Keeping up with the Neighbors

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My live in girlfriend Nancy is a sexy forty year old brunette. She is 5′ 4″ and 115 lbs, with nice C cup breasts. She is hot in bed and rarely turns away from my sexual advances. She has her pussy waxed so it’s usually bare and smooth. She loves to receive oral sex, and I love to eat her pussy as often as I can.

Nancy has a friend named Marcy. They have been best friends for years. They share a lot of details of their personal lives and feelings as many close friends do. Recently I learned they even share intimate details of their sex lives. Marcy told Nancy that her husband, Jeff, often eats her out after he cums in her. She went on to say that she has the strongest orgasms of her life when he does it. As they were talking Marcy told her, “You really need to get Billy to eat your creampie, It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Nancy told Marcy, “It’s sounds so nasty!” She went on to tell Marcy, he loves to eat me before sex, but after would mean he’s be tasting his own cum. He doesn’t even want to kiss me after he cums in my mouth.”

Marcy told her, “Just tell him about Jeff and me and how it’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Ask him to just try it once. Tell him if he loves you he shouldn’t deny you this one request.”

Shortly after they talked, while we were lying nude in bed, Nancy told me about what Jeff does with Marcy. I said, “That’s pretty nasty, I love to eat your pussy, but I don’t know if I could do that.”

Nancy said, “Marcy says she loves it, and it makes her cum harder than she ever has before, please just think about it. I really want to know how that would feel. She said Jeff loves to do it. At first he was lara kendi evi olan escort a bit put off, but now he really loves how she cums so hard as he sucks her messy pussy.”

“Wow, I said, that’s pretty wild! I love you, Nanc, and I want you to enjoy sex with me more than anything. This is a lot to ask, tasting my own cum, but I won’t say absolutley no way. Please let me think about it.”

The next night we were fooling around, and as I usually do, I went down on Nancy. I love to eat her pussy, and I was getting really turned on. Nancy said, “Will you do that after you cum in me?”

“Please, I’ve been thinking about what Marcy said, and I have to find out what it’s like.”

I said, “I don’t know Babe, that still sounds pretty nasty.” Would I just be tonguing you clit or would I be expected to lick around your hole.”

She said “I understand.” After a moment she said, “Jeff sucks and licks her clean.” She goes crazy when he does it. I know it’s something some guys just can’t do.” I love you and respect you. I’ll respect your decision.”

I looked at her naked body, she was so beautiful. I love this woman more than life itself. I went back to licking and sucking her bald pussy, and said, “I love you, I’ll think about it.”

She got up and turned around so we were in a sixty nine as she was sucking me she said, “Does this help you to think?” Her mouth felt so good on my hard cock. The smell and taste of her pussy was strong but so wonderful. She was humping and grinding on my mouth. I imagined sucking her pussy with my cum running out and her going wild. It seemed so lara otele gelen escort nasty, but I wanted to be nasty! i suddenly wanted to do it.

Then we got into missionary and as we were screwing I said “Okay, Babe, I’ll do it. I’ll eat you after I cum if that’s what you really want me to do.”

She said, “Oh babe thank you. I love you so much.”

I kept pumping and she was humping back and breathing harder and harder. I felt my orgasm building and soon was cumming into her wonderful pussy. It was the longest orgasm I could ever remember having. I must have pumped a lot of cum into her.

After I’d cum, I thought I’d really fucked up. I had promised to eat her cum filled pussy in the heat of passion, and now had to follow through. Then I thought, I love her and I don’t want her friend to be getting something she isn’t. I was determined to do this, but scared too.

I started kissing down her body. I had butterflies in my stomach. When I got past her navel, I said, “Don’t you think this is a pretty nasty thing to do?”

She said “It’s a very nasty thing to do. Please be nasty for me. Jeff does it for Marcy. Are you as nasty as Jeff?”

I said, “You tell me.” I then went on down and licked up and down her slit.

She said “Oh my god!” Then as she was moaning, she clamped her thighs around my head. She reached down with her hand and pulled me into her crotch even tighter” I tongued her clit for a while. She kept moaning and humping my face. She smelled like sex, she was so wet. I loved the smell and taste. I was tasting my cum mixed with her fluids and I liked it! I was lara rus escort getting turned on again! I actually liked doing this!

Then I stuck my tongue into her cum filled hole and sucked it. I got a mouthful of sticky cum. I felt like the nastiest guy in the world! She screamed and squirted into my mouth as she clamped her thighs tightly around my head. She must have orgasmed for a full minute.

When her thighs released me I knew she was done. I looked up and asked if she wanted more, but stayed right where I was between her thighs. I kept swallowing our combined fluids. My beard and mustache were soaked. I knew I smelled like a well fucked pussy. I liked that. I asked her if she wanted more. She said, “No.”

After a long moment she said, That was the most amazing thing, I can’t believe how I just came and came. Please tell me it wasn’t horrible for you. I know you swallowed a lot of cum. Was it bad?”

I told her she probably got more out of it than I did, but I got quite a bit out of her. She giggled. My face was still between her legs. I was a mess from the cum and squirt, but I really did like what we’d done. I told her that I was really scared at first, but once I tasted her and she started humping, moaning and cumming, I really got into it. I said, Ill do it any time you want.

She said.”Thanks, I think I’ll take you up on that.” Then I kissed her pussy again and got up and leaned over her and she kissed me.

She said, you don’t mind if I tell Marcy about this, do you?

I told her to thank Marcy for telling her about this.

I said, “I never in a million years thought I’d do something like this, but I not only did it, I liked it! I have never felt so nasty in my life. I just sucked up our combined juices and made you cum over and over.”

She kissed me again, giggled, and said, “You smell like my pussy after we fuck all night.”

I just grinned and said, “I hope we can do this again soon.”

She said, “How about right after I call Marcy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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