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She sighed as the last of the tremors shook her body. She was lying naked across the hotel bed, sweaty and disheveled, and he was on his knees at the side of the bed. Her legs were spread wide, hanging over the edge, one propped up on his shoulder as he nuzzled her inner thigh and smiled up her body, marveling that he had finally found his way to her. He knelt up and wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing his face against her soft pale tummy and remembered…

“I love easily, and quickly” she had said, during one of the early conversations when they both understood where things were headed, but neither of them was prepared to say out loud how sincere the feelings had become. She wasn’t saying the words, but she was telling him nonetheless. It surprised him that it was so easy with her. Nothing else in his life was easy. Home, work, life in general, he felt like he was being slowly crushed, a grain of sand at a time. But when she answered a message, or posted a picture, or gods; picked up the phone. Everything became so…easy.

That’s not to say that there had never been a difficulty. No relationship worth having is always perfect. But somehow, even on that stressful night when he was sure she was going to say goodbye, she ended up making his heart feel light. It was a text conversation and because nothing is easy, he jumped to a conclusion. But as she explained, in a way that he found both comforting and insanely honest, he found himself comforted, smiling and then goofy, crazy happy. She was his breath of fresh air, and he needed her like a starving man needs bread.

She had rules. She had a family. She was a mom. She was someone else’s wife. She was so many things. But none of that mattered right now, he just needed her to be his for a little while.

When she picked him up from the airport, there had been a moment. He saw her and almost started running. He had to stop himself, what if someone she knew was also here, what is he was too effusive and it was obvious and it caused a problem for her. She was too important to lose that way, he was not going to screw this up in the first 30 seconds. He slowed down, forced himself to walk, and found himself face to face with his Angel. He knew her name, but instead of using it, he set down his bag, opened his arms and said, “Okay?”

She looked into his eyes, unsure, he was unclear about what, but she seemed to be worried. He smiled wide and stepped closer. His voice was low, no one but her could have heard him when he said, “Come here, baby girl…”

The uncertainty slid aside almost visibly and she smiled. He thought his heart might have stopped. She didn’t step forward but instead dipped her head and suddenly he couldn’t wait for her bakırköy escort to decide. He knew she wanted an embrace, and he worried that if he didn’t have her in his arms right then, he might explode. He took another step forward and was pleased that her arms did indeed raise slightly. He found himself hugging her, one arm under her shoulder blades, the other across her hips as her arms slowly snuck around his waist and she tucked her forehead under his chin.

He could feel her heart racing and her body trembling, so he gathered her close and swayed slightly, inhaling deeply. He’d smelled her perfume in the department store, because they talked about everything; but on her, it just fit. Like it had been made for her. When ever smelled that again, he would be transported back to this moment, in this airport, in her arms and he would smile.

She pulled back slightly and said, “do we have to wait here?” He hadn’t checked a bag, so he shook his head, grabbed his carry on and pulled her hand through the crook of his elbow. He paused at the entrance of the parking garage and turned his head slightly, looking for her to direct him to her vehicle. She waved her hand to the left and stepped off the curb, guiding him with her. They walked through the cars, strangely quiet considering it was their first face to face meeting. He knew her car as soon as he saw it, because a few months ago he had watched her climb around it looking for a fuse to replace.

She opened the trunk and he placed his bag inside, noting the presence of a booster seat, first aid kit and a pair of tiny sneakers. She stood back while he closed the car door, watching his body, his movements, openly staring at all of him, in front of her, finally. She wanted to devour him. She closed her eyes and remembered the first time he had made her cum. It had been over the phone, he had listened and talked to her while she touched herself and gasped as much in pleasure as in shock that she was letting someone listen to her in that very raw moment.

He turned around and noticed her, arms wrapped around her middle, eyes closed, slight smile and swaying slightly. He grinned, knowing that she was lost in a happy thought. He was so happy to get to see this in person. He moved closer to her and said, “Baby, you ok?” Her eyes popped open and she smiled wide, eyes sparkling. “Oh, yes” He couldn’t stand the joy on her face, it was so honest and lovely. He reached out and touched her face. She turned into his touch, eyes closing again. She breathed deep, inhaling him and then sighed faintly as his body came in full contact with hers.

They were alone here, it was safe now, the garage was quiet. His forehead pressed against bakırköy bayan escort hers and his arms went to her hips and then to her back. He pulled her even tighter, and his hands slid in opposite directions, one to the back of her neck and the other to the place where her back and her bottom meet. His fingers splayed out on her lower back, attempting to touch as much of her as possible and his eyes fixed on hers.

There was a momentary question in his gaze, he was seeking permission. He wouldn’t have to again, but for this first intimacy, this first rule break, he needed her expressed permission. He needed to know she wanted him to kiss her. She smiled up and him, parted her lips, nodded and in a surprise move, sealed her lips against his. He groaned and found himself turning her body so he could press her up against the car. She moved with him easily, understanding his goal and facilitating the transition until they were fully in contact with the vehicle, his hands moved from her back, and found their way to her face.

Cupping her cheeks he continued kissing her, but he held back, letting her set the parameters of the kiss. Her lips were so soft, like everything else about her. It was so easy with her, so open, so honest, so god-damned soft!

She felt him holding back, and she decided to be a little bold. She flicked her tongue over his lip, tasting the coffee and mint flavors of his mouth. Loving the combination of flavor and feeling. She moaned slightly, and shifting herself, she widened her stance against the vehicle. She lifted one of her feet, and hooked it around the back of his leg while her hands grasped his back and slid down to his ass. She tightened her grip and was delighted when he shifted as well and pressed his hips into the space she offered and she felt his hardness against her body.

He began moving his body, not really thrusting into her, but slowly grinding. His hands moved again, away from her face and down her body. She pulled her hands from around his waist and placed one hand against his chest and the other arm around his shoulder. His hands found her ass and began squeezing with a similar rhythm to the movements of his lower body against hers.

The hem of her dress began riding up and between where their bodies were the closest, he pulled it completely out of the way. He was rewarded by an even wider opening of her legs and the realization, that she was dripping wet, through her panties. It was hot, that lovely space at the juncture of her thighs and he wanted to explore it more. So he slid his hand between their bodies and ran his hand along her outer pussy lips, through her panties. He had stopped kissing her and watched her eyes bayan escort bakırköy open slightly and then roll before closing again. She growled, actually growled, and rolled her hips into his touch.

Suddenly he was mad to touch her for real. His fingers found the waistband of her undies, slipped in, and slid down over her adorable little patch of hair, to the soaked opening. He rubbed along the outside momentarily, enjoying the sounds she was making as whimpers, breath, and moans combined in a symphony of sensuality as he dipped his index finger in between the lips and found the button he knew he wanted to push. He knew that pushing this particular button would give him exactly what he wanted. He wanted her release. He wanted her mouth on his when he found it. He wanted to feel her strain against him. He wanted everything she could give him in this moment.

His lips captured hers again and her mouth opened to allow him to continue devouring her. His finger pressed and rubbed against her and the other fingers cupped her. Her knees went liquid and she shuddered and started breathing harshly. Her mouth pulled back from his and she whispered, “Oh, baby…please…” she was going to explode, here in this parking garage, with a man she’d never met before. She should stop him, she should tell him to get in the car, she should take him to the hotel, she should. But the feeling was too much, too good, too wanted, to stop. She needed him in this exact way, at this exact moment

She felt it coming, and she’d remember it forever. This first time, with him, was so special to her. That he hadn’t tried to get her to touch him first, that he was giving rather than taking. It touched her mind, as much as he was touching her body, he was creating a space for himself in her heart as well. His rubbing and touching intensified as he heard the change in her noises. He concentrated his touch on her clit, sliding his slick finger up and down and pressing inward as the heavy rolling sensation of her orgasm built in her stomach. Her breathe caught and she groaned as the tight, tingling lovely sensation moved through her legs. Her head was swimming, she was dizzy, she couldn’t breathe, but strangely she didn’t mind. She shuddered and shook as the tremors worked through her body.

He watched intently, as the pleasure ran its course through her body. He cherished the expressions and twitches and the lovely wet feeling of her warm slippery sex. He slowed his fingers from the frenzied rubbing to slow circles and then pulled back sliding his hand out of her panties. He brought the hand up to his face and inhaled, her arousal was intoxicating. She leaned in and joined him inhaling deeply and nuzzling against his face and neck. He could not have been more shocked when she opened her mouth and pulled his finger in, licking her own wetness off of his fingers.

He nearly came then, but instead pulled her face to his and tasted her off of her own tongue. After a moment her pulled back and said, “I need to taste you, we should go.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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