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Mik sat at the end of the bar stirring the ice in his empty vodka gimlet, an old fashioned drink but after all he was an old fashioned kind of guy. He rose a finger to the bartender to signal that he wanted another. The bartender himself was handsome like Mik. They were both young and far too good looking to be sitting at a local bar alone on a Thursday night. Mik watched the patrons come and go for over four hours and still had not found any hopeful target or targets.

He was sipping on his drink when a group of young girls walked in. There was no way they were 21 he thought to himself. The leader of the group looked to be about 18 or 19 tops, she was wearing knee high boots with stockings, a mini skirt and a see through shirt that revealed a camisole and no bra under it. She was of Indian heritage, maybe. it was hard to tell in such low light. She gathered her party into a ‘U’ shaped booth and after everyone was situated she flagged the bar girl over to take their order. “Her.” Mik thought to himself, the little Indian princess.

Mik was formulating a plan in his head when he felt a cool draft from the door slowly winding its way up his spine. He casually looked over his shoulder and there she stood, a girl. She had dark brown hair that fell just below her shoulders, he could smell her lavender shampoo from his bar stool. She had on a red dress and red lips to match. She wore no stockings on her legs, leaving only bare skin beneath that dress. She had a messenger bag slung over her shoulder and wrist full of bangles hanging off each arm. Just then she raised her hand to wave. The Indian princess jumped to greet the girl at the door.

“Oh, my, freaking, god. You look so hot in that” the Indian princess said to the girl. Mik silently agreed with her.

“Yeah, well I feel a bit bare in it.” Said the girl rubbing her shoulder to her cheek.

The Indian princess brushed the girls hair off of her shoulder and ran her hand down the girls arm, her elbow, her bangles and then took her hand and led her to their table. It was too loud to hear the rest of their conversation so Mik turned his back to them and stared at the top shelf booze sitting behind the bar.

Mik hated to change plans when he had his mind made up about a target but there was something about the girl. He would not be going home with the Indian princess tonight. Mik had been too long on this planet to believe in love at first sight, let alone love at all, but he was intrigued by the girl in the red dress and could not let her get away.

Reworking the plan in his head he heard a faint whisper in his ear.

“Guess who?”

That was dumb Mik thought, he knew right away who it was. When you hear someones voice over a thousand years you have a tendency to never forget it.

“Buy me a drink?” she said as she pull out the stool next to him.

“Dear, sister. When did you get here?” He asked not really caring about the answer.

He took his eyes off the girl and stared into the beautiful face of Salas his sister, for a lack of a better term.

Mik rose his finger again to get Salas a drink however he need not work so hard, Salas was so beautiful the bartender was already there.

Salas smiled “working tonight dear brother?”

“What do you want Salas?” Mik said annoyed.

“What?” She didn’t look at him “What if I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to pop in for a drink and maybe a quickie.”

Mik didn’t move.

“So who’s your target?” she asked as she looked around the bar.

“Salas” He said to her.

“Yes” she said drawn out as she turned towards him.

“You” he started softly “are the temptress of greed and if you don’t mind me saying, and i know you don’t, could walk out of here with any man, woman or both if you wanted. What do you need me for?”

She ran her fingers over his biceps. “I’m lonely. I’ve missed you.” She said sadly.

At the same time Mik felt another hand on his opposite arm. He turned away from his sister to see the girl. There she was wedging her way to the bar with a $20 in her hand hoping to buy some drinks.

She looked directly at Mik who could only look back.

“Excuse me” she said politely “we seem to have lost our waitress so I’ve been assigned to go on a reconnaissance mission. Um, do you mind if I sneak in here?”

Mik shifted closer to Salas who said, “Mik you’re not evening listing.”

It was true he wasn’t listening to her, he was using all of his senses to take in the girl who got an armful of beers, dropped off the $20 and walked carefully back to the table.

“Oh, for the love of God Mik” Salas tugged on his arm. “You are Lust…’The Shit’ of all of us sins. All I want to do is have a bit of fun with you tonight. Like old times. I have been working so hard…” she droned on.

“Keep your voice down.” He commanded her.

“Anyone!” she smiled. “You pick” she begged. “That young one in the red? You keep looking at her.”

“No!” Mik said surprised at himself.

Mik could see the shock in her face, the great Lust refusing a sin.

“No sister, bursa escort you pick. You’re my guest.” Mik said turning his body to face her.

“Hum” she pondered as she tapped her lips “What am I in the mood for? Young, old, male, female, blond, brunette, white, mixed…” she went on for a few minutes as she scoured the bar. “Her” She said “in the blue top with the glasses. I have a thing for smart looking people” she said to no one in particular. Mik turned this head to see who his sister was talking about.

“You see her?” she asked.

“Yeah, I got it.” Mik said as he slammed the rest of his drink and stood to lure the woman in blue.

He had to walk past the girls table to get to the women and as he did he caught a glimpse of her looking at him, looking at her. He felt something form in the pit of his existence…guilt?


“Hi” Mik said to the woman in blue.

There was no denying it Mik was good at what he was created to do. He didn’t even have to try that hard.

The body he was using these days belonged to a 23 year old grad student at NYU. He had light brown tussled hair, his eyes were a shade of light green framed by a pair of black glasses that were just for show. He was thin but muscular and dressed in chinos and a vintage Ramones tee. His right arm was inked with symbols that he was unfamiliar with, but he thought they looked cool anyways. He always wore a tattered leather wrist strap that had embossed a pair of angle wings, a gift given to him by a very young Queen Victoria. Whenever he touched it he thought; what a stupid girl she thought I was an angel.

“Hi” said the woman in blue.

“My friend and I” He pointed to Salas sitting at the other end of the bar “would like to buy you a drink.”

“A drink?” She asked.

Mik could tell that she was drunk by the way she couldn’t focus on his face. Too easy he thought to himself.

“Here” he extended his hand and she took it. He turned to take the woman back to Salas when he noticed that several young men had joined the girls party. One of the boys troubled him in particular. The boy was cute Mik thought. If Mik himself wasn’t so infatuated with the girl he might have thought they made a handsome couple.

Mik grab ed the woman’s hand and lead her past the girls table and to Salas.

“Salas this is…” Mik paused and looked at the woman in blue.

“Amber” the woman replied.

“Amber this is Salas” Mik said not thinking anything was awkward about the introduction.

“Change of plans” Mik said to them.

“Amber?” Mik said as she looked into his eyes “we’ll be going to your place for a drink. Sound good.” it was not a question.

Mik looked over Amber’s shoulder he saw the girl in red get up from the table with one of the boys she was with.

“I’m going to run to the bathroom first” Mik said.

Salas stared at him out of the corner of her eye.

Mik followed the girl and the boy to the back of the bar. The bar was crowded tonight so it was not hard to blend into the crowd and follow them. The boy led the girl past the bathroom to what looked like a storage closet with a desk shoved in the corner. Mik watched as the girl lifted herself on to the desk the boy closed the door but not all of way so Mik was still able to see. Mik leaned against the wall. The girl leaned back on to the desk and braced herself with her hands as the boy stood by her legs.The girl, as she should be, looked worried, like someone was watching. The boy kissed her on the lips and put his hands on her bare legs. He moved his hands up her legs and pulled off her panties. They were black and not much to them. The boy went to his knees and started kissing her inner thighs. The girl tilted her head back her eyes were closed and her lips were ever so parted. Mik imagined that she was moaning but it was too loud in the bar to tell for sure.

The boy flipped up her dress and started to lick her bare cunt. It was clear to Mik that the boy had no idea what he was doing. Mik leaned back against wall and imagined that he was the one with the girl. Mik’s eyes were closed only for a moment when he felt a hand cradle his hard cock. Mik gasped and thought how did the girl get to him without him noticing.

“Enjoying the show?” Mik felt sick to his stomach as he heard Salas’ voice.

“You coming?” She said as she pulled him close and kissed him on the lips.

Mik looked back at the door before he followed Salas out of the bar.


Turned out Amber’s house was only a 5 minute cab ride from the bar where they had all met. Amber let them in and gave them a short tour and offered them a drink. Box wine was the only thing she had. How unfortunate thought Mik as he waved the glass away that Amber had poured for him.

“Do…do you do this often?” Amber questioned Salas.

“Only once about every 100 or so years” Salas said as she dumped the whole glass of wine down her throat. “So lets move this party to the bedroom.” She said as she looked at Mik.

Mik did not respond, but rolled his eyes at his sister.

Amber bursa escort bayan grabbed Salas by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Mik wasn’t far behind, he however could not get the girl from the bar out of his mind and this troubled him.

Amber and Salas started to kiss. By the look of it this was Amber’s first time with another woman and definitely for a threesome. Salas wrapped her long fingers around Amber’s midsection while Mik just stood in the doorway and watched. Salas took off Amber’s top. No bra, you naughty girl thought Mik. Amber relaxed her head back allowing her long blond hair to flow freely from her head. Salas rubbed Amber’s breasts and licked her nipples. They both moaned. Mik could feel his enjoyment of the situation by the hardening of his cock. Salas tossed Amber on the bed and preceded to take off her own dress exposing all she had left on were thigh high stockings and black stiletto heals. Amber still had on her skirt and panties. When she fell onto the bed her skirt was hiked up over her hips. She was wearing a pale pink pair of panties and they were wet. Salas slipped off Amber’s her wet panties and joined her on the bed. Salas summoned Mik over to the two of them.

Mik stood at the edge of the bed and looked at both of them. It was Amber who moved first. She grabbed Mik by the waist band and pulled him over to her. She undid his belt and then his button and his zipper. There was no denying it now Mik was at full enjoyment. Amber slid down his chinos and then his boxers. Mik pulled off his shirt and tossed it onto a chair in the corner. Amber ran her hands up and down his washboard abs and finally ended with her hand on his cock. As she pumped it Mik could see Salas laying on the bed fingering herself, he could hear how wet her pussy was every time she moved her fingers.

“I want to watch you fuck her” Salas said barely loud enough for Mik to hear.

Amber sprawled herself out on the bed. Salas reached over and ran her fingers over Amber’s bare pussy and started to rub her clit. Amber writhed in pleasure. Mik knelt over her and slid his cock inside of her while Salas rubbed her clit.

“She wont take long” Salas said to Mik over Amber’s moans.

She was right. Amber finished and panted while waiting for further instruction.

“Come here” Salsa said to Amber “I want you to lick my pussy while Mik watches”

Salas positioned herself over Amber and straddled her face and Amber did as she was told. Mik stood next to the bed stroking his cock as he watched Amber’s tongue slowly caress Salas’ dripping cunt. Salas moaned and Mik was unsure if it was true or just for show.

“Come on Mik, join us. I know you want to” Salas said with her eyes more than anything else. And he did as he was told.

He took Salas from behind sliding his cock into her pussy while Amber licked her clit. In and out he thrust. The body Salas had chosen for this century was flawless and tight. He could feel Salas starting to climax as he slipped his finger into her ass. Salas yelled in enjoyment and he felt her cum from the inside. He held on to Salas’ shoulder as he came inside her tight pussy, there was a lot of cum though and some dripped onto Amber’s lips as Mik pulled out. When he let go of her Salas collapsed next to Amber on the bed. Mik said nothing, grabbed his pants from off the floor, his shirt from the chair and made his way to the front door. Behind him Salas’ pussy leaked Mik’s cum and Amber tasted Mik on her lips.


Mik had been coming to Bottoms Up bar for about 6 months now. He knew all of the bar and waitstaff by name. He made it a rule to never take home any of the staff from the establishments that he frequented. He thought never shit where you eat.

He had come to the bar in hopes of catching a glimpse of the girl from the other night. However she wasn’t here. So he sat in wait and left with no one this night or for any of the next six nights.

He had just ordered another drink when he saw the Indian Princess and the boy from the other night scurry off to a booth. He checked over his shoulder to see if the girl had come in with them. And indeed she had. Mik looked at her out of the corner of his vision being very careful not to turn his head. Her hair tonight was pulled in a low side ponytail and she wore a knit hat. her dress hung off one shoulder revealing her bare youthful skin and clung tighter to her body as it worked its way down to just above her knees. She had on her bangles and knee high boots. Her messenger bag completed her ensemble.

She cheerfully joined her friends, dropped her bag and collected money from the boy and made her way to the bar next to Mik.

“Hello again” she said.

Mik nodded.

She remembered him he thought.

“Do you come here often?” Mik was horrified the moment that question left his lips. How stupid he thought.

She laughed.

“Shit, sorry.” He said.

“Um and yes I do come here often. My sister’s boyfriend is the bouncer.” she explained

“Oh that must be why you don’t need to use a fake here.”

“Jesus escort bursa Dude!” She exclaimed.

She clamped her hand over his mouth. She smelled good, like coffee he thought.

“I’m going to take my hand off of your mouth so try to play it cool and not get me and my friends kicked out. OK?” He nodded at her.

“Sorry again” he said trying to remember a time when he had sounded so pathetic. “Let me buy you a drink” The bartender came over.

“3 rum and cokes” She said as she handed the bartender the money. “Maybe next time.”

She gathered her drinks and change and left.

Mik couldn’t help but watch her throughout the night, the way she touched her lips before she had something profound to say. The way she played with her bangles when the conversation was lacking. The way she ignored the sexual advances from the boy and the Indian Princess.

Their drinks were empty and Mik couldn’t help but wonder if she would be collecting the next round. Unfortunately no. The boy came to get the drinks and the girl went to the bathroom. Mik watched as she walked out and noticed she had something balled up in her hand when she came back. She gave it to the Indian Princess.

“No fucking way” he could hear the Indian Princess say.

“What, it was a dare” the girl said coolly.

The boy returned with the drinks and the Indian Princess held up a pair of white thong panties. The boy greedily snatched them out of her hand for himself.

Mik flagged the bartender for another drink.

By the time his new drink arrived their game had seemed to progress. He saw the girl and the Indian princess locked in a kiss. The girl pulled away and the Indian princess along with the boy looked genuinely upset.

The friends talked some more as far as Mik could tell. Then he saw the girl spread her legs ever so slightly apart. Mik could see the raging hard on that the boy was sporting. The boy slide his hand onto the girls thigh and up her skirt. Mik could see from his stool at the bar that the girl’s pussy was bare and wet. The boy used his fingers to spread her lips. Mik couldn’t take his eyes off of what was happening. He was ready to cut off the boys hand for touching her like that. Then the most peculiar thing happened. She looked up. Her face was calm and she stared into Mik’s eyes. The boy lifted his hand from her pussy and moved it to her lips where she licked his fingers clean. All the while never taking her eyes off of Mik.

Mik closed his eyes for a moment and stirred his drink.

“Did you enjoy the show?” He heard in his ear.

He turned to see the girl standing close to him.

“Buy me that drink now?” she asked.

Mik flagged the bartender. While the girl ordered Mik looked at her friends, they were both still sitting at the table but were now looking pissed.

The girl looked at the table too then back at Mik.

“Your boyfriend looks pissed.”

“He’s not my boyfriend”

“Then your girlfriend looks pissed.”

She laughed “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Lucky for me then” He said never taking his eyes off of her.

“You looked like you were enjoying yourself back there” he said.

“And so did you” she said with a smile, taking a sip from her fresh drink and moving her eyes to between Mik’s legs.

“So do you live around here? Holly shit I did it again!” He said extremely pissed off at himself.

“How about I talk and you, well don’t.” She looked apologetically at him.

She talked and talked all night over numerous drinks and Mik just listened. He learned that she worked in a coffee shop not far from here. Her favorite color was dark, dark, dark purple. She loved to eat cereal for dinner. Before he knew it they were out of time. the bartender had just yelled for last call.

“Are you ready?” He heard the boy say to the girl over her shoulder. “Here’s your bag” he said thrusting it at her. The Indian princess glared at Mik from behind the boy.

“Yeah.” the girl said “I’ll be right there.”

The boy and Indian princess left to wait outside.

“Well” she said and thrust her hand at him. “It was nice to talk to you, thanks for the drinks” Mik took her hand. It was warm and inviting he immediately thought about what it would feel like wrapped around his hard cock.

“I could walk you home if you wanted” Mik said not wanting the night to end.

“No I should get going, but thank you.” She turned to leave and said “You really need to work on your pickup lines. No girl is going to go home with you, it was really sad” she teased him.

Mik had spent all night talking with this girl and he didn’t even know her name.


A few moments had passed and Mik grabbed his coat not sure what he was going to do next. If she was walking he was hoping he could catch her but if she took a cab… Well he just hoped she was walking.

As soon as Mik left the bar he knew something was wrong. He heard a muffled scream from an alley a few feet away. The sidewalk was lit by the dull shine of the street lights Mik could make out the girls silhouette. He rushed over and saw that the boy had his hand between her legs and the other was pushing on her chest. Mik grabbed the boy by the throat and tightened his grip. The boys face went a dull red under the glow of the light.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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