Little Top, Big Bottom Ch. 02

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I got on my Suit and Tie

It’s been a long day at work. I’m a pharmaceutical rep and sometimes it’s long days of driving, getting in and out of the car a million times and talking to receptions and doctors. I really wanted to get home and relax. It’s a good thing that I already worked out this morning before work. There is no way I had enough energy to workout tonight.

I walked in the door and went straight to the bedroom to change out of my suit. I heard the water running in the bathroom and figured Jason must have just gotten home himself. Jason is a real estate broker. He sometimes puts in long hours but it’s worth it for the kind of money he brings in. He makes sure we have the nicest things money can buy.

Sure enough, Jason comes out of the bathroom still in his suit too. Damn, he is sexy in his suit. He has on a light gray suit, tailored to his perfect little body. He’s wearing a sharp royal blue tie that accents his crystal blue eyes. His clean-cut hair is styled a little messy with a part on the side. He’s so God damned handsome that it takes the air out of my lungs sometimes just to look down at him.

I start to take off my suit jacket and he stops me. “No. Don’t take off the suit. Leave it on.”

I’m wearing a designer suit Jason got me for our 1-month anniversary. It’s a navy-blue Armani suit, custom tailored with a black checkered pattern, crisp light blue dress shirt, a navy tie and black pointed-toe dress shoes. The pants have some stretch in them, snug around my muscular ass. It’s a little flashy for me, I wouldn’t have chosen it for myself, but it makes Jason happy when I wear it. Plus, I do look incredible wearing it. It gets me a ton of attention and, of course, I thrive on attention. More than a few business cards slipped into my coat pocket when I wear it.

I stop and turn to look at him. “Why?”

“Because you look so fucking hot in that suit. I’m so glad I bought all those tailored suits. They really accentuate your broad shoulders and that tiny waist. Not to mention that tight bubble ass you have.”

Blushing, I say, “Thank you. I love the way you look in yours too.”

He walks up to me and puts his hands up on my shoulders, stands up on his tip-toes and puts his mouth on mine for a long passionate kiss. I reach down and grab him around the waist and hug him hard.

“So, how many phone numbers did you get today?” he asked with a hint of a smile. I don’t think he likes when this happens, but ankara travesti he does like knowing that he’s with a guy as hot as I am who gets a lot of attention and being able to tell dudes I’m unavailable.

“A couple,” I reply, shrugging it off trying to make it seem like a non-issue.

“Let’s see,” he says holding his hand out.

I dig into my pocket and pull out two business cards. One from another pharma rep I met in a doc’s office, the other from a random guy at the dry cleaners when I was dropping off some shirts.

He looks at them and tosses them on the nightstand with a bunch of others.

He growls a little bit as he reaches up and cups my pecs. “Getting a lot of attention. All the boys love my man in a suit.”

I just smile and nod. I can tell it turns him on but at the same time, reluctant to encourage it.

“Showing off that ass,” he states, reaching around and now cupping my ass cheeks.

“The coat does cover some of it,” I snicker.

He chuckles, “Babe, the way your ass sticks out, it’s still hard not to notice.”

“You’re right.”

He looks down at the small pile of cards and then back to me. His face is serious, his eyes intense. I can’t read him so I can’t tell if he’s jealous or what. I decide to steer things in another direction.

“Hey, wanna fuck me?” I asked with a flirtatious tone as I begin to unfasten my belt.

“No, stop. Leave the suit on,” Jason said as he reached up and gave a small tug on my tie. “Leave everything on.”


“Lay back on the bed,” he commands.

I lay back and he adds, “Lift your legs.”

I lift my legs, exposing my upturned pants-clad ass, my suit pants stretching tight across my butt and hole. My pointy dress shoes are pointing up toward the ceiling, the cuff of my suit pants drape down exposing my socks all the way to my calves.

He steps between my legs and grasps my ankles and runs his hands up and down my ankles and calves. “You’re wearing the new sheer socks I bought you. Sexy. You like them?”

He was talking about my black, sheer, knee high, dress socks he bought for me. They were skintight and really showed off my huge calves.

“Yeah, I do. They fit like a second skin. They felt good all day like compression socks.”

“I know. They really make your legs look sexy.”

He bent forward and began to lick my ass through my suit pants. He licked and bit at where my hole should be. He rubbed his face back and forth ankara travestileri against my ass, clearly getting off on the material snug on my ass. It was an unusual sensation. I instantly realized Jason had a suit fetish. I have to say that it was sexy to see my suited legs being held up and watching his muscular little body, suited up and his head buried in my ass. It just looked so masculine wearing a business suit and seeing Jason in his, getting sexual while wearing them. Two businessmen getting it on. It reminded me of the times when I fucked a few married businessmen while they were on their lunch break downtown. They looked so sexy and masculine in the attire.

“Fuck, your ass is so beautiful in these pants,” he said, taking a break from eating my ass.

Then he continued to lick and chew on the seam over my hole. I heard a rip.

“Hey,” I said suddenly. “You’re ripping my pants, dude.”

He ignored me and I heard more ripping sounds. I realized he had dug his fingers in, and tore open the crotch seem of my pants. Then I felt another tear as he tore through the thin spandex of my boxer briefs.

“Jason, dude. What are you…,” I was saying when he took control and grabbed my ankles that were already suspended in the air.

Jason placed my ankles on his shoulders. It was very erotic for some reason to see my quads through my form fitting slacks, flexed and seeing my nylon clad calves pressing against the shoulders of Jason’s suit jacket and my shiny, black dress shoes also pointed toward the ceiling.

My suit coat and pants strained against their seams as Jason leaned forward and my knees came to my chest.

“Jase,” I said with a grunt. “You’re going to ruin my suit.”

He ignored me.

He could see my collar was now tight against my throat. He reached around my legs and unbuttoned the top button on my shirt and readjusted my tie. I could feel his erection pushing against my hole.

I heard his zipper go down. Then he leaned over to the side table and pulled out some lube and drizzled it onto his dick. He leaned forward again, and his cock pierced my ass through the hole in my suit pants.

I know it’s been a long time that I’ve been bottoming for Jason but I’m still tight as a drum. He loves that about me. It must be all the working out and squats, but my hole is always tight and sometimes taking his dick is really difficult to do. I’ve learned that poppers always help me loosen up. The other thing travesti ankara is that poppers really make me slut out. I mean I get really slutty and just want to get fucked. Jason loves that about me too.

I felt that initial pain of penetration and let out a small hiss. He reached over and grabbed my popper bottle, took off the cap and placed it under my nose. I breathed in hard, and he put the bottle aside. I felt that incredible rush, the adrenaline pumping, head spinning, and warmth filled my face.

“That’s my boy,” Jason cooed as held still inside of me. “That’s my sexy boy in his fancy suit.”

And with that he started to pull in and out slowly until I was begging him to fuck me hard.

“Oh, please dude, fuck me.”

I felt constrained in my fitted coat and shirt, not a lot of mobility, plus I was paranoid about hulking out of it. My suit was being stretched to it’s limits but so was Jason’s. My pants were squeezing my quads and I heard more little ripping noises. My black shoes were flopping around in the air. Jason’s suit coat was scrunched around the shoulders and armpits. His tie dangled in my face. I bit it and held it in my mouth.

That sent him into overdrive. “You want it hard?” he growled.

“Fuck you, you know I do! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

I have never been fucked so hard since I met Jason. The muffled sounds of his suited crotch hitting my suited ass was loud and intense. I grunted loudly with every assault, swearing between. Our breathing was hard. My moans of ecstasy were echoing off the walls.

“You like that, baby? Huh? You like my cock sticking your hole?”

“Dude, I want your cum! Please!”

“You know I will. Gonna flood your cunt with my boys.”

With that he lunged forward, and I felt what seemed like gallons of Jason’s jizz fill my bowels until it was leaking from my beaten and bruised hole.

He leaned forward and kissed me hard as he continued to pump another load into my ass. Then without touching myself, I came too. I shot a wad inside my pants, creating a mess inside my boxer briefs. Jason smiled a huge toothy grin and yelled, “FUCK YEAH!”

Jason was still rock hard inside me; my legs had fallen to the side of his waist, and he lay down onto my chest and onto one side of his face.

“Man, you are too fucking perfect,” he said, panting.

I caught my breath and said, “Suit sex? That was a first.”

He chuckled and said, “I’ve always wanted to do that. You look so damn sexy in your suit; I’ve always wanted to fuck you while you’re wearing one.”

“Although I loved it, you shredded a very expensive pair of Armani pants.” I kissed him.

“Guess we’ll have to go shopping. But keep this suit. We’ll be doing this again.”

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