Love Letter

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HI Marie,

How are you today? I am well, enjoying the good weather.

Today I went to Musselburgh, I sometimes go there when I want to be on my own. There are lots of open spaces and plenty of nature (mainly birds) to watch and enjoy.

When I walked past a certain place a memory stirred and I enjoyed it. Then my mind turned to thoughts of you and Hazel. Confused? Let me tell you a story (true story).

While walking in this area of Musselburgh (near the racecourse) two years ago I noticed a young couple (male and female) wander into some trees (actually there are areas of substantial forestation). I got curious and followed. I don’t think they saw me, they acted like they hadn’t. But you never know.

I found them kissing passionately in a small clearing. Already the girl had the boys cock out and was massaging it. Slowly he started to lift her skirt, she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Suddenly they stopped and she turned to face me, I thought I was caught. Instead she bent forward and balanced herself against a tree. I heard the girl groan as the boy entered her from behind.

By this point my hand was already inside my jeans and caressing my pussy through the material of my knickers. The girl stood up and the boy lifted the from of her skirt. With the sight of the girls clean shave pussy my hand dived inside my knickers and a finger shot up my pussy, but this wasn’t enough. I tore my jeans and knickers down, leaned back against a tree, two fingers of one hand dived up my soaking pussy, the middle finger of the other hand found my hard clit and started to rub it.

The girl stretched her hands back and caressed his head as he tried to devour her kartal escort bayan neck. Meanwhile one of his hands found her clit, and the other started to lift the girls t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra either! The girl closed her eyes as he nibbled and bit the girls neck and his hands explored every inch of her exposed flesh.

The girl’s moans and groans carried to me on the wind urging me on. As her groans got louder I reached the top of the cliff and was ready to jump off. The girl screamed, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” and he shouted, “Yes! Yes!”. In unison they shouted, “I’m cumin” and that was it. I jumped off the cliff and came like it was my first one. All three of us came together. I slipped to the ground when my knees weakened and couldn’t hold me any longer. My body writhed with pleasure and my juices soaked my hand.

One I could breath evenly again I brought my hands up to my mouth and tasted myself for the first time. The young couple had disappeared, but I just sat there enjoying the warm remnants of sexual pleasure. Once I recovered I went home for a long hot soak in the bath.

As I lay in the bath, bubbles up to my chin, I played the scene in my memory and with the thought of it I started to caress my breasts. When my finger found my clit, I was so turned on that just touching it was enough to give me a mild, but very pleasant orgasm.

There are advantages to being bi. Although girls make better, more considerate lovers, it is still sometimes nice to feel a real cock throbbing inside you as the guy fills you with his spunk.

Why am I telling you this, knowing that you are lesbian? Well, this is the incident I was thinking escort maltepe about this afternoon as I walked past a copse of trees. I couldn’t find the exact spot, but I only needed enough trees to hide me from prying eyes.

Instead of playing the above incident through my mind, I leaned against a tree and thought of you and Hazel. Closing my eye, I imagined that it was you two that I stumbled upon in the trees.

You have been out all day enjoying the good weather and need to let nature take its course. There are no facilities close by so you go into the trees looking for somewhere to do the business. I follow, unseen to watch what happens.

Transfixed my eyes open wide as you lift your skirt and pull down your knickers. I expect you to crouch down, instead your look right at me and indicate that I should come over. A little embaressed and very nervous I came to you. You make me kneel on the ground in front of you and pull my head to your pussy. My hands are starting to exploring my own pussy and I take a deep intake of breath as yellow fluid dribbles from you and down my chin. You are pissing in my mouth. I lap it up, swallowing some, allowing some to splash my face.

As I drink, you push down on my face and all of a sudden you anus starts to open. I push three fingers up your hot, wet pussy while I suck, lick and nibble your clit. As the crap makes its escape, my fingers go in and out of your pussy harder and faster. The turd breaks free and falls to the ground and your body shudders as you climax. Your cum mixes with pee on my face and it is too much for me. I cum too.

Expecting you to return the compliment I move away and lie back pendik escort in the undergrowth. Pushing my hips in the air, I pull her skirt up. I watch as you kneel between my legs and ease my knickers down. As you bend forward to give attention to my pussy I close my eyes and enjoy as you explore my, and the inside of my pussy with your tongue.

As you feast on my pussy your hand goes between my legs. I feel you fingers enter my and push my hips up to welcome them. When you touch my clit again it is too much for me and I cum.

You stand up and wander up towards my head. Kneeling down you push your pussy into my face and lean forward. Your fingers spread the lips of my pussy wider and I hear you say, “I’m ready.” All of a sudden a fountain of rich yellow fluid erupts from me, you lean forward and it splashes all over your face. As the flow starts to ease your head dives between my legs and you greedily drink the last of my pee. You spread my pussy lips further and find my clit with your mouth. It is as if you have never done this before. Licking, biting, sucking. Harder and harder. Our bodies writhe together in a magical rhythm as we both race towards another climax.

My own body races towards another cliff. I watch as your movements increase in passion and speed. And I attack your pussy with my mouth. Licking, biting, sucking. Harder and harder. Your body starts to shudder with the electricity of orgasm, my own hits. I jump off the cliff as your own groans peak and my body is racked with pulses of wave after wave of ecstasy.

I close my eyes to enjoy the warmth of the moment, to revel in post orgasm lightness and my mind drifts off into nothingness. When I open my eyes you friend are gone. I may never see you again, but you will never leave me.

This has turned me on so much, I have to go and take care of things. 😉

Please send me your photos of you and some of lesbian action.

Best wishes,


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