but Jim had the patience of Job and the perseverance of Elizabeth Warren, and he eventually got both fingers inside that delectable girlfriend of a woman. He paused, unwrapped the lubricated condom, and slipped it on over his engorged and eager penis. Marybeth relaxed when she heard the noise of Jim’s condom being opened. After that initial fight, he was being great about always remembering to use a condom.

It was time. Jim pushed gently at her flower with the angry purple head of his cock. As he pushed, he gradually removed his two fingers. Marybeth did not know what the hell was going on, but she braced herself.

Marybeth had a belated epiphany. “Anal” meant that Jim was going to fuck her up the ass with his cock. Holy Smokes! Did people actually do that? Given how excited Jim was when she poker oyna suggested doing anal, a term she had learned from him earlier that same day, she realized two things: People did it; it was a thing. Moreover, it was rare. Jim seemed incredulous that she was willing. Maybe girls are reluctant to do it? Maybe there’s a reason? Maybe she was about to find out what that reason was?

Sodomy. Of course! That’s what they were about to do! Anal sex is as old as the bible, and probably even older. Of course; it’s what gay men do! Holy shit (so to speak) am I slow! she thought to herself. Well, gay men do it for pleasure, right? And gay men have great taste, right? I mean, they have style. Marybeth had always admired gay men. She was up for this!

God, did it hurt! There was so much pressure on her! Something popped and Jim’s cock was inside her. The pressure ended. It was like shitting, but in reverse? It stopped hurting. Jim’s cock was just sitting there, inside her colon. Oh! Now he was pushing a little further inside. Then resting. ‘Oh, I get it,’ she thought. ‘He’s waiting until my colon opens up for him, until it adjusts.’ What a sweet lover he is!

He’s pushed farther in. Now farther still. How long is his cock, anyway? It’s still going in! He feels mammothlike huge inside me. Oh lord have mercy; how much more cock is there? Ah. His balls are touching my pussy. He must be all the way in. Good for him.

He’s moving it! He’s pumping. OMG, he’s fucking my ass! This is so weird, this is so strange, this is so, so, so, … nice! Hey, it feels good! I’m getting turned on! Oh, those gay men! They’re so smart. Shit, this is wonderful. Okay, bad choice of words.

What now? His fingers are in my pussy while his cock is fucking my ass? Oh my, this feels divine! I should let him know. Why am I being so silent? Say something. Say something!

“I love you,” she said, as she groaned while he fucked her ass and fingered her cunt.

Jim was so absorbed in fucking Marybeth up the ass, that her words almost didn’t register. He couldn’t talk and fuck at the same time, so he stopped pumping, and he leaned forward, kissed her ass cheek, and said, “I love you, too.”

Marybeth didn’t climax from the ass fuck, but she marveled at how much she enjoyed it. Jim climaxed, however, and he filled up his condom with a nice load of cum. When he pulled out, finally, he rose and went to the bathroom, and flushed the condom down the toilet. When he came back into the room he found Marybeth was lying still, prone on her tummy, her ass still in the air.

Jim quickly went for his iPhone and snapped a picture of her wide open, dilated ass hole, and the luscious curves of her female body. Then he went over to her and lovingly kissed each cheek of her gorgeous, well used, and now deflowered ass.

Marybeth raised her head, smiled lovingly at Jim, and rolled onto her back, canlı poker oyna hiding her asshole but showing off her boobs, her pussy, and her pretty face. Jim took another picture.

“Hey! Wait a minute!” she said.

Uh-oh, Jim thought. She’s going to have a conniption about me taking pictures of her while she’s nude. He began to panic.

“Let me smile. Then you can take the picture, okay?” she said.

Jim smiled broadly. Boy, did he love this woman! He took about twenty pictures of her naked, in different poses, some of which Jim had to admit were obscene. The obscene pictures were, he knew, the ones he would treasure the most. Marybeth had a huge smile in every picture, even the obscene ones.

“I want to remember this moment always,” he said.

“I want copies, okay?” she said. “Hey, let’s take a selfie of both of us together!”

They did. “Wait a minute; I want one of us with your cock all nice and hard,” she said, and she dropped to her knees and sucked him off until he got hard. It took him quite a while to get hard, since they had already fucked for so long, and for so many times, but Marybeth would not give up, and eventually he got a damn nice erection.

“That’s my boy. Quick, smile!” she said, as she took around five selfies in rapid succession. “Let’s get some sleep before they come with breakfast, what do you think? Want to fall asleep with your cock inside me, big boy?”


Marybeth and Jim were both in a deep sleep when the knock came on the door for breakfast in bed. Jim was dead to the world, so Marybeth forced herself out of bed. Remembering she was naked she looked for the terrycloth robe. She didn’t find it, but she found her camisole and pulled it on.

The camisole covered her down to her belly button, so her pussy was exposed for all to see, and the camisole was so thin that one could see her boobs right through it, especially her areolas and her nipples, but Marybeth was too dead to the world even to be aware of her exposure.

She went to the door and opened it, and told the waiter to put the breakfast, which came with specially designed trays, on the bed. He did so, and then it dawned on her.

“Just a minute, sir, let me find my purse to give you a tip,” she said.

The waiter enjoyed his wait, his eyes taking in her essential nudity, especially when she bent over to fish around in her purse for some cash. She inadvertently gave him a thousand dollar view of her pussy and her still slightly dilated asshole. When Marybeth walked towards him with a € 10 note, she saw his eyes boring holes in her body, and she finally realized how provocative she both had looked, and acted!

It all may have innocent, Marybeth quickly thought, but are such acts as exposing yourself like that to a stranger ever really innocent, no matter how half asleep and dreamy headed she had been? internet casino

“Forgive my attire, please,” she said. “I was asleep when you knocked. Jim over there is still asleep, as you can see,” and she gestured towards the bed.

“Is he a sound sleeper?” the waiter asked, and suddenly Marybeth knew what he was thinking. She became consumed with fear.

“You’d better go, sir. Now, please,” she said, and the waiter smiled at her. He said, “Enjoy your breakfast, my lovely.”

Marybeth was so turned on by the entire exchange, and having inadvertently exposed herself to the waiter, that she woke Jim up with a blowjob, and next she told him of the scene with the waiter. Jim had her model, just for him, the outfit she had worn to greet the waiter. He shook his head in amazement at his exhibitionist girlfriend.

Their coffee got cold as the two of them make love. It wasn’t like the night before, which was sexual exploration, excitement, and titillation. No, this time, yes, they were having sex yet again, but in actuality they were making love.

After both lovebirds had cum, they are their breakfast. Then Marybeth took a long, hot bath, while Jim searched through the programs on the wide screen TV, once again confirming that in France, all the good programs were on the for-pay station Canal Plus, which – of course – the hotel didn’t get. He contented himself with watching CNN International.


They checked out of the hotel at the very last minute before incurring late checkout charges, and they sat in the lobby, talking, before they were each to head to their respective host families.

“What are you going to do about Denis? He’s going to continue to try to peep on you, you know,” Jim said.

By this time, Marybeth had figured out that Jim got turned on by other people seeing parts of her body that they were not supposed to see. She recalled how she had already told him about the room service waiter, and telling him that story had ‘forced’ another round of wonderful sex.

“What would you like me to do, lover?” she said. Jim melted when she called him ‘lover.’

Jim told her. He told her in some detail.

“Really?” she said, a bit incredulous.

“Yes, if you can handle it,” he said.

“It might be dangerous, you know,” she said. “Who knows how Denis will react!”

Jim just smiled. He knew Marybeth could deal easily with Denis. he had faith in her.

Marybeth smiled. She wanted to keep Jim as happy as a clam. Besides, this would be fun!

“I’ll do it for you, lover. You know I’ll do anything for you. Denis will be thanking his lucky stars!” she said, and they kissed goodbye. Then they kissed goodbye again. A third long kiss led to Jim fondling Marybeth’s ass. Finally, she pulled away from him.

“When will I see you again?” she asked.

“Next weekend,” Jim said. They were both too busy with schoolwork during the week. Being pre-med was a real bear.

“I can’t wait,” she said, and she blew Jim a kiss as she descended down into the metro.

*********** To Be Continued ***********

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