Lena’s New Life Ch. 03

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first erotic series I ever wrote, back in 2005-7, long before posting my first story. I have revised and edited (hopefully well) the chapters, but they are pretty much as they were when I wrote them. It is the story of a married couple in love and exploring a new version of their relationship. It is a fairly long series, although some of the chapters are quite short.

I have posted the first few chapters close together, to get the series started, because the hot stuff starts a little later.

Constructive criticism is welcome. Destructive, insulting comments, moralist preaching and violent impulses are not.


When they stepped into the lobby she was impressed with the quiet elegance of the décor. She carried her purse and the overnight bag; he carried the two boxes from the car. It looks very nice, sedate and relaxing; we’ll have a nice night, she thought. She was still tingling from the erotic activity in the car, and she was aching to get up to the room and mess up the sheets. She watched as the staff went about their business through the lobby, but saw only one other guest, a woman dressed in white terrycloth, or cotton. Probably coming from the sauna or pool, she thought. A swim would be nice after sex, she thought, but they hadn’t brought suits. Oh, well.

She was distracted to find an employee standing next to her with a tray, and two glasses of champagne. He handed one to her and the other to John as he completed their check-in, receiving two card keys. He gave her one of the keys and she read the name, suddenly realizing that it wasn’t posted in the lobby, and she hadn’t seen a sign outside. ‘Your Life Spa’ the card said, ‘Enjoy Your Stay!’.

A Spa! My Man knows how to treat a slave! It’s a shame, she thought, that it’s just a day. The man who’d brought the drinks left the tray on the counter, took their bags and the shopping trip boxes (except for the one bottle that she had left in the glove compartment with her panties), and they followed him to the elevator. They passed another couple, similarly dressed as the last woman, in matching white gauzy cotton. The Sauna must be close to the lobby, she thought; everyone passes through.

“It’s beautiful so far,” she said, sipping her champagne as the elevator took them up. “It’s a shame it’s just the one night. Can’t we stay longer?” she asked.

“One night? Oh, no. We’ll be here about 9 days, dear.” The elevator stopped, and they headed up the hall behind the man with the bags. She was speechless; how could they stay more than a day with only one spare set of clothes?

She lost her train of thought, though, as they entered the room. Suite, actually, as she looked around. They were in the main room, the bedroom was ahead, dressing area and lounge area to one side, and off to the other, the huge bathroom, the shower and bathing room, and the Jacuzzi, all in stone textures and earth tones and soft pastels, with windows that looked out over the shore. The man put down their bags, gently refused the offered tip, and excused himself from the room. Then she remembered that she would be in the same two sets of clothes for nine days, and her elation started turning to disappointment.

“Why did you tell me not to pack? How can I stay, how can WE stay here for over a week with one change of clothes?”

“How do you like the room?”

“Huh? Oh, honey, the room is great, and the whole place, from what I’ve seen, looks terrific. But I’m not washing my clothes in the sink every night. So unless we’re going the mall in the morning…”

“Don’t worry. Try to relax.” He stepped closer to her, put his arms over her shoulders, facing her. Her pulled her head forward slightly as he pulled her to him, and kissed the top of her head. “I said everything was taken care of, didn’t I? Trust me.” He kissed her again, then she raised her head up, and he kissed her lips. After, she pulled back, protesting, “But-“

“All right,” he sighed. “I’ll explain. Sit.”

“I found this place through a travel agent recommended by our financial advisor,” he began. “The more I read about it, the more I thought, this is for me and Lena. You saw on the card that it’s not a hotel, it’s a spa. But it’s a spa dedicated to getting you in touch with yourself. It’s all about relaxation, treating you special and enjoying the sensation. The champagne in the lobby? Served throughout the day, but not enough to get you drunk: just to keep you relaxed and comfortable.”

“Clothes? You saw what those couples passing through the lobby were wearing? Provided by the Spa; they’re Spa clothes. They give them to you, and you keep them, take ’em home when you leave. They give you three sets of the spa clothes, a set of exercise clothes, a secondary workout set, a bathing suit and a robe. They collect them every day and bring them back clean and folded every evening. Your name and room number are in them, so you know you’re getting your stuff back.” He stood up, walked to the dresser in Escort Esenyurt the changing area, opened a drawer. “See? It’s already loaded. All in our sizes.”

Her mouth hung open in amazement. The drawers were filled with the same white cottony outfits that those other guests had looked so comfy in. She watched him pull the rest open to see the Bathing suits, exercise clothes, sandals and slipper socks, all in white.

“Because it’s a spa, there’s no dressy dinners, no shows, no night club or bar scene. There’s no flash. We even go to dinner in these clothes.” He was smiling proudly, and she felt herself starting to get into it as well.

“What are we going to do all day? Sit around? I can’t, you know that, I’ll go crazy.”

“Of course not, there’s plenty to do. Remember, I told you that this is all about the experience, the sensation. We’re going to get facials, and manicures-“

“You’re getting a facial?”

“Yeah, I signed us up together. We’re also getting wraps, massages, hair styling – man, the works.” He was grinning broadly now, and despite her initial resistance, she felt her enthusiasm growing.

“I’ve had massages before, and I wasn’t comfortable-“

“That’s why I’m coming with you. We’re going together, so you can relax. It’s all about enjoying the sensation.” He lifted his glass. “And a glass of champagne.”

“OK, that’s a little different from the last one I had. But that last time, I was in this room, like a locker room, and all these other people were-“

“Nope. Private rooms.”

“It’s not like, y’know, like a massage parlor, is it? Happy endings?”

“No. It’s NOT a sex club. It’s a spa.” He sat back down on the couch, next to her, held her hands. “I wanted us to have time to grow out of our old, working selves, and into new, relaxed, feeling-like-human selves. We’re gonna do some yoga, and learn T’ai Chi; we’re going to eat sensibly, we’re going to pamper and tan ourselves, and we are going to fuck like rabbits.”

“O-ooh, now you’re speakin’ my Love Language,” she dripped.

“And while we are broadening our sensual experience, you will be expanding your sexual repertoire as well.”

“My what?”

“Your repertoire. Your horizons. Toolbox. Bag of tricks, frame of reference.” He stood, walked over to the boxes from the Adult Store. “I have made some selections for you, and I will be assigning time for you every day to do some work,” he paused, looking at her, “for yourself.” He grinned.

“You see,” he said, opening the larger box from the store, “in order to be an effective sex slave, you’ll need to expose yourself to a variety of techniques and ideas; new experiences. This box,” he reached in, “is filled with an assortment of books and DVD’s.” He took some out, a few DVD’s in one hand, two books in the other. “Some are instructional, some are entertainment. Some are both. I tried to get as varied a selection as I could.”

“We’re going to watch sex movies?”

“Actually, no, WE won’t, not at first. YOU will. After we get back home I’ll let you show me some of the ones you liked the best. So not us, yet,” he said, coming back to her, carrying the things he had taken out of the box, “I am going to command you, my slave, to spend one hour every morning reading, and a half hour every evening watching a video.”

“Are you — you’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes, I am.” A pause, then, “Slave.”

She looked down at the videos and books. Beginning Bondage. Oral Delights. Thrilling Threesome. Learning to Swing. Then, Women’s Erotic Masturbation Fantasies. Monster Cocks. Oh! Well, OK, so maybe it won’t be so bad. “I am your sex slave,” she said in a surrendered tone, “I will do as you say.” – “Not very enthusiastic,” he smirked, “but it’ll do for now. Have a seat.” He sat next to her on the couch. “Here’s how our days are likely to go.” He put his arm around her and held her close. “After we wake up, we’ll go exercise; then come back here, shower and change. We’ll go have a light breakfast and come back up here. You will do your hour reading, from the selections in the box.” He waved at it with his free hand. “At eleven every day we’ll have our grooming until about 1 or 2, then have a late lunch. In the afternoon, a swim, or a walk, or something else, we’ll see.” He took his arm off her shoulder, and held her so they were face to face. “In the early evening we’ll come back here. You’ll do your viewing, then we’ll go to dinner. After dinner we are free until the next morning, but there are plenty of things to do.” He paused. “How does that sound?”

“I read and watch alone?”

“Yes. I want you to feel at ease. You’ll be reading about and seeing things you have likely never even imagined, and I don’t want you to feel self-conscious about getting aroused by it.”

“What if I just sit here and do nothing, and pretend I read it?”

“Then you’ll have difficulty describing them to me at dinner every night.” She looked at him quizzically. “Yes, Escort Avcılar every night at dinner you’ll relate to me what you read and saw. This will help you become accustomed to your arousal at new and different sexual activities.”

“What if I get really aroused?

“Why, you’ll masturbate, of course. I expect it.”

“Can’t we just fuck every night?”

“Honey,” he said, patiently, “If we just keep doing what we have always done, you will never fulfill the potential of your Slave Commitment.” She looked at him, puzzled and confused. “If you want to be my sex slave,” he explained, “and all I ever command you to do is fuck me, the same way we always fuck, that would be an insult to your generous offer. It would completely de-value the freedom you have achieved, and the risk I have assumed.” He kissed her forehead. “I couldn’t treat you that poorly.”

“Freedom — risk YOU assumed?” She was confused, thinking she heard wrong. “How did I achieve freedom by agreeing to be your slave?”

“Requesting, actually.”

“Okay, requesting. And how do YOU assume the risk? Isn’t it the other way around?”

“Of course not,” he told her. “You have gained freedom from responsibility for your actions, and a complete lack of guilt for the desires you will encounter. I, on the other hand, am responsible for all your pleasure, and for keeping you safe, and secure in your development.” She looked at him. He was serious. The strange thing was that what he said made a kind of sense. “I have to insure that you are allowed to grow in your experience, to push your boundaries at the correct pace, and see that you don’t move too quickly, or become frightened or defiant. You,” he added, “you deserve the full slave reward.”

“Reward?” A slave Reward?”

“Certainly! The reward of learning to enjoy your body to an extent you didn’t know before. The reward of appreciating different sensations and desires. The reward of enjoying uninhibited lust, of enjoying giving and getting pleasure in new and exciting ways.” His face was a little flushed with excitement. “The reward of enjoying doing things that shock you, just because they are naughty, or nasty, or exciting to do; without fear of embarrassment or shame.” His voice was lower now, a little huskier, almost seductive. “The reward of being able to enjoy ENJOYING.”

This was a little different, she thought. A little hot, too.

“You will read and see things this week that might have shocked you in the past, or grossed you out, or made you afraid. You will also see and read things you have heard about, positions you’ve never tried; locations, activities, situations and combinations and variations.” His voice was almost a whisper now, and his lips were close to her. “And when you feel that heat, I command you to masturbate until you cum.”

He stopped talking for a second. She thought his breathing was a little heavy. And that his heart was pumping a little harder. She knew hers was! She wondered if he was hard now, if his dick was tight in his pants, straining to spring free, and she imagined the fat drop of pre-cum at the tip. And her tongue reaching out …

Damn, she thought, I don’t know if he’s hard, but I can feel my clit getting hard! I’m started to ooze a little, too!

“Well,” he finally said, back in his normal voice, and standing up. He did have a huge bulge in the front of his pants! “I am going for a walk downstairs.” He went to turn away, then stopped, and standing directly in front of her, made sure she was watching as he adjusted his erection to a less painful position. “First, I’ll, uhm, y’know, manage my responsibility,” he quipped, “then I will find out about lunch and the afternoon activities.” He headed for the door. “I’ll also make some reservation for us for later in the week. I’ll be back in a half hour. When I come back up we can change into our resort clothes” His hand was on the door, but his hardness was still visible. She wondered if he wanted some help with that? “Why don’t you find something to read in that box? Pick something at random if you want. But have something to tell me about when I return in thirty minutes. OK?” And he left.

She looked into the box, and her eyes were drawn to one of the books he had pulled out. She opened ‘Women’s Erotic Masturbation Fantasies’ and read the intro. Women’s most common fantasies, what we think about when we pleasure ourselves. The intro continued, talking about women’s techniques, how they do it, how often, who admits it, who denies it.

There were interviews with women through the book, and how-to’s of the most popular techniques. But mostly, she saw, the book was erotic stories of the most common-themed female sex fantasies. The sexy stranger. Two men at once. The sex in public. The other woman. The orgy. The cheating wife. The good-girl-turned-slut. The Black Stud. Being tied and Dominated. Dominating a man. Dominating a woman.

She had always thought that women who have to masturbate were either sluts or lonely, or lesbians, who weren’t getting it the right way, and had to. She’d never really believed that women might WANT to do it. She learned that this was not so, that while not all will admit it, most women masturbate, her age especially, and a majority do it frequently. Almost all of them liked it, and the regulars felt it was a critical part of their overall sexual identity and satisfaction. Uh-huh. She skimmed a little; more studies, survey of women, expert comments. A healthy sexual practice. Yeah. Learning about what gives you orgasms, learning to have stronger and more frequent orgasms, now, this was for her! She had never been disappointed in sex, but who doesn’t want to cum more? And better!

And then the door was opening, and John returned with 2 glasses of champagne (they actually had little carriers for a pair of champagne flutes, to make it easier to carry!) The 30 minutes was over.

They changed, went to lunch. She told him what she read about, and admitted she was a little turned on, but getting past her former opinions about masturbating would take some time. After lunch they went to the stylist, and sat for hairstyle makeover pictures.

Over the next few days they enjoyed things together that they never would have done before. Besides the regular exercise there were stretching classes, and yoga; all done with the intent to connect you to the sensations your body was experiencing. They had gone together for all the skin treatments, including manicure, pedicure, body wrap and mud bath. They had facials and skin treatments. They had consulted hair designers and selected hairstyles and colorings that complemented their face shape and skin. John had his hair highlighted! Damn, he was hot! She thought he was hot before, but this was too much. Just the idea that he would do all these things with her, for her, was enough to get her steamy. Lust was good, and healthy, but it was Love that started her motors.

They’d gone to the Tanning Booth, and she was looking and feeling healthy, relaxed, and more confident appreciative, of her body and her sexual appetite. She was liking this.


After a few days she had become more at ease with the pampering services, and the relaxed atmosphere. She had been uncomfortable at first with being naked for the wraps, and beauty treatments, but with John there (naked with her) she adjusted. After she was more in tune (and the champagne helped, no doubt) they had gotten full body massages. She’d had one in the past, but wasn’t able to enjoy it. Nudity plus no privacy; that issue disappeared here, and the massage was great! She’d never had another man touch her like that, and as she watched the female masseuse working on John she wondered if he was OK with it. He was so OK that they signed up for private lessons, and an instructor showed each of them (nude!) how to massage the other. They’d purchased an assortment of oils.

One day he brought her to a beauty session, and not until they were going in did he say, “Slave. Do what they tell you,” then kissed her, said, “I’m getting it, too.” He left her to go to a separate room.

It turned out to be a full body waxing. They had started with her eyebrows, forearms, fingers, moved on to the legs, and then got to her ass, her pussy, and all the surrounding areas. The champagne helped relax her, and the staff was great, but it still stung a little. As they worked they talked to her, soothing her fears, calming her resistance. Just like your face, they said, it should look good. You do your eyebrows to make your eyes more attractive. As they finished each area, they rubbed vitamin E and aloe oil on all the treated areas. She’d never had another woman rub oil on her pussy like that, and she was surprised that she wasn’t freaked out by it.

When it was done they showed her all her parts in a mirror, and she had to admit they looked, well, more attractive. Like they were prepared to be seen. Then she realized that she was standing naked in front of a mirror with 2 women she didn’t know, and they were all admiring her totally bald pussy and ass. And then she realized that she was OK with it, and that she wasn’t a bit uncomfortable.

John came in then, and joined them in admiring her new look, and then pulled his robe off and showed the job he had gotten. The natural sweater was gone from his back, and he had ‘Movie Ass’ — completely smooth! They had trimmed all the places where his body hair looked good; his legs, chest, forearms. But his shoulders, ass, and yes, his balls and around his dick were smooth and shiny.

They had purchased some additional oils, and taken the warnings about the tanning booth. Returning to the room after, they were still a little sensitive, but the loose clothing allowed cooler air to hit places it never had before. She could feel her smooth parts rubbing as she walked, and wondered if John was getting turned on, too. When they got back to their room, they started out admiring the work, and ended up in wild oral sex. Bald sex completely changed the sensation, and she came twice while John was giving her head. Then she licked his balls and sucked his dick until he came all over her tits.

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