Kristen’s Hidden Fetish – Rewrite

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I woke up in a dark room; I couldn’t see a thing. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. My hands were both strapped very tightly to some unseen object above my head. I realized then why I was so cold – I was completely naked. I was attempting to puzzle through this situation when a door on the far end of the room opened. Light flooded the room, making my eyes sting. As the room became illuminated, I could see there were other people in the room, also handcuffed to bars on the ceiling. I took a better look at the newcomer. They were a girl, about 5 and a half feet tall. She was wearing very tight jeans and had only a sports bra on.

She stopped in the middle of the room, looking me in the eyes. “You’re probably wondering why you’re here,” she said. I nodded. “Well,” she began, “I enjoy sex very much, you see. So I’ve taken the time to capture you and bring you here to be my personal sex slaves. My name is Kristen, but I expect each of you to refer to me as ‘Mistress’, or I will punish you accordingly. You are required to serve me for a period of 1 year, after which it is your choice to stay or not. And don’t even think of escaping – we’re on an island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Now,” speaking as she went to unlock our handcuffs. “I’ll show the three of you to your room.” I looked at the other two prisoners. Both were girls. “Room, singular?” I questioned. “M-mistress?” Kristen laughed, light and full of genuine humor. “Yes, you are not going to have separate rooms. There’s no privacy here. Or beds, for that matter – one bed for the three of you. Now, before we go to your room, izmit rus escort would you three like to introduce yourselves?” She said, giving a look that implied we had no other choice.

I turned to the girls and extended my hand. The smaller, brunette one took it first and shook it. “I’m Kayla.” She said, her voice shaking slightly. I then turned to the taller, blonde one and shook her hand. She stated that her name was Maggie. I replied, “I’m Brad,” trying to project an air of confidence. Kristen clapped her hands lightly and said, “Come on, no time to waste.” The three of us replied in unison, “Yes, Mistress.” We began down the hallway to our rooms.

The hallway wasn’t very long, and before much time had passed we arrived at a door on our left. Kristen opened it and walked inside. “Now, as you can see, I’ve provided for you a king size bed, your own bathroom, and,” she said, speaking as she walked into the bathroom and opened a cabinet, “sex toys for your own pleasure.” Our eyes widened as we saw the array of tools for pleasure she had stocked the cabinet with. “Also, there’s a fridge near your bed if you become hungry at any point, or for… other pleasures.” She said, winking seductively.

“Now, it’s 9 in the morning, and normally you would be downstairs in the kitchen by 8, ready to eat a quick breakfast and begin serving me. But since we’re right here… Kayla, go open that,” Kristen commanded, pointing to the fridge near the bed. Kayla rushed to follow her command. “You’ll soon learn that I have many fetishes, the foremost being food play. Now Kayla, izmit escort if you could take out… ah, you have it already. Good work, slave.” Kayla pulled out a roll, along with assorted lunch meats – she had salami, ham, and bologna. “Now make a sandwich.” Kristen commanded. Kayla began doing as Kristen had told her, and within 2 minutes had put together a thick sandwich of salami, ham, and bologna. Kristen looked puzzled, and Kayla quickly became panicked. “D-did I do anything wrong, Mistress?” “No, no… it’s missing something.” Kristen observed. “Add some dick to it.” Kayla looked confused, and then a look of realization crossed her face. She rushed over to me and opened up the top half of the sandwich, kneeling down in front of me and closing it off around my cock. I felt the cold meat envelope my hardness, turning me on beyond belief. “Now eat it,” said Kristen. Kayla began carefully taking bites of the sandwich around my dick, and I could feel her teeth gently scraping me and her tongue teasing the bottom of my penis. When she had finished the sandwich, she hurriedly licked the remaining bits of meat off of me. Kristen grabbed a couple more slices of salami and handed them to Kayla, who proceeded to wrap them around my cock and begin jacking me off with them. As I enjoyed being jacked off by this beautiful girl, I noticed Kristen had grabbed a thick sausage from the fridge and was vigorously masturbating herself with it. Maggie was behind Kayla, sticking multiple hot dogs into her ass. I began to feel the cum boiling in my balls as I watched the thick hot dogs go in and out of Kayla’s ass. I kocaeli escort couldn’t hold it back anymore – I squirted cum into her mouth and all over her face. She ate the rest of the cum-covered salami off my cock as I regained my breath.

I quickly regained my erection as I got behind Maggie and took my hard cock in my hand, slowly pushing it up her asshole.. I was feeling amazing when I felt something enter my asshole. It was Kristen, shoving a massive salami up there. I was shocked, but it felt amazing. This continued for a little while before Kristen suddenly got up and ordered us all to stop. We immediately did as she commanded. We got up, salami still in my ass and hot dogs still in Kayla’s, and, of course, cum still in Maggie’s. The clock on the wall read 12 noon. God, we’ve been at this for hours, I thought. Kristen pushed me to the ground hard and climbed on top of me, shoving her steaming pussy in my face. It tasted like salami, which only turned me on more. Kayla got on top of me reverse cowgirl style and began riding my cock, her hot, wet pussy sliding down my pole as Maggie started masturbating with the hot dogs that had been up Kayla’s ass. Kristen began cumming while riding my face and I could tell Kayla and Maggie were doing the same thing. Kristen got up. “Get up,” she commanded. “Maggie, Kayla… suck his cock.” The two girls hastened to follow her command and I felt their tongues begin licking up and down my cock. While this was going on, Kristen got behind me and began licking my asshole. When I had shot my fifth load that day, I collapsed, exhausted. When I woke up later, around 8pm, I found that the girls had covered me in meat and shoved several sausages into my asshole. Maybe being Kristen’s sex slave wasn’t going to be so bad after all…

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