Kyle and Will Ch. 04

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Very short chapter but the next one is submitted already.

We drove to the party later that night. I was busy catching up with all of our friends, but I was acutely aware of Kyle in the room. We were both trying to act normal, like nothing had happened earlier. But every time I lifted my eyes I would catch his gaze. He would look away, but not before I caught the reflection of my feelings in his eyes. It was going to be a long night. Then I had another more serious thought. We were not out to our friends, at least I wasn’t, and I did not want this to be the way it happened. I broke off the conversation I was having and sidled up to Kyle.

“You wanna get out of here?” He raised his eyebrow. “Kyle the way you keep looking at me, I think we would be better off at home.”

Kyle gave me a knowing smirk. “That obvious huh?” But he nodded, and we made our way out stopping to say bye to Justice, Irish, and Shane.

“Noo, c’mon, already?” That was Justice, who looked over at Kyle and then back at me. “Oh, you mean.” He looked at Kyle again who nodded at him this time. “Ohhh, that’s how it is. Have a nice night boys.” This he said wiggling his eyebrows and saluting us with a laugh.

I was beet red, glad for the cover of night to hide my embarrassment. “They know?” I asked Kyle, already knowing the answer.

“They know.”

We made it to my house, made small talk with my dad, who gave me the ‘when did this happen’ look. Later still, we settled into my bed fully clothed, and fell into a heavy make out session.


“Hmmm.” I tried to grab his tasty lips again, and started when I felt his hand on my crotch but I moaned in pleasure. “Ummm.” I held my head back to give access to my bare neck. He licked, sucked and kissed me. Kyle pushed my shirt up and over my head. My body reacted with little thrusts, every where he placed his lips and hands.

We pulled our clothes off in unspoken tandem. The air was thick and prickled with anticipation. I was ready for what was going to happen and Kyle looked at me with certainty. I reached into my desk draw and pulled out the condoms and lube I had there. He took them from me, leaned over and kissed me reassuringly. Never mind that I was sure none of us had done this before, I decided to trust Kyle. I was also distracted by the fact that his naked skin was scorching mine everywhere it made contact. He kissed every bit of my skin, leaving hot scorched trails in his wake. My mind reeled when he laved his tongue down my thighs, deliberately avoiding my panting dick.

“Kyle, are we going to do this or are you planning on…” I never finished that sentence as his mouth swallowed Beylikdüzü escort me whole and spat me out in one move.

“I have wanted to do this for so long Will.” He brought himself up to face level, and his eyes pierced into mine. “I want you Will, but I want you to be sure.” He ground his hips into mine with a smirk.

I nodded eagerly, obligingly let Kyle roll me over onto my stomach. Sighing in acquiesce as he peppered kisses accross my shoulders. I winced, feeling the cold wet lube in between my ass. Kyle was gentle and torturously methodic in his ministrations. Preparing me for his dick, making sure I was comfortable and ready for him. He kissed my back softly before whispering.

“Are you ready?” I nodded confidently reminding him to go slowly,

He eased in a finger and waited, before slowly moving it around and then adding another. He rolled the condom on and lay down on top of my back kissing me from my neck all the way down my spine sending electric shivers through my body. He bit down into my ass cheeks before he pulled me up onto my knees. Ever so slowly I felt him pushing his way into my hole. I could not help but to suck in a breath as I felt a sharp pinch. His head entered me with a pop. Kyle rubbed my back in slow circles until I let him know I was ready and it was okay to continue. Mother of fuck it burned. I cried out but quickly assured Kyle i was okay. I pushed back allowing more of him to slide into me. Then the burn distanced leaving a most pleasurable sensation. He moved slowly at first and then found a steady slippery rhythm that had me moaning and grinding my ass back against him. Wanting, needing more. It also felt hot and slick and fuuucckk!! What the hell was that?

“Kyle, do that again.” I panted.

I felt him thrust much the same way he did before. “Like that?”


Kyle seemed to understand that he was onto something. He pushed deeper and faster, his balls slapping mine. Each time, his cock connecting with that sweet spot that shot heat into my body which in turn exploded into my belly leaving me wanting and weak and begging for more. I pushed my ass back into Kyle’s thighs.

“Fuck me, yeah Kyle. Oooh Yeahh.” I twisted my head around, and the sight of Kyle with his head thrown back, damp hair pasted to his forehead, sweat trickling down his body and grunting his pleasure was enough to send me over the edge. I moved to grab my dick but found Kyle’s hand already there moving up and down my shaft as he shifted in and out my hole.

“I’m coming. Coming, Comm….ing.” I shuddered as I shot cum onto the sheets beneath me, a minute later Kyle let out Beylikdüzü escort a yell and collapsed onto my back pumping into me as he came.

We held on to each other until our breathing evened out. Kyle slowly pulled out of me, and I felt empty. We stared at each other running our hands over each other’s bodies, stealing chaste kisses. We must have fallen asleep for a while, but when I opened my eyes Kyle was staring into mine.

“You feel okay?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, you?”

“Better than okay. That was.. great.” He said with a shy smile.

“Umm, Kyle can I ask you something?”

“What? Did I do something wrong? It was too soon wasn’t it?”

“No.” I waved him off. “It’s just that.. How did you know what to do?”

“Ooh, I just did what I thought would feel good. That, and I ordered some stuff off the computer including a..” He leaned into my ear and whispered.

I looked with surprise at my friend and marveled at how much things had changed. I felt good. This felt right. Kyle holding me, us laying in crusty sheets felt right.

“We still have to talk.” I whispered, drawing his body closer.

“I know.” He whispered back, looking me in the eye and shifting even closer. I could feel my dick go hard again, and I know he felt it too.

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow we talk. Right now we do this.” I kissed his lips dragging my teeth across the bottom. “And this.” I playfully captured his nipple and rolled it between my teeth then licked and sucked hard.

“Will,” Kyle groaned. “Christ.. Ummm. That’s ahh. That’s…”

I lifted my head and smiled sweetly at him. “You were saying?” His response was to push my head back down his body. I teased him for a bit before I made my way back up to his lips. Trailing kisses across his face, and sucking on his delectable earlobe, making sure to rub our now hard dicks together. I took pleasure in his moans.

“Kyle, I want to be in you.” It came out in a rush as I was eager to please him too. I licked around his ear, and sucked his lobe back into my mouth. I felt him draw back slightly.

“Are you sure?” Seeing me nod, he grinned. “Then yes. I want that too.” He reached up and kissed me then rolled over and offered his ass up to me.

I spread open his cheeks and was very liberal with the lube spreading it over and around his hole. I rubbed his anus with my finger, massaging his pucker before I slipped a finger inside, much as he had done to me.

“Oh Will, yessss.” Kyle hissed

I wiggled my finger around, which made Kyle arch his back and push out against my hand. I slipped another finger in and slowly finger fucked his ass.

“Fuck! Escort Beylikdüzü fuck! fuck! God Will that feels good.”

Not wanting him to have all the fun I turned him on his back with my fingers still in him.

“I want to look at you, Kyle. You ready?”

“So ready Will, I need you in me now.” Kyle sounded desperate and I was eager to give him what he wanted.

I removed my fingers and placed my cock at his entrance, sliding into him in one move. I lay still over him making sure that he was not hurt, remembering the slight pain I myself had felt.

“God Kyle, you are so fucking tight.” I started rocking my hips slowly, savoring the feel of me inside him. “So tight,uhmmm soo good.”

“Will. Move. I need to feel you move.” Kyle begged.

So I did, thrusting in and out without abandon. His cries drove my need to please him. In and out I slid into him. He wrapped a leg around me and I drove my dick deeper into him, slamming against him. Feeling every inch of my cock embraced by his passage slick and hot.It felt so good,when his muscles clamped down on me that i knew i could not last long. I felt my nuts tighten and I sank down on his stomach and caught his moan in my mouth.

“I love you Kyle.” I declared my loved again. His arms tightened around me and I felt the warm stream of his ejaculation spread between us. My body convulsed with the force of my orgasm as I emptied what felt like gallons of cum into him.

Still holding me in place, Kyle softly took possession of my lips in a sweet, slow, passionate, tongue swirling, toe curling kiss. “I love you too Will.” The look in his eyes told me everything I needed to know. “Is it okay that this happened Will? No weirdness or anything?”

“No Weirdness. That’s because it was always going to happen. I believe that no matter how long it took us, we would end up here eventually.” We kissed tenderly but with no less passion, before getting up to briefly change the sheets and clean ourselves.

“Your dad is going to grill us tomorrow. You know that right.”

“Yeah, I know.” I replied sleepily.

“Oh, God!” Kyle groaned. “My parents are going to kill me for sure. They won’t accept this.”

“Hey, mood killer, try not to think about it right at this moment. We will talk to my dad and figure it out okay?”

Kyle looked at me, doubt clouding his eyes, but he nodded and lay back. I settled into the crook of Kyle’s arm, my head on his chest, hand splayed across his stomach. Both of us taking comfort in the feel of each other. We lay, tangled in the sheets fully sated, unwilling to relinquish just yet the feelings of the past three hours. I relished how amazingly we fit as we fell asleep arms around each other.

Tonight we would lie wrapped up in each other, but tomorrow, tomorrow we would talk about how the past year changed us. Tomorrow we would work on building on what we started. Tomorrow we would start over.

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