Magic Brownies

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The following is a true story from my youth, the names have been altered to protect the privacy of the other participants.


I had been working with Matt at the local TV station in Dallas for several months and finally broke through his gruff exterior to the nice guy underneath. We hit it off pretty well because we shared a lot of creative interests. Specifically, he was a burgeoning recording engineer and I was an amateur musician and songwriter. We started working in the evenings doing a few recording projects and making music tracks that could be used on the air. We worked at a very small UHF station and custom music was way out of any budget, so our work was very appreciated by the station and they let us use their studio to record for free.

I hadn’t met Matt’s wife until on night when she came to pick him up after a late recording session. She was very attractive and bubbling over with Southern Charm. She suggested I join them for a late dinner, and I happily obliged. Up to that point I had never looked at Matt in any way other than as a kindred spirit and a good engineer. At dinner I got to know much more about him and his wife Janet. Both were very gregarious when together, an attribute Matt never exhibited when alone. I guess his wife brought out the real Matt.

We all got along very well and the discussion soon turned to more personal subjects. Janet was the first to ask about my “love-life”. That was something I had not discussed with anyone at the station before. I told her I favored sex with men, and her eyes lit up. Matt raised an eyebrow and told me he would never have suspected I was gay.

After dinner we said our good byes and I headed home, but not before Janet asked if I’d like to hang out with them the coming weekend. They were lots of fun so I agreed.

We started the weekend Saturday afternoon after Janet got pendik escort off her morning shift. I met them at their place, just a few blocks from the station. After a beer and a little conversation Janet suggested we go to a movie. I asked what was playing, and she smiled, “I meant and Adult Movie”.

I considered this for a few minutes and then agreed to go. I hadn’t been to a porn theatre since college so I though it would be fun. Matt was all smiles, He told me he loved porn m, but we needed a snack to take with us. He dashed off to the kitchen and returned with a baggie of what looked like extra rich brownies. He handed me one and said that he was sure I would like these brownies. Then he winked. I picked up on the message right away; these were magic brownies, a holdover from the 60’s and were made with a full lid of Marijuana. And his special touch, extra fudge to hide the taste of the grass.

We all munched happily on the brownies, which were delicious by the way, and then headed out to the theatre. It was a strange little place upstairs at the back of another building. We paid the hefty admission, $6.00, about twice the price of a regular movie and entered the small theatre. Finding a row of seats in the back we sat with Janet between us. The movie was a classic “Barbara Broadcast” one of the better of the 70’s porn chic movies and full of all kinds of kinky activities. I was enjoying the flick and I could see Matt and Janet were enjoying it as well. Her hand was in his lap stroking his growing cock through his jeans. As I watched the film, I was surprised to feel her hand as it moved to my knee, and slowly up towards my crotch.

Before long she was caressing my rock hard cock through my jeans as well. I looked over at Matt with a guilty stare. He was smiling and winked. It was OK with him that his wife was feeling me up, so I went with the maltepe escort flow. After all it was still the end of the free love period and I was almost a hippie, so if it felt good…do it.

Her wandering fingers soon had both our fly’s open and had our hard cocks firmly in hand. Wanting to reciprocate, I let my hand fall to her leg, and worked my way to her soaking crotch. She was not wearing parties, much to my surprise and Mat’s fingers were already buried in her dripping pussy. I started to retreat when he pulled my hand toward her. Encouraging me to explore her moist slit.

This wen on throughout the movie until we were all ready to orgasm. As the film ended, We all straightened our clothes and made our way out of the theatre before the lights came up. IN a few minutes we were back at their apartment and munching another brownie, as well as other snacks, since the grass was doing it’s work of increasing not only our libido but appetite.

Matt was the first to start removing clothes. Without out a trace of modesty he stripped and headed to the bedroom. “You guys coming?” he said.

“Not yet”, Janet replied as she took my hand and pulled me with her, we dropped clothing on the way and were all naked by the time we were in the bedroom. Matt was on the bed stroking his big cock waiting for us. Janet took the clue and immediately went down on him. I sat on the edge of the bed watching, not quite knowing how I was going to fit into this scene.

That’s when I felt Matt’s hand on my arm, he pulled me up towards him and soon had my dripping cock in his fist. “Nice big dick you got there”, he said. Bet it tastes good too.” And with that he leaned over and swallowed it in one gulp. I moved to straddle him so he could suck me easier, and felt Janet’s hands caress my butt she had moved beside us. “I love watching guys have sex”, she said. “It kartal escort makes me so damn horny”.

Who was I to argue? So I smiled and continued feeding Matt my cock. Janet leaned over and kissed me while Matt sucked. It was very intense, and I was very close to cuming. When I told them this, Janet moved next to Matt so she could get a better view. Matt pulled off my dock and encouraged me to shoot on his face. I only hand to stroke a few times before I shot a huge load. It sprayed across Matt’s hungry mouth and face and Janet pushed in to get a few drops for her. They kissed each other, and licked my cum from their faces then turned to clean my ultra sensitive cock.

After they finished, Janet pulled me down to the bed. She crawled over me and began kissing me fiercely with her cum coated lips. As I was returning the deep kisses I saw Matt move behind her. He began fucking her with wild energy and she bucked and groaned into my mouth. She must have had at least a couple of orgasms before he finally came and filled her pussy.

Spent he fell back on the bed as she moved up pressing her cum dripping pussy to my face. Instinctively I started lapping at her swollen lips, tasting Matt’s hot cum as I licked her clean. As I was sucking on her clit, she trembled and bucked, orgasming as I serviced her.

I was not a big fan of eating pussy, but when flavored with cum it wasn’t bad. And her reaction was very exciting, and knowing I was pleasing her was part of the fun.

Before the weekend was over I had fucked both her and Matt and been fucked by both of them as well, she had lots of toys!

It was the beginning of a relationship that would last for several years. I continued to socialize and occasionally sleep with them both until I met my first gay lover. He was not as open minded as I was to this kind of arrangement, so I pulled back from them for a while. Later , I had a few evenings with them both and with each of them separately after they went through an amicable divorce.

Today, I am grateful for that experience, as it has given me a better appreciation of sexuality in all its forms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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