Lunch with My Wife

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Being self employed sometimes has it benefits like the fact that I can make my own hours, although today I had a full day ahead of me. I was up and ready to leave while my wife was in the shower and the kids were eating breakfast and getting ready for school. I headed in to say goodbye to my lovely wife and as I opened the bathroom door I was hit with a cloud of steam. I slowly move the curtain and popped my head in and watched her form the back of the shower. She was shaving her legs and smile when she saw me watching. Taking the razor she slowly slid it up her thigh towards her sweet spot. Dropping the razor she took her fingers and slowly slid them back and forth over her outer lips opening her legs so I could see everything. She knew I had to run or I would have been naked in a flash and on my knees in the shower licking her. Winking she leaned closes and kissed me quickly on the lips and pulled the curtain shut. “Love you, have a good day.” She called out. “Love you too. ” I was out the door.

I got my crews set up for the day and out working and was in my truck heading out to meet some potential new clients. All morning long I couldn’t get the image of my beautiful wife in the shower stroking her lips out of my head. I am sure she knew this would be in my head all day and that why she did it. She knows how to tease me! I was sitting in y truck looking up the address of my first visit and before I knew it I was there almost 15 minutes day dreaming about my wife. Shit I was late now, I called my client to apologize and let them know I was on my way. I also sent a text to my wife and let her know what just happened as I am sure she would be thrilled to know what she did to me. My phone was sitting in its holder on the dash when her reply came across. I was a little disappointed thinking I would get a better response than that; I knew she was still at home with the kids waiting for the bus then she would head into her office. Oh well maybe her morning wasn’t a smooth as she likes.

I was sitting with my new client; they were not made with me being late and were thrilled with the bid I gave them for remodeling their courtyard and grounds. Yes I am a landscaper. When my phone went off, I had it on vibrate as usual when I am with clients and I glanced down and saw the numbers 311. Whoa I haven’t seen that in a while, it was from my wife. This was a little code we used when we first got smart phones to let the other know something private was about to come across. I was standing at the table going over drawings with my client; I put my phone back in my belt clip. Friggen otter box, it fell to the floor and before I could get it he picked it up.

“Wow nice legs, who is that?”

He handed me my phone back quickly.

“Sorry I shouldn’t pry; my wife and I do things like that sometimes.”

I smiled and kind of nodded and he knew it was a picture of my wife.

“You are a lucky man; she has nice legs. Aren’t you going to look?”

“I didn’t want you to think that my phone was more important that what we were discussing.”

“Trust me I don’t have a problem with it and if I were you I would be checking out that message.”

I took his advice and looked at my phone, buy this time the preview screen had gone so I unlocked it and opened the message. Damn, she looked good; it was my wife taking a mirror selfie to show me what she was wearing to work today. She had a short ataşehir escort black knit dress with sheer black hose and her boots! Oh wow she looked so hot; she knows I love that dress and she specifically played to my fetish for pantyhose! I smiled and put my phone securely back on my belt and tried to refocus my thoughts on the task at hand. I felt my phone vibrate three more times the next 30 minutes as I finished up going over the fine details and signed the contract with my new client. We shook hands and he winked at me,” like I said you are a lucky man.”

I sat in my truck and opened my messages on my phone two from my wife and one from another client on schedule for today. I opened the business one first as I was afraid I just lost some work. They just wanted to reschedule and needed me to be there at 1:00. This was a good thing now I could meet the wife for lunch. I opened her messages and got that warm feeling all through my body. She was sitting in the recliner with her feet up and one booted foot crossed over the other. Man I wanted to get those boots off and get to her feet, my other fetish. What the hell was she doing to me? The second one was a video clip titled, “Earlier this morning”. Touching play my cock immediately hardened in my pants, she had propped her phone on something and I watched as she slid her painted toes into her sheer black hose. Then the other foot and she slowly slid them up her legs, I didn’t even realize it but I was squeezing my cock through my pants as I was now hard as a rock. When she got to just below her pussy the video stopped. “FUCK” I wanted more now. This was going to be a long day!

I put my earpiece in and called her office, ready to ask her why she was torturing me. She answered and every time I tried to talk about it she changed the subject. She seemed distracted a bit so I didn’t push it. We talked about her day so far, it was only 10:00 a.m. and she said she was having a bad morning. I told her about my schedule change and we arranged for me to bring her some lunch. As I arrived at my next client some 30 minutes later I got more text messages from my wife.

“Sorry I was a bit distracted when we were on the phone. I just had things I was doing and it was hard to focus.”

Wow that was odd, usually she says a bit more in her messages so I opened the next one and there was a picture of her feet on the desk without her boots on. Man she has sexy feet and toes and her hose had sheer toes so I could clearly see her pink polish. Shit there goes that feeling in my pants again. Then the last one was another video. My mouth was going dry as I hit play. She was holding the phone as she unzipped her boots one at a time and slowly slid her feet out of them. I watched as she put them on her desk and slowly rubbed them together. She would show her arch then flex her toes, she took her right foot and slowly slid it from the toe of her left foot down the top to her ankle and as she did her legs opened a bit. I could see her slide her hand along her right leg down to her knee as she slide her foot back up. I could hear her talking in the background but honestly I didn’t pay attention. I had to watch this again, my cock was throbbing now and I was getting hornier by the second. Watching it again I could hear her better now and it hit me, she was talking to me while doing this. Man I love this women, I was going to do whatever she wanted tonight. kadıköy escort bayan I sat there for a few minutes before heading in for my next appointment.

What a complete fucking mess, I just spent the last hour going over details with an arrogant prick who figured that I was nothing more than a lawn boy. This restaurant chain had large lawns as a part of their green appeal and needed some detailed care. After detailing everything he looked at me and said he had already signed with someone else. When he told me who it was I laughed out loud, I knew that guy and his crew and knew full well how he operated. I looked this guy in the eyes and did something I rarely did.

“Well I want to thank you for wasting the last hour of my time. Since you had already signed with someone else you could have at least canceled with me. I know you thought I would suddenly lower my bid to get your work and normally I would have but since you decided to play games with me I won’t. Have a nice day.”

I was on the verge of saying some choice things but decided not to, I was so mad I had completely forgotten about everything my wife had sent me earlier. I sat in my truck for a moment calling this asshole every name I could think of and when it was all said and done I was all yelled out and felt better. I texted my wife and told her I was on my way. I picked up our lunch and headed to her office. I said hello to everyone as I walked by and headed to her office. When I got there she was on the phone and smiled at me pointing to the table. I got everything set up and sat there with my back to her as she finished her call. I was still fuming about the asshole I just left and was about to tell her about it when she walked up behind me and slowly slide the food out of the way.

She straddled me leaning in she kissed me hard thrusting her tongue into my mouth like never before.

“My pussy has needed you since this morning when you stuck your head into the shower.”

Moving back she sat on the table, lifting her feet she placed her boots on my shoulders and lifted her ass a bit to pull up her dress. I could see much to my pleasure that she had cut the gusset out of her hose and her pussy lips were swollen and moist.

“Take my boots off, NO with your teeth; unzip them with your teeth.”

I didn’t hesitate nor did I care if anyone walked in. I slowly undid her boots all the while staring at her sweet pussy. She was gently teasing her outer lips as she leaned up on one elbow watching me perform my task. When I got the zipper all the way down I put my nose as far into her boot as I could, I love the smell of her feet mixed with leather. I felt her slide her boot against me and I knew it was coming off. She took her foot and placed it square on my face my nose buried under her toes. God this was great, I kissed her sole as she flexed her toes pressing harder into my face. She removed her foot reached up and taking a hand full of my hair pulled me face first into her pussy. I licked softly on her outer lips teasing her and making her wetter. She still held me by my hair and took her other hand and placed her fingers on either side of her bud making it stick out further. I kissed it softly then started to slide the tip of my tongue in circles around it occasionally hitting her fingers. I knew what was happening as I could feel her hips start to move and her hand griping my hair tighter. escort maltepe When I slid a finger into her she went over the edge, she has never squirted although I have tried but this was close. I could feel her juices soaking my fingers and taste it on my tongue. I drank in all I could but it was too much and my goatee was soaked.

Without warning she sits up reaches down and rips open my pants. I stood up to make it easier for her and dropped them to my feet. I have never felt her squeeze my cock so hard and I liked it. She pulled me right up to her pussy and I slid in easily. I knew what she wanted and was going to do it. She wrapped her feet around me and I grabbed her hose covered thighs and started fucking her as hard and fast as I could. I was about to cum so I slowed down and stopped, she looked at me like I was a dead man. I took the head of my cock and slowly ran it up and over her clit; she moaned softly and tried to move her pussy up so I would slide into her.

“Now finish me now I am so close!”

That was my cue, I fucked her as hard as I could, the table slid on the tile floor making some nose but neither one of us cared. When my orgasm hit I almost collapsed, my legs went weak and all the blood rushed form me head. I held on to her thighs and leaned into her. I could see her face and I knew she was coming, her lips were pressed together and she smiled! I placed my hands on the table and leaned forward, I didn’t want to move. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock like she was milking my last drop out. I was still semi hard when she took her foot placed in on my chest and pushed me quickly back into my chair. I could see her gaping sweet pussy soaked with our juices and she placed her hose covered foot on my cock and slowly pressed on it like she would be stepping on the brake in her car. I lover foot jobs hell I loved her feet period and anytime she touched me with them I was in heaven. I could feel the high from my orgasm subsiding a bit and she did something completely unexpected. My sexy wife took her foot and moved it from my cock to my lips. I could see the mixture of our juices and was a bit unsure about this. We had talked about it; well I had talked about it but never really thought about it. I could see her looking at me as I slowly licked under her toes. That was her cue, she forced them into my mouth and I had no choice but to suck them clean. Looking down a bit I could still see her pussy, it pulsed with every beat of her hear and slowly our mix started to slide out. As I licked and sucked her toes she reached down and slid her finger in scooping it out and quickly sucking it from her fingers.

“That’s a good lunch.”

I was speechless and I couldn’t move, seeing her do that was fantastic for me. She took one more taste then hopped off the table and went into her private bathroom. I waited my turn but when she came out she stopped me.

” Nope I want you to finish the rest of your day with my scent on you.”

She kissed me and we stood there holding each other for minutes, I didn’t want to go I could have spent the rest of my day there with her. I could see the clock and knew I had to go and she needed to get back to work. I kissed her and headed for the door.

“I think we need more lunches like this.”

She smiled, “Wait for dinner, the kids are going to my mother’s tonight and we have reservations!”

I smiled and headed out as I passed her assistant she smiled at me and I knew she was well aware of what happened in there. At the door I looked back and she was heading onto my wife’s office. This was a great day, no matter what happened the rest of the day I was on cloud nine waiting for dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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